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^^^ so jealous, altho I'd probably be late for everything due to extended showering.

Laurel, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 01:23 (nine years ago) Permalink

a drum set room would be the only amenity i would need. and the nap room. i've definitely fantasized about that.

i've heard there's a shower here, never seen it though. we do have plush soccer balls in the hallway.

Jordan, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 02:00 (nine years ago) Permalink

^^^ so jealous, altho I'd probably be late for everything due to extended showering.

-- Laurel, Monday, February 18, 2008 7:23 PM (45 minutes ago) Bookmark Link

i was wondering about that, but think of it this way: there's free (and v v good) coffee there, too. If you just woke up at your usual time and rolled straight into your cycling clothes (which is what i used to do at my old, old job), you can be out the door in under 5 minutes. arrive at work, shower, change, and do your puttering coffee routine in the office kitchen. you'll just be waking up, but you'll look like a go-getter.

gbx, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 02:11 (nine years ago) Permalink

we have a babyfoot table

The only game we have to amuse ourselves here in our company is 'teabag darts' - throwing your teabag into your cup from the other side of the kitchen while the kettle boils. Not exactly a facility laid on by the company but it keeps us going when things get particularly boring in the world of translation.

Daniel Giraffe, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 08:27 (nine years ago) Permalink

they had a nap room

When I worked at Dell in tech support we had a nap room... a couple of recliners, sofas and the overhead fluorescents were turned off, only a couple of table lamps. It was mostly notable because it was an actual room, not just a cubicle with high partitions and a door like 99% of the "rooms" at Dell.

f. hazel, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 10:19 (nine years ago) Permalink

My last place of work had table football & pool, which wasn't particularly unusual I guess, but it was good for slacking off mid-afternoon. Current place has nothing but a small TV room that no-one ever uses AFAIK. I guess this company makes up for lack of amenities with heavy drinking culture, we're surrounded by bars (well this is Soho). Although mass lunchtime sessions are almost a thing of the past now, they're kinda frowned upon these days (company was bought out).

Colonel Poo, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 11:55 (nine years ago) Permalink

We have showers and lockers for Cyclists.


Jarlrmai, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 13:01 (nine years ago) Permalink

Now that's just too much.

Bonita Applebum, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 15:54 (nine years ago) Permalink

There's a shower room in the office I work in too. We also have a prayer room. Which given we're a Government Department would, I suspect, make Daily Mail readers absolutely livid.

Stone Monkey, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 16:14 (nine years ago) Permalink

Are there prayer rugs along with rosary beads and yarmulkes available?

Bonita Applebum, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 16:16 (nine years ago) Permalink

there was a brothel in the reel room of the press hall in our old building

stet, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 18:01 (nine years ago) Permalink

gbx you are totally right and awesome. Altho I wd have to transport all make-up and personal care items too. Or else buy duplicates. But that could be arranged.

Laurel, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 18:03 (nine years ago) Permalink

So in conclusion: still jealous.

Laurel, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 18:03 (nine years ago) Permalink

We've got showers in our office, but that's just because the bosses appear never to go home. I'm not convinced some of them even *have* homes, since one guy swanned off to the other end of the country today on business for a few weeks at less than a day's notice.

ailsa, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 22:32 (nine years ago) Permalink

I've worked at the Spirella Building, but I remember no ballroom. There are a number of large function halls though.

the next grozart, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 22:48 (nine years ago) Permalink

in antarctica they had all kinds of crazy shit set up--bars, music rooms, a coffee house--but that was more about us being stuck there than the jobs.

we have pilates classes at my work now. you still get paid but it costs $50 so it doesn't exactly even out.

jergïns, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 23:17 (nine years ago) Permalink


also they have a "meditation (read: nap) room," on-site daycare for a lucky few, and a breast pumping room, but I strongly doubt table tennis sets or drum kits were around anywhere. then again...

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 23:54 (nine years ago) Permalink

i suspect tomboto, el would grumble about the perks at ooglegay

youn, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 23:56 (nine years ago) Permalink

and yeah FBI hq of course has a full gym and firing range, plus the 8th floor canteen and gift shop + outdoor smoking patio, where you could stare at tourists from on high while enjoying your cancer sticks in the sunshine

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 23:57 (nine years ago) Permalink

jergins you lived in antarctica???? did you "over-winter?"

i just read some website about living in antarctica. it was pretty funny! sounds like there was a lot of shenanigans down there. most of the stories sounded like college and/or being a ski bum

gbx, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 00:00 (nine years ago) Permalink

just one summer. yeah, lots of shenanigans, but also 54 hour work weeks. people drank a LOT. and crossdressed a lot. that was a work perk: anything anyone brought down there got left there, so we had a fine choice of wigs and halloween costumes.

jergïns, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 00:02 (nine years ago) Permalink

I would like to hear about unusual faculties for employees, like x-ray vision or spider sense. Only as it applies to their jobs, tho.

libcrypt, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 01:21 (nine years ago) Permalink

Tills that print stuff like this:


Bodrick III, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 01:25 (nine years ago) Permalink

Least it was free.

Bodrick III, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 01:28 (nine years ago) Permalink

Grozart, here's a link to the ballroom at spirella: http://www.spirella.com/ballroom.htm

Looks nice, eh? More to the point, I love the idea that somehow the original boss felt that a ballroom would engender a positive atmosphere among staff.

Daniel Giraffe, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 08:37 (nine years ago) Permalink

Are there prayer rugs along with rosary beads and yarmulkes available?

-- Bonita Applebum, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 16:16 (Yesterday) Link

As I don't do the prayer thing, I've never been in the prayer room. Presumably, those items of prayer equipment you'd bring along for yourself.

Stone Monkey, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 12:19 (nine years ago) Permalink

Best on site facilities?

Free restaurant, and a dentist that was run at cost prices.

Mark G, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 12:22 (nine years ago) Permalink

Blimey, Mark, where was that?

Daniel Giraffe, Wednesday, 20 February 2008 12:59 (nine years ago) Permalink

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