The Doobie Brothers: Only Pick One Song. One Song Only. Don't Pick More Than One. One.

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"It Keeps You Runnin" is the one.

happy fun ball (kenan), Saturday, 23 April 2005 04:32 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"What a Fool Believes" easy

The Good Dr. Bill (The Good Dr. Bill), Saturday, 23 April 2005 04:36 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"Long Train Runnin'" deserves to be their theme song - especially since as a youngster, I thought they were singing "Well now look/We're the Doobies now!"

-- Myonga Von Bontee (scottyfield...), April 23rd, 2005.


Al (sitcom), Saturday, 23 April 2005 05:23 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I hate to say it....but could it be that the Doobies actually had a fair amount of decent songs?

I must be losing my mind. Time to go listen to some Venom and jab myself in the trachea with a rusty fork.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Saturday, 23 April 2005 05:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I literally grew up on the Doobies best of, there are very few songs that are burned into my brain more indelibly than theirs. the Doobies fucking rule.

Al (sitcom), Saturday, 23 April 2005 05:28 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Song to See You Through

Scott CE (Scott CE), Saturday, 23 April 2005 05:39 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Rockin Down The Highway, good driving tune.

Jim Reckling (Jim Reckling), Saturday, 23 April 2005 16:08 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I like "Another Park, Another Sunday," for some reason. I don't mind "Takin' It to the Streets," as far as their Steely Dan period goes.

edd s hurt (ddduncan), Saturday, 23 April 2005 18:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"Listen to the Music". What can I say, it's one of those songs I'll stop everything and listen to if it comes on the radio.

Vic Funk, Saturday, 23 April 2005 18:28 (twelve years ago) Permalink

A song that I used to hate with great exuberance, but must begrudgingly tip the hat to... "What A Fool Believes"

I still don't understand a fucking thing he sings in it, but that verse lead melody is just killer.


hector savage, Sunday, 24 April 2005 12:20 (twelve years ago) Permalink

seven years pass...

A bit on the side of the thread, but it's been 7 years, so I don't care. How the hell did Led Zep get away with Trampled Under Foot? It basically is Long Train Coming, as you guys are of course well aware. I've never found any info on those two songs. I mean, the Doobies must have been big enough to sue, right?

Mule, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:30 (five years ago) Permalink

I'm sure that manager with the baseball bat had a word with Doobie Freres and worked it out.

Iago Galdston, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:42 (five years ago) Permalink

Valid point. But still.. It's just too obvious. Both songs are great though, so it's not really a problem. I just wondered if there was any story on them.

Mule, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:50 (five years ago) Permalink

Really surprised Kid Rock hasn't done a mash-up of these two songs.

henry s, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:57 (five years ago) Permalink

My One is Takin' It to the Streets!

Iago Galdston, Sunday, 29 April 2012 21:58 (five years ago) Permalink

four years pass...


Elvis Telecom, Tuesday, 27 December 2016 12:42 (one year ago) Permalink

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