Year-End Critics' Polls '08

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both very boinkable xp

k3vin k., Monday, 1 December 2008 20:36 (ten years ago) Permalink

not so much about polls, but back on the avant- digression, i'm surprised not to see lucky dragons anywhere.

pshrbrn, Monday, 1 December 2008 21:12 (ten years ago) Permalink

Thanks for posting these everyone. The next ones to usually come are:

Clash Magazine
Drowned In Sound
Muzzle Of Bees
Gorilla Vs. Bear
Fact Magazine

― Fastnbulbous, Sunday, November 30, 2008 4:49 PM (2 days ago)

GvB's list is up. can't tell if he's going for "20 best albums" or "20 best debut records by up-and-coming indie artists BONUS POINTS IF YR LOCAL."
predictably, it's terrible.

k3vin k., Tuesday, 2 December 2008 05:27 (ten years ago) Permalink

Any modern classical lists out there?

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 2 December 2008 10:01 (ten years ago) Permalink

both very boinkable xp

― k3vin k., Monday, December 1, 2008 8:36 PM (Yesterday) Bookmark

dont say this fyi

BIG WORLD HOOS. WEBSTEEN. (BIG HOOS aka the steendriver), Tuesday, 2 December 2008 11:09 (ten years ago) Permalink

Keep it to the Katy Perry "blap or no blap" thread, guyz.

Peter "One Dart" Manley (The stickman from the hilarious 'xkcd' comics), Tuesday, 2 December 2008 11:11 (ten years ago) Permalink

i hope you're not suggesting we invite Kevin Keller to 77

dumb pseud (some dude), Tuesday, 2 December 2008 13:58 (ten years ago) Permalink

Like the guy who's sockpuppeting as him isn't already a 77 regular?

Peter "One Dart" Manley (The stickman from the hilarious 'xkcd' comics), Tuesday, 2 December 2008 14:12 (ten years ago) Permalink

will plucky The Verve triumph in the Rocktimists poll?

GSOHSHIT (blueski), Tuesday, 2 December 2008 14:13 (ten years ago) Permalink

Talking about whether or not we want to have sex with Katy Perry is frankly much more interesting than talking about where the Black Kids are going to place in the Top 50 of some minor style magazine that nobody reads.

Matt DC, Tuesday, 2 December 2008 14:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

i think ilxor is a better sock btw

deej, Tuesday, 2 December 2008 14:36 (ten years ago) Permalink

You talkin' to me?

ilxor, Wednesday, 3 December 2008 04:50 (ten years ago) Permalink

Talking about whether or not we want to have sex with Katy Perry is frankly much more interesting than talking about where the Black Kids are going to place in the Top 50 of some minor style magazine that nobody reads.

I mainly use the lists to find music I may have overlooked. The good ones don't start coming for another week or two, so until then:

Favorite Albums You Haven't Seen In The Critics' Polls 08

Fastnbulbous, Wednesday, 3 December 2008 05:55 (ten years ago) Permalink

Fact Magazine - Top 20

State Magazine - State’s 25 best albums of 2008
Ireland's answer to Pitchfork magazine

djmartian, Wednesday, 3 December 2008 23:21 (ten years ago) Permalink lists their db top 10 listened to artists, albums and songs from 2008:

Their top 10 songs feature is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Should have added a rule not to repeat song from same artists.(Just so you don't waste your time there's 6 coldplay songs, 3 MGMT and Kate Perry)

Moka, Thursday, 4 December 2008 06:46 (ten years ago) Permalink

Seems like the lists would favor albums and songs that were released early in the year, thus having had longer to rack up plays.

ilxor, Thursday, 4 December 2008 07:00 (ten years ago) Permalink

One unusual entry in Fact's list:


Anyone heard it?

Fastnbulbous, Thursday, 4 December 2008 17:06 (ten years ago) Permalink

Haven't heard it but I noticed the eMusic bloggers were talking about it yesterday too.

scott pgwp (pgwp), Thursday, 4 December 2008 18:23 (ten years ago) Permalink

Heard it. Needs less airhorn.

Enrique (Raw Patrick), Thursday, 4 December 2008 19:10 (ten years ago) Permalink

when do we usually do our polls around here?

deviants w. deliriants (Drugs A. Money), Thursday, 4 December 2008 19:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

usually late at night, when there's noone else in the apartment.

Dumb Assantino (some dude), Thursday, 4 December 2008 19:27 (ten years ago) Permalink

It's nice to see Opeth placing so high on the metal lists, but I'm curious - do people really rate it higher than "Ghost Reveries" - because I don't remember that one doing as well on the year-end lists, even though to me, it's a much stronger album? Is it that the rest of the field is weaker this year, or is it maybe a case of atoning for overlooking a sleeper by overrating the follow-up?

o. nate, Thursday, 4 December 2008 19:31 (ten years ago) Permalink

musicOMH Top 50

Some interesting entries:
48 Thomas Tantrum (Sindy Stroker)
40 Blood Red Shoes - Box Of Secrets (V2)
31 Mystery Jets - Twenty One (sixsevennine)
23 Ladyhawke (Island)
18 Amanda Palmer - Who Killed Amanda Palmer? (Roadrunner)
15 Johnny Flynn - A Larum (Vertigo)

Fastnbulbous, Thursday, 4 December 2008 23:32 (ten years ago) Permalink

Elbow topped musicOMH's poll. It's easy to admire that album but hard to get excited about it enough to crack my top 20. And this album also mad an appearance in State's top 20. I'll have to check it out:

08 Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim (Virgin)

Fastnbulbous, Friday, 5 December 2008 18:32 (ten years ago) Permalink (Banning Eyre & others)

Chiwoniso, "Rebel Woman" (Cumbancha) (Zimbabwe)
Aterciopelados “Rio” (Nacional) (Columbia)
Toumani Diabaté “The Mandé Variations” (Nonesuch) (Mali)
Seprewa Kasa “Seprewa Kasa” (Riverboat) (Ghana)
Seun Kuti “Seun Kuti & Egypt 80” (Disorient) (Nigeria)
Emmanuel Jal “WARchild” (Sonic360) (Sudan)
Orchestra Baobab “Made in Dakar” (Nonesuch) (Senegal)
Mayra Andrade “Navega” (Nacional/Sterns Arc Ltd) (Cape Verde)
Buena Vista Social Club "Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall(2 CD) [LIVE] " (Nonesuch) (Cuba)
Kasai Allstars "Congotronics 3" (Crammed Discs) (Congo

curmudgeon, Sunday, 7 December 2008 19:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

Theres a Congotronics 3? I must be on that right na na na

Animal Collector (The Reverend), Sunday, 7 December 2008 19:18 (ten years ago) Permalink

Predictably terrible EoY list from OMM now in.

Why do I keep thinking of Stan Freberg's "Old Payola Roll Blues"?

Brother Belcher (Marcello Carlin), Monday, 8 December 2008 15:22 (ten years ago) Permalink

Might as well plug the one I put together:

Matos W.K., Monday, 8 December 2008 15:29 (ten years ago) Permalink

link does not work matos...can't access from idolators front page either :(

k3vin k., Monday, 8 December 2008 15:33 (ten years ago) Permalink

Resident Advisor's Top 20 labels:

Matos W.K., Monday, 8 December 2008 15:43 (ten years ago) Permalink

dear Time, please research concept of 'at a glance'

Yentl vs Predator (blueski), Monday, 8 December 2008 15:47 (ten years ago) Permalink

re: Time's Vampire Weekend paragraph

Peter Gabriel would be proud.

No he wouldn't.

Paul Simon would be prouder.

Yes he would. That's what's known as "damning with faint praise."

Sara Sara Sara, Monday, 8 December 2008 15:48 (ten years ago) Permalink

PopMatters Top 50 singles (kind of dire).

jaymc, Monday, 8 December 2008 21:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

Time's list is quite ILXy.

M.V., Monday, 8 December 2008 22:06 (ten years ago) Permalink

no point ILM doing a list then

Yentl vs Predator (blueski), Monday, 8 December 2008 23:03 (ten years ago) Permalink

how did Trentemøller become the go-to token techno act?

Popper, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 01:00 (ten years ago) Permalink

Jim DeRogatis

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!" (Anti-)
2. David Byrne and Brian Eno, "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today"
3. Vivian Girls, "The Vivian Girls" (In the Red)
4. The Knux, "Remind Me in 3 Days" (Interscope)
5. Brazilian Girls, "New York City" (Verve)
6. Local H, "12 Angry Months" (Shout Factory)
7. Saul Williams, "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!" (
8. Fleet Foxes, "Fleet Foxes" (Sub Pop)
9. Kanye West, "808s & Heartbreak" (Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam)
10. Erykah Badu, "New AmErykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War" (Motown)

Andrew Sandwich, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 01:12 (ten years ago) Permalink

Derogatis's next 40:

11. TV on the Radio, "Dear Science" (DGC/Interscope)

12. Parts & Labor, "Receivers" (Jagjaguwar)

13. Jenny Lewis, "Acid Tongue" (Warner Bros.)

14. Spiritualized "Songs in A&E" (Fontana)

15. Sigur Ros, "Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust" (XL)

16. The Black Angels, "Directions to See a Ghost" (Light in the Attic)

17. Girl Talk, "Feed the Animals" (Illegal Art)

18. Gnarls Barkley, "The Odd Couple" (Atlantic)

19. Weezer, "Weezer" (Geffen)

20. Lou Reed, "Berlin: Live at St. Ann's Warehouse" (Matador)

21. Portishead, "Third" (Mercury)

22. Q-Tip, "The Renaissance" (Universal/Motown)

23. Rise Against, "Appeal to Reason" (DGC/Interscope)

24. Flight of the Conchords, "Flight of the Conchords" (Sub Pop)

25. Ladytron, "Velocifero" (Nettwerk)

26. Bob Dylan, "Tell Tale Signs: Rare and Unreleased, 1989-2006" (Columbia)

27. Moby, "Last Night" (Mute/EMI)

28. Lykke Li, "Youth Novels" (Atlantic)

29. The Gutter Twins, "Saturnalia" (Sub Pop)

30. Wire, "Object 47" (Pink Flag)

31. Randy Newman, "Harps and Angels" (Nonesuch)

32. Sons and Daughters, "This Gift" (Domino)

33. Death Cab for Cutie, "Narrow Stairs" (Atlantic)

34. Beck, "Modern Guilt" (Interscope)

35. Tim Fite, "Fair Ain't Fair" (Anti-)

36. Deerhunter, "Microcastle" (Kranky)

37. Shot Baker, "Take Control" (Riot Fest)

38. Tokyo Police Club, "Elephant Shell" (Saddle Creek)

39. Nine Inch Nails, "The Slip" (

40. Alejandro Escovedo, "Real Animal" (Back Porch)

41. Sia, "Some People Have Real Problems" (Hear Music)

42. Joan as Police Woman, "To Survive" (Cheap Lullaby)

43. Darker My Love, "2" (Dangerbird)

44. AC/DC, "Black Ice" (Columbia)

45. King Khan and the Shrines, "The Supreme Genius of King Khan" (Vice)

46. Disfear, "Live the Storm" (Relapse)

47. Super Furry Animals, "Hey Venus!" (Rough Trade)

48. Black Mountain, "In the Future" (Jagjaguwar)

49. Amy Ray, "Didn't It Feel Kinder" (Daemon)

50. Madonna, "Hard Candy" (Warner Bros.)

xhuxk, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 01:30 (ten years ago) Permalink

how did Trentemøller become the go-to token techno act?

Not sure what this comment is in reference to, but Trentemøller is one of the few artists that made Cologne/Berlin minimal sounds accessable to listeners not steeped in a decade of house/progressive trance. I think well selected compilation drawn from his 2003-2006 remix work would be my album of the decade.

derelict, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 02:19 (ten years ago) Permalink

I'm surprised his Top 10 isn't alphabetical--it usually is.

Matos W.K., Tuesday, 9 December 2008 02:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

xpost; I was referring to DeRo

Matos W.K., Tuesday, 9 December 2008 02:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

That said (kindly forgive the missing article above), "Miss You", which I think is the track in question in the PopMatters poll, came out in 2006.

derelict, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 02:25 (ten years ago) Permalink

ugh shut up dero

k3vin k., Tuesday, 9 December 2008 04:20 (ten years ago) Permalink


the VG blurb on his blog made me want to vomit.

thereminimum chips (electricsound), Tuesday, 9 December 2008 04:26 (ten years ago) Permalink

offering the perfect antidote to the Miley Cyrus/"Juno" bizarro world of young femininity so often seen in the media


psychgawsple, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 05:02 (ten years ago) Permalink

Time's list is quite ILXy.

ILM <3's Jonas Bros

billstevejim, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 05:22 (ten years ago) Permalink

AU Magazine ( - Belfast, Northern Ireland)

50. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (Modular)
49. No Age – Nouns (Sub Pop)
48. Midnight Juggernauts – Dystopia (Charisma)
47. Ladytron – Velocifero (Nettwerk)
46. Fucked Up – The Chemistry Of Modern Life (Matador)
45. Death Cab For Cutie – Narrow Stairs (Atlantic)
44. Late Of The Pier – Fantasy Black Channel (Zarcorp)
43. Adebisi Shank – This Is The Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank (The Richter Collective)
42. British Sea Power – Do You Like Rock Music? (Rough Trade)
41. Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing (Atp)
40. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (Lies)
39. Portishead – Third (Mercury)
38. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend (XL)
37. Santogold – Santogold (Atlantic)
36. Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion (Model Citizen)
35. Lightspeed Champion – Falling Off The Lavender Bridge (Domino)
34. Oppenheimer – Take The Whole Midrange And Boost It (Fantastic Plastic)
33. Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow And Blue (Warp)
32. Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer (Sub Pop)
31. Cadence Weapon – Afterparty Babies (Big Dada)
30. V/A - Carling Supports: The Oh Yeah Sessions ‘08
29. Beck – Modern Guilt (XL)
28. 2562 – Aerial (Tectonic)
27. Pacific! – Reveries (Half Machine)
26. Los Campesinos! – Hold On, Now Youngster (Wichita)
25. MGMT – Oracular Spectacular (Columbia)
24. Jamie Lidell – Jim (Warp)
23. Jape – Ritual (Cooperative)
22. The Presets – Apocalypso (Universal)
21. Neon Neon – Stainless Style (Lex)
20. Hot Chip – Made In The Dark (EMI)
19. My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges (Rough Trade)
18. Deerhunter – Microcastle (4AD)
17. Of Montreal – Skeletal Lamping (Polyvinyl)
16. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Lie Down In The Light (Domino)
15. Spiritualized – Songs In A&E (Universal)
14. Foals – Antidotes (Transgressive)
13. Nick Cave – Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! (Mute)
12. Hercules And Love Affair – Hercules And Love Affair (DFA)
11. David Holmes – The Holy Pictures (Canderblinks/Mercury/UMC)
10. Glasvegas – Glasvegas (Columbia)
9. Why? – Alopecia (Tomlab)
8. Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid (Polydor)
7. The Dodos – Visiter (Wichita)
6. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours (Modular)
5. Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires (XL)
4. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes (Bella Union)
3. Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight (Fatcat)
2. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago (4AD)
1. TV On The Radio – Dear Science (4AD)

Chris in Belfast, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 14:55 (ten years ago) Permalink

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