(Attn Australians) Interesting Article: The Trouble with Triple J

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The great thing about JJJ notwithstanding all the complaints (which i absolutely agree with) is that it plays all over Australia, to kids miles away from the cities where the other listening options are probably fairly limited. So even if it's less adventurous it is far moreso than whatever else they care to listen to. As well it fosters some sense of community and can break non-mainstream acts country wide.

mentalist (mentalist), Saturday, 1 November 2003 04:18 (fifteen years ago) Permalink


colin s barrow (colin s barrow), Saturday, 1 November 2003 04:39 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

no set playlists; and that each DJ has their own, self-chosen set list.

not true. very restrictive playlists. i know a couple of people there and mostly they get to play a minimal number of tunes they select themselves. there are obvious "specialist" shows, but daytime, no way.

gaz (gaz), Saturday, 1 November 2003 06:25 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

That's interesting, I didn't know that. I've only been listening briefly in the mornings, the evenings and all day in the background on weekends. The week mornings sound quite repetitive - so these are programmed are they? I just thought the DJS were unimaginative! The weekends sound like a general free-for-all and are much more interesting.

colin s barrow (colin s barrow), Saturday, 1 November 2003 10:57 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

the were gonna post the playlist on the website i think...

its the same old stupidity isn't it? hire someone who lives and loves music as a dj then tell them to play what you want them to play.

might as well hire comedians as djs. like jjj.

gaz (gaz), Saturday, 1 November 2003 11:02 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

gaz, you're breaking my heart with your cruel realism.

colin s barrow (colin s barrow), Saturday, 1 November 2003 11:21 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Playlists are the devil.

colin s barrow (colin s barrow), Saturday, 1 November 2003 11:22 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i think existangst and his team are frauds and the work of the devil

colin barnet, Sunday, 2 November 2003 16:51 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I'd be a lot happier with JJJ if they didn't "unearth" the most despicably bland, predictable and unoriginal bands this country has to offer and stick them on high rotation. Less novelty songs and better announcers would be nice also, but I'll be sticking with RRR, PBS and 3LO for the forseeable future...

steve, Sunday, 2 November 2003 23:08 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

They should be upping acts like Hermitude, which FBI do, rather than the next bland vaguely grunge act or Blink 182 clone.

mentalist (mentalist), Sunday, 2 November 2003 23:50 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I have no problem with them "unearthing" new bands, artists, etc., but if they're going to go to all that trouble they should be focussing on original, innovative, unusual or overlooked artists and genres rather than trying to find the next Grinspoon and Jebediah.

steve, Monday, 3 November 2003 00:36 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i'm probably biased because i know them, but Band Camp were one of the better bands they've unearthed.. admittedly they don't exactly break out of the mould in a big way though

the surface noise (electricsound), Monday, 3 November 2003 01:09 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

colin barnet:

Why am i the work of the devil?

You give us too much credit to call the ramshackle bunch that happen to write on The Alternative, a team.

Tim Finney:

The entire point that i meant to get across was that JJJ need to do more then just replace limp bizkit with mogwai. Musical taste is entirely subjective. So is taste in musical presenters. It's foolish for JJJ to say "We will only play this certain type of music, and we will only hire this certain type of on air presenter." If that's their mission plan, it's a surefire quick way to find themselves totally irrelevant to everyone.

Rather they need to look at the big white canvas. And then work out how to paint the bigger picture. What do they want to achieve? What are taxpayers paying for that they can't get on the commercial radio alternatives? Which of these goals are self defeating? They need to have a long hard look at whether or not rating better, and promoting youth arts are mutually exclusive goals.

Thats all i meant by the Mogwai/Limp Bizkit dichotomy. To suggest that the 2 goals ARE mutually exclusive.

ExistAngst, Tuesday, 11 November 2003 15:42 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

five years pass...

kingsmill interview. bizarre kanye/lil wayne binary in there. having said that, if alex lloyd's pr was hassling me i wouldn't play him either. (i'd probably shoot myself but that's another thread.)

"woah man, fl├╝gelhorn" (haitch), Wednesday, 5 August 2009 03:24 (nine years ago) Permalink

good interview. i've always liked his attitude and there's no question he's got a good head on his shoulders. doesn't make me much more interested in listening to the station these days tho

more posts that will never be released (electricsound), Wednesday, 5 August 2009 04:25 (nine years ago) Permalink

Yeah that is a great interview. I like his attitude - he's direct and forthright and doesn't let people go diva on his ass. He'd be a good boss to have.

My boss say I can't not do this (Trayce), Wednesday, 5 August 2009 04:57 (nine years ago) Permalink

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