Spider-Man: The Musical, music by U2

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Why are they trying to make Spider-man into Batman?

It's Ong Like Donkey Kong (latebloomer), Monday, 29 November 2010 15:00 (six years ago) Permalink

Batman made more money?

Mark G, Monday, 29 November 2010 15:13 (six years ago) Permalink

So...will this kill or just maim people?

Simon H., Monday, 29 November 2010 15:42 (six years ago) Permalink

They should open a "Batman" musical across the street, and have the two leads fight suspended midair in the middle of NYC. (Twice a day on weekends.)

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 29 November 2010 15:48 (six years ago) Permalink

They are.

R Baez, Monday, 29 November 2010 16:33 (six years ago) Permalink

It's been done

Telephoneface (Adam Bruneau), Monday, 29 November 2010 16:55 (six years ago) Permalink

It's a shame nobody's posted the first song from this movie. It's a training montage to the tune of "Surfin' Safari" that goes

Oh my god, Batman & Robin
Oh my god, Batman & Robin
Praise the lord, Batman & Robin
Shoot man shoot, Batman & Robin
Let's go Bruce Wayne now, and Dick Grayson now
They are a part of meeeeeee!

Telephoneface (Adam Bruneau), Monday, 29 November 2010 16:58 (six years ago) Permalink

There's always this:


R Baez, Monday, 29 November 2010 17:01 (six years ago) Permalink

And, of course:


R Baez, Monday, 29 November 2010 17:06 (six years ago) Permalink


This one might work better.

R Baez, Monday, 29 November 2010 17:09 (six years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

A rousing start:


Ned Raggett, Friday, 17 December 2010 18:40 (six years ago) Permalink

Concussions! Breaks! Bono behind the troublesome Act II! He and the Edge haven't seen it staged yet! Scenes are being rewritten, added, or cut! And then, of course, it has to pass safety muster once again, since new scenes will have to be vetted by inspectors. So glad I set aside three or four free months in the off chance the show actually starts (the article I saw in the Times not so hopefully cites "sometime in February") and I'm able to jet to New York to watch a "Spider-Man" musical, with songs from U2. Before it closes.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 18 December 2010 15:56 (six years ago) Permalink


Comments are deadly.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 18 December 2010 16:01 (six years ago) Permalink

yea it's had a pretty dreadful opening, yet people are rushing to defend it, saying "it's only previews". Yea, previews generally means a few minor flubs, script/score tweaking, and possibly a hold or two in extreme circumstances. not like five stoppages.

i've had theatre brethren scream at people saying "don't root against people, we don't need more people losing money in this economy". ??????

The funniest thing is the weakest part of the show is supposed to be the score/book, otherwise known as 75% OF TEH SHOW.

Bitch, it cold outside!!! BURR (San Te), Saturday, 18 December 2010 16:27 (six years ago) Permalink

My friends' six-year-old daughter reviewed it.

would like a calmer set (Eazy), Saturday, 18 December 2010 16:44 (six years ago) Permalink

It was awesome because he acted like he hated Spider-Man, but the actor actually likes Spider-Man quite a bit because why would he ask to be in the musical if he really hates Spider-Man?

indeed, why would someone who hates spider man make a spider man musical?


aka the pope (BIG HOOS aka the steendriver), Saturday, 18 December 2010 16:59 (six years ago) Permalink

Batman is very rich, but he has had a very sad life, and his parents died, and he hates Christmas because his parents died on Christmas.

Is this true? Batman hates Christmas?

Telephoneface (Adam Bruneau), Saturday, 18 December 2010 18:20 (six years ago) Permalink

I loved that review!

Stop Non-Erotic Cabaret (Abbbottt), Saturday, 18 December 2010 18:21 (six years ago) Permalink

At one point the entire audience right wings were exposed because the two stage-left LCD video panels just sort of... floated off... toward the center... seemingly bored with their duties as directed.


piscesx, Saturday, 18 December 2010 20:32 (six years ago) Permalink

Rumor fueled by Twitter: "Ambulances Called, Show Stopped After 'Big Accident' in Spider-Man Musical."

Supposedly Spider-Man took a two-story fall without a harness, into the pit. Hope he's OK, but my spider senses tell me ..

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 04:49 (six years ago) Permalink

this shit is gonna make Capeman look like Cats

Abbbottt & Cossstellooo (Whiney G. Weingarten), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 04:55 (six years ago) Permalink

I feel like they could have made a fine musical without making this super dangerous for all the actors

iatee, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:08 (six years ago) Permalink

from the nyt comments:

When I saw "Spiderman", my chin wasn't all covered with good, meaty, Broadway juices which I then sopped up with a soft, warm, almost painfully delicious soft bun. I was not rolling my eyes in satisfied delight and belching up the Bono tunes as a gastronomical tribute to the chefs.

But were I a swine so inclined, I'd sure as hell smell truffles.

da croupier, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:10 (six years ago) Permalink

that dude's Yelp reviews are all about mise en scene

smangda (Whiney G. Weingarten), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:11 (six years ago) Permalink

Steven Tartick, an audience member, said the accident occurred during a scene when Spider-Man is rescuing his love interest, Mary Jane, as she dangles from a rope attached to a bridge.

Mr. Tartick said he saw the actor playing Spider-Man appear to trip and fall from the bridge, into an open pit at the end of the stage.

“You heard screams,” Mr. Tartick said. “You heard a woman screaming and sobbing.”

Mr. Tartick said there was a blackout, and then the house lights in the theater were restored. An announcement made in the theater first said there would be a delay in the performance. The announcement was then updated to say the show was over.

...A press representative for “Spider-Man” said in an email message: “An actor sustained an injury at tonight’s performance of ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.’ He fell several feet from a platform approximately seven minutes before the end of the performance, and the show was stopped. All signs were good as he was taken to the hospital for observation. We will have more news shortly.”

da croupier, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:22 (six years ago) Permalink

Since he sounds relatively okay, I feel like I can make the joke about maybe the stage hands should make sure to "Turn Off the Dark" too, amirite?

one pretty obvious guy in the obvious (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:26 (six years ago) Permalink

I'm sure the Cirque du Soleil folks are just shaking their heads at this whole thing.

I DIED, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:26 (six years ago) Permalink


aka the pope (BIG HOOS aka the steendriver), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 07:17 (six years ago) Permalink

Hey peeps there is a lunar eclipse going on right now.

Moka, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 07:45 (six years ago) Permalink

My friends' six-year-old daughter reviewed it.

― would like a calmer set (Eazy), Sunday, December 19, 2010 3:44 AM (2 days ago) Bookmark Suggest Ban Permalink

That were good that

Spikey, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 07:48 (six years ago) Permalink

Look, of course it is sad when someone is injured, but this is the price you have to pay if you want to create great theater. Everyone knows that great theater is about launching people across stages using slingshots. It is what Ibsen did, it is what Shakespeare did, it is what made Sondheim famous.

To all the haters posting here, how do you expect to be enlightened at the theater if you can't see shows that launch actors into the air using slingshots? Mark my words, in one hundred years High School's will require their students to read Hamlet and to construct slingshots with which to launch each other. That obviously justifies these injuries.

hubertus bigend (m coleman), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 11:47 (six years ago) Permalink

reports of a little man seen laughing in the rafters, wearing a WoW giantstalker's helmet and muttering something about how he would have used The Vulture. verify?

da croupier, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 12:34 (six years ago) Permalink

If the guy didn't land on Bono, I don't care.

Telephoneface (Adam Bruneau), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 13:08 (six years ago) Permalink

That would have been poetic justice.

THX THO... (Nicole), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 13:40 (six years ago) Permalink

not to be a killjoy but dude was in a neck brace and on a stretcher

forksclovetofu, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 14:10 (six years ago) Permalink

i'm pretty sure you meant to be a killjoy there

da croupier, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 14:23 (six years ago) Permalink

yah, i suppose i did.

forksclovetofu, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 14:31 (six years ago) Permalink

Neck brace and stretcher does not mean he sustained injuries to his neck or spine. It's standard procedure, in case he did sustain injuries, which will be determined once he reaches the hospital. Small solace, sure, but don't assume the worst (though video of that tumble looked, er, bad).

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 14:46 (six years ago) Permalink

It seems like so little thought was given to safety precautions for this production, which seems insane given the amount of wirework involved.

THX THO... (Nicole), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 14:51 (six years ago) Permalink

So apparently this will need to run for at least four years just to recoup costs? What will the death toll be by then?

Simon H., Tuesday, 21 December 2010 14:58 (six years ago) Permalink

As with any misfortune in the 2010s, I read the instant zings and think oh no not funny not funny, but then:

@Reddingwb: I hear now that during the next U2 tour they will do a tribute scrolling the names of people injured during The Spiderman broadway show.

would like a calmer set (Eazy), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 15:55 (six years ago) Permalink

How to fix the Spider-Man musical: cast Jerry Lewis in the lead role. Change title to The Nutty Spider. You're welcome.

Son of Sisyphus of Reaganing (Tarfumes The Escape Goat), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 16:34 (six years ago) Permalink

To tell the truth, I've yet to hear anything about this and not immediately think of "Stop The Planet Of The Apes. I Want To Get Off!" Though I'd much rather see "Stop The Planet Of The Apes. I Want To Get Off!"

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 19:05 (six years ago) Permalink

"Equity to Halt Performances; Investigation Underway"

Several broken ribs.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 19:48 (six years ago) Permalink

Very lucky man, I should add.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 19:49 (six years ago) Permalink

Curious if Julie Taymor's going to follow her "when did we start caring about money?" quotes with "when did we start caring about cast injuries?"

da croupier, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 20:04 (six years ago) Permalink

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/19/nyregion/spider-man-to-shut-on-broadway.html


The new Australian musical “King Kong” has been considering a move to the Foxwoods after “Spider-Man” closes, but no official plans are in place. The Foxwoods is expected to undergo some renovations before its next tenant moves in.


Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 19 November 2013 16:03 (four years ago) Permalink

A great bit:

Like many producers on struggling shows, Mr. Cohl made attempts through the summer and fall to recruit star names in hopes of reviving ticket sales — in the case of “Spider-Man,” talking to the rock musicians Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons about playing the villainous Green Goblin.

“We got fairly far along with Gene, but there just wasn’t time to get him into the show quickly enough to make a difference,” said Mr. Cohl, who knew both musicians from his years as a rock concert promoter.

Ned Raggett, Wednesday, 20 November 2013 20:25 (four years ago) Permalink

longest-running $60 million flop ever

eclectic husbandry (Dr Morbius), Friday, 22 November 2013 03:30 (four years ago) Permalink

(that is 60 in the red)

eclectic husbandry (Dr Morbius), Friday, 22 November 2013 03:30 (four years ago) Permalink

getaway stayaway

"Turkey In The Straw" coming from someplace in the clouds (Sparkle Motion), Friday, 22 November 2013 06:51 (four years ago) Permalink

two years pass...


Οὖτις, Thursday, 11 February 2016 21:32 (one year ago) Permalink

We saw one of the Julie Taymor previews. The crowd was giddy, the show was crazy and carnival-like. A+

dinnerboat, Thursday, 11 February 2016 22:10 (one year ago) Permalink

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