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Funnily enough, I think that Sluggy was full-on fantastic right up to the point where I started reading it (some time in the summer of 2001). Once I had to wait for the storylines to unfold in real time as opposed to reading them in one fell swoop, it was much less enjoyable; the strip is really much more suited towards a comic book format than a daily format (certain classic bits excepted, like the introduction of Sasha to Gwynn in 2001).

Actually, I've scanned back through the archives and stuff that I thought was kind of "meh" in the daily format is great when you read it in a big chunk, like the whole thing with the haunted house and the Harry Potter parodies.

VengaDan Perry (Dan Perry), Thursday, 5 August 2004 21:38 (sixteen years ago) link

I'm a big fan of PvP by Scott Kurtz , but it might not appeal to everybody.

aldo_cowpat (aldo_cowpat), Friday, 6 August 2004 08:23 (sixteen years ago) link

I've never read Sluggy before, but continuity aside, that page is pretty amusing.

Jordan (Jordan), Friday, 6 August 2004 12:59 (sixteen years ago) link

PVP is addictive but annoying in its tweeness, its desperation to pull all possible punches whatsoever and its unfailing attacks on all other small press and self-published comics. For god's sake, Kurtz, you ARE exactly what you're unfunnily mocking!

That hasn't stopped me from digging through the entire archive like a big fool, so it must have something going for it, much like a car crash.

Vic Fluro, Friday, 6 August 2004 13:12 (sixteen years ago) link

Btw, I tried to read some of the Megatokyo archives at one point, and while a couple of the early ones were funny, it turned into the most TWEE THING I'VE EVER READ and I can't understand what people see in it, unless they're trying to validate their crushes on underage Japanese schoolgirls.

Jordan (Jordan), Friday, 6 August 2004 13:23 (sixteen years ago) link

The thing that's great about Sluggy is the way it veers from slapstick and punning to horror/suspense within its storylines. Regardless of whether it's making me crack up or scaring the shit out of me, it's always entertaining (actually, a couple of the storylines would make great movies).

VengaDan Perry (Dan Perry), Friday, 6 August 2004 13:33 (sixteen years ago) link

I completely forgot about PvP because I read it on a feed with the syndicated comics I read. Likewise, for the same reason I forgot about Sinfest, even though I had ordered the second Sinfest book on the very day this thread started. It has a lot of meh days, but it's one of the best webcomics that doesn't rely on long-running storylines, I think. (Oh, I used to really love Exploitation Now -- http://www.exploitationnow.net, probably? -- but it's been cancelled for ages now, and I wasn't really into the guy's new strip.)

PvP does have way too many moments where Kurtz-the-guy overshadows Kurtz-the-cartoonist, but the best moments are still better than most current newspaper comics. (I realize that these days that's faint praise.)

MegaTokyo, I have no idea how to explain. A lot of weeks, I skip it altogether, and then start reading again without catching up on the old strips. It was definitely better in the beginning, and the art isn't consistent enough any more for that to be my reason for reading. I dunno. You've got me.

Tep (ktepi), Friday, 6 August 2004 16:49 (sixteen years ago) link

I also visit Jason's Mjau Mjau site occationally. You can scroll back through his strips. Seems like he only posts a new strip once a month or some crap like that.

Vermont Girl (Vermont Girl), Friday, 6 August 2004 17:10 (sixteen years ago) link

Another one I forgot -- a web graphic novel, so to speak -- When I Am King, one of the few things on Earth I would call "delightful."

Tep (ktepi), Friday, 6 August 2004 17:24 (sixteen years ago) link



Casuistry (Chris P), Saturday, 7 August 2004 21:16 (sixteen years ago) link

Hey Chris can u give the link to your webcomic?

Fred (Fred), Saturday, 7 August 2004 21:53 (sixteen years ago) link


It's old.

Casuistry (Chris P), Wednesday, 11 August 2004 23:26 (sixteen years ago) link

Haha! It's cool! Thanks.

Fred (Fred), Monday, 16 August 2004 14:49 (fifteen years ago) link

No no, thank you. Maybe I'll getting around to putting the other 20 or so episodes up someday.

Casuistry (Chris P), Wednesday, 18 August 2004 04:05 (fifteen years ago) link

five years pass...

What webcomics are you guys currently reading? (guilty pleasure + not) Like anything you've still got on your RSS feed or do that few month at a time reading session thing? Here are all of mine (way more guilty pleasure* than actual pleasure at this point):

Comic Critics (thru the Comics Should Be Good feed)
Pearls Before Swine (newspaper comic, not webcomic, but in my RSS feed)
Penny Arcade
Questionable Content
Tom Tomorrow
Medium Large
Happle Tea

*Meaning here that it gave me pleasure at one point, or I fell into soap opera'y relationship to the comic and now I just read it because I've been reading it for so long. Only comics in this list I'd strongly go to bat for in the last year are Medium Large + Achewood. Looking for something new and exciting!

Mordy, Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:28 (ten years ago) link

Oh, and of course Axe Cop, but I only read that once in awhile.

Mordy, Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:29 (ten years ago) link

I'm not sure if my not knowing a word of russian is coloring my view, but I can't think of a better site than caricatura.ru


Philip Nunez, Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:35 (ten years ago) link


I really like that whoever did this probably did it during a boring lecture on the back of the xeroxed study materials.

Philip Nunez, Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:44 (ten years ago) link

I think my favorite is Dinosaur Comics!

could be a bad day for (Abbott), Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:46 (ten years ago) link

I used to read Dinosaur Comics every day, but the shtick wears off imo after awhile.

Mordy, Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:59 (ten years ago) link

i should stress that the comics on caricatura.ru have a wider range than just people brandishing weapons. (no offense to axe cop)

Philip Nunez, Tuesday, 20 July 2010 23:00 (ten years ago) link

There seems to be a huge concern in axe cop about people joining each other's teams and whatnot -- it is secretly a comic about the formation of community!

Mordy, Friday, 23 July 2010 11:14 (ten years ago) link

three months pass...

Just noticed that Jason Little's Motel Art Improvement Service (aka Bee) is going to print via Dark Horse next month... good for him!

Nhex, Friday, 5 November 2010 20:44 (nine years ago) link

four months pass...


Chris Hastings (Dr. McNinja) writing Deadpool

Nhex, Wednesday, 9 March 2011 21:57 (nine years ago) link

four weeks pass...


I love it.

Mordy, Wednesday, 6 April 2011 20:58 (nine years ago) link

Kerr found this one and posted it on the chatz thread. It's amazing:

Mordy, Monday, 11 April 2011 23:06 (nine years ago) link

The Nedroid stuff is hilarious sometimes.

I think the only webcomic I read regularly now is Hark, A Vagrant. http://www.harkavagrant.com/

Bill, Monday, 11 April 2011 23:16 (nine years ago) link

Kate Beaton is awesome.

Anybody ever read Bad Machinery? A lot of webcomics wear out their welcome with me really quickly, but Bad machinery is a long-form serial narrative and quite enjoyable if you don't mind something that adults and teens could both like: http://scarygoround.com/index.php?date=20090921. That narration drops out really quickly (was surprised to see it there).

rob, Monday, 11 April 2011 23:39 (nine years ago) link

Whoa - I didn't even know John Allison had anything new. I loved Bobbins and Scary Go Round, I don't know when I lost track of him!

Bill, Monday, 11 April 2011 23:51 (nine years ago) link

OH man, I envy you getting to read a whole bunch of it at your own pace! I've not read his earlier stuff, but my brother who reads a lot of webcomics thinks Bad Machinery is a big step up from SGR.

rob, Monday, 11 April 2011 23:55 (nine years ago) link

SGR definitely went through good and bad patches. I really don't know how I missed this! This is a good week to find out about this, I have a big block of free time on Thursday.

Bill, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 00:00 (nine years ago) link

I've been digging Allison's work for a few years now -- I really think he's brilliant.

Daily webcomic checks: Bad Machinery, Diesel Sweeties, Scenes from a Multiverse*, WIGU and/or Overcompensating depending on what Rowland is focusing on at the time.

*currently sporadic while Rosenberg's wife is going through a difficult pregnancy

The Louvin Spoonful (WmC), Tuesday, 12 April 2011 00:01 (nine years ago) link

A lot of webcomics wear out their welcome with me really quickly

Also, I'm with you on this. This was probably what happened with me and Sluggy Freelance, mentioned at the top of the thread, and I still have Order of the Stick in Google Reader because when I first saw it I thought the whole conceit of "D&D characters talk and think in game-mechanics terms" was hilarious, but I haven't actually clicked on the link to read the comic in ages. I don't think it got worse, the novelty just wore off.

Bill, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 00:04 (nine years ago) link

Bad Machinery so good!

Mordy, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 01:41 (nine years ago) link

Yeah, Bad Machinery is definitely a step up from his previous stuff, which was always pretty fun. Shame to hear that it may not be successful enough for him to keep doing it.

Nhex, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 03:09 (nine years ago) link

I'm really tempted to just slowly link-dump this thread... forever

Nhex, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 03:12 (nine years ago) link

Shame to hear that it may not be successful enough for him to keep doing it.

Wait, what?

The Louvin Spoonful (WmC), Tuesday, 12 April 2011 03:47 (nine years ago) link

I never got into scarygoround at the time but I've been following Bad Machinery for the past few months and really like it. The author is a master of the end-of-week cliffhanger, too; the last several end-of-week episodes have got me slightly jittery over the weekend wanting to know what will happen next, which is something I've only had fairly rarely from webcomics before.

(Have since been reading the sgr archives in an attempt to fill that craving, and I like sgr and have no idea why I never read it at the time, but it's definitely not gripping me as much as BM)

BM and Cat & Girl are the only ones I'm checking recently. Have had other favourites, some of which I got bored of, some of which just stopped being updated. And I read BM every time it updates, whereas once a month or two I'll think "not checked C+G for a while" and have a binge.

dimension hatris (a passing spacecadet), Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:00 (nine years ago) link

how often does BM update?

Mordy, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:02 (nine years ago) link

Mon-Fri at the moment. It was Mon-Thurs up to last week, but now he's experimentally doing 2 shorter strips on Thurs+Fri instead.

dimension hatris (a passing spacecadet), Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:16 (nine years ago) link

Very cool! I love a good frequently updated comic!

Mordy, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:24 (nine years ago) link

what's the name of the sci-fi comic with a vague interest in posthumanism - ? sort of halfway manga-styled? semi-experimental page layouts? whimsical sense of humour? never updates?

thomp, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:49 (nine years ago) link

Shame to hear that it may not be successful enough for him to keep doing it.

That is really too bad! I hope he sticks with it. I'm as puzzled as he is that it's not more popular. His art is really appealing, but the writing of the kids' dialogue is what really got me hooked on it. I almost prefer it when the stories are just the kids hanging out and talking.

rob, Tuesday, 12 April 2011 15:03 (nine years ago) link


Teeth, Wednesday, 13 April 2011 17:22 (nine years ago) link

Mostly. I just spent half an hr reading Bad Machinery and just got annoyed/bored, anyway. Daily Dinosaur made me laugh in two pages.

Teeth, Wednesday, 13 April 2011 17:33 (nine years ago) link

what does sustainable popularity mean in webcomics terms versus print?
if you were making a comic for a college paper, sustainable popularity would mean 80% of the student body do not want to murder you.

Philip Nunez, Wednesday, 13 April 2011 17:34 (nine years ago) link

what's the name of the sci-fi comic with a vague interest in posthumanism - ? sort of halfway manga-styled? semi-experimental page layouts? whimsical sense of humour? never updates?

-----they were all like that

Teeth, Wednesday, 13 April 2011 17:34 (nine years ago) link

honestly, i'm just tired of seeing him troll every thread. dude needs to chill (on ILX, i have no business knowing about his personal life)

Nhex, Monday, 30 July 2012 16:07 (eight years ago) link

Whiney only trolls on the threads where I disagree with him.

pplains, Monday, 30 July 2012 16:14 (eight years ago) link

Haha, not true at all.

Nhex, Monday, 30 July 2012 16:28 (eight years ago) link

goofy pls

am0n, Monday, 30 July 2012 16:29 (eight years ago) link


Philip Nunez, Monday, 30 July 2012 17:32 (eight years ago) link


Mordy, Monday, 6 August 2012 02:42 (eight years ago) link

three months pass...

Patrick Farley's NSFW flash comic The First Word is a hold-onto-your-hats bit of amazement. Wow.

What percentage of my speech is meaningful? (R Baez), Sunday, 25 November 2012 16:57 (seven years ago) link

whoa, neat. some inventive animations/transitions

Nhex, Sunday, 25 November 2012 17:53 (seven years ago) link

man, that guy's been doing those FOREVER; i remember apocamon from what must've been just around 2000

(alternatively, “Respec’”) (forksclovetofu), Sunday, 25 November 2012 20:37 (seven years ago) link

tbf though, this is a lot better IMO than the stuff he did in the early '00s

Nhex, Sunday, 25 November 2012 21:02 (seven years ago) link

oh no doubt! definitely channeling some corben there.

(alternatively, “Respec’”) (forksclovetofu), Sunday, 25 November 2012 23:44 (seven years ago) link

corben comparison OTM

What percentage of my speech is meaningful? (R Baez), Sunday, 25 November 2012 23:57 (seven years ago) link

two months pass...
one month passes...


the 'dirty sprite' is implied (forksclovetofu), Monday, 11 March 2013 16:47 (seven years ago) link

three months pass...

mordy. mordy. no

Nhex, Tuesday, 18 June 2013 04:51 (seven years ago) link

Nhex and I finally agree on something itt.

pplains, Tuesday, 18 June 2013 15:17 (seven years ago) link

Akkkkk, alterna-lit dudes who write fan-fiction, possibly the worst form of art outside of latte foam sculptures

Chuck_Tatum, Tuesday, 18 June 2013 22:07 (seven years ago) link

six months pass...


bamcquern, Friday, 20 December 2013 04:19 (six years ago) link

yeah, that was my reaction.

Nhex, Friday, 20 December 2013 05:17 (six years ago) link

reminds me of some of the study group stuff

Mordy , Friday, 20 December 2013 05:19 (six years ago) link


Dan I., Friday, 20 December 2013 14:44 (six years ago) link

yeah, that's written by john landis' kid, who also wrote the movie Chronicle

In January 2012, Variety reported that Disney picked up a pitch Landis made for a space adventure focusing on a brother and sister. The film is set to be produced by Wedding Crashers producer Andrew Panay.[20]

Whiney G. Weingarten, Friday, 20 December 2013 16:16 (six years ago) link

Zathura 2!

Nhex, Friday, 20 December 2013 16:18 (six years ago) link

nine months pass...

thanks for that nhex, i just power read the first two issues. it's very good!

the other song about butts in the top 5 (forksclovetofu), Friday, 26 September 2014 21:48 (five years ago) link

Strong Female Protagonist is A++ btw; highly recommended.

the other song about butts in the top 5 (forksclovetofu), Thursday, 2 October 2014 16:36 (five years ago) link

SFP is a gem, glad you like
this harvey james's stuff is pretty cool, great faces and color

Nhex, Saturday, 4 October 2014 01:26 (five years ago) link

I also power-read SFP, was fucking great. Very happy to have discovered that.

emil.y, Saturday, 4 October 2014 02:07 (five years ago) link

four years pass...

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