Virgo Four - Virgo: the best Chicago house album?

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for example: Ride is deeper and woozier than I was expecting up until that point

plax (ico), Friday, 19 March 2010 17:50 (fourteen years ago) link

Trax is pretty notorious for having some of the worst pressing standards of all time

adds to the appeal for me, too. especially considering the mob supposedly had a lot to do with these cheap represses, i always thought it would be interesting to hear more about the connection between record pressing and organized crime in chicago

a lagoon par la mer (psychgawsple), Friday, 19 March 2010 17:59 (fourteen years ago) link

little white earbuds interview with m.e.

teresa banks (r1o natsume), Tuesday, 23 March 2010 19:21 (fourteen years ago) link

one month passes...

only one track though. would love to hear the rest of the ep

i wonder if the unreleased mix of "bad boy" is the same as the one that was floating around on youtube a while back?

hotel califor.nia (r1o natsume), Thursday, 6 May 2010 01:22 (fourteen years ago) link

only one track though. would love to hear the rest of the ep

i wonder if the unreleased mix of "bad boy" is the same as the one that was floating around on youtube a while back?

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― hotel califor.nia (r1o natsume), Thursday, May 6, 2010 2:22 AM (8 hours ago) Bookmark

I hope so, that versions great

X-101, Thursday, 6 May 2010 09:28 (fourteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

"Twenty-plus years after the original release of their seminal self-titled album, Chicago house pioneers Virgo are seeing their masterwork reissued and receiving a whole new round of praise in the process. The Juan MacLean (a.k.a. New Yorker John MacLean) got on the phone with Virgo's Merwyn Sanders to discuss the group's history and learn a little more about the golden era of Chicago house music."

one time gaffled 'em up (one time), Thursday, 20 May 2010 20:45 (fourteen years ago) link

two months pass...

They've been putting up more recent stuff on Soundcloud. Merwyn said they're about 5 years old. The style is definitely different, but I'd say it's also evolved. I especially like Together. Just 15 seconds in... what a groove!

elan, Friday, 6 August 2010 01:41 (thirteen years ago) link

one year passes...

A bit late to this party, but a friend just tipped me off to Resurrection by Virgo Four, and holy hell, it's incredible. It just oozes brilliance and raw energy... In its way it actually reminds me of Fourth Drawer Down by the Associates: two young guys feeling out their style in a slightly lo-fi, improvisatory setting, and just churning out more amazing and catchy musical ideas than they have any right to. WOW.

Clarke B., Thursday, 18 August 2011 14:24 (twelve years ago) link

Played this a lot in the car lately. When it's finished I keep rewinding/-playing the last track. It's amazing.

willem, Friday, 19 August 2011 20:16 (twelve years ago) link

Don't forget to go after the reissued s/t, Clarke. Also by RushHour.

willem, Friday, 19 August 2011 20:24 (twelve years ago) link

I found the reissued s/t just yesterday! It's... just... amazing. What's my next step after this stuff? I feel like how I felt when I first discovered Drexciya.

Clarke B., Thursday, 1 September 2011 21:27 (twelve years ago) link

Listening to the youtube clips, it seems some of the most interesting stuff on Resurrection is on the vinyl only box set release. just bought the mp3 version which is absolutely great of course. but i want those other 15 songs!
in particular i was sad this wasnt on it

I know.. first world problems...

dsb, Friday, 2 September 2011 04:52 (twelve years ago) link

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