TOP 10 FREE INDEPENDENT GAMES of 2008- The Players List

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Also casual games run fine.

Mordy, Sunday, 26 October 2008 03:42 (thirteen years ago) link

Some of the simpler ones might run okay in Mac OS X all right using Darwine - at least I remember Karoshi did. Which is pretty damn amusing, as is ROM CHECK FAIL. I'm looking forward to trying these via Boot Camp.

Nhex, Sunday, 26 October 2008 04:48 (thirteen years ago) link

my first instinct was to say 'fuk u i'm not downloadin a million and one games' but i'll give it a shot I GUESS

ಥ﹏ಥ (cankles), Tuesday, 28 October 2008 11:07 (thirteen years ago) link

Canks, I get the feeling 'fuk u' is your first instinct a great deal of the time. They're all tiny downloads and easily disposable and tested by hardcore geeks so I can't imagine it'll be any hardship on your rig.

forksclovetofu, Tuesday, 28 October 2008 14:37 (thirteen years ago) link

Plus you get to play an autistic child that changes the world's colors!

forksclovetofu, Tuesday, 28 October 2008 16:30 (thirteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

Anyone know roughly how long Dirty Split is? I was wondering, it seems like it might be much longer than the others on this list.

Nhex, Friday, 14 November 2008 01:52 (thirteen years ago) link

I gave up before the end of the first conversation (which is why I ain't gonna start a thread on it).

ledge, Friday, 14 November 2008 09:59 (thirteen years ago) link

I thought what you said sounded incredibly bizarre, and then I completely understood within a minute. Something about the abuse of background sound effects, bland music, and completely unengaging dialogue. I was ready to fall asleep right there. Nice art, I guess, though?

Nhex, Sunday, 16 November 2008 06:52 (thirteen years ago) link

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