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but what about those of us who are, err, "casual players" as it were and just want a nice game to waste some time with as opposed to a weapon to "consistently trounce educated adult men with high-paying jobs"?

dude i was like fifteen ...

fields of salmon (fieldsofsalmon), Thursday, 23 January 2003 05:29 (seventeen years ago) link

I sold all my cards to some dork for like $20.
I still sometime would like to play, but alas; it is too expensive.

A Nairn (moretap), Thursday, 23 January 2003 05:51 (seventeen years ago) link

dude i was like fifteen ...

Haha, maybe that was a bit too nasty on my part, but still- why not play any way you bloody please (or was that "You MUST..." comment just the way you saw it when you were 15?)

Daniel_Rf (Daniel_Rf), Thursday, 23 January 2003 11:32 (seventeen years ago) link

If we judge a game by its players, and I judge this by the few people I've ever met or seen who play it, it's as dud as it comes. (This is not meant to comment on the people here, none of whom I have met.)

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Thursday, 23 January 2003 18:24 (seventeen years ago) link

I used to play... PROFESSIONALLY. How sad is that? You can make good money at it to be honest. The saddest thing most times are people who play it. It's 90-95% male, they're all super homophobes too. I used to wear t-shirts that implied I was gay just to mess with the competition.. and to get pictures of me in em in Magic publications (yes, there are a few). I enjoyed the game and the rules, and I met some good people along the way. The best part about Magic players is that they are willing to play almost anything.. so once you get fed up with Magic (which everyone does), they will try any other activity or game (Set, Settlers of Cataan), and jump on it.

I'm going to be branded a geek now.. aren't I?

Christopher (Christopher), Monday, 3 February 2003 22:41 (seventeen years ago) link

This is an internet message board Christopher = we are all geeks.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Monday, 3 February 2003 22:44 (seventeen years ago) link

it's fun, if you have money to waste and friends that don't take it seriously.

webber (webber), Tuesday, 4 February 2003 00:07 (seventeen years ago) link

I used to wear t-shirts that implied I was gay just to mess with the competition..

Let's count the ways we could parse that sentence, hmm?

Chris P (Chris P), Tuesday, 4 February 2003 01:41 (seventeen years ago) link

Let's make that a little clearer... heh.

A lot of Magic players are homophobic (in my experience) and in order to throw them off of their game, I would wear a shirt that symbolized gay pride.

What's really scary is that I'm thinking about playing in a sealed deck PTQ in a couple of weeks just to see if I can still compete after not playing for years.

Christopher (Christopher), Tuesday, 4 February 2003 16:24 (seventeen years ago) link

one year passes...
Who up in this bitch fancies a game of memory M:TG*? I'm bored.

* (the one where you start with no cards in your card, draw one of your choice per turn, and no card can be played twice? It's kinda fun...)

Gregory Henry (Gregory Henry), Sunday, 18 April 2004 14:34 (sixteen years ago) link

I used to play a lot around 14-16 and did pretty good, but when I think
of all the money I spent on cards that just sit in boxes up in my closet
I get all teary-eyed. Those should be records sitting idle, not cards!

stephen morris (stephen morris), Sunday, 18 April 2004 16:35 (sixteen years ago) link

Dud as hell. When I was 12 or 13 or so I went with my friend (who was into Magic cards at the time) to a Magic the Gathering "tournament" being held at the local Barnes & Noble. While my friend was playing Magic with someone, I walked around watching the others in attendance. At one table this guy playing said something like "I'm playing the Wall of Flame card". This other guy at the table said, "I'm gonna play the Wall of Pubic Hair card, hehehehhehe" in this horribly nasal and stereotypically nerdy voice. That was when I realized that there were people far nerdier than I could ever be.

latebloomer (latebloomer), Sunday, 18 April 2004 17:24 (sixteen years ago) link

three months pass...
The game itself = Classic: it will be around for years to come, probably our nerdier kids will be into it or some incarnation of it.

The "90-95% super homophobe" players mentioned above = DUD. If I was rich (xpost it's expensive xpost) I'd probably play Magic Online, and not have to see the fat guys with "horribly nasal and stereotypically nerdy voices" that unfortunately define the game.

Richard K (Richard K), Tuesday, 3 August 2004 03:55 (fifteen years ago) link

I can't believe I never posted to this thread. I probably spent twenty bucks on it total, maybe thirty. It was one summer, a fun thing, a moment in time, a nice little cultural artifact.

teeny (teeny), Tuesday, 3 August 2004 04:06 (fifteen years ago) link

three years pass...

i've been having a lot of "fun" playing with the old cards I rescued from my mom's house. i refuse to spend another cent on the game, however.

ian, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:09 (twelve years ago) link

a couple years ago i went to a card & comix shop and built a decent blue-white deck for like $4.00, but all the newer card editions just had all these new retarded esoteric abilities that i had no idea about

elmo argonaut, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:16 (twelve years ago) link

also, the art was all these, like, cyber dragons and BULLSHIT

elmo argonaut, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:21 (twelve years ago) link

We should start an ILG thread where we play against each other using SCANNERS.

nickalicious, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:25 (twelve years ago) link

i only played magic for the first time a few weeks ago, how weird is that? i was intimidated by the kids who played it in high school, but it's not half as complicated as i thought.

bell_labs, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:50 (twelve years ago) link

you should have been more intimidated by their allowances

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:56 (twelve years ago) link

and/or dedication to blowing every dollar earned at the drive-thru window sunday 5am-1:30pm on crazy junk instead of like cigarettes and cds

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:57 (twelve years ago) link

that is correct i am calling you bustas out

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 20:57 (twelve years ago) link

what are you talking about, i pinched a franklin from my dad's wallet to buy a mox jet

elmo argonaut, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:01 (twelve years ago) link

haha, i think i was most intimidated by their cliquish aspie superiority complexes.

i think it's really fun now though.

bell_labs, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:03 (twelve years ago) link

ok these prices are so retarded omg

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:06 (twelve years ago) link

people should all be blown up

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:06 (twelve years ago) link

in my middle school the biggest fight i got into was between pog players and m:tg players

max, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:09 (twelve years ago) link

i was obviously a magic player

max, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:09 (twelve years ago) link

green & white deck, in case anyone is wondering

max, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:10 (twelve years ago) link

omg pog

deeznuts, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:12 (twelve years ago) link

if i remember those years correctly i was more worried about the shame my seminoles starter jacket would bring me after danny wuerrfle's gators pounced on them in the orange bowl than anything having to do with those fucking things

deeznuts, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:14 (twelve years ago) link

I used to play magic back in the mid-nineties, I still have a hundreds and hundreds of those cards in some box around here. I never paid much for them though, because I stole most of them from bookstores. I wonder if that stuff is worth something these days, the oldest cards I have are from Revised Edition or whatever it was called.

Tuomas, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:24 (twelve years ago) link

god, my nerd days were spent playing Avalon Hill wargames. and banging chicks of course

brownie, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:26 (twelve years ago) link

my best nerd days are ahead of me still.

bell_labs, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:27 (twelve years ago) link

mine did not look quite as good as this one but I got pretty good

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:38 (twelve years ago) link

i had a revised shivan dragon worth $50

max, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:38 (twelve years ago) link

and my color selections were more noise

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 21:38 (twelve years ago) link

haha shivan dragon. back in 1995 my friend's proudest accomplishment was owning 4 shivan dragons. I wonder if those cards are worth anything today.

burt_stanton, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:04 (twelve years ago) link

blue + black deck, my sengir vampires and royal assassins were so so gangster.

deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:10 (twelve years ago) link

i had two revised royal assassins

deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:10 (twelve years ago) link

maybe more, hell if i remember

deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:11 (twelve years ago) link

at my 10th bday party i beat the rich kid in magic even tho i had no allowance, i had birthday money and was a HUSTLER with trades

deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:12 (twelve years ago) link

i think sometimes i threw in some green too, but only if u could throw all mana down first turn and i would use it solely for my force of nature

deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:18 (twelve years ago) link


deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:18 (twelve years ago) link

i have a shivan dragon signed by the lady what painted it ;_;

Jimmy The Mod Awaits The Return Of His Beloved, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:25 (twelve years ago) link

haha i think i some signed by artists too :-/

deej, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:34 (twelve years ago) link

yeah i kept that shivan solely because it was worth money since i played green/white almost exclusively, i shoulda sold it off

max, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:42 (twelve years ago) link

I saw this stuff mostly when I was in college - 94 - 98. I was too busy playing (then) horrible blues rock, drinking and trying to get laid. Trying being the WAY operative word there.

B.L.A.M., Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:53 (twelve years ago) link

I sold a revised "Fork" for about 50 pounds.

Ronan, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 22:59 (twelve years ago) link

reading a thread for the first time and then realising you posted to it four years ago c/d

webber, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 23:44 (twelve years ago) link

it's called dragon fodder

ciderpress, Thursday, 21 May 2020 01:34 (one month ago) link

lmao they just used the June 1st B/R update to change how companion works

now you can't cast it automatically, you instead have to pay 3 to put it in your hand

pretty crazy, I can't remember them ever errata'ing an entire mechanic like this. maybe when they changed the Urzas Saga 'free' spells to read "you actually have to cast it to untap the lands" but even that was more like "yeah obviously that's how this was *supposed* to work" instead of "whoops this is too good, let's straight up nerf it"

frogbs, Monday, 1 June 2020 17:44 (one month ago) link

looking at the banned cards, not sure what the issue with Agent of Treachery is (I don't play Standard) but Fires of Invention seems remarkably dumb, like Urza's-level "whats the worst that can happen" thinking

frogbs, Monday, 1 June 2020 17:51 (one month ago) link

it's not a broken card really, just an unpleasant effect to have at the center of the format. think of it as being like the reflector mage ban i guess

ciderpress, Monday, 1 June 2020 21:42 (one month ago) link

yeah idk what kind of mana accel there is but I can see a card like that effectively making a bunch of 4-6 CMC cards unplayable. the fact that killing the creature doesn't give you your permanent back seems like an important pretty safety valve to get rid of

frogbs, Monday, 1 June 2020 21:58 (one month ago) link

it's being cheated out on turn 4 or 5 (and then blinked for another steal via your yorion which is always available to follow it up every game)

ciderpress, Monday, 1 June 2020 22:25 (one month ago) link

yes I am proud of myself

frogbs, Wednesday, 3 June 2020 04:21 (one month ago) link

A frog and 4 otters

Mario Meatwagon (Moodles), Wednesday, 3 June 2020 04:28 (one month ago) link

I thought Lukka would get a ban. The Lukka/Omen of the Sun combo seems like it will work with something else, if it's not Agent of Treachery. Agent was a good ban though, it's become really unfun to play against. Companion change is really strange, like the kind of nerfing that Hearthstone does to individual cards

Vinnie, Wednesday, 3 June 2020 06:00 (one month ago) link

This seems like overkill to me but what do I know:

pomenitul, Thursday, 11 June 2020 16:59 (three weeks ago) link

yeah that's just a kneejerk marketing dept response that no one was asking for

ciderpress, Thursday, 11 June 2020 17:05 (three weeks ago) link

I mean if you really want to go down that route MTG itself can easily be construed as racist.

pomenitul, Thursday, 11 June 2020 17:06 (three weeks ago) link

playing an irl game of magic tonight (you're allowed to hang with up to 6 people where I live)

Rik Waller-Bridge (jim in vancouver), Thursday, 11 June 2020 20:17 (three weeks ago) link

supposedly the 1488 thing was just a weird coincidence, as they were indexed in alphabetical order

frogbs, Thursday, 11 June 2020 20:30 (three weeks ago) link

fwiw WoTC has kind of a checkered history with race issues, particularly when it comes to their hiring practices. its been sort of an open secret for a while.

frogbs, Thursday, 11 June 2020 20:31 (three weeks ago) link


Rik Waller-Bridge (jim in vancouver), Thursday, 11 June 2020 20:34 (three weeks ago) link

I was pretty shocked to see some of these, and I think there's nothing wrong with throwing them out, even if it is a bit of an empty gesture.

Mario Meatwagon (Moodles), Thursday, 11 June 2020 22:29 (three weeks ago) link

Weird to see these cards dredged up again after 25 years. I was definitely not old enough to understand what was going on on Invoke Prejudice (which I think I own a copy of somewhere)

Vinnie, Friday, 12 June 2020 00:57 (three weeks ago) link

banning a bunch of cards that nobody has played with in a decade is pretty fucking weird, it is practically by definition performative activism since nobody would ever think of these cards otherwise and now they're gonna sit on a ban list forever.

frogbs, Friday, 12 June 2020 01:25 (three weeks ago) link

anyway I have not played a game of paper Magic in about a year but I had a dream last night that I was a Pro Tour player and every time I won a game I'd scoop up my cards, look my opponent in the eye and say "abracadabra"

frogbs, Friday, 12 June 2020 02:48 (three weeks ago) link

that's a strong bit

ciderpress, Friday, 12 June 2020 02:55 (three weeks ago) link

this Jumpstart idea seems extremely cool and kind of brilliant from a marketing perspective

can't believe it's taken this long for them to come up with it

frogbs, Thursday, 18 June 2020 02:45 (two weeks ago) link

i dont care about jumpset but i love how aggressive the reprints/pseudo-reprints in this core set are, lots of cards from ~10 years ago when i was really into standard, which is making me want to play again

ciderpress, Thursday, 18 June 2020 03:05 (two weeks ago) link

lol they really did bring back phasing for one mythic rare, how weird

frogbs, Thursday, 18 June 2020 16:06 (two weeks ago) link

the reminder text is way cleaner than you'd expect!

ciderpress, Thursday, 18 June 2020 16:14 (two weeks ago) link

that almost makes it stranger, they do exile/return effects all the time and the differences with phasing (which, if I remember correctly, are that counters & auras stay on, and it's in a different place than the 'exile' zone) don't really seem significant enough to bring back a 23 year old keyword which was kind of famous for confusing everyone. but I'm really amused that they did.

frogbs, Thursday, 18 June 2020 16:46 (two weeks ago) link

Wizards is about to drop another big artist I think. Been a long time coming for this guy.

Kim, Monday, 22 June 2020 15:25 (one week ago) link

Yep he's out. Unfortunately gonna be seeing his art for many months to come due to how early in advance they produce things

Vinnie, Monday, 22 June 2020 23:33 (one week ago) link

gotta love the final days of a sealed league

frogbs, Thursday, 25 June 2020 15:58 (one week ago) link

im worried thats what mtgo standard is gonna be like if i try to play again this fall. don't really want to get into arena though

ciderpress, Thursday, 25 June 2020 17:23 (one week ago) link


frogbs, Thursday, 25 June 2020 20:46 (one week ago) link

Nice of you to give Patroclus a bit of hope

Vinnie, Thursday, 25 June 2020 23:13 (one week ago) link

I felt bad for him, we had basically the same deck but he was losing in every fashion possible; he had the stuck at 2 land game, the mull to 5 game, the topdecked 4 lands in a row game, the oops forgot that had reach game, the can’t believe you fucking drew more removal game, the wow that mythic is stupidly good game, etc.

frogbs, Friday, 26 June 2020 00:54 (one week ago) link

anyway I’ve played 2 matches of M21 and wow what a stark difference, I forgot what the “grind out card advantage” style of Magic was like

frogbs, Friday, 26 June 2020 00:56 (one week ago) link

I really love Core Sets

J Edgar Noothgrush (Joan Crawford Loves Chachi), Friday, 26 June 2020 01:18 (one week ago) link

I like how core sets have just become a dumping ground for cool designs that just don't fit into other sets. though Brash Taunter has got to be one of the most unfun cards I've ever played against.

I got lucky to open Teferi, can anyone explain why this card is so expensive? It actually seems kinda underpowered for a big blue planeswalker

frogbs, Friday, 26 June 2020 15:53 (one week ago) link

its the face card of the set, people are gonna assume its good until proven otherwise

remember that you can activate him on all your opponents turns too bc of his instant speed clause

ciderpress, Friday, 26 June 2020 16:03 (one week ago) link

lol yeah I literally *just* figured that out

I am guessing this means it's gonna be huge in Commander which yep means $$$$$$

frogbs, Friday, 26 June 2020 16:04 (one week ago) link

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