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leavitt, barry

rionat, Sunday, 17 January 2010 00:44 (twelve years ago) link

yeah ive missed him both times thru
tho to be honest if id been up to going out last night i would have probably hit up omar s instead

not a playa but i ilx a lot (deej), Sunday, 17 January 2010 01:21 (twelve years ago) link

i will say its probably unlikely that a DJ who expects to tour again in the future is gonna decide to trash major metropolises on twitter

not a playa but i ilx a lot (deej), Sunday, 17 January 2010 01:37 (twelve years ago) link

Lots of good goodies news: http://vivaitalians.blogspot.com/2010/01/feeling-without-touching.html
Farah 12" (Gay Boy) & album!! New Chromatics album! And a new label sampler a la After Dark.
Can't wait to hear the Farah stuff.

willem, Monday, 18 January 2010 20:45 (twelve years ago) link

These will definitely go to the top of my 2010 release watch list. I'd really like the Chromatics album to be a killer.

dynamicinterface, Monday, 18 January 2010 23:09 (twelve years ago) link

sooooo is anyone going to this discoteca thing on Saturday?
and can I go with you? :D

salsa sharkshavin (salsa shark), Thursday, 28 January 2010 17:04 (twelve years ago) link

one month passes...

amazing song. and the instrumental version...


Kaiser Size, Friday, 19 March 2010 10:25 (twelve years ago) link

Man - the new Farah track is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy weird.

Shannon Whirry and the Bad Brains, Friday, 19 March 2010 12:32 (twelve years ago) link

ugh she sounds fucking horrible on it.

jaxon, Friday, 19 March 2010 15:59 (twelve years ago) link


jaxon, Friday, 19 March 2010 16:00 (twelve years ago) link

The new Glass Candy EP is amazing. The one with the saxophone solo...

Doran, Friday, 19 March 2010 16:45 (twelve years ago) link

love the concept, hate the delivery

teresa banks (r1o natsume), Friday, 19 March 2010 16:46 (twelve years ago) link

re new farah

teresa banks (r1o natsume), Friday, 19 March 2010 16:46 (twelve years ago) link

i know it's going for that hyper-bitchy divine style "castro boy" type of disco fag humour, but it lacks nuance and just bludgeons an average joke into the ground. and that drugged out "creepy" deadpan vocal delivery is so played out by now

teresa banks (r1o natsume), Friday, 19 March 2010 16:53 (twelve years ago) link

hasn't 'sugar & whitebread' been around for 5 years or so?

licorice oratorio (baaderonixx), Friday, 19 March 2010 17:02 (twelve years ago) link

and that drugged out "creepy" deadpan vocal delivery is so played out by now

i love this about farah, but agree the track is a little too weird for it's own good. does anyone outside of idib really do this much tho?

a lagoon par la mer (psychgawsple), Friday, 19 March 2010 17:47 (twelve years ago) link

hasn't 'sugar & whitebread' been around for 5 years or so?

Yep; it's on the IKO ep.

Shannon Whirry and the Bad Brains, Friday, 19 March 2010 18:04 (twelve years ago) link

i guess i should post this here also? i dunno if it's me moved on or if quality control is way down, but i think this song/video and the new farah are both really bad comparatively :-/


jaxon, Thursday, 25 March 2010 05:42 (twelve years ago) link

nu farah sounded terrible from the sample i heard.

*makeitplop* (haitch), Thursday, 25 March 2010 10:13 (twelve years ago) link

haven't heard the farah (never was huge on her tbw) but this glass candy song sounds like anything off beatbox so i think it's you jaxxy.

✌.✰|ʘ‿ʘ|✰.✌ (Steve Shasta), Thursday, 25 March 2010 14:50 (twelve years ago) link

It's from the same era as B/E/A/T/B/O/X. It's on the singles comp. thing (Deep Gems).

Shannon Whirry and the Bad Brains, Thursday, 25 March 2010 15:22 (twelve years ago) link

oh then that's not new at all and probably why it sounds so familiar.

✌.✰|ʘ‿ʘ|✰.✌ (Steve Shasta), Thursday, 25 March 2010 15:35 (twelve years ago) link

three months pass...

Solid Gold is a collection of some early IDIB 12"s,
most of which are out of print. Tracks were carefully
selected and programmed by our own Johnny Jewel.
This entire compilation is the brainchild of Johnny,
and he put a lot of time into the tracklisting. We
hope you enjoy it. Its perfect driving music. This
is a cd only release, and is for sale in our store (link
is over there on the right column). We lowered all
of our prices as well on everything. We are trying
to accommodate the overseas people who get screwed
over with the high shipping rates, which seem to
keep going up and up and up...
This is a MAILORDER/GIG only release! enjoy!

mizzell, Monday, 28 June 2010 13:56 (twelve years ago) link

only $5!

mizzell, Monday, 28 June 2010 13:59 (twelve years ago) link

I got it in the mail yesterday. It's pretty great! I hadn't heard 50% of it before - the T&K stuff has sort of a simple house sound with some guitar riffs on top of it. The Solange track is really haunting classic-sounding italo number. The Tiedye song at the end is... somethin' else; there are some *really* earnest, passionate vocals on top reminiscent of the DJ Kaos "Love the Night Away" track from last year, with a familiar Lissvik sheen on top. It went from amusing to engrossing on my first listen.

They could very easily do a couple more volumes of these with some of the really rare Chromatics tracks (that amazing Springsteen cover that was on one of the ultra-rare 12"s) and some other stuff, which would be awesome, but I'm pretty eager to hear the "Into the Black" disc (the looooong-awaited follow up to "After Dark") too!!!

I would give them open access to my bank account to just auto-deduct money and send me new stuff as often as possible; I love this label.

Becky Facelift, Monday, 28 June 2010 14:21 (twelve years ago) link

pretty eager to hear the "Into the Black" disc (the looooong-awaited follow up to "After Dark") too!!!

this * 100K.

Daniel, Esq., Monday, 28 June 2010 14:30 (twelve years ago) link

i went cold on this label pretty quickly tbh. everything up to and incl "cable dazed" is solid gold tho

wavestation (r1o natsume), Monday, 28 June 2010 14:44 (twelve years ago) link

one month passes...

Finally after months and month of preparation, we are
able to announce the first four releases on our new
sister label PERSEO. This label will focus mainly on edits
and things of that nature. The label was born when
Mike heard the infamous Bruce Springsteen edit by
Martin Vogel almost two years ago. It prompted him
to try to figure out a way to release it, and thus Perseo
was born. SInce then it has become a way to showcase
some of Mike and Johnny's favorite edits out there, as
well as a way to release some of their own work. Like
Italians, expect the quality to be top notch and the
records to be limited editions, usually around 400 copies
per release. The first three releases are:

--M VOGEL "Tough" 12" (aka: The Boss- the one that started it all)
--BOTTIN "Eagle/Stork" 12" (Steve Miller/Level 42)
--MIKE SIMONETTI "That Look" 12" (3 obscure house tracks)
--PERSEO "Edits Volume One" cd (this collects the three records
above, plus a bonus track from Mike not on the vinyl)


Becky Facelift, Monday, 2 August 2010 00:30 (eleven years ago) link

IDIB Fact Mix.

Barnaby, Hardly, Monday, 2 August 2010 11:44 (eleven years ago) link

finally got ahold of that 'solid gold' comp, and it's excellent- as to be expected i guess, since i was familiar with most of the tracks. made me realize i kinda slept on that t&k stuff, though i'm still on the fence about solange.

and now it's time to seek out this perseo thing, i heard samples of those house edits simonetti is releasing and they are damn encouraging. excited for most of the stuff on this new label actually

a lagoon par la mer (psychgawsple), Tuesday, 3 August 2010 04:27 (eleven years ago) link

FACT KIX TRACK LISTING (top of my head)- 1. Amon Duul, 2. obscure synth record lol, 3. HAUNTED HOUSE, FOXES, ITALO 45 rpm played on 33, ODYSSEY song about cocaine, latin 33rpm slowed all the way down to -8, everybody gotta learn somtime, then like 3 or 4 house tracks from '90 and some dumb end track for shits and gigs. there you have it. the mix... i think?

jaxon, Tuesday, 3 August 2010 18:35 (eleven years ago) link

weeeird mix. i like the housey part haha

a lagoon par la mer (psychgawsple), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 01:39 (eleven years ago) link

wow. what a genius. nobody has ever made a mix like that before. incredible

fur q (r1o natsume), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 02:20 (eleven years ago) link

this springsteen ish is great

the itsytitchyschneider (s1ocki), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 02:25 (eleven years ago) link

yeah simonetti posted it to his blog a few months ago

max, Wednesday, 4 August 2010 02:26 (eleven years ago) link

it's just so deep, the idea of re-edits. mindblowing

fur q (r1o natsume), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 03:35 (eleven years ago) link

don't worry, Mike's been making fun of disco edits for years...

are disco edits the new electroclash?

dan selzer, Wednesday, 4 August 2010 03:44 (eleven years ago) link

haha betty botox otm i guess

fur q (r1o natsume), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 03:48 (eleven years ago) link

not sure anyone ever said edits were mindblowing?

and the mix IS weird, i guess i've never been too stoked on simonetti's mixes and i don't mean weird in a positive sense. i'm all for oddball selections/sequencing but those things just don't go together very well and it was not fun to listen to imo

a lagoon par la mer (psychgawsple), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 06:09 (eleven years ago) link

except for the house songs that is

a lagoon par la mer (psychgawsple), Wednesday, 4 August 2010 06:11 (eleven years ago) link

two weeks pass...

Intriguing. The only Appaloosa track I've heard was on one of those Kitsune compilations and it didn't sound like something that would come out on Italians. Eager to hear this.


APPALOOSA "Intimate (Glass Candy Remix)" 12 inch Single

After turning down almost every imaginable group & record company on the planet, Glass Candy returns from the studio with their second remix in 11 years ...This time it's Appaloosa's "Intimate". Imagine the romantic Human League fronted by Nico covering Stereolab. That's about the only way we know how to describe this record. Glass Candy dips them in their signature analog glitter with some of Johnny's heaviest drums to date as the synthesizers gnaw at your speakers. The result is a beautiful pop song that will haunt you. This is also the first glimpse from our forthcoming AFTER DARK 2 compilation out later this year. The B side features the original version from Appaloosa. Who is in the studio working on their debut Lp for IDIB later this year. Bonus tracks include instrumentals, drums, and vocals. Special mail order only version on Opaque Ivory vinyl ! Not in stores

Becky Facelift, Wednesday, 18 August 2010 14:23 (eleven years ago) link

Cable Dazed is I think my favourite thing this label has put out so far. Why does this seem to be the only release by these guys, like are they both members of some other band or something?

plax (ico), Friday, 20 August 2010 11:04 (eleven years ago) link

^^ love the invisible conga people 12" and want more, please
don't know if they have other projects

mizzell, Friday, 20 August 2010 13:54 (eleven years ago) link

discogs says they're playing (individually) on some other people's records/might be involved in those bands. and then there's a few remixes they've done. cable dazed is awesome, yes.

willem, Friday, 20 August 2010 14:01 (eleven years ago) link

Ditto plaxico except replace "Cable Dazed" with "One Night at the Raw Deal" by Twisted Wires. LinnDrum breakdown! I'd like to hear more of them.

matt2, Friday, 20 August 2010 16:56 (eleven years ago) link

'nite' may be my favorite single of the 00s

dayo, Sunday, 29 August 2010 11:12 (eleven years ago) link

now I really want to get my juno 106 up and running.

dayo, Sunday, 29 August 2010 11:22 (eleven years ago) link

I like the Appaloosa track, though it does sound more current (or au courant maybe?); and certainly less otherworldly) than a lot of the IDIB stuff.

Simonetti Tweeted recently about listening to some new Chromatics tracks, which I'm really excited about. They mentioned something a couple of years ago about recording a Neil Young cover, which I always wanted to hear but never surfaced.

She Got the Shakes, Thursday, 2 September 2010 13:32 (eleven years ago) link

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