Great Middle Eigths

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"Johnny Strikes Up the Band" -- Warren Zevon

The part that goes, "And Johnny is my main man, he's the keeper of the keys..." etc.

You know who never wrote middle 8ths? The Rolling Stones. I'm sure someone can prove me wrong, but sitting here thinking about it, I can't think of a Stones song with an actual bridge.

Oh, and Q-tip's break on "Groove Is in the Heart" -- does that count as a middle 8th?

spittle, Wednesday, 12 November 2003 07:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

air 'le soleil est pres de moi'

stevem (blueski), Wednesday, 12 November 2003 10:26 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Any Move song - Roy Wood is the king of the middle eight.

Rob M (Rob M), Wednesday, 12 November 2003 11:54 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Agreed on Roy Wood, one of the best at this. I was just thinking how good the middle eight of Omnibus was.

mms (mms), Wednesday, 12 November 2003 12:13 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

The bridge for 'NSync's "Girlfriend" remix is precisely what makes it so unbelievably classic.

Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Wednesday, 12 November 2003 13:58 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Off the top of my head:
What You're Doing - Beatles
They Don't Know - Tracy Ullman
There She Goes - La's
They Haunt Me Still - Bigger Lovers
Something So Strong - Crowded House

Jazzbo (jmcgaw), Wednesday, 12 November 2003 14:07 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

seven years pass...

Nirvana have some really good ones - On a Plain, Rape Me, Dumb, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Inevitable stupid samba mix (chap), Tuesday, 9 August 2011 00:13 (six years ago) Permalink

always loved the M8 of Strange Town

Dr X O'Skeleton, Tuesday, 9 August 2011 14:37 (six years ago) Permalink

OK, I misspelled "eighths".

No, you misspelled "eights".

I love the one in 10,000 Maniacs' "What's The Matter Here": "If you don't sit in my chair straight..."

ban this sick stunt (anagram), Tuesday, 9 August 2011 14:41 (six years ago) Permalink

Ultimate Nirvana middle 8 for me is Drain You.

Chewshabadoo, Tuesday, 9 August 2011 14:55 (six years ago) Permalink

The Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed

corey, Tuesday, 9 August 2011 15:00 (six years ago) Permalink

Steely Dan - Only A Fool Would Say That

everybody on the street has murder in his eyes

Axolotl with an Atlatl (Jon Lewis), Tuesday, 9 August 2011 16:16 (six years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Back on the Chain Gang!

I'm Passing Open Fistulae (rip van wanko), Monday, 19 September 2011 05:50 (six years ago) Permalink

OK, I misspelled "eighths".

No, you misspelled "eights".

When I Stop Meming (James Redd and the Blecchs), Monday, 19 September 2011 14:11 (six years ago) Permalink

"The Riddle" by Nik Kershaw. A wonderful study in constant key changes.

Hongroe (Geir Hongro), Tuesday, 20 September 2011 12:14 (six years ago) Permalink

My archetypal example is the sped-up piano interlude in the Beatles' "In My Life", as it meets the essential criteria: doesn't repeat chord/melodic structure from the verse or chorus

The piano solo in In My Life is the same, harmonically, as the verse. The middle eight, or bridge, is the other section -- "All these places have their moments," etc.

St3ve Go1db3rg, Tuesday, 20 September 2011 14:44 (six years ago) Permalink

The Posies, "Golden Blunders." Four weeks seemed like a long time then/but nine months is longer now/and even if you never speak again/you've already made the wedding vows. Along with a chromatic climb to get out from the middle eight's key change.

Woolen Scjarfs (Phil D.), Tuesday, 20 September 2011 14:57 (six years ago) Permalink

Not sure I agree that section is a "bridge" or "middle eight" in "In My Life." Doesn't seem to me that those terms usually refer to repeating sections where you get the title words as a refrain line at the end.

Not sure what I would call them - "verse extension" or something.

timellison, Tuesday, 20 September 2011 23:27 (six years ago) Permalink

the "look at the beautiful patterns that form on the wall" middle 8 in The Soft Boys "Rock n Roll Toilet"

the tune is space, Wednesday, 21 September 2011 00:55 (six years ago) Permalink

seven months pass...

"The Chain" - McVie's beastly moment.

collardio gelatinous, Saturday, 5 May 2012 05:28 (five years ago) Permalink

Blondie - Call Me

I wish to incorporate disco into my small business (chap), Saturday, 5 May 2012 11:36 (five years ago) Permalink

The Kinks "Tired of Waiting"

The 'It's your life and you can do what you want' bit <3<3<3

Emperor Cos Dashit (Adam Bruneau), Saturday, 5 May 2012 19:09 (five years ago) Permalink

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