I killed Jeff Buckley

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Unintentional sex apparently makes a regular appearance.

adaml (adaml), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 19:30 (sixteen years ago) link

I showed Michael Hutchence a fun game

dave q, Tuesday, 23 September 2003 19:39 (sixteen years ago) link

I also have accidentally shoved Damon Albarn. I wonder if unintentional assaults are a part of his daily life. I hope they are.

He's enough of a personal pain that a shove or two wouldn't hurt. However, I wouldn't waste the money wishing him dead. Karma, you know...

Nichole Graham (Nichole Graham), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 19:42 (sixteen years ago) link

I shoulder checked Andy Garcia! It might even be recorded forever in the straight-to-video classic:


Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 20:04 (sixteen years ago) link

I kicked Sebastian Bach once, but sadly that too was unintentional. He moved before I could kick him a second time.

luna (luna.c), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 20:11 (sixteen years ago) link

was he passed out on yr bathroom floor?

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 20:13 (sixteen years ago) link

I have accidentally shoved Noel Gallagher! Insert "purposefully" in place of accidentally, just for the record.

Ally (mlescaut), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 20:20 (sixteen years ago) link

Mama Cass requested her ham deli-thin but I was feeling lazy that afternoon.

Aaron A., Tuesday, 23 September 2003 20:43 (sixteen years ago) link

I laid the slabs on Rod Hull's roof.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 20:47 (sixteen years ago) link

slabs on a roof, you murderer.

RJG (RJG), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 21:13 (sixteen years ago) link

My best friend took her hoodie off in a club and accidentally clocked River Phoenix over the head with it. He was never the same, and died soon after.

Layna Andersen (Layna Andersen), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 21:35 (sixteen years ago) link

I killed Michael Hutchence! Well, call it autoerotic asphyxiation, call it suicide, call it what you will. But not 12 hours before the discovery of his corpse I was discussing with a friend the utter insignificance of INXS and even wished his death (I think the exact phrase was Fuck Off and Die!) I also wished the same of Michael Stipe and Bono, so I'm still 1 out of 3.

jennpb (jennpb), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 22:16 (sixteen years ago) link

Oh yes, I've also stepped on the feet of Juliana Hatfield and Claudia Gonson. I should not be allowed in the vicinity of musicians.

jennpb (jennpb), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 22:17 (sixteen years ago) link

my flat tire story

gygax! (gygax!), Tuesday, 23 September 2003 23:03 (sixteen years ago) link

Jeff Kennett once tripped over my leg (that's only relevant to you melbournites)

Nellie (nellskies), Wednesday, 24 September 2003 06:21 (sixteen years ago) link

My brother farted within two feet of Rod Stewart.

He didn't die, though.

But two years later a rumor began circulating the internet that doctors found some of Adams brothers farts inside Rod's stomach.

Chris V. (Chris V), Wednesday, 24 September 2003 17:21 (sixteen years ago) link

sixteen years pass...

My brother farted within two feet of Rod Stewart.

He didn't die, though.

― adaml (adaml), Tuesday, September 23, 2003 2:39 PM bookmarkflaglink

I am a free. I am not man. A number. (Neanderthal), Saturday, 23 May 2020 04:25 (one month ago) link

great revive


pomenitul, Saturday, 23 May 2020 14:31 (one month ago) link

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