A Last Time For Everything

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(12) If the guns are so good that they need one person to distract while the?other runs, how does Aeon escape after Scafandra betrays her?
KR: Aeon makes it across the border by using her gun and her expert accuracy?to fire at each incoming projectile before it hits her.
DJ: Aeon's just that cool.
DRN: A good point, in episode 3, it stated explicitly that you need two?people to make the boarder run and therefore when Sybil tries it by herself?she fails but were not talking about just anyone now are we are talking?about Aeon Flux she is everything pushed beyond its limits categories like?super secret agent, James Bondish (as it was once said "a bond girl who out?Bonds Bond) even conventional female do not apply to her in some since she?is above, more accurately outside, them and therefore outside such?limitations as running the boarder with another person, or even more?importantly morality. Aeon is not in the conventional sense human she?something a little more, as is perhaps Trevor, and this frees her of some of?the limitations of the label.
SRM: This shows that Aeon does not in fact need Scafandra at all to cross?the border; she can do it herself. Sure, it's safer to do it with two?instead of one, but the argument for Aeon's needing Scafandra breaks down?here.

Oh? But this Border section's permeability (or lack thereof) is still a matter for (possibly suicidal) conjecture on the part of a couple of Monican terrorists taking their chances. This whole gig is an unknown quantity. Now, Flux is pretty good at assessing her situations but even for her this one is critical (as we see). It's Scaphandra who, in any event, appears to have less talent in this regard and even less in ascertaining what others' chances are going to be - or what size consequences she might really incur or just how long "subsequently" can last you, etc.

Besides, they'd both cleared half or more of the run by the time Scaphandra cut to her own chase right out of there, so Aeon was "lucky."

(13) The car seems to be waiting for Scafandra. Did Trevor give her an?assignment to kill Aeon? Or is it her own doing?
DRN: No, i think not because in the interrogation he doesn't even mention?this, admittedly we probably don't see all the interrogation but that is not?important. Obviously Aeon is a little take back by Scafandra taking off but?that isn't enough to justify a betrayal because they obviously had different?agendas because they had planed not to see each other till they needed each?other again. i don't think her intent is to kill Aeon but just to get away?from her as quickly as possible to not arose suspicion from Aeon.
SRM: Because of Scafandra's direct heading for the car, there is obviously?some kind of setup here, but it can't be Trevor's doing since he straps her?down and interrogates her.

Well, no - not for example if the thugs whom she got into the sedan with had been leading her to believe they intended to work some scam there in Bregna (undoubtedly some high-intrigue pork-barrel racket) - only to take her straightway to an interview there with The Chairman himself because say at least one angle on the whole situation had been for Breen Intelligence to ascertain their own penetrabilities by instigating one themselves for express purposes of later exam and analysis?

Mark Mars, Saturday, 8 April 2006 04:36 (eighteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...
Aw, COME ON will somebody GET THAT

Mark Mars, Thursday, 27 April 2006 03:43 (seventeen years ago) link

four years pass...

It's still not clear to me why Aeon goes out of her way to get Scaphandra killed.

Jake Bromberg, Thursday, 24 June 2010 04:23 (thirteen years ago) link

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