suncream, zits and wrinkles: rolling skincare thread?

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is this a logical train of thought?:

if you have fine lines and you get restaline or juvederm or some kind of filler to push them out would it make sense that those lines wont get much deeper (well not as fast as the natural progression) because your face doesnt crinkle in that spot in the same way when you laugh, smile, frown etc?

sunny successor, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 14:49 (eleven years ago) link

"restylane", i guess

sunny successor, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 14:51 (eleven years ago) link

i think that makes sense but the idea of fillers still scares me

bell_labs, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 14:55 (eleven years ago) link

regular botox treatment is claimed by some to prevent further wrinkling for the reason that you mention. i think fillers are more for areas that don't move as much, but i'm not sure...?

lauren, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:01 (eleven years ago) link

hm. i wonder if there is anything i can do to prevent wrinkles if i go to gradschool next year. i will be working full time and going to school full-time and i expect that i will never sleep. i will probably look like i'm 40 after a year of this.

bell_labs, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:10 (eleven years ago) link

Every day I express gratitude for the existence of sunscreen. I get a gradient darker just standing outside without it, and within a month I become Oompa-Loompa color.

Abbott, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:35 (eleven years ago) link

ladies & gent, what do you think of 'olay regenerist uv defense regenerating lotion spf 15'

i wanted a sunscreen + moisturizer & stole that from my mom but my bottle is long empty

the only other one ive tried is cetaphil spf 15 & i thought the olay one felt much more soothing ( i have v dry skin)

my followup question is, does spf 15 actually do anything anyway?

deeznuts, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:43 (eleven years ago) link

in the amount that you get from an application of moisturizer, probably not.

lauren, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:46 (eleven years ago) link

so what is a good sunscreen to put on the face then? and should it go on before or after moisturizer?

deeznuts, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:48 (eleven years ago) link

i apply it after. neutrogena's for the face are good. you don't nec. need a super high spf, but you need to apply enough - about a teaspoon , i've heard - and reapply if you're going to be in the sun for a while.

lauren, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:51 (eleven years ago) link

I have the Oil of Olay 'daily defense' 30 spf moisturizer, and it does me right.

Abbott, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:59 (eleven years ago) link

i'm liking the olay "time delay" day and night creams, they have BHAs and seem to be moisturizing without breaking me out. it's SPF 15 which i figure is enough if i'm inside all day, but i just put the neutrogena dry touch stuff on today when i was cycling in, and i'm actually surprised at how un shiny i am.

i think maybe if you're a very shiny person (i am in the summer) one of the dry sunblocks on its own might be the ticket, when i put it on over moisturizer i'm pretty greasy quickly. obviously YMMV.

colette, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:00 (eleven years ago) link

that sounds perfect abbott! i thought they were all spf 15s. its not v expensive at all either.

what a great board!

deeznuts, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:04 (eleven years ago) link

the dry touch is pretty nice. it definitely has a matifying effect.

i'm on the fence about whether to buy the dr. brandt pores no more stuff. i like the sample that i got, but it's so expensive i don't know if i can justify it. it does really seem to minimize the pores. is there anything cheaper that works in the same way?

bell_labs, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:05 (eleven years ago) link

linds, was totally thinking abt all the pore questions of old thread and okay okay here's my discovery (via my mom, who has been visiting since friday):

i know i mention aveda often but i'm pretty discriminating abt their products, as a lot are too much for me anyway, BUT holy whoa, they have these salicylic acid toner pads that are as shockingly expensive as they are shockingly effective. i started using them friday and they caused an initial and very slight uh swelling of major pore areas (plus it was really hot & humid out) but now my skin is so calm and pores so clean & diminished and happy! it is kind of crazy.

the thing is that i can't use other salicylic acid things b/c they're lotions or whatever and just too heavy, but these aren't causing problems! i will check back in a week re: these but so far i am amazed. and yknow my skin will break out at anything. i haven't put any other medication or zit treatment or anything on my face either while using these. so yeah, neat.

rrrobyn, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:25 (eleven years ago) link

On Saturday I wore the neutrogena spf 70 and neutrogena glow sheer spf 30, which is probaby overkill.

Oh, and a hat.

tokyo rosemary, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:27 (eleven years ago) link

spf 70!!!!!!! damn

deeznuts, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:27 (eleven years ago) link

two weeks pass...

my seemingly bottomless pot of avon eye cream finally ran out. replaced it with boscia's enlivening amino eye treatment - yay! i've been wanting this stuff for a while.

lauren, Friday, 4 July 2008 20:47 (eleven years ago) link

I also bought spf 70 yesterday, prompted by my dermatologist.

bell_labs, Friday, 4 July 2008 21:56 (eleven years ago) link

yes so the neutrogena dry touch 55 is apparently completely useless against tropical sun and i became horribly burnt on my first full day in maui. after that, purchased coppertone spray 70 which was weird, and then found that the coppertone sport 50 actually works really well. however, i am peeling like crazy, and the skin right above my breasts and next to my pits is so incredibly burned it's scary looking. those two corners burned way more than anywhere else. the pain has gone away, but what is a good cream/treatment to reduce scarring/mottling?

tehresa, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 01:53 (eleven years ago) link

oddly, though, the ny sun feels like nothing to me now! i will still wear lots of sunscreen, though!

tehresa, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 01:54 (eleven years ago) link

Is this thread for facial scrub/cleanser/moisturiser? I have some awes knowledge that I want to impart.

-- Autumn Almanac, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 07:50 (Wednesday, 18 June 2008 07:50)

Such a tease... Tell all plz.

I'm looking for a moisturiser for the face that's good on mixed skin i.e. greasy in places, dry in others. It also has to let the skin breathe and if possible soothe after a shave.

For years I've been using straightforward aqueous cream but I'm not so sure it's good for my skin having tried something else this past while.

hyggeligt, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 10:58 (eleven years ago) link

T -- any of the soothing herbal combinations: aloe, comfrey, chamomile, calendula. Or Vitamin E. Keeping the skin/wound moist is the best way to reduce scarring, the vit E or aloe will do that.

Laurel, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 13:12 (eleven years ago) link

when i was in hawaii i got an awful 3rd degree burn (from hot oil, not the sun) but there were tons of aloe plants everywhere and so i just put that on it constantly. i have no scar from it (which is amazing, it was a huge burn).

bell_labs, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 14:01 (eleven years ago) link

guys i just made my first sephora order. now i know what youre all talking about with the samples you get. excited!

sunny successor, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 19:13 (eleven years ago) link

also found out there is a sephora right here in little rock. who knew?

sunny successor, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 19:13 (eleven years ago) link

I get little bumpy spots on my forehead, you can't really see them, but they still piss me off. I have very short hair, don't use gel, wash hair with Vosene and face with witch doctor face scrub every day... but they don't go away!

What to do?

Bodrick III, Tuesday, 8 July 2008 22:04 (eleven years ago) link

it may be from heat/sweating? try to stay dry. or you may be over-cleansing/scrubbing.

tehresa, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 00:13 (eleven years ago) link

sunny i didn't know you were in little rock! one of my good friends lives down there

Surmounter, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 00:14 (eleven years ago) link

So hydroquinone is supposed to be evil and carcinogenic right? I am trying to fade a couple discolored spots on my legs (leftover from ingrown hairs) and I'm wondering if this is a bad idea...

bell_labs, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 00:50 (eleven years ago) link

it may be from heat/sweating? try to stay dry. or you may be over-cleansing/scrubbing.

If you're using all that stuff regularly then yes, I think that could be your problem. I would avoid using anything abrasive on them.

hyggeligt, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 10:01 (eleven years ago) link

No no all he said was he uses a certain shampoo and a witch hazel toner, that's not much at all -- in fact, only one facial product!

Bodrick, impossible to say, really, but start trying things. Is your pillowcase clean? Do you touch your face during the day? Drink a few glasses of water a day? Maybe try giving up caffeine for two weeks and see if that makes a difference, etc etc etc. Think of it as an exciting experiment.

Laurel, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 13:16 (eleven years ago) link

Or stop the witch hazel and try an exfoliant like the St Ives apricot scrub -- it's not fancy and some people don't like it, but it's not a bad start. (I don't want to give anyone sticker shock by recommending a $30 tub of something.)

Laurel, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 13:18 (eleven years ago) link

A little bit of baking soda mixed with soap/cleanser does a nice job of gently exfoliating. That apricot stuff has really large granules and I heard that's not so good for skin, being so abrasive. Also bs is so cheap it's almost free.

iirc, Colette taught me this trick!

La Lechera, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 13:26 (eleven years ago) link

Is your friend as sweet as you, Surm?

sunny successor, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 14:06 (eleven years ago) link

Yeah, I love the St Ives for my face, but then I use corn meal on my body and that's even scratchier (I love scratchy). I think Julia told me about the baking soda! It's a Chicago thing, apparently. But the baking soda is too fine for me and I never feel smooth after using.

Laurel, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 14:26 (eleven years ago) link


lauren, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 14:32 (eleven years ago) link

No no all he said was he uses a certain shampoo and a witch hazel toner, that's not much at all -- in fact, only one facial product!

Ah, I didn't really read it and thought Vosene was some kind of American cleanser that sounded very chemical!

St Ives apricot scrub -- it's not fancy and some people don't like it

Why not? (ah I see that this has been answered) I think I can get that here and if it's good for blackheads?

Actually what is good for blackheads and sensitive skin?

A little bit of baking soda mixed with soap/cleanser does a nice job of gently exfoliating.

Wouldn't it burn the face off you? Ah, I see not.

I am like Laurel, I prefer something that has a bit of 'bite' but sadly that wreaks havoc on my skin. There was a very good exfoliator a while ago that I stole from someone, I wonder if I can still find it and buy more.

hyggeligt, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 14:57 (eleven years ago) link

I with Laurel on this too. I like feel like im taking a few layers of skin off.

sunny successor, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 14:59 (eleven years ago) link

has anyone ever had a lactic peel? there is some spa offering them for $50 for the month of july which is half of what it usually costs, but i'm afraid my skin is too sensitive. it's supposed to be less intense than a glycolic peel though.

bell_labs, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 15:00 (eleven years ago) link

listen dudes, i like the scratchy and i like the feeling of taking off dead layers of skin, but liking it doesn't make it good for my skin. i only use baking soda on the face because it's sensitive. on the rest of me i would happily use a sandblaster, but i settle for some crappy scrubbing thing i got at marshalls.

let me add that i enjoy exfoliating so much that i bought the god-forsaken ped-egg, and it wasn't tuff enough for me! in fact, it sucked and didn't take off but the top layer of dead foot skin. not recommended!

La Lechera, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 15:18 (eleven years ago) link

I'm thinking with my results from the peroxide set that my skin doesn't need DRYING, per se, but it does need sterilization ALL THE TIME. It's just so prone to infection and dead-cell/oil build-up, it has to be germ- and sweat-free as much as I can manage. The scratchier exfoliators take off the right amt of skin for me, I think. Not for everyone, though, for sure.

Laurel, Wednesday, 9 July 2008 15:23 (eleven years ago) link

this afternoon, i got the aveda pads that rrrobyn (fellow sensitive-skin sufferer) mentioned upthread. the combination of sunscreen/chlorine/saltwater/sun has really done a number on my complexion, so i'm hoping these will help sort things out. definitely pricey, but the saleswoman recommended tearing them in half and then using a cotton ball to soak up leftover product once the pads are gone.

lauren, Monday, 14 July 2008 19:11 (eleven years ago) link

yeah, i cut them in half. discovered also that i can only use them like twice a week because they were causing sensitivities blargh. but they still work.

i need to do some kind of experiment where i go live in a dry climate for a few months or damn even a few weeks and see what happens to my skin. i wonder if it wld be good? i have never lived or even visited anywhere that didn't have some kind of humidity and/or regular precipitation!

rrrobyn, Monday, 14 July 2008 19:52 (eleven years ago) link

i figured i'd try using them 2-3 times a week... really hope they don't end aggravating the problem.

lauren, Monday, 14 July 2008 19:55 (eleven years ago) link

Style, what do i buy for my face? I am generally neither greasy nor dry, but I do work out a lot so I am frequently sweaty.

I want to keep from getting wrinkles, and have never applied cream or lotion except for in the incident of sunburn.

What should my regimen be? (I am poor, btw.)

remy bean, Friday, 18 July 2008 14:20 (eleven years ago) link

Gentle cleanser, antioxidant (Vit. C or copper peptide serum), sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, Rx retinol (retin A, tazorac, etc.).

But mostly sunscreen. A#1 ultimate most important thing!

quincie, Friday, 18 July 2008 18:19 (eleven years ago) link

three weeks pass...

why am i breaking out on my forehead? just tiny little bumps. this never, ever happens. i am concerned.

tehresa, Wednesday, 13 August 2008 12:49 (eleven years ago) link

My skin got really bad lately and I realized I had forgotten to change towels, sheets, as often as usual because of not being at home all the time now. So when I start getting little bumps and annoying redness it's usu b/c of linens and things that touch my skin.

Laurel, Wednesday, 13 August 2008 13:11 (eleven years ago) link

yeah that can make a big difference - did i already talk about how you can add 1/2 tsp of bleach, heavily diluted in a small container of water (like a small plastic container from yogurt or whatever) and add that to the soap while the washing machine is beginning to fill up, then add clothes - doesn't affect coloured fabrics and kills bacteria/mildew/etc - esp good for washing towels and sheets.

rrrobyn, Wednesday, 13 August 2008 14:52 (eleven years ago) link

Theory confirmed, I didn't use the MFactor last night and I didn't have burning or redness. So I guess that's out. The Buffet and the Granactive 2% retinoid seem to be working great, though so of course I bought 3 more things from Deciem! Squalene cleanser, SPF 15 mineral block, and the Ascorbic Acid 15% sln. Jed, you said that was the biggest game-changer for you, so I cross my fingers!

There's more Italy than necessary. (in orbit), Thursday, 9 May 2019 17:38 (six months ago) link

I have a dry patch betw my eyebrows. Cld it be bec I have done my eyebrows w henna? Anyway finally started using Nivea and it seems better. Yes, I'm cheap. But apparently Nivea is pretty good quality. It's for dry ageing skin types. Lol i r old

nathom, Friday, 10 May 2019 09:23 (six months ago) link

three weeks pass...

EYECREAM. I seriously hate looking for one. Anyone have any recent loves? Maybe I should just get the Khiels avocado one and call it a day. I think I have only ever used it in a sample before.

Yerac, Tuesday, 4 June 2019 14:45 (five months ago) link

Shiseido benefiance. Have used it for years and it’s the best.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Thursday, 6 June 2019 14:05 (five months ago) link

I was thinking of that ^^^ because of your past rec! The price is holding me back a little because I never feel good about any eyecream. I was just reading something about eyecream not really being necessary unless your regular face moisturizer irritates your eyes or you think you need a targeted approach. I've been doing some crazy eyeshadows because of KJH and that is when i noticed some crepeyness for the first time.

Yerac, Thursday, 6 June 2019 15:40 (five months ago) link

Omg omg Yerac I was just coming to post that I’m going to meet her tomorrow night!

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Thursday, 6 June 2019 17:11 (five months ago) link

She’s here and doing some work with Elemis so it’s a meet and greet and skincare demo with a free goody bag worth £50 pounds and I’m very excited!!

The eye cream lasts about 6 months which is what makes me feel better about the price. Maybe there’s somewhere you can get a sample to see if you like it?

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Thursday, 6 June 2019 17:12 (five months ago) link

ask her what eye cream she uses! She's basically the only makeup person I look at (or can remember).

I am sure they will have the shiseido at duty free. so maybe I can apply some before my flight.

Yerac, Thursday, 6 June 2019 17:17 (five months ago) link

Ooh yea try that!!

Lol since it’s sponsored by Elemis she’d prob have to say something by them but I remember her really liking ole Hendrickson’s banana bright. And yeah I don’t follow any others either.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Thursday, 6 June 2019 17:26 (five months ago) link

a friend was recommending one of the snail mucus eyecreams, but I dunno. I was looking it up on amazon but I am kind of leery about all the product reviews about possible counterfeit items and then all the paid reviews.

Yerac, Thursday, 6 June 2019 17:33 (five months ago) link

Oh yeah. I’ve read about that. :/

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Thursday, 6 June 2019 17:43 (five months ago) link


mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Friday, 7 June 2019 02:16 (five months ago) link

Katie Jane Hughes. enbb turned me on to her. I am really into her makeup slant although I showed her to l4ur3n and she was like "tooooo shiny!" But I don't wear foundation, hate the look of contouring, and her eyeshadow is magnificent so she's a win for me.

Yerac, Friday, 7 June 2019 02:33 (five months ago) link

two months pass...

Just tried my first Korean face mask, from a Facetory selection box (Carat Plane Crew Diamond Mask). Not sure quite what to expect, if anything, but my face does feel pleasantly cooled.

Luna Schlosser, Saturday, 17 August 2019 21:50 (three months ago) link

one month passes...

lmao ctrl+f says I have asked twice already and never followed through BUT I am 32 and feel like I should definitely positively start a nice skincare regimen?? My goal is basically to keep my skin looking the way it does now, like I'm fine w my skin aging naturally but I want to preserve it and keep it healthy and happy for as long as I can. I do not currently have skin that feels, idk, inadequate, or like I need to fix it. This is basically just for long-term maintenance.

1. The (unfortunately named) r/SkincareAddiction subreddit says a basic regimen is a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. This is a solid starting foundation, yes?

2. I really don't want to spend a lot (like more than $10-15 for any one of these products, unless it's going to last me months and months) and with so many options even at the drugstore, I should be able to pull all of this together for under $40-50, yes?

3. I have normal skin that does not get particularly greasy or particularly dry even if I don't wash my face for like 2 days, I don't wear any sort of makeup, and I am only in the sun for maybe a total of an hour a day (broken into morning/evening commute and maybe going out to get lunch or coffee), so I don't need anything particularly intense. I really want products that are going to feel as minimal and invisible as possible, bcz going from putting 0 things on my face a day to 3 is going to be an adjustment.

4. Should I explore a retinol? Is that a silly thing to jump to this early?

Since I'm only just cleaning a day's worth of dirt and oil from my face (also maybe sunscreen soon) and not makeup, I assume I don't need anything crazy (also I've just been using glycerin bar soap for several years and that's been just fine but ppl keep telling me I should stop), I've heard Cetaphil and CeraVe make good stuff?

My understanding is that these really don't penetrate v much and are thus better for short-term stuff or trying to make your current face look nicer, and not so much good for long term prevention, but maybe I should do it anyway? Like something I put on at night and let soak in? I really have no idea. But probably something lightweight since my face doesn't seem particularly thirsty.

My understanding is that this is the most important thing for preventing signs of aging. Would I apply it throughout the day every time I go outside? Or just once in the morning? I really don't get it bcz sunscreen only lasts for like 2 hours or so. I'm maybe willing to spend a little more here bcz I HATE sunscreen and really want it to feel as invisible as humanly possible. I've heard good things abt EltaMD, La Roche Posay, and Neutrogena.

I'm not really *into* skincare like as a lifestyle so none of this particularly excites me and I really don't want to buy a million things before I find the right thing, but I do understand that some tinkering and experimenting may be necessary. What is the best way to, like, try things?? Can I get samples from Sephora or Ulta? Will brands mail you samples if you ask? like what do I DO

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Tuesday, 15 October 2019 20:58 (one month ago) link

imo - cleanser, just find whatever works for you. I have oily skin but I love oil cleansers (not balms although loads of people love them). Foaming or soapy cleansers make my skin feel tight.

moisturiser - personally I use a light one like Avene Hydrance Optimale Light (these are usually on special offer where I am so last a while) and this has spf20 in. Mainly as a base for makeup. I don't like heavier or greasier moisturisers but ymmv. Because of the spf I don't use an additional sunscreen except in summer (and have yet to find a really good one, but Ultrasun has been pretty ok! I agree this is where you should spend your money if you're gonna) although apparently you should every day because you won't get enough moisturiser on your face to give you the spf coverage. I don't know. Maybe a serum??

You can get things like leave-in creams for night which may or may not do anything - I'm happier to have something a bit heavier on my skin at night. Some have retinol iirc; I have not tried any retinols yet.

I am not a skincare expert though. You may find you actually don't really need anything - my husband doesn't. (Except sunscreen, always be safe in the sun, kids)

kinder, Tuesday, 15 October 2019 21:58 (one month ago) link

If you have insurance, I'd recommend visiting a dermatologist even just once. They will be able to tell you what is best for you and you can save time/energy/money trying to figure it out yourself.

Alternately, provides a service like that where you get a custom product based on your own needs and priorities. The first month is free so you can see if you like it. You gotta upload selfies and everything.

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Tuesday, 15 October 2019 22:03 (one month ago) link

I know I'm a shill for The Ordinary but their squalane balm cleanser is seriously good.

What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers (jed_), Tuesday, 15 October 2019 22:15 (one month ago) link

I only washed my face morning and night and did a moisturizer at night until I hit my 40s. I really should've used a daily spf but I think I did well enough by being a vampire and always walking in the shade. I agree with the above about visiting a dermatologist at least once if you are able. Or getting some kind of consultation about your skin type. It's on the pricier side, although the bottle lasts a long time (half a year?), but I loved Kiehls ultra moisturizer for over a decade and was thinking of going back to it, I have never found a drugstore brand of face moisturizer that I like. If you buy one thing at kiehls they are very good about giving lots of samples. I am bad about moisturizing for the day but at night I slather it on my face. I have typical sensitive, oily asian skin so even though my skin doesn't feel thirsty, at night I make sure to keep it super moisturized. Also, insert mandatory *drink a lot of water*. I am a water pusher.

I think retinols are too early? I only just started dabbling in it. If you are outside for an hour I would definitely do a daily spf. Everything I have liked has been $20ish+ for a small bottle, because I also hate the feel of it (most recent is la roche posay anthelios line that was decently priced when on sale). I think any drugstore facewash is fine.

Yerac, Tuesday, 15 October 2019 22:42 (one month ago) link

Not wearing sunscreen catches up to you. The sunspots will just magically start appearing one day.

Yerac, Tuesday, 15 October 2019 22:50 (one month ago) link

Is that that ball of fire thing I see a few times a year?

What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers (jed_), Tuesday, 15 October 2019 23:09 (one month ago) link

I think of serums as doing the fixing and moisturisers as making my skin feel comfortable. So if you don’t feel like you have anything to fix, I guess you’ll be OK with just moisturiser (lucky you, ha!) and then it’s a bit of trial and error until you find one you like because it’s a bit of a personal thing.

Retinol is pretty harsh and gives loads of people dry patches around the nose and mouth if they go in too strong so I wouldn’t touch it unless you think you need it and then introduce it gradually. The Ordinary’s 0.2 in squalene is good and gentle if you start with it every other day.

I like balm and cream cleansers which you remove with hot water and a cloth because it’s a bit of daily exfoliation. My favourite is Garancia but I don’t know if you can get that in the US (I have to stock up on trips to France). Over here Superdrug does one which costs about £3 and is very good for the price - there must be a good value version over there.

I don’t like the feel of sunscreen so I use a tinted moisturiser with it in (and a Vit C serum now that I have sun patches appearing; it’s surprisingly effective at toning them down).

Madchen, Wednesday, 16 October 2019 07:00 (one month ago) link

i didn't start skincare until i started transitioning in my 40s, but i've had really good results from just some really basic stuff. cetaphil facial cleanser, some vitamin c for the sunspots, and cerave moisturizer with sunscreen. it's made a huge difference in my skin.

Spironolactone T. Agnew (rushomancy), Wednesday, 16 October 2019 13:33 (one month ago) link

I thought I still had very nice skin until I went to sephora to figure out foundation for an event and they did the deep analysis matching thing and I saw the scary sun damage that wasn't yet visible. My spouse started having sun spots and deeper lines come out in full force in his mid 40s so I have been mandating the spf and moisturizer.

Yerac, Wednesday, 16 October 2019 13:50 (one month ago) link


SPF: try a Korean one like cosrx or biore. They’re super light weight and generally don’t leave a white cast and are also affordable. Slather it on generously. Technically you should reapply every time you go outside but no one does that. Available on amazon for $10-15

Moisturizer: this is a sealant. You gotta put it on damp skin to prevent transepidermal water loss. CeraVe makes a cheap and gentle moisturizer you can get anywhere. Slather it on lightly. $10-15

Cleanser: go for CeraVe here as well.

Rinse your face with tepid water in the morning, moisturize while damp, let it sit a couple mins to dry down, apply spf.
At night, use the cleanser with tepid water, (use it with a washcloth once a week and gently GENTLY massage your face to exfoliate). Moisturize while damp.

Vit C serum - this is for advanced users bc there are different forms and formulas and a lot of vit c products are bogus.
Retinol - see a derm
Chemical exfoliant - highly recommend introducing an AHA into your routine. AlphaHydrox (I think they changed to just Alpha?) make a 12% glycolic cream that’s good. Apply it at night, after letting your moisturizer dry a few mins. ALWAYS USE SPF THE FOLLOWING DAY. These products keep your skin smooth.

just1n3, Wednesday, 16 October 2019 23:17 (one month ago) link

Oh with the chemical exfoliant: patch test first! Some ppl are more sensitive to it then others. Start off using ONCE a week and increase to 3 x a week if you think your skin likes it.

just1n3, Wednesday, 16 October 2019 23:20 (one month ago) link

Moisturizer: this is a sealant. You gotta put it on damp skin to prevent transepidermal water loss.

oh, this is good to know!

Seany's too Dyche to mention (jim in vancouver), Wednesday, 16 October 2019 23:29 (one month ago) link

If you have skin that’s on the drier side, use a hyaluronic serum on damp skin first, then slap the moisturizer on top.

I like being fancy, so I DO pat my face dry after I wash it, then I use a mineral water spray to redampen it before applying products.

just1n3, Wednesday, 16 October 2019 23:46 (one month ago) link

you're gonna laugh but I use one of those little battery-powered fans to dry down the layers.

What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers (jed_), Wednesday, 16 October 2019 23:55 (one month ago) link

The sunspots will just magically start appearing one day.

This is true. I can't even with the weird spots on the back of hands and chest and one on my neck and wtf is that thing on my face. I'm using AHA and BHA products (Dr. Gross - lol but super portable for all the travel I do) to resurface and lighten these definitely-not-freckles.

Jaq, Thursday, 17 October 2019 01:05 (one month ago) link

I splurged on Sunday Riley good genes and will kind of wish I hadn’t because it’s amazing and my skin hasn’t looked this good in years and now I can’t go back!!

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Thursday, 24 October 2019 13:20 (three weeks ago) link


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser: this is... weird. I've never used a cleaning product that didn't lather and it's VERY off-putting at first just spreading goop on my face but after a few weeks with it I've gotten more used to it and it seems to be working okay. I don't mind it. I'd still like to try the Foaming Cleanser (I went to like 6 stores one afternoon trying to find a travel bottle of it and none of them had it in stock).

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion: this is annoying because the product is pretty thin and the travel bottle has an opening the size of like a dime and it's a real pain in the ass to only get a small dollop out w/o overdoing it. I'm still getting used to this, it feels superfluous and it might be making my face greasy throughout the day. I try to only use like a pea-sized dab and I think I'm acclimating to it but I don't feel tied to this product in any way and will prob try something different when it runs out.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: I had this already for hands and elbow and I have to say I prefer it for my face too. It's thicker and it seems to dry/soak up quicker. I've only used it a few times though and should prob use it a little more.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 30: This is fine. And for me, "fine" is probably very great bcz I don't mind it and I ALWAYS mind sunscreen. I think my issues are less with the specific product and more with sunscreen itself, like it goes on fine and dries to a nice matte and I don't notice that it's there, it doesn't feel sticky or clammy or anything on my face, but whenever I touch my face w my hands I notice it's there.

My routine is the cleanser in the shower, and then as soon as I get out of the shower I do the moisturizer, and then 15045 minutes later I do the sunscreen.

I've noticed that my hand touches my face a LOT throughout the day! Like when I put my elbow on the table and rest my cheek on my hand, that sort of stuff. I'm trying to do it less.

All in all I think this is a pretty good start and it's only been 2 weeks but I've been sticking to it pretty consistently??

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Wednesday, 6 November 2019 15:10 (one week ago) link

oh also after learning the thing where you put a blob on your finger and then make lots of dot dot dots all over your face has made applying minimal amounts with even coverage SO much easier! total game changer!

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Wednesday, 6 November 2019 15:39 (one week ago) link

I am very bad about doing the dot thing. I just smear it everywhere. I am good about washing my hands a lot though (because I also overtouch my face).

Yerac, Wednesday, 6 November 2019 15:47 (one week ago) link

If your skin is on the oilier side, a foaming cleanser is fine. Foam usually dries your skin out. But if not, stick to the hydrating cleanser - one or two pumps and massage it into your face for a minute or two.

just1n3, Wednesday, 6 November 2019 17:45 (one week ago) link

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: I had this already for hands and elbow and I have to say I prefer it for my face too. It's thicker and it seems to dry/soak up quicker. I've only used it a few times though and should prob use it a little more.

A+++++ Aveeno is magic for my skin. Everything else is basura.

But if you feel like even a light lotion is making you greasy, as a person with oily-ish skin that is really well suited for braving the winter wind and looking rosy-cheeked without chapping, may I recommend The Ordinary Buffet serum? It's super thin and watery and doesn't feel "moisturizing" at all but it is making my skin P E R F E C T. And it's like $8. Which frankly is about HALF the price of a bottle of Aveeno.

There's more Italy than necessary. (in orbit), Thursday, 7 November 2019 00:08 (one week ago) link

Also it comes in a frosted glass vial with a medicine dropper top so you feel like an uber glamorous tincture.

There's more Italy than necessary. (in orbit), Thursday, 7 November 2019 00:11 (one week ago) link

Honestly I love the concept of the ordinary, I would be into that. I have also determined that I will buy everything at drugstore prices (i.e. anything at a rug store, and also the ordinary).

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 7 November 2019 13:20 (one week ago) link

I haven’t had coffee yet and was having a hard time figuring out how carpet pricing was factoring in here

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Thursday, 7 November 2019 13:23 (one week ago) link

lmao whoops

quincie i want to come visit you so we can do our skincare together and make like a 45 minute youtube video about it

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 7 November 2019 21:30 (one week ago) link

I can introduce you to the ACID PEEL!!!

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Thursday, 7 November 2019 21:35 (one week ago) link

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