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Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 03:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

high hopes for this

aarrissi-a-roni, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 15:56 (eight years ago) Permalink

I was looking forward to it before, but after the trailer it has probably become my most anticipated game of 2010.

Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:13 (eight years ago) Permalink

I'm a sucker for games set in the Old West but there aren't many of them, and usually they're a bit of a letdown, but this looks great.

HUH? not appropriate (snoball), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:26 (eight years ago) Permalink

This interests me way more than any GTA ever did. Setting makes such a huge difference.

EZ Snappin, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:27 (eight years ago) Permalink

The trailer looks great! From its looks it'll be somewhat more RPG-y than GTAs have been; I'm thinking of the scenes killing bears, though maybe those are just parts of quests rather than RPG random encounters.

Euler, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:30 (eight years ago) Permalink

(xpost) seems also there's more emphasis on strategy and planning your next move in RDR, whereas with GTA it's often "get in car, cause chaos, get back to the garage before the cops catch you"

HUH? not appropriate (snoball), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:33 (eight years ago) Permalink

wow looks awesome

bnw, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:37 (eight years ago) Permalink

looks dope, like deadwood: the game in parts. too bad i don't generally have time for open-ended sandbox epics.

hey trader joe's! i've got the new steely dan. (Jordan), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:38 (eight years ago) Permalink

woah wasn't even on my radar before I watched that, def anticipating it now

cozwn, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 20:11 (eight years ago) Permalink

okay i will admit, that is a REALLY GOOD trailer. seems to be really inspired by The Wild Bunch which is pretty cool.

how is this related to Red Dead Revolver? direct sequel? not really?

Nhex, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:19 (eight years ago) Permalink

No relation except for the name and western setting (from what I understand).

Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:23 (eight years ago) Permalink

Pretty sure I am going to play this until my fingers fall off.

real bears playing hockey (polyphonic), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:39 (eight years ago) Permalink

i think it has the quick-time red-dead aiming device, too

(I don't crap in public toilets) (stevie), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 22:59 (eight years ago) Permalink

That video actually reminds me of fallout 3 in lots of ways.

JimD, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 23:40 (eight years ago) Permalink

(xpost) "Dead Eye Targeting System"

HUH? not appropriate (snoball), Thursday, 17 December 2009 09:25 (eight years ago) Permalink

Looks like gta out west basically , which is ok by me.

calstars, Monday, 28 December 2009 00:13 (eight years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

I missed that there was an excellent, new trailer going over weapons and death...

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:21 (eight years ago) Permalink

still don't have ps3 or xbox but God I loved Red Dead Redemption

Lee Dorrian Gray (J0hn D.), Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:28 (eight years ago) Permalink

Revolver I mean

Lee Dorrian Gray (J0hn D.), Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:28 (eight years ago) Permalink

you are a good man, that game is so much fun.

this better not suck

Jake Gyllenhaal needs more juggalo in it (jjjusten), Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:47 (eight years ago) Permalink

this looks pretty good! beautiful even. let me get real here, those horses' asses looked impressive.

but i hope there is more going on w/ the gameplay than an old west GTA

goole, Thursday, 4 February 2010 01:21 (eight years ago) Permalink

being able to set buildings on fire looks boss; I just hope it's not merely something the designer has to specially trigger, but that you can just chuck a fire bottle at any barn you like and poof.

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 08:40 (eight years ago) Permalink

I'd be very surprised if you could actually set buildings on fire. In that video the molotov cocktail looks like an animation that'll burn out over time. But that would be AWESOME.

antexit, Thursday, 4 February 2010 12:20 (eight years ago) Permalink

It would be awesome! This is one of the things that bugs me about playing for mass destruction in GTA: you can blow up cars but you can't reconfigure the city, which seems so un-sandbox-like (like, isn't the point of a sandbox to kick over your siblings' castles?)

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 12:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

Yeah, environment destruction is like the holy grail of sandbox games. Especially if it stayed like that and effected gameplay in the future, the way it (apparently) does in Battlefield. I remember some BS about gta4 saying something to that effect was in it. You can go into every building and you can blow up buildings and when you shoot a building the bullethole stays for 100 yrs and also it is a fun game

antexit, Thursday, 4 February 2010 13:24 (eight years ago) Permalink

also u sound like the meanest brother ever fwiw

antexit, Thursday, 4 February 2010 13:25 (eight years ago) Permalink

haha well when my kids play in sandboxes, they each build castles and then kick each others' over; it's not what I'd do but it seems to be lots of fun for them.

in Saints Row 2 you can blow up the subway train on the elevated tracks and if you hit it hard enough (I did it using cheats) it falls off the tracks and disrupts traffic. It's cool b/c it's a huge train, not just a bunch of cars like you can set up in GTA4. But leveling a building would be orders of magnitude more fun.

Red Dead Redemption would be a good place to try this b/c I expect the urban environments will be pretty sparse compared to e.g. Liberty City.

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 13:36 (eight years ago) Permalink

hopefully they'll turn their hand to another bully after this

cozen, Thursday, 4 February 2010 15:59 (eight years ago) Permalink

antexit / Euler - a few points 1. Battlefield isn't a sandbox game. 2. in the last Red Faction game you could destroy pretty much everything (that was kind of the point of the game) and it stayed destroyed - but destroying stuff endlessly gets boring fast - it's hardly the "holy grail." 3. Permanent environmental destruction certainly will not be in Red Dead Redemption as they're using basically the exact same engine as GTA 4

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 4 February 2010 15:59 (eight years ago) Permalink

well yeah destroying things endless does get boring fast, but so do sandbox games generally when all you do is mass destruction. The good sandbox games, like Bully, give you things to do that are fun besides just going nuts. But in an environment like Liberty City it'd be great if you could destroy buildings and then they'd be replaced with new ones, à la Sim City.

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 16:05 (eight years ago) Permalink

a little more new footage (in this ad for Gamestops lame pre-order bonus deal)...

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 4 February 2010 16:06 (eight years ago) Permalink

lol at 'realistic physics' that involve people flying backwards when they get shot

smashing aspirant (milo z), Thursday, 4 February 2010 19:27 (eight years ago) Permalink

I thought people did fly backwards when they were shot with shotguns. Have movies, video games, and Luis Guzman in Carlito's Way led me astray?

antexit, Saturday, 6 February 2010 13:44 (eight years ago) Permalink

I've shot a big stuffed animal with a shotgun from 50 yards away and man did that thing fly.

calstars, Saturday, 6 February 2010 13:54 (eight years ago) Permalink

i think milo's point was that the silliness of people putting a lot of work into developing a realistic engine, and making it a selling point of the game, all for the ultimate goal of making people fly backwards when they get shot.

rinse the lemonade (Jordan), Monday, 8 February 2010 18:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

I just realised this game is probably going to have similar online modes to GTA4

0_o awesome

cozen, Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:32 (eight years ago) Permalink

considering a PS3 just for this

Thierry Ennui (Noodle Vague), Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:49 (eight years ago) Permalink


black jeans stained by (snoball), Saturday, 20 March 2010 12:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

the MP lobby... is the game world

"Seriously, who'd have thought that something as dry as a game lobby could be exciting? Leave it to Rockstar to prove us all wrong. The Grand Theft Auto developer recently unveiled the oft rumoured but never confirmed, multiplayer portion of its next open-world saga, Red Dead Redemption -- and the lobby might be the game's most exciting element. Why? Because it's practically a Wild West MMORPG.

The lobby is a fully playable version of the entire game world that's populated with both random CPU characters and live gamers -- though the numbers will never approach World of Warcraft levels. In our visit, we created a "posse" with friends and roamed freely about the map, engaging in activities from hunting wild animals to hunting other gamers. There are even ad hoc missions (like besieging a desert ranch filled with bandits) that feel a lot like raids. Whether running from the sheriff or shooting wildlife in the desert, everything we do can net us experience points which are used to customize our appearance and upgrade our horse, weapons, and "title". There are also new multiplayer modes to unlock like the standard 16-player deathmatch and a team-based "capture the bag" (both of which start with a spectacular face-to-face quick-draw duel). But. to be honest, we didn't spend a lot of time with those other modes, because we couldn't pry ourselves away from the lobby!"

Picture 1: Two players on a horse-drawn carriage. "The lobby is like a limit-free version of GTA IV's free roam mode set against a brilliantly atmospheric Wild West backdrop."

Picture 2: Player as Sheriff, points gun at camera; another player waits to shot him in the back. "Once we joined a party-- er, "posse" -- we were in constant communication with teammates."

Picture 3: 3 on 5 Gunfight near the wreckage of an abandoned church in the desert. "Anyone can travel to any point on the map (including building interiors), regardless of the location of lobby visitors."

cozen, Sunday, 28 March 2010 13:08 (eight years ago) Permalink

This game is going to pwn my life

antexit, Sunday, 28 March 2010 13:40 (eight years ago) Permalink

This game is going to give meaning to my life.

no turkey unless it's a club sandwich (polyphonic), Sunday, 28 March 2010 19:48 (eight years ago) Permalink

This game probably won't affect my life much but I'm looking forward to it.

EZ Snappin, Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:13 (eight years ago) Permalink

chances of me not going outlaw immediately upon starting this approx 0%, with rounding. the old west is not the kinda place to be a good guy imo.

aarrissi-a-roni, Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:15 (eight years ago) Permalink

I always play moral choice games as a good guy with a cruel streak.

no turkey unless it's a club sandwich (polyphonic), Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

I am officially mega-psyched about this game

antexit, Monday, 29 March 2010 12:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

this looks a lot better than call of juarez 2. wish i had a ps3.

sonderangerbot, Monday, 29 March 2010 12:34 (eight years ago) Permalink

Why do people keep saying ps3? Is this an exclusive? Do third-party exclusives still exist?

antexit, Monday, 29 March 2010 12:53 (eight years ago) Permalink

Def not an exclusive. I'm already preordered for the 360.

Mordy, Monday, 29 March 2010 13:00 (eight years ago) Permalink

uh i just picked that up in this thread somehow, you're right obviously and i need coffee. good news!

sonderangerbot, Monday, 29 March 2010 13:04 (eight years ago) Permalink

Nothing better than throwing some back while telling tall tales of yore around the campfire

F# A# (∞), Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:33 (two weeks ago) Permalink

it'd be cool if we could share pics (just like the old west!). i've got some nice horseshit action pics

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:35 (two weeks ago) Permalink

(not really, but i would make some)

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:36 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Some of the scenery is kodak quality gorgeous

F# A# (∞), Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:41 (two weeks ago) Permalink

For whatever reason I assumed online content was like 6+ months out or something. Neat!

circa1916, Tuesday, 27 November 2018 02:40 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Red Dead Online makes a few changes to how players interact in the open world. First and foremost is the ability to set up your own camp. Much like in the main game, this is your home base where you or anyone in your possecan change your outfit or rest up. Camps are flagged as safe zones but players can opt out of that safety if they’re looking for a more dangerous lifestyle. Posses can be joined with a quick romp through a side menu, but there’s a “permanent” option as well. If you have $200 in in-game cash, you can set up a sort of official gang, making it easier to join up with friends.

i won't be on this til the weekend at the earliest, but let's posse up imo

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 27 November 2018 23:58 (two weeks ago) Permalink

i really wish i was playing this, but i totally would just be hunting for pelts and playing poker rather than doing mission related stuff for the main part

( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) (jim in vancouver), Wednesday, 28 November 2018 00:02 (two weeks ago) Permalink

apparently most of the people playing online just go out on a murder spree, which is supposedly what people do on gta v online too which kinda sucks

F# A# (∞), Wednesday, 28 November 2018 00:19 (two weeks ago) Permalink

I'm really not surprised by that i guess

( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) (jim in vancouver), Wednesday, 28 November 2018 00:43 (two weeks ago) Permalink

It's the first day, zero surprise at that.

Also, probably what I'll be doing if there are enough NPCs that I can just roam through the countryside whacking Pinkertons and weird inbred cannibal cultists.

louise ck (milo z), Wednesday, 28 November 2018 01:11 (two weeks ago) Permalink

i'm up to level 8 on online.

oddly enough i have not experienced any griefing at all yet. very civilized.

if you haven't explored the west side of the map yet, it's pretty wild to be back over there. very nostalgic

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Saturday, 1 December 2018 21:42 (one week ago) Permalink

Chapter 5 is... not very fun at all.

circa1916, Sunday, 2 December 2018 04:12 (one week ago) Permalink

Don’t wanna be too spoilery, but damn if it doesn’t seem like an extended cutscene.

circa1916, Sunday, 2 December 2018 04:20 (one week ago) Permalink

Chapter 5 improves at the end and Chapter 6 is great.

louise ck (milo z), Monday, 3 December 2018 20:06 (one week ago) Permalink

i wanted to finish the story mode before tackling online, but i'm still way back in ch 4 so i just put that on pause for a bit.

just spent a few hours in online. that was...weird. it's definitely a very different vibe than the regular game. i'm not sure if it's because most of us are lower level, but everyone is clustered together on the map way more than i expected. i thought it would be kind of a lonely thing where i'd occasionally run into people, but there are constantly that are less than a minute away, if not closer. it makes riding from mission to mission tense, because you're never sure if the other person will freak out and just kill you or if they'll ignore you. i've run into plenty of both already, enough to know to keep my gun ready. most of the time it hasn't been that bad but there have been times when i just want people to leave me the fuck alone.

the clumsy controls that are mainly just funny during the single player mode sometimes create frustrating problems in multiplayer - like if you're trying to pick up a key object while everyone's shooting at you, and it won't give you the Pick Up option until you approach it from one certain angle.

but generally it's really fun. i decided to quit for a while after the server starting crashing every 5 minutes. connectivity issues have been bad today, but that's true of all ps4 things right now, so maybe it's a larger issue.

Karl Malone, Monday, 3 December 2018 23:55 (one week ago) Permalink

How to play as naked nutless Arthur. Please note the advice to back up your save before using this glitch.

Non, je ned raggette rien (onimo), Wednesday, 5 December 2018 14:17 (one week ago) Permalink

i quit video games like five years ago now, but i'm back off the wagon for this. and... it's a lot. like a lot of people i don't even know if it's good or not? but it is certainly engrossing.

some scattered thoughts:

i've found a lot of cool shit scattered on the landscape, much more entertaining than the main story -- which is itself pretty good. so i've taken to just picking a tiny square shack on the map and seeing what's up. rockstar seems to have put something everywhere.

have you found the cabin of the suicide ex-ice skater (his card is there)? or the cabin with two starved dead kids? or the abandoned plague town? or the cabin with the corpses of some proto-raelian cult? there are a lot of abandoned, dead things on this landscape.

i got attacked by some pretty scary "night people" in a swamp. i'm pretty sure i found their cabin, it had skulls and of course canned vegetables.

there was a line of dialogue that legitimately made me laugh out loud, maybe a first for a video game, but because it was past 2am on a work night i don't remember it.

i want to get better at hunting but everything is so badly explained -- ok how do i get the right feathers to make the right arrows to shoot the rabbits -- where do i even take these rabbit skins. it's all like this. there are millions of pieces of information but no clue how to get started on any of it.

people talking to you in any circumstance can unlock something. during a poker game, the camp cook said he lost his compass and now finding a compass is a minor collectible. the more you fuck off and get distracted the more things open up -- the more you try to do anything directly, the more impossible it seems

gunplay seems really difficult and i've been mostly avoiding it. i've been playing mostly as a goody-goody.

goole, Thursday, 6 December 2018 06:08 (six days ago) Permalink

I want to say it's only genuinely good in the last chapter, everything you do has a weight to it that I've only experienced in the first Telltale Walking Dead game. But it took the time investment from the previous chapters (even when you didn't care about the cut scenes and all) to do that, I guess.

Have kind of lost interest in playing online because it sounds like such a grind, wish I'd kept a save somewhere around Chapter 3 so I could go fuck off and do more stuff as Arthur.

louise ck (milo z), Thursday, 6 December 2018 10:45 (six days ago) Permalink

there was some line a stranger said that really made me laugh that was something like "art is bullshit fucking is the only thing that matters"

Mordy, Thursday, 6 December 2018 15:20 (six days ago) Permalink

i want to get better at hunting but everything is so badly explained -- ok how do i get the right feathers to make the right arrows to shoot the rabbits -- where do i even take these rabbit skins. it's all like this. there are millions of pieces of information but no clue how to get started on any of it.

i agree that it's poorly explained. answers to your questions, and then a few general things that helped me:

- to craft different kinds of arrows (like Improved, which can take down larger animals with one hit, and Game, which are for killing smaller animals without damaging their pelt), you need "Flight Feathers", which you can get by shooting many kinds of birds that you run across. You can craft the arrows from your satchel (i think it's one of the options in the Items subsection) or in the fire way on the side of the camp (not the main fire, because that would be too simple)

- you can take the skins to the butcher in town if you're just looking for some money. you can also donate them to Pearson in your camp. to upgrade your satchel from Pearson you need a variety of different kinds of "perfect" (more on that in a sec) skins. you can just donate perfect skins to Pearson as you find them, and he'll add them to the inventory so you don't have to carry them all around with you at once.

- there's also a Trapper that you'll find as you progress. he moves from town to town. bring "legendary" pelts to him and he'll make you goofy clothing items.

- there are different quality levels of animals and the pelts you get from them. they have one, two, or three stars. when hunting, you can use your binoculars to see the quality of the animal. in the pic below you can see three tiny marks by the animal's name:

i think you might have to "study" the animal species before it'll give you the quality information. so when you see a new animal species and have an option to study it first, you should do that.

THEN, even if you kill a three star, pristine animal, you have to do it in a "clean" way that will preserve the quality of the pelt. sometimes you can do it by just shooting once, in the head or near the heart. but you improve your odds by using the appropriate weapon for the animal. again, i think if you "study" the animal or look it up in the compendium, it'll often tell you which weapon to use. improved arrows will help a lot, game arrows for small animals, using the varmint rifle for smaller animals instead of regular rifles, etc - all that stuff improves your odds. when you skin the animal it'll let you know what quality of pelt you ended up with.

Karl Malone, Thursday, 6 December 2018 16:45 (six days ago) Permalink

It turns out that I did NOT actually know how to play dominoes.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Thursday, 6 December 2018 17:54 (six days ago) Permalink

i finished the main story last night (still gotta get through the epilogue, which apparently is quite long in itself) and no spoilers but i found chapter 6 tremendously moving, moreso than any video game i've played really. the ending was fairly standard but the side stuff around it held such a sense of sadness and resignation, and even though it annoyingly had every mission on the opposite side of the map from the next one, you start to appreciate this teeming wilderness in a different way. and it's coupled with the fact that you have the real world knowledge that it's all gone away or will be gone very soon, burnt up and ruined by the leviticus cornwalls of the worrld.

i wish they thought of a better way to do the legendary hunts other than "find the three glowing things which causes the animal to spawn directly in front of you then blast it in dead eye bc you can't ruin the pelt". feel kind of bad killing these beautiful animals in such an undignified way.

i had really high honor the whole time so i kind of want to do another playthrough with evil arthur.

oiocha, Thursday, 6 December 2018 18:02 (six days ago) Permalink

i'm still planning on doing Online mode after i finish up the story, but everyone who hasn't tried it yet should log-in today for free shit:

"Rockstar’s changes come after an earlier announcement on Monday that they would be adjusting both the game’s economy and implementing bug fixes. In addition to increasing rewards and lowering prices, they are giving 250 in-game dollars and 15 gold bars to any player who plays the game through midnight PST today. It should be enough to help players make up for lost time in multiplayer playlists."

i guess they've lowered the prices of a lot of stuff in the shop, balancing prices etc:

Karl Malone, Thursday, 6 December 2018 21:32 (six days ago) Permalink

The legendary pelts aren't effected by damage, I had to do things with a few that would get a poor pelt and it was fine.

louise ck (milo z), Thursday, 6 December 2018 23:17 (six days ago) Permalink

thanks Karl!

goole, Saturday, 8 December 2018 05:13 (four days ago) Permalink

some useful charts:

animals, in size categories:

best weapon, per size category:

goole, Saturday, 8 December 2018 05:14 (four days ago) Permalink

i've had a couple oddball encounters where the "quest reward" wasn't money but an unavailable gun (i haven't advanced past chap2)

i tried a couple different ways to rob the armored room behind the doctor's in valentine. kind of a fun challenge, but the payout is barely $100 and i couldn't get out w/o a huge mess so i just reverted the save and left it.

i've also run into more than one dude in the wilderness who's perusing a treasure map, gets skittish when you say hi and leaves. since i've decided not to be honorable i haven't stuck anyone up for their map

goole, Saturday, 8 December 2018 05:20 (four days ago) Permalink

The main reward in that is a gun, either the double action revolver or Volcanic pistol

louise ck (milo z), Saturday, 8 December 2018 07:42 (four days ago) Permalink

***minor chapter five spoilers****

god, chapter five BLOWS

Karl Malone, Saturday, 8 December 2018 20:40 (four days ago) Permalink

the whole island thing is very clearly just the developers throwing in another location that can be used later for DLC or online death matches. the whole feel of it is different than the rest of the game. there are extended portions where you just press the directional stick and trudge in one direction, resident evil 1 style. i guess it's nice if you're into the gunfighting, but tbh the shooting stuff is one of the least fun parts of the game for me, and doing nothing but firing guns for 20 straight minutes just emphasizes the clunkiness of the combat

on top of that, when i got back to the mainland i made a poor decision. i was supposed to head back to the old camp (maybelle? can't remember), but it was the middle of the night and nothing worked, the stagecoach had gone home, the hotel clerk was nowhere to be found (?), and time was frozen. i should have just stolen a horse, but i thought i was trying to lie low. so i decided to walk out of town and steal a horse there. about 10 minutes later i realized the 'frozen time' thing meant that there were no randos to be found, no horses to steal. i had already walked so far that i decided just to run the rest of the way back to maybelle, across the map. siiiiiiiigh

i'm still not done with ch. 5, but from upthread and elsewhere i know it gets better soon. i am ready to be done with the story and focus on the other tasks + online

Karl Malone, Saturday, 8 December 2018 20:45 (four days ago) Permalink

*for real spoilers**

also the story in general has been alright, i think. not too many eyerolls. but the stuff with arthur becoming disillusioned with dutch turning out to be a cold-blooded killer just makes no sense at all after i have personally murdered thousands of people in this game

Karl Malone, Saturday, 8 December 2018 20:47 (four days ago) Permalink

lol still in chapter 1, not getting a great amount of time to play this but have scheduled myself to hammer it tomorrow.

I had a brief go today, but with my ten yo godson watching I had to refrain from doing any missions or anything other than hunting - which we both love. I did steal a nice top-hat and and sold a pretty decent stage coach.

But at one point my stupid horse decided not to stop at a cliff and tumbled down and died. Purchased an awesome War horse which we named Terry?_.

Immediately upon leaving the stables I was set upon by some O'Driscolls. Normally I'd shy away from shooting anybody in front of the kid but War horse between my legs triggered something inside me and I kicked their ass in rapid style. Then as the moon rose in the sky I posed a profile silhouette with my great horse and top-hat. Photo is now ps4 background.

In space, pizza sends out for YOU (Ste), Saturday, 8 December 2018 23:26 (four days ago) Permalink

Wait, you named the horse with an underscore and question mark at the end?

that’s how you do it!

Karl Malone, Saturday, 8 December 2018 23:50 (four days ago) Permalink

It was something like that yeah, the boy did it by mistake but we liked it so kept it.

In space, pizza sends out for YOU (Ste), Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:00 (three days ago) Permalink

i think it's great

imagine if there was a way to get away with adding _? to your name in real life with none of the negative consequences. none of the eyebrow raising or dumb questions about it at bars. just the benefits. red dead redemption 2 is a game where you can get away with it.

i need to buy some more horses, or capture some. for some reason i find myself hoarding money in this game. i love my main horse, who i named and styled after my good life dog pal. she is my main horse and that will not change.

Karl Malone, Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:08 (three days ago) Permalink

well watch out for those cliffs

In space, pizza sends out for YOU (Ste), Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:29 (three days ago) Permalink

I spent heaps of money on the camp. Is it worth it? I mean do future chapters move us to newer places and remove all my hard work?

In space, pizza sends out for YOU (Ste), Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:32 (three days ago) Permalink

they do but you might as well spend it, there's nothing to spend money on other than camp upgrades, clothing, and like $5 worth of ammo and horse feed every few days

oiocha, Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:37 (three days ago) Permalink

i'm nearly done with the epilogue, it's a fun chill sesh but super long and doesn't do a great job building on any of the themes of the main story so a lot of it feels a bit pointless. it has a great willie nelson song though.

oiocha, Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:39 (three days ago) Permalink

i definitely heard the colin stetson song a few missions ago

Karl Malone, Sunday, 9 December 2018 00:45 (three days ago) Permalink

I hoarded so much cash that the whole getting a loan and having to work to pay it off thing in the epilogue made no sense.

Non, je ned raggette rien (onimo), Sunday, 9 December 2018 01:00 (three days ago) Permalink

Spending money on the camp helps refill the food/medicine/ammo without you doing it directly but not a huge impact. I bought a boat for the camp when you're in the south but there's never any particular point in using it.

louise ck (milo z), Sunday, 9 December 2018 08:29 (three days ago) Permalink

I heard this game makes you shave

calstars, Sunday, 9 December 2018 20:16 (three days ago) Permalink

i never do, but i always try to look as silly as possible

Karl Malone, Sunday, 9 December 2018 20:44 (three days ago) Permalink

tip: there's a card in every pack of premium cigarettes, incl the one you buy at stores. i wasn't using any cigarettes because of the core damage. discard them immediately and you can keep picking them up/buying them

goole, Sunday, 9 December 2018 23:11 (three days ago) Permalink

If you’ve quit smoking irl do you get a rush when you smoke in game? LOL

calstars, Sunday, 9 December 2018 23:20 (three days ago) Permalink

Inspired by all the jibber jabber on this thread, I returned to the original with the intention of playing some further in. Completed one mission of aimless shooting and then just played poker and liar's dice for a few hours. I think video games are no longer for me.

Bênoit Balls (stevie), Monday, 10 December 2018 12:04 (two days ago) Permalink

Maybe y’all already heard this nickname but the Greatest Generation guys were calling RDR2 “Jazz Horse” and I lol’d.

DJI, Tuesday, 11 December 2018 17:30 (yesterday) Permalink

My problem with cigarettes in this game is that you only smoke them for like one second! I want to savor the damned thing

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Tuesday, 11 December 2018 19:50 (yesterday) Permalink

i found the meteor house. gross!

i found a cutesy little cabin with flowerbeds, marked on the map as "roadside brothel" or something. took me a bit to notice the dead body sitting on the porch.

most of the unique little ambient details i've run into so far involve corpses

goole, Tuesday, 11 December 2018 22:59 (yesterday) Permalink

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