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Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 03:52 (eleven years ago) link

high hopes for this

aarrissi-a-roni, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 15:56 (eleven years ago) link

I was looking forward to it before, but after the trailer it has probably become my most anticipated game of 2010.

Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:13 (eleven years ago) link

I'm a sucker for games set in the Old West but there aren't many of them, and usually they're a bit of a letdown, but this looks great.

HUH? not appropriate (snoball), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:26 (eleven years ago) link

This interests me way more than any GTA ever did. Setting makes such a huge difference.

EZ Snappin, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:27 (eleven years ago) link

The trailer looks great! From its looks it'll be somewhat more RPG-y than GTAs have been; I'm thinking of the scenes killing bears, though maybe those are just parts of quests rather than RPG random encounters.

Euler, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:30 (eleven years ago) link

(xpost) seems also there's more emphasis on strategy and planning your next move in RDR, whereas with GTA it's often "get in car, cause chaos, get back to the garage before the cops catch you"

HUH? not appropriate (snoball), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:33 (eleven years ago) link

wow looks awesome

bnw, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:37 (eleven years ago) link

looks dope, like deadwood: the game in parts. too bad i don't generally have time for open-ended sandbox epics.

hey trader joe's! i've got the new steely dan. (Jordan), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:38 (eleven years ago) link

woah wasn't even on my radar before I watched that, def anticipating it now

cozwn, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 20:11 (eleven years ago) link

okay i will admit, that is a REALLY GOOD trailer. seems to be really inspired by The Wild Bunch which is pretty cool.

how is this related to Red Dead Revolver? direct sequel? not really?

Nhex, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:19 (eleven years ago) link

No relation except for the name and western setting (from what I understand).

Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:23 (eleven years ago) link

Pretty sure I am going to play this until my fingers fall off.

real bears playing hockey (polyphonic), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:39 (eleven years ago) link

i think it has the quick-time red-dead aiming device, too

(I don't crap in public toilets) (stevie), Wednesday, 16 December 2009 22:59 (eleven years ago) link

That video actually reminds me of fallout 3 in lots of ways.

JimD, Wednesday, 16 December 2009 23:40 (eleven years ago) link

(xpost) "Dead Eye Targeting System"

HUH? not appropriate (snoball), Thursday, 17 December 2009 09:25 (eleven years ago) link

Looks like gta out west basically , which is ok by me.

calstars, Monday, 28 December 2009 00:13 (eleven years ago) link

one month passes...

I missed that there was an excellent, new trailer going over weapons and death...

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:21 (eleven years ago) link

still don't have ps3 or xbox but God I loved Red Dead Redemption

Lee Dorrian Gray (J0hn D.), Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:28 (eleven years ago) link

Revolver I mean

Lee Dorrian Gray (J0hn D.), Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:28 (eleven years ago) link

you are a good man, that game is so much fun.

this better not suck

Jake Gyllenhaal needs more juggalo in it (jjjusten), Thursday, 4 February 2010 00:47 (eleven years ago) link

this looks pretty good! beautiful even. let me get real here, those horses' asses looked impressive.

but i hope there is more going on w/ the gameplay than an old west GTA

goole, Thursday, 4 February 2010 01:21 (eleven years ago) link

being able to set buildings on fire looks boss; I just hope it's not merely something the designer has to specially trigger, but that you can just chuck a fire bottle at any barn you like and poof.

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 08:40 (eleven years ago) link

I'd be very surprised if you could actually set buildings on fire. In that video the molotov cocktail looks like an animation that'll burn out over time. But that would be AWESOME.

antexit, Thursday, 4 February 2010 12:20 (eleven years ago) link

It would be awesome! This is one of the things that bugs me about playing for mass destruction in GTA: you can blow up cars but you can't reconfigure the city, which seems so un-sandbox-like (like, isn't the point of a sandbox to kick over your siblings' castles?)

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 12:52 (eleven years ago) link

Yeah, environment destruction is like the holy grail of sandbox games. Especially if it stayed like that and effected gameplay in the future, the way it (apparently) does in Battlefield. I remember some BS about gta4 saying something to that effect was in it. You can go into every building and you can blow up buildings and when you shoot a building the bullethole stays for 100 yrs and also it is a fun game

antexit, Thursday, 4 February 2010 13:24 (eleven years ago) link

also u sound like the meanest brother ever fwiw

antexit, Thursday, 4 February 2010 13:25 (eleven years ago) link

haha well when my kids play in sandboxes, they each build castles and then kick each others' over; it's not what I'd do but it seems to be lots of fun for them.

in Saints Row 2 you can blow up the subway train on the elevated tracks and if you hit it hard enough (I did it using cheats) it falls off the tracks and disrupts traffic. It's cool b/c it's a huge train, not just a bunch of cars like you can set up in GTA4. But leveling a building would be orders of magnitude more fun.

Red Dead Redemption would be a good place to try this b/c I expect the urban environments will be pretty sparse compared to e.g. Liberty City.

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 13:36 (eleven years ago) link

hopefully they'll turn their hand to another bully after this

cozen, Thursday, 4 February 2010 15:59 (eleven years ago) link

antexit / Euler - a few points 1. Battlefield isn't a sandbox game. 2. in the last Red Faction game you could destroy pretty much everything (that was kind of the point of the game) and it stayed destroyed - but destroying stuff endlessly gets boring fast - it's hardly the "holy grail." 3. Permanent environmental destruction certainly will not be in Red Dead Redemption as they're using basically the exact same engine as GTA 4

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 4 February 2010 15:59 (eleven years ago) link

well yeah destroying things endless does get boring fast, but so do sandbox games generally when all you do is mass destruction. The good sandbox games, like Bully, give you things to do that are fun besides just going nuts. But in an environment like Liberty City it'd be great if you could destroy buildings and then they'd be replaced with new ones, à la Sim City.

Euler, Thursday, 4 February 2010 16:05 (eleven years ago) link

a little more new footage (in this ad for Gamestops lame pre-order bonus deal)...

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 4 February 2010 16:06 (eleven years ago) link

lol at 'realistic physics' that involve people flying backwards when they get shot

smashing aspirant (milo z), Thursday, 4 February 2010 19:27 (eleven years ago) link

I thought people did fly backwards when they were shot with shotguns. Have movies, video games, and Luis Guzman in Carlito's Way led me astray?

antexit, Saturday, 6 February 2010 13:44 (eleven years ago) link

I've shot a big stuffed animal with a shotgun from 50 yards away and man did that thing fly.

calstars, Saturday, 6 February 2010 13:54 (eleven years ago) link

i think milo's point was that the silliness of people putting a lot of work into developing a realistic engine, and making it a selling point of the game, all for the ultimate goal of making people fly backwards when they get shot.

rinse the lemonade (Jordan), Monday, 8 February 2010 18:52 (eleven years ago) link

one month passes...

I just realised this game is probably going to have similar online modes to GTA4

0_o awesome

cozen, Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:32 (eleven years ago) link

considering a PS3 just for this

Thierry Ennui (Noodle Vague), Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:49 (eleven years ago) link


black jeans stained by (snoball), Saturday, 20 March 2010 12:17 (eleven years ago) link

the MP lobby... is the game world

"Seriously, who'd have thought that something as dry as a game lobby could be exciting? Leave it to Rockstar to prove us all wrong. The Grand Theft Auto developer recently unveiled the oft rumoured but never confirmed, multiplayer portion of its next open-world saga, Red Dead Redemption -- and the lobby might be the game's most exciting element. Why? Because it's practically a Wild West MMORPG.

The lobby is a fully playable version of the entire game world that's populated with both random CPU characters and live gamers -- though the numbers will never approach World of Warcraft levels. In our visit, we created a "posse" with friends and roamed freely about the map, engaging in activities from hunting wild animals to hunting other gamers. There are even ad hoc missions (like besieging a desert ranch filled with bandits) that feel a lot like raids. Whether running from the sheriff or shooting wildlife in the desert, everything we do can net us experience points which are used to customize our appearance and upgrade our horse, weapons, and "title". There are also new multiplayer modes to unlock like the standard 16-player deathmatch and a team-based "capture the bag" (both of which start with a spectacular face-to-face quick-draw duel). But. to be honest, we didn't spend a lot of time with those other modes, because we couldn't pry ourselves away from the lobby!"

Picture 1: Two players on a horse-drawn carriage. "The lobby is like a limit-free version of GTA IV's free roam mode set against a brilliantly atmospheric Wild West backdrop."

Picture 2: Player as Sheriff, points gun at camera; another player waits to shot him in the back. "Once we joined a party-- er, "posse" -- we were in constant communication with teammates."

Picture 3: 3 on 5 Gunfight near the wreckage of an abandoned church in the desert. "Anyone can travel to any point on the map (including building interiors), regardless of the location of lobby visitors."

cozen, Sunday, 28 March 2010 13:08 (eleven years ago) link

This game is going to pwn my life

antexit, Sunday, 28 March 2010 13:40 (eleven years ago) link

This game is going to give meaning to my life.

no turkey unless it's a club sandwich (polyphonic), Sunday, 28 March 2010 19:48 (eleven years ago) link

This game probably won't affect my life much but I'm looking forward to it.

EZ Snappin, Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:13 (eleven years ago) link

chances of me not going outlaw immediately upon starting this approx 0%, with rounding. the old west is not the kinda place to be a good guy imo.

aarrissi-a-roni, Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:15 (eleven years ago) link

I always play moral choice games as a good guy with a cruel streak.

no turkey unless it's a club sandwich (polyphonic), Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:17 (eleven years ago) link

I am officially mega-psyched about this game

antexit, Monday, 29 March 2010 12:17 (eleven years ago) link

this looks a lot better than call of juarez 2. wish i had a ps3.

sonderangerbot, Monday, 29 March 2010 12:34 (eleven years ago) link

Why do people keep saying ps3? Is this an exclusive? Do third-party exclusives still exist?

antexit, Monday, 29 March 2010 12:53 (eleven years ago) link

Def not an exclusive. I'm already preordered for the 360.

Mordy, Monday, 29 March 2010 13:00 (eleven years ago) link

uh i just picked that up in this thread somehow, you're right obviously and i need coffee. good news!

sonderangerbot, Monday, 29 March 2010 13:04 (eleven years ago) link

It's pretty safe! (Covid-wise.)

Apropos of nothing, I started watching Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider" today, which I'd never seen but remembered seeing the ads for as a kid. The opening scene was essentially like watching a RDR2 cut-scene. The rest (that I watched) was pretty corny, though, not Clint's best work as director. Still ... felt like watching the game!

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 7 April 2021 22:53 (three months ago) link

I love how this game balances realism and drama with all this goofy stuff. Like, even the way Arthur says hi to people or pats his horse makes me kind of chuckle. Yesterday I did the quest retrieving the "Zebra," which I found really amusing. First I couldn't figure out what to do, so ended up lassoing it and dragging it several miles to camp, where the game totally glitched, the zebra disappeared, the quest sort of froze, and every time I got on my horse it immediately popped me off my horse. Weird. The next time, trying to remember how to calm an animal, I accidentally jumped on the zebra/mule and rode it back to camp, which was pretty silly. A bit before that I lead a women's suffrage parade, which I was convinced was going to end with a melee or town brawl but was pleasantly surprised to see turned out to be just a bunch of local color and character beats. Good stuff.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 14 April 2021 13:56 (three months ago) link

Yes, I really love just going around and saying hi to people. I like insulting people too, but it gets me in trouble quickly.

Party With A Jagger Ban (dog latin), Wednesday, 14 April 2021 14:26 (three months ago) link

OTM, I frequently chuckle at Arthur’s bemused resignation in the face of the sillier characters.

blatherskite, Wednesday, 14 April 2021 14:32 (three months ago) link

SPOILER FOR UP TO BEGINNING OF CHAPTER 6 (in case I screw up the hide text tag).

The game has been pretty good balancing the drama/narrative but I was let down by Hosea’s death. Arthur sees one of his surrogate fathers killed in front of him, yet the game spends little time on his reaction—we’re immediately put into tropical island hijinks. I understand it would probably drag down gameplay to spend a chapter on the Wild West version of Depression Quest, but it does seem odd that we get little more than some grumbling about missing him from Arthur during the “ride to the mission checkpoint” chatter.

blatherskite, Wednesday, 14 April 2021 14:49 (three months ago) link

I think I met the time traveler today! Also, went fishing a lot.

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 19 April 2021 00:34 (three months ago) link

it becomes cowboy depression quest fairly quickly don't worry

global tetrahedron, Monday, 19 April 2021 00:50 (three months ago) link

How much older is Dutch meant to be than Arthur?

Party With A Jagger Ban (dog latin), Monday, 19 April 2021 08:55 (three months ago) link

Dutch is 8 years older, making him 44 at the time of RDR2. I thought the difference would be greater, considering he’s talked about as a father figure more than older brother figure.

blatherskite, Monday, 19 April 2021 15:37 (three months ago) link

Been trying to speed things up a bit, since I think I'm still early on in Chapter 3. There have been a few more fun character beats in this I've enjoyed, like playing deputy, giving out free shots and the sometimes subtle, sometimes not ways the game has addressed race and gender; Arthur can be a pretty good listener, when he wants/has to be. Some of the animations still really impress me. I hopped on a wagon with someone, and there was a special character animation that transitioned me from the wrong side of the wagon to the correct one. I love that someone had to program that.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 23 April 2021 12:44 (three months ago) link

sometimes i can't believe the same people that wrote GTA 5 also wrote this story. GTA 5 was riddled with putrid misogyny. maybe they're just adapting to the times

global tetrahedron, Friday, 23 April 2021 15:07 (three months ago) link

I'm up to chapter 4 now. Definitely some cognitive dissonance to the plot. Like, what kind of threat is Pinkertons warning they'll send 50 men when me and my dudes basically effortlessly killed dozens of people the last two missions alone? And what is this constant scramble for money, when we all live in tents and I alone have thousands in my wallet and literally nothing to spend it on?

Still, good fun. I wish I could have beat up those kids in Saint Denis.

Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 29 April 2021 19:03 (three months ago) link

I had that same thought last night when I finished a mission in the first RDR, some old gunslinger mocking my skills and offering to teach me how to shoot. Stuff it, gramps—I’ve killed over 100 people since coming to New Austin, according to the stats screen.

blatherskite, Thursday, 29 April 2021 19:20 (three months ago) link

It’s been a bit jarring going from RDR2 to 1, which I started a few years ago but wasn’t able to finish. It’s plenty fun but broader in tone—I wouldn’t go so far as to say “goofy”, but certainly characters like Seth or Irish feel more exaggerated than would fit into the world of 2. I suppose that’s a difference in approach—2 is going for immersion/real world simulation (obviously not completely, still some fanciful stuff in the stranger missions) whereas 1 feels more an emulation of western films, with all the unreality that comes with it.

blatherskite, Thursday, 29 April 2021 19:24 (three months ago) link

Incidentally, this game remains one of the best written I've ever played. Not really the plot - there's not much plot, per se - but the characters and the things they say, and to each other. I wonder if there is much crossover between video game writers and, say, TV writers? Or do they both exist in their respective worlds, more or less independent from the other?

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 30 April 2021 19:57 (three months ago) link

I was reading some forum where someone asked if they should hold off on RDR2 until it gets a PS5 patch, and a bunch of people were all, yeah, for sure, it will really benefit from better frame rate/graphics/etc. But having played hours and hours of this already on PS4, I (as usual) have no idea what they're talking about. It looks great on my system, and as far as I can tell plays great, too. There's not much loading, period, so I'm not sure what faster loading times would gain. The graphics are sharp and gorgeous, and as far as fame rates go, this ain't no precise platformer or whatever. So weird what certain gamers get fixated on. It's all so very much

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 3 May 2021 12:48 (two months ago) link

i think it's PC gamers getting used to a level of clarity then noticing the difference
like i didn't have any issues with standard definition as a kid until i saw my first HD screen

Draymond is "Mr Dumpy" (forksclovetofu), Monday, 3 May 2021 18:09 (two months ago) link

Yeah, I get that, and I remember that. But I think I've seen HD clips of stuff on the PS5, and it looks good, but not, like, mind-blowingly better than my PS4 on my TV looks. For that matter, this game specifically, any problem I've had with it has been related to bugs, glitches and clipping (?), not a lack of clarity, and I don't think those elements would be fixed by a faster processor. Different strokes, I suppose.

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 3 May 2021 18:48 (two months ago) link

Today in RDR2 hilarity, I finally noticed that my regular steed, My Horse, made a return to whichever far flung place I'd been hanging out, somehow paired with a different horse (whose origin I forget), but after switching back to my usual horse the other horse basically followed me around on missions like a puppy. I'd race off on My Horse, then realize I left behind My Other Horse, and have to turn around and coax it to follow along. I must have done two or three or four little missions or quests with two horses before I realized I could just tie it up back at the swamp mansion and stick with my usual horse. made me wish I could have, like, a dozen of horses following me around, like the Pied Piper of horses.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 5 May 2021 21:16 (two months ago) link

is rdr2 worth buying a cheap ps4 for? finding myself very curious about it. i could see this and spider-man maybe being enough to justify a really cheap console if i can find one

Chuck_Tatum, Friday, 7 May 2021 11:50 (two months ago) link

Get RDR2 and Witcher 3 and you'll be entertained for hours

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Friday, 7 May 2021 11:54 (two months ago) link

games are so cheap for PS4 right now, I could probably name five that would keep you occupied entertained for hours. Red Dead, Last of Us, Spider-Man ... I haven't played Witcher 3 or horizon zero Dawn, but I bet both of them would keep you busy too.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 7 May 2021 12:29 (two months ago) link

like, with no exaggeration, pretty much the sum total of every game you want at this point could be less than the cost of the console.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 7 May 2021 12:30 (two months ago) link

I think you've got a week left to get Horizon Zero Dawn for free.

Imagine you could create a PSN account to 'buy' the game even if you don't own a PS4 yet?

groovypanda, Friday, 7 May 2021 12:31 (two months ago) link

Yesterday I was wasting time in Saint Denis. I gave money to a drunk, and in return he told me about a secret gambling site I can rob. So I went there to rob it, successfully, then hid on a roof to evade capture. The red dots kept multiplying, and eventually I remember that I can apparently jump off the roof onto my horse. Which I try to do, but instead land on the street, very hurt. I eventually get on the horse and try to gallop away, but the law is coming at me from all directions. I try to slip past a wagon but instead hit it head-on and flip over my horse handlebars. Then they kill my fucking horse, and I die after reviving it. I wake up down the street and decide to just pay off my bounty at the local post office, but as I do it, I accidentally press the wrong button and threaten some patron into giving me his money, and unable to defuse it immediately get a witness to the crime, a new bounty put on my head, and then a bunch of lawmen after me. Again. This time I escape off into a swamp, where I am promptly attacked by an alligator. I take out my vengeance on an alligator snapping turtle, which takes as many shots to kill as the alligator itself.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 7 May 2021 17:13 (two months ago) link

sounds like some classic red dead action there

global tetrahedron, Saturday, 8 May 2021 14:48 (two months ago) link

Yesterday in some NPC fun I was riding my horse around when I heard the familiar bickering of two NPCs trying to blow up a safe. I turn around and head back, planning to rob them, but before I got there they blew themselves up and die! And leave the open safe for me. Another time I found a guy panning for gold. Last time I waited, the gold panning NPC found some and I robbed him. This time, he came up with nothing and walked away, dejected, so I consoled him. A third NPC around the same area was tracking an animal, so I decided to walk along and keep him company. Next thing I know, a big grizzly comes running out of the woods and kills him! So I kill the bear (win/win).

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 12 May 2021 13:36 (two months ago) link

Now I've finished the game, is there much left to do other than explore the wilderness and look for cigarette cards? A whole new area has opened up but aside from the odd Dell Lobo gang, it seems pretty empty and a bit depressing to walk around what with that cholera town and stuff

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Wednesday, 12 May 2021 18:24 (two months ago) link

I didn’t find much. Strange that they went to the trouble to recreate so much of the first game’s map, but didn’t put much to do there. It’s too much for an epilogue but not enough to be its own thing. I wish they’d use all that to do a port of RDR1 that you can start when the epilogue ends.

blatherskite, Wednesday, 12 May 2021 18:35 (two months ago) link

"I wish they’d use all that to do a port of RDR1 that you can start when the epilogue ends."

really second this, apparently it was a miracle RDR1 functioned at all, so a long shot though. and R* won't even patch the most basic glitches in RDR2 from months ago, so. frustrating how they handle this compared to GTAV, but i guess it's obvious why

global tetrahedron, Wednesday, 12 May 2021 19:15 (two months ago) link

RDRO uses the old map area better than the main game does.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Wednesday, 12 May 2021 19:26 (two months ago) link

word on the street is RDRO is getting heists? no doubt will be sort of clunky and repetitive like the rest of RDRO but it might be worth reloading to check it out

goole, Wednesday, 19 May 2021 17:09 (two months ago) link

really? i'm honestly shocked, seems like they completely abandoned RDO

global tetrahedron, Thursday, 20 May 2021 18:14 (two months ago) link

RDO was just added to Game Pass so it's a good time to add some new content.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Thursday, 20 May 2021 20:08 (two months ago) link

Playing the real game today, I think I wrapped up both hanging with the pervy French painter and witnessing an execution by electric chair gone wrong, two very divergent digressions.

Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 20 May 2021 23:45 (two months ago) link

One of the reasons I think the writing of this far surpasses any GTA is that the remove from modern times prevents them from doing the standard lazy riffs and dick jokes/mob gags on whatever current pop culture they dislike. They can’t use billboards and radio jingles to communicate 2001-era humor to the player, so they actually have to work at it.

Glower, Disruption & Pies (kingfish), Thursday, 3 June 2021 06:44 (one month ago) link

Though of course, there are still dick jokes and mob gags, somehow! But they're pretty subtle and far between, and only in context.

Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 3 June 2021 12:19 (one month ago) link

Yeah, I’ve been slowly trying to finish RDR1 and while it’s also better in that regard than GTA, it still seems cruder/broader than RDR2.

blatherskite, Thursday, 3 June 2021 16:12 (one month ago) link

Just did the mad scientist/robot side quest, and it really underscored what I love about this game, namely that the storytelling and details are such that they alone can be a selling point rather than gameplay. That is, this side mission had next to nothing for me to do, but it was so colorful and fun and funny that it didn't matter.

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 7 June 2021 22:40 (one month ago) link

Today's adventures involved a lot of things blowing up. First there was an escape from Saint Denis after a dumb robbery that went awry, resulting in the death of untold lawmen (and a stupidly crashed cable car). Then came me and Micah robbing a stagecoach, where I was distracted by something else and didn't see (the first time) where to blow up the coach and then (the second time) blew up the dynamite too early, and either way ended up chasing down the wagon and killing everyone. And then there was the KKK rally I came across where, while I tried to decide the best approach, all dozen of them caught their robes fire and died. Lastly, I came across some southerners in the midst of some transaction in the woods, and as I investigated they just kind of walked by me like I wasn't there, and the other dudes just got on their wagon to ride off. So I pulled out a gun, which of course aggro'd them, and the next thing I knew I blew up something in the back of the wagon (dynamite? moonshine?) and killed myself, and apparently my horse for good. RIP My Horse. I replaced her with the best horse I could buy in a stable (since money means nothing in this game, and I have thousands), named her My Horse (in honor of its predecessor) and am now in the process of bonding anew. Thank goodness you don't lose all your belongings and stuff when you put the saddle on a new steed. Also, I did some cattle rustling.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 8 June 2021 23:28 (one month ago) link

Shipwrecked!? What the heck, this game took a surprise turn. Serves them right, Dutch's latest plan was the worst yet. "Let's rob a downtown bank, then hop on the first big boat we find to wherever it takes us, then come back at some point to collect the rest of the gang, who will just be there waiting for us."

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 12:55 (one month ago) link

oh yeah that point in the game is pretty cool

Diggin Holes (Ste), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 14:13 (one month ago) link

lots of people apparently hated that section, i didn't mind it, plus the gfx are extra pretty. i like it as a story element because it's a counterpoint to dutch's conception of an island paradise

global tetrahedron, Tuesday, 22 June 2021 15:10 (one month ago) link

Yeah it's good. Breaks things up and it's where the story really starts getting somewhere

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Tuesday, 22 June 2021 22:19 (one month ago) link

Wow, that tropical detour was fast. Things seem to be speeding along here, given how few built-in breaks I'm getting. D'Angelo song ruled.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 23 June 2021 02:21 (one month ago) link

"Arthur, you have tuberculosis and need rest or you're going to die."

(one minute later)

"Arthur, take over this hot air balloon while we try to break John out of prison!"

Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 24 June 2021 16:33 (one month ago) link

Looks like I've just begun Chapter 6. Living conditions keep getting worse and worse, I've got a cough I can't shake, the neighbors are monsters and people keep dying. But Dutch is planning something! Still, I'd say there have been some subtle hints that maybe this will all not end well. I dunno, just call it a hunch.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 3 July 2021 12:57 (three weeks ago) link

make sure to do the optional side missions during chapter 6, they open up arthur's character a lot

global tetrahedron, Sunday, 4 July 2021 17:13 (three weeks ago) link

I don't skip any of the side missions, save for the more busy work find me every flower kind of missions. But the very fact that not only does playing side missions in a video game help you learn more about the character you are playing, you *want* to learn more, really underscores the quality of the writing.

Josh in Chicago, Sunday, 4 July 2021 18:12 (three weeks ago) link

the new RDO update is half decent. the overall reception has been outrage but i seriously don't know what those weirdos are expecting

global tetrahedron, Wednesday, 14 July 2021 16:31 (two weeks ago) link

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