which city for GTA 5?

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this is my own personal shortlist. feel free to write-in. where would you most like the next GTA to be set?

Poll Results

tokyo 11
other (pls to specify) 5
london 4
glasgow 3
berlin 2
baghdad 2
paris 2
san francisco 1
delhi 1
rio de janeiro 1
lagos 1
milan 0
buenos aires 0
istanbul 0

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:23 (thirteen years ago) link

Milton Keynes

snoball, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:24 (thirteen years ago) link


Glans Kafka (MPx4A), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:24 (thirteen years ago) link


Glans Kafka (MPx4A), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:25 (thirteen years ago) link

coventry maybe but wd a milton keynes GTA really be any cop? GTA needs a sufficiently large mix of ethnicities and immigrant factions to work successfully dunnit? which probably discounts a heap of cities on my list, tho it would be nice to see them stray from that formula (I might be getting GTA wrong here btw, I'm not the biggest fanboy, feel free to correct me)

delhi wd be ace but I don't think the tech could handle the density of ppl req'd to be faithful

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:28 (thirteen years ago) link

sinking feeling it'll be london

there aren't any iconic american cities left. chicago?

maybe it will be a historical title

MIRV Griffin (goole), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:30 (thirteen years ago) link

they've done san francisco haven't they (I suck at GTA); ignore tht one

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:31 (thirteen years ago) link


Henry Frog (Frogman Henry), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:33 (thirteen years ago) link

new york

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:35 (thirteen years ago) link


caek, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:38 (thirteen years ago) link

maybe here would be best http://desktopgaming.com/desktops/thumbnails/166.jpg

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:39 (thirteen years ago) link

niko bellic

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:41 (thirteen years ago) link

scotland would be cool, but I don't think marketing would let them do that.

caek, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:44 (thirteen years ago) link

wd be a PR disaster on the scale of the resi5 trailer: a GTA w/only very pale white people in it

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:46 (thirteen years ago) link

lagos would be insane

s1ocki, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:46 (thirteen years ago) link

mumbai too close to the bone?

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:46 (thirteen years ago) link

rio would be cool

s1ocki, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:47 (thirteen years ago) link


ledge, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:54 (thirteen years ago) link

pyongyang o_O

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 14:54 (thirteen years ago) link

baltimore :D

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 15:05 (thirteen years ago) link


ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 15:30 (thirteen years ago) link

baltimore+dc ????

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 15:30 (thirteen years ago) link

(obama could be in it)

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 15:31 (thirteen years ago) link


salsa shark, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 15:39 (thirteen years ago) link

mumbai would be awesome

congratulations (n/a), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 15:40 (thirteen years ago) link

you should PLAY obama in it

s1ocki, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 16:32 (thirteen years ago) link

lol the character could be called barry opana or somesuch

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 16:34 (thirteen years ago) link

El Dorado

Zion (lol)

ledge, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 16:38 (thirteen years ago) link

lol the character could be called barry opana or somesuch

― ice cr?m, Wednesday, January 21, 2009 4:34 PM (4 minutes ago) Bookmark Suggest Ban Permalink

it could revolve around the first 100 days... all the people he has to take out and stuff

s1ocki, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 16:39 (thirteen years ago) link

yah there could be a governing aspect where u have to negotiate w/the gop and stuff and a crime spree aspect where u kill everyone - but the thing is no one can know yr the president so u wear a comedy mustache when committing crimes - of course the two worlds meet...

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 16:46 (thirteen years ago) link

Back to Vice City, but this time I want rural Florida, the keys, and Cuba or something similar.

Your heartbeat soun like sasquatch feet (polyphonic), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:19 (thirteen years ago) link

I don't particularly want it but maybe a Vegas one will be made.

Women can be captains too, you know? (jim), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:23 (thirteen years ago) link

i think it'll stay in the US, but somewhere more pulpy and vivid than lib city - so yeah, vice city maybe...

the fap where all the dudes fawned over my chick (stevie), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:34 (thirteen years ago) link

how about NOLA

s1ocki, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:37 (thirteen years ago) link

NOLA would be amazing.

Your heartbeat soun like sasquatch feet (polyphonic), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:37 (thirteen years ago) link

itd be cool to do a completely accurate recreation of a geographically small city

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:40 (thirteen years ago) link

athens, ga

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:42 (thirteen years ago) link

you play a member of an elephant 6 band

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:42 (thirteen years ago) link

Machu Picchu

ledge, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:43 (thirteen years ago) link

pattern dictates it should be a glorious revamp of vice city-

ps1 gta : liberty, vice city, san andreas
ps2 gta : liberty, vice city, san andreas
psp gta : liberty stories, vice stories
ps3 gta : liberty city, ??

Ant Attack.. (Ste), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 17:48 (thirteen years ago) link

^^^haha cozwn, i'd play that game!

Nhex, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:00 (thirteen years ago) link

(also do have the sinking feeling they will just go back to Vice City, but I'd much rather see another city. Even in another country besides the US, but it seems you need that vast multicultural criminal tension for it to work, so where else?)

Nhex, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:01 (thirteen years ago) link


(*゚ー゚)θ L(。・_・)   °~ヾ(・ε・ *) (Steve Shasta), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:22 (thirteen years ago) link


s1ocki, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:30 (thirteen years ago) link

wd play GTA: bogota

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:31 (thirteen years ago) link

^^wd be lagos-level sick I think

cozwn, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:31 (thirteen years ago) link

I'd love to play an Al Capone starred GTA

Ant Attack.. (Ste), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:52 (thirteen years ago) link

it should prob just be the entire world - is everyone ready 4 dat

ice cr?m, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 18:53 (thirteen years ago) link

sounds like a great plot for a movie maybe from the directors of crank?

spells don't effect me, just hit em for the xp (Lamp), Wednesday, 21 January 2009 19:00 (thirteen years ago) link

Hey, guys! Love this conversation.

I voted for Tokyo. With the lights and tall skyscrapers and dense population, you could have some very engaging gameplay. If the artists at Rockstar really branch out like they did in GTA: San Andreas, you could include Mt. Fuji, rural Shinto areas of gameplay, and even the military base at Okinawa. Plus, Japan in itself geographically most resembles a GTA "state". Just imagine plots involving North Korean kidnappers and side missions in pachinko parlours!

Yanks would have to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road, but who knows? Maybe even Godzilla or the Enola Gay could make an appearance in the end!

I wonder what they would call it though. GTA: Miyogi?


energy, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 19:02 (thirteen years ago) link

So I recently returned to San Andreas.

I had been playing "The Ballad of Gay Tony" for the first time. While I wasn't so crazy about the original Grant Theft Auto IV - with the closed bridges, the constant calls to go bowling, the small quarters of Liberty City but without the bustling population of the real New York - TBoGT was pretty fun. (I talked more about it here.)

I quit playing GTA-V years ago. Both me and my PS3 burned out. I had popped it in a few months ago on the PS3 we use for the Internet, and it wasn't the same. I gave it a second (third?) chance when I remembered that GTA-V had a similar gate glitch to GTA-IV's swing glitch. I had never encountered it because at the time, I had no idea what the hell people were talking about, in regard to that thing.

Played the first couple of missions - again - and realized, holy hell it was going to take forever to get back to where I was on the deceased PS3. I assumed the online portion would be nothing but tumbleweeds and hackers since everyone had moved on to PS4, but having seen the still-active online lobbies of IV, I dove in.

It's definitely a different scene now on the PS3's version of GTA-V Online, but I haven't seen any asteroids in the street yet. Lots of RP numbers in the middle triple digits, making me feel like a n00b ranked at just 137. Players for the most part are interested only in gunfights or setting things on fire - not much change from when I was on.

I noticed one of my characters hadn't robbed all the stores yet, so I made that my new mission. One player who had been a white flag in his apartment messaged me with "wanna rob stores together?" I felt like I was being watched!

Another player messaged "hey". I replied back with "hey". He asks "know any mods?" And then he left.

I was looking one night behind the police station in East L.S. for some cars to sell. It was a pretty active lobby, but no trolls so far. That is, from out of nowhere, my car exploded and the caption "DeadThreat69 killed Pplains" came up. But there was suddenly a huge list of captions on the right appearing at once: ""DeadThreat69 killed OtherPlayer1", "DeadThreat69 killed OtherPlayer2", "DeadThreat69 killed OtherPlayer3"... Like we all exploded at the same time.

Which was confirmed when I respawned and everyone simultaneously exploded again ten seconds later. Kinda had to beat the clock to check out of that session before I blew up a third time.

I left right before the heists became a thing. It's strange, that was apparently the last big update the PS3 had. So while everyone else is setting up nightclubs like they're Tony Prince, we're still out there casing the Fleeca Bank on PH1. Just to get Lester off my ass, I went through the motions of starting heist, but man, the servers are shit. I've watched that intro with the Chris Parnell guy talking about breaking some dude out of prison too many times. Most of the time, everyone leaves and I wind up walking out of some unfamiliar apartment building. Another time, I was designated the pilot so I went to the airport. By the time I was on the runway, we had failed the mission somehow.

During my first go, I joined in the middle of the prison heist. There's one scene where you have to go out to Blaine County to get an airplane. I drove all the way to the Sandy Shores airport before realizing, shit, the plane's at that little airport in Grapeseed, on the other side of the lake. Finally got there, jumped out of my Dubsta 6x6, and promptly got shot in the head, which failed the mission for everyone.

Few nights ago, did the Fleeca (where you only need two) with someone else. Servers were so bad. He was driving the car and smashing into everything. Except - we'd hit something and then suddenly be back on the road about 500 feet away. Like the server was buffering the time between the two of us. At one point, we had to steal one car from a garage. I jumped into it and took off back to Lester's. But when I got there, other dude was standing there under the bridge - next to the car I had just stolen.

Checked in to my old house in Paleto Bay. Drove the Dubsta in there, but the garage was full. Transferred one of the cars into storage, and *pop*, the Dubsta appeared in its place. Walked back outside and - there was my Dubsta on the street! Quickly did a 180 back into the garage and ... the first Dubsta was still there! Got excited and since the one in the street still had the tracker symbol on it, I drove that one back to L.S., thinking the dupe in the garage would be locked up.

It wasn't. Went by there yesterday and it was gone.

The kids are older now, but I still don't like playing this game in front of them, which isn't easy since I'm in the living room now. You don't notice how many NPCs just say WHAT THE FUCK? at random intervals until your eight-year-old is behind you on the couch playing Fortnite. I don't even like listening to West Coast Classics with them in the room. Started playing the SP and got to the mission where Franklin has to videotape the actress by the pool. Quit that one on the spot.

The thrill is gone, but it's still been fun. Doing mundane things like riding the entire length of the subway. Trying to remember how to get into wall breaches. The boy and I got to share a moment the other night after I hiked to the top of Mount Gordo and the scary ghost appeared before us at 23:00. ("Get closer!" he kept telling me.)

In fact, I've been having such a time that I've completely forgotten about finding that gate glitch. I'll have to do that soon and then decide whether the family needs a PS4 for RDR2.

pplains, Thursday, 9 August 2018 22:19 (four years ago) link

GTA Online works much better on my PS4 than it did on 360 but it's still pretty buggy. The Doomsday Heist stuff was pretty cool, though. I haven't checked out the last two updates since then.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Thursday, 9 August 2018 22:31 (four years ago) link

I’m on PC but if you guys want to play some online stuff I could prob join

calstars, Thursday, 9 August 2018 23:21 (four years ago) link

one month passes...

I discovered this guy last night... a surreal event on its own.


Turns out, it's the guy who DJs Rebel Rock Radio. And turns out, he's got a crazy wikipedia story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesco_White

I was just looking to see if he had some money hidden in his trailer or something.

pplains, Sunday, 9 September 2018 21:40 (four years ago) link


calstars, Sunday, 9 September 2018 22:10 (four years ago) link

I like how you deck him at the end

calstars, Sunday, 9 September 2018 22:10 (four years ago) link

eight months pass...
ten months pass...

rockstar studios, max payne 3 development team, 2013

gather around team. we need to figure out the release date for GTA 6 in 2021, right now

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 31 March 2020 00:19 (two years ago) link

God that is so fucking stupid

COVID and the Gang (jim in vancouver), Tuesday, 31 March 2020 00:22 (two years ago) link

at the same time, if they're looking for a release date and they think it's going to be fall 2021, might as well make it align!

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 31 March 2020 00:23 (two years ago) link


pplains, Tuesday, 31 March 2020 00:54 (two years ago) link

five months pass...

Starting up online from scratch, on level 4. Going slow so I get the hang of it

calstars, Tuesday, 15 September 2020 14:24 (two years ago) link

I jumped in the other day, I think I'm only on level 7 or something. Tried an open wheel race - got wupped but enjoyed it.

There was a treasure hunt game that I took part in too, had fun with that too.

Might start playing this as well.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Tuesday, 15 September 2020 14:49 (two years ago) link

two months pass...


Island infiltration action and a sub. Drug dealin’ nautical shit

calstars, Saturday, 21 November 2020 13:19 (one year ago) link

one month passes...

Who’s in for a perico heist this weekend?

calstars, Wednesday, 6 January 2021 01:19 (one year ago) link

sure if a level 2 or whatever can join. I tried a group mission once. They were like "oh ffs". I died the exact same, quick way 3 times. They were like "oh ffs"

i did finish single player... but Steam servers were down that weekend so I can't prove it.

maf you one two (maffew12), Wednesday, 6 January 2021 01:42 (one year ago) link

the club with Moodymann is pretty neat. that's all i done with the update so far.

maf you one two (maffew12), Wednesday, 6 January 2021 01:43 (one year ago) link

I think I’m level 7 or something. Haven’t played in a few months nor checked out the update yet

calstars, Wednesday, 6 January 2021 03:50 (one year ago) link

I revisited GTA IV last night, started a fresh save and am loving it. The city is so much more vibrant than V for me.

I also tried revisiting San Andreas on the ps2 this afternoon and man this game is brutal. There's a lot to do though, lots and lots and lots.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Saturday, 9 January 2021 20:33 (one year ago) link


calstars, Saturday, 9 January 2021 21:36 (one year ago) link

yeah, the og san andreas GTA.

I play IV on the ps3 too, because the pc version is shitty.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Saturday, 9 January 2021 21:48 (one year ago) link

Playing this shit tonight

calstars, Sunday, 10 January 2021 22:24 (one year ago) link

good luck. Just finished my session. Somebody give me a yell when lockdown is over, me and Lil Jacob will be playing pool at the Cafe til then.

An ting.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Sunday, 10 January 2021 23:04 (one year ago) link

What time? How do i join a specific game?

maf you one two (maffew12), Sunday, 10 January 2021 23:17 (one year ago) link

I figured out how to play this game. I “wake up” online and just hang around my apartment during the day. When the sun goes down I go for a walk.

calstars, Saturday, 23 January 2021 22:42 (one year ago) link

Enjoying San Andreas on ps2, more than I thought I would tbh. After you recover from the initial gut-punch of low poly visuals the game becomes a monster of activity. So many places where just boarding a vehicle triggers some kind of side mission.

Loving the driving, as has been the best gta for motorbike controls I find.

Have done 80 tags out of 100, but having hard time remembering where the last ones are. The orange tags are quite hard to see.

Just opened the San Fierro part of the map and started all those back water type missions with Catalina and The Truth. Stuck now on the harvester mission that I keep failing for various reasons each time. But I'm gathering more rifle ammo on each attempt.

Forgot there was a betting shop in this game where you can gamble on the horses. The low poly interior models of the shop are almost empty and depressing looking - most realistic thing in this game.

Managed to max out my muscle which I don't believe I ever bothered with when I played it originally, I look terrific! And passers by often agree.

Attempting 100% on this, I predict driving licence section gonna be fun.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Sunday, 24 January 2021 21:56 (one year ago) link

I love San Andreas. My favourite GTA.

Fenners' Pen (jim in vancouver), Sunday, 24 January 2021 22:03 (one year ago) link

Managed to max out my muscle which I don't believe I ever bothered with when I played it originally, I look terrific! And passers by often agree.

I remember spending a long time working out to max those muscles but zero time bathing* or changing my clothes. That earned me plenty of comments from passers-by.

*in the game :)

new variant (onimo), Monday, 25 January 2021 23:43 (one year ago) link

Is changing your clothes the only way of 'cleansing' in this game? Cos yeah I'm getting those comments too.

I don't want to change my outfit though, I like my dumb hoodie and beach shorts.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Tuesday, 26 January 2021 08:55 (one year ago) link

Change and change back again

I think swimming cleans you too so work out at the beach

new variant (onimo), Tuesday, 26 January 2021 12:24 (one year ago) link

seven months pass...

I know there's a specific thread on ILM for Lee, but RIP Lee Scratch Perry who performed the DJ role on Blue Ark for GTA 5

Love the Money Come Money Go song as well.

Sorry, but that is how I feel (Ste), Tuesday, 31 August 2021 08:36 (one year ago) link

For a second I was flattered.

Moz Jabroni (Leee), Tuesday, 31 August 2021 20:01 (one year ago) link

three months pass...

Bet you were wondering what Dr. Dre and Phil Collins had in common.


pplains, Wednesday, 8 December 2021 18:39 (nine months ago) link

“it turns out Dr. Dre’s phone isn’t just missing — it’s in the wrong hands. Not only that, but the phone also contains the hottest property in the city: new, unreleased music from Dr. Dre himself.”

Uh huh

calstars, Wednesday, 8 December 2021 23:37 (nine months ago) link

I think the reward for completing this is going to be some unreleased dr Dre music

calstars, Wednesday, 8 December 2021 23:38 (nine months ago) link

I think I'm okay with never really playing V again tbh

Ste, Thursday, 9 December 2021 09:28 (nine months ago) link

one month passes...

btw, I lied.

Ste, Friday, 21 January 2022 09:18 (eight months ago) link

Because my friend now owns it and we've been having some fun online together.

One thing about the online, and we could probably coat most of Rockstar productions with this, is just how janky they make the presentation in regards to choosing jobs and missions. It's all over the place in terms of interface. Bombarded with messages about what's now available aaargh. Too many options that are pointless - why would I want to bother choosing a 'starting radio track' ? Take that shit out ffs.

It's nice to have an extra selection of cars from online, but this for me highlights more about R* neglecting any updates to solo mode where I don't see a problem with them providing extra vehicles to purchase.

Ste, Friday, 21 January 2022 09:31 (eight months ago) link

five months pass...

We got a PS4 finally since PS5's are rare to find these days.

Had no idea that GTA Online had a subscription rate now. Wouldn't have bought – fuck, our third or fourth copy of this game? – had we known that.

Maybe I'll fork over the $5 a month eventually, but there were so many moments online where I'd think, "At least I'm not paying for this shit."

pplains, Friday, 8 July 2022 14:47 (two months ago) link

That's odd. I played a bit of it last month on PS5 and didn't have to pay a subscription. I bought V on PS4 when it came out and have vanilla PS plus.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Sunday, 10 July 2022 19:15 (two months ago) link

How would you compare the ps4 vs ps5 gta experience ?

calstars, Sunday, 10 July 2022 19:23 (two months ago) link

I only played for like an hour or two but it just feels very old, despite the improvements to the frame rate or whatever. The gunplay especially feels a million years old.

I got a few missions toward getting to the Dr. Dre stuff but I didn't make a ton of progress.

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Sunday, 10 July 2022 19:40 (two months ago) link

two weeks pass...

gta 6 will have female protagonist. gonna ignite gamergate 2.0? i guess gamergate 2.0 was the MAGA movement

global tetrahedron, Wednesday, 27 July 2022 15:02 (two months ago) link


This guy says it will have male and female protagonists and be set in Miami

Time for a gta 6 thread yet?

calstars, Saturday, 30 July 2022 22:17 (two months ago) link

to be fair those rumours have been going around for a while now, and I don't believe Rockstar have confirmed anything other than that they are working on the game.

Strong possibility on both accounts though. Agree about a new thread, happy to endulge in any speculation etc on the next game.

Ste, Sunday, 31 July 2022 20:00 (two months ago) link

Starting it

calstars, Sunday, 31 July 2022 20:41 (two months ago) link

one month passes...

100s of videos of gta6 leaked


so you'll probably be able to figure out which city it's in now

Karl Malone, Monday, 19 September 2022 14:55 (two weeks ago) link

*nods* it's Leeds

ciderpress, Monday, 19 September 2022 16:21 (two weeks ago) link

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