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fuck yes!

latebloomer: Do I have a large frog in my hair? (latebloomer), Sunday, 20 November 2005 13:13 (seventeen years ago) link

Too short.

adam (adam), Sunday, 20 November 2005 18:39 (seventeen years ago) link


kingfish hobo juckie (kingfish 2.0), Sunday, 20 November 2005 20:08 (seventeen years ago) link

I like short games and nipples!

Jordan (Jordan), Sunday, 20 November 2005 20:55 (seventeen years ago) link

so much fun

lemin (lemin), Monday, 21 November 2005 05:25 (seventeen years ago) link

Def. top twenty all time. Such an enjoyable experience and the story was intense enough that even my girlfriend was into it.

Forksclovetofu (Forksclovetofu), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 00:19 (seventeen years ago) link

This is on my next-to-play list after Shadow of the Colossus.

Jordan (Jordan), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 01:19 (seventeen years ago) link

intense enough that even my girlfriend was into it.


kingfish hobo juckie (kingfish 2.0), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 01:56 (seventeen years ago) link

"the story was intense enough that even my girlfriend was into it", i.e.: not hackneyed and genuinely engaging with lots of twists and turns. She actually wanted me to wait to play it when she was around so that she didn't lose track of the plot. And she's not what I'd call a videogame girl, either.

Forksclovetofu (Forksclovetofu), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 03:05 (seventeen years ago) link

oh, ok. that makes sense. I just didn't get your usage of "intense."

kingfish hobo juckie (kingfish 2.0), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 03:38 (seventeen years ago) link

the action in the game IS intense, though.

latebloomer: Do I have a large frog in my hair? (latebloomer), Wednesday, 23 November 2005 14:40 (seventeen years ago) link

four months pass...
just got this. will i love?

cutty (mcutt), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 12:45 (sixteen years ago) link

yeah. It's not as good as everyone says. But that doesn't mean it's not a big bunch of fun.

JimD (JimD), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 13:58 (sixteen years ago) link

It was a lot better than I expected it to be, mostly because this sort of game isn't usually my cup of tea.

polyphonic (polyphonic), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 15:54 (sixteen years ago) link

once i beat halo2 and star wars kotorII, is there any reason not to trade my xbox for a ps2?

phil-two (phil-two), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 16:25 (sixteen years ago) link

i recently re-acquisitioned a ps2 after selling it for xbox a long time ago for specific console exclusive games like guitar hero, god of war, katamari, and metal gear 3. xbox hardly has any exclusives, but if a game is multi platform, like black, i'll still opt for the xbox version.

cutty (mcutt), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 16:45 (sixteen years ago) link

With the 360 out and the PS3 and the Revolution coming soon, this seems like a bad time to buy a soon to be defunct console. These PS2 games aren't going anywhere and the PS3 will play them.

polyphonic (polyphonic), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 17:12 (sixteen years ago) link

but he wanted to trade xbox for a ps2, not buy a new console. i got the ps2 for free, so, yeah.

cutty (mcutt), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 17:25 (sixteen years ago) link

I left my reading comprehension abilities at home.

polyphonic (polyphonic), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 17:55 (sixteen years ago) link

is there a trick to timing those boss killing combo button pushes?

or am i retarded?

cutty (mcutt), Thursday, 13 April 2006 03:23 (sixteen years ago) link

i got the ps2 for free, so, yeah.

did you get someone else to do the handjob?

phil-two (phil-two), Thursday, 13 April 2006 03:50 (sixteen years ago) link

i don't know what you are talking about.


cutty (mcutt), Thursday, 13 April 2006 05:04 (sixteen years ago) link

The timing on those isn't very crucial at all - just push the button when it appears.

The Yellow Kid, Thursday, 13 April 2006 17:37 (sixteen years ago) link

i wasn't facing the boss, thats why the combo didnt work

cutty (mcutt), Thursday, 13 April 2006 19:56 (sixteen years ago) link

I can't think of any game where you kill the boss with your back to him.

Forksclovetofu (Forksclovetofu), Saturday, 15 April 2006 01:36 (sixteen years ago) link

I found this game's soundtrack/soundFX and graphics fuckin' impressive. I was totally into watching Nick play as well (tho I dunno if I'dve played it myself, the fight/move combos looked complicated and I'm a spaz).

Trayce (trayce), Saturday, 15 April 2006 02:09 (sixteen years ago) link

this game gets so intense...its like a half hour playing does to your hands what three hours playing would.

latebloomer: Ambassador With Training In Righteousness (latebloomer), Saturday, 15 April 2006 03:03 (sixteen years ago) link

LOL I am watching Nick play a bit where he's underwater trying to avoid a load of giant slabs on chains that kill you and he's failing repeatedly. Man.

Trayce (trayce), Saturday, 15 April 2006 08:54 (sixteen years ago) link

I just got this today from dvd.co.uk (£11.90 delivered) and it's possibly the most awesome looking PS2 game I've played. I just got to the Temple Of The Oracle which I think is about a third of the way in. Hating the gorgons.

Onimo (GerryNemo), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 22:31 (sixteen years ago) link

It is awesome for PS2 yeah. I wouldve sworn it was an xbox game if I didnt know.

Trayce (trayce), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 23:13 (sixteen years ago) link

nine months pass...
Last night I had to not play. I actually had to instruct myself: "Do not play this game" as I knew that if I put it on I would be up until dawn and any sleep thereafter would probably involve Gorgons and shit. What an amazing game! The sound, the action and the graphics are all sensational. I have only just passed:


The Gravedigger in front of Oracle's temple


I can't get enough. Please all, mark your spoilers. I really don't want to know what comes next but I had to just enthuse for a while!

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Monday, 22 January 2007 10:01 (sixteen years ago) link

such a good game. definitely one of the best I've played on PS2. the fights are great (and I'm not too fond of that kinda games usually). one of the great things is how they succeeded at giving the impression of monumental situations (like when he reaches Athens). total classic.

AleXTC (AleXTC), Monday, 22 January 2007 11:43 (sixteen years ago) link

So true. It's a bugger trying to remember the combos though. I feel a bit guilty about all the button mashing. I'm sure in later levels I won't get away with it!

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Monday, 22 January 2007 12:13 (sixteen years ago) link

the trailer for 300 looks like cutscenes from this game

feed latebloomer (latebloomer), Monday, 22 January 2007 13:53 (sixteen years ago) link

Sadly enough I find that I get so wound up playing this game that I might need to stop playing altogether.

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Wednesday, 24 January 2007 13:20 (sixteen years ago) link

it's pretty intense/stressful during some of the bigger fights

feed latebloomer (latebloomer), Wednesday, 24 January 2007 17:58 (sixteen years ago) link

I think my left thumb is sprained from playing this so much over the weekend. It is brilliant. I am disgusted that


After all the time in that temple I got killed. F u Aries, you made this personal!

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Monday, 29 January 2007 09:06 (sixteen years ago) link

Finished. Rather sad that I now have to do it all over again on God for more unlockables and that I lose all my powers and things. Saved at the wrong point as well so don't even get to redo the final battle *Grrr* What a stupid place for a save point, right at the very end! Ach well, fantastic game and I'd reccomend it to anyone.

That said, I finished playing at half seven yesterday evening and still was wound up around half 12, that game gets intense!

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Tuesday, 30 January 2007 11:33 (sixteen years ago) link

as I said, I loved this game but I was kinda disappointed by the final fight. I guess I was just spoiled by all the greatness that lead to it...

AleXTC (AleXTC), Tuesday, 30 January 2007 12:14 (sixteen years ago) link

The final fight is so easy that it is a real disappointment. I really enjoyed wanting to know what came next. I'll probably play it again in a more leisurely fashion now, I was rushing through it to see what came next.

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Tuesday, 30 January 2007 14:08 (sixteen years ago) link

LOL I am watching Nick play a bit where he's underwater trying to avoid a load of giant slabs on chains that kill you and he's failing repeatedly. Man.

I remember there *Shudder*


Between that challenge, the rotating knives in Hades and spikes through the floor I swear that this game was great until you tried those levels. Between the camera angle and the controls ("DON'T JUMP ON THE BOX!!! PUSH IT!!! AW FUCK!!!) it could make those puzzles a right challenge!

End of spoiler

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Tuesday, 30 January 2007 15:44 (sixteen years ago) link

ah. the underwater thing was a pain in the ass. it took me a long time before I found out how to pass that. those were great frustrating times...

AleXTC (AleXTC), Tuesday, 30 January 2007 17:52 (sixteen years ago) link

it took me about half an hr to realize you could just hold down whatever button it was that made you swim. after that, the slabs on chains part was loads easier.

Hades was really hard, yeah, but nothing that hampered my enjoyment of the game. and it just looks amazing

lemin (lemin), Wednesday, 31 January 2007 00:17 (sixteen years ago) link

The trailer for GoW2 looks sweet.

polyphonic (polyphonic), Wednesday, 31 January 2007 00:30 (sixteen years ago) link

Oh no. No. Not another. I'll have to have my hands amputated or something! Otherwise I could have a heart attack from the stress!

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Wednesday, 31 January 2007 10:59 (sixteen years ago) link

Also, link plz?

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Wednesday, 31 January 2007 10:59 (sixteen years ago) link

Found it:


Also found this:

Huge Collection of Combat Moves: Players can utilize their favourite combo attacks from GOD OF WAR along with a whole new set of moves and magic. Magic is based on nature's elements which include utilizing the power if wind, ice and much more

New Characters: From the popular Cyclops and Cerebus to the Flying Gryphon and more, players will encounter some of the greatest Greek mythological beasts, along with more enemies and bosses

Puzzle Solving: GOD OF WAR II features more puzzle solving, where players must solve intelligent, challenging and progressively more complicated puzzles latent with brutal elements that are intricately woven into the overarching story

Exploration: Players will continue their previous experiences in the dark, violent world of Greek mythology and test their agility through more levels as they traverse treacherous, often brutal terrain that will range from the undiscovered Sisters of Fate to the Dark Swap

Kv_nol (Kv_nol), Wednesday, 31 January 2007 12:07 (sixteen years ago) link

hum. seems great. again !

AleXTC (AleXTC), Thursday, 1 February 2007 17:58 (sixteen years ago) link

one month passes...
Preordered this a couple of days ago. I cannot wait. Between this and GTA:VCS I definitely think that the +1 will dump me for lack of attention!

kv_nol, Wednesday, 28 March 2007 12:31 (fifteen years ago) link

hahaha preorder. I'm halfway through. If you liked the first you'll love it.

marmotwolof, Wednesday, 28 March 2007 20:35 (fifteen years ago) link

Nice. I think you would have the best time with Sekiro, since it's tuned for single player. Bloodborne is a little faster paced (aggression is encouraged), DS2 is slower paced (more similar to DS1 in that respect, although in every other respect its the odd one out - animations, mechanics, etc). And Sekiro has a very particular rhythm as far as defense and offense are concerned, but it's cool.

change display name (Jordan), Friday, 5 June 2020 16:19 (two years ago) link

Second valkyrie down. I basically move the plot forward one step at a time, then spend a bunch of time on side quests. Only just now realized that I haven't been upgrading as often as I should, and that I haven't equipped some pretty powerful stuff I had in my arsenal. Dunno if it's my settings, but one thing I like that makes things easier is that when you die a few times in a row, it seems the next time you start the fight the enemies are already down in health a bit, like a handicap. Makes you feel less bad for being, like, one Sparta Fart away from beating a boss before dying, since you don't have to start from scratch the next time.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 5 June 2020 22:00 (two years ago) link

You've taken down more Valkyries than I have now!

Swoler Bear (Leee), Friday, 5 June 2020 22:47 (two years ago) link

This game could be called "God of Spam," lol.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 6 June 2020 00:02 (two years ago) link

I've not been following a guide for this one, because it's pretty straight forward, so I literally have no idea how far I have to go, but I feel pretty overpowered right now, which is still kind of fun. It could simply be because I did something out of general order and came back over-equipped or something. Also, only just now realized the neat trick this game plays with load times. It's all designed to look like one seamless interrupted "shot." That is, the only time the screen goes dark is when you die and restart. Other than that, the cut scenes and other stuff is integrated seamlessly and unbroken into the action, which is cool.

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 8 June 2020 14:42 (two years ago) link

Oof, maybe I got lucky with those first two valkyries, because the next two I faced kicked my ass with "Dark Souls" expediency. That's usually a hint to come back later, especially when it comes to optional bosses.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 9 June 2020 21:08 (two years ago) link

Amusingly, I just finished the main storyline. I was convinced there was going to be some sort of bait and switch and final boss or something, but then the credits started rolling and I thought, huh. Oh well, there are still all these side quests and other things to do. And I find the writing and design and all that stuff absolutely impeccable, so I may stick with a bit longer, just for fun.

Anyway, that's the downside of not following any guides. Surprises abound, but no one to intervene and say, hey, you are getting close to the end of the game, maybe take a break from the main quest and go do all this other fun stuff first.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 16 June 2020 01:49 (two years ago) link

Did you see the secret ending?

Shade Kool-Aid (Leee), Tuesday, 16 June 2020 01:55 (two years ago) link

No! But I leaned it exists when I googled to see if that was really the end.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 16 June 2020 03:19 (two years ago) link

Wow, full blockbuster tease! Surprised they didn't announce that as part of the PS5 thing.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 16 June 2020 04:00 (two years ago) link

going in

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Tuesday, 16 June 2020 23:06 (two years ago) link

Who could care about Kratos at this point? He's an irredeemable asshole and he spends the whole game killing EVERYONE
― i'm gonna need a +1 so me & a friend can kick you in the balls (forksclovetofu), Tuesday, July 20, 2010 11:35 PM

lol, they took up my gauntlet!

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Wednesday, 17 June 2020 13:52 (two years ago) link

yeah, this game is basically, can an irredeemable asshole be redeemed? should they?

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 17 June 2020 14:01 (two years ago) link

paired with a nice subplot of "will i be able to sacrifice my chattering pre-teen to another god in exchange for a better weapon?"

Karl Malone, Wednesday, 17 June 2020 14:36 (two years ago) link

You know he's thinking about it.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 17 June 2020 15:39 (two years ago) link

since kratos is the strong silent type, i made sure to speak for him throughout the game, firmly reminding my son that he would be traded at the very first opportunity for personal gain, and that my only remaining hope for my own life was to find that opportunity and take advantage of it

Karl Malone, Wednesday, 17 June 2020 15:48 (two years ago) link

five months pass...

started God Of War this week. right now i'm paddling around a lake trying to shoot green parrots and grudgingly helping out spirits. fun game, even if it's a bit more 'on rails' than I'm used to. also Kratos is an absolute lunk who regularly refuses to do what i ask him. Atreus is a pain in the arse. beautiful game though, and never boring

Specific Ocean Blue (dog latin), Tuesday, 17 November 2020 15:19 (two years ago) link

what is the relationship between this and Horizon? is it by the same team in any way? so many similarities

Specific Ocean Blue (dog latin), Tuesday, 17 November 2020 15:20 (two years ago) link

no relationship other than them both being made by sony-owned studios

ciderpress, Tuesday, 17 November 2020 15:28 (two years ago) link

nine months pass...

I am all over this:


Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 9 September 2021 21:32 (one year ago) link

That looks very good, although are those the PS5 graphics? I'm still struggling to see much improvement on PS4. Atreus especially looks like a talking dummy. I bet it'll be awesome though. Must go back and defeat those bloody valkyries one day.

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Friday, 10 September 2021 09:55 (one year ago) link

they need to go on a quest... for winter jackets!!

lag∞n, Friday, 10 September 2021 12:50 (one year ago) link

Eh, they're Gods, they keep it cool.

xpost Yeah, I never finished with the valkyries. I find it hard to keep going once I finish a game's main storyline, plus they were significantly more difficult than anything else in the game.

As I understand it the biggest improvement on the PS4 (so far) is load-times rather than graphics. I mean, the last God o War looked great! I did see this trailer for some Chinese monkey god game in progress, though, and the fluidity and detail looked like an advance:


Josh in Chicago, Friday, 10 September 2021 12:57 (one year ago) link

one year passes...

Of course reviews of the new one (what little I've glanced at or seen excerpted) are over the top positive. This may end up the second AAA game I ever pay full price for.

Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 3 November 2022 14:03 (four months ago) link

My contribution to this thread will be GOD OF SNORE.

Rabbity Gainsborough (Leee), Thursday, 3 November 2022 17:44 (four months ago) link

god of bore

ciderpress, Thursday, 3 November 2022 17:51 (four months ago) link


lag∞n, Thursday, 3 November 2022 17:55 (four months ago) link

It's going to be an excellent playable movie with some frustratingly twitchy challenges, a decent but if action and some great voice acting. Got it on order

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Friday, 4 November 2022 00:51 (four months ago) link

god of chore

ciderpress, Friday, 4 November 2022 00:55 (four months ago) link

Plod of Floor.

Rabbity Gainsborough (Leee), Friday, 4 November 2022 01:00 (four months ago) link

i never got past the first third of the last one so maybe i'll try SAD OF DAD 1 again

Too much brooding, not enough rage.

That said, it sucks you in after a while.

hrep (H.P), Saturday, 12 November 2022 06:30 (four months ago) link

What’s the deal with these games, is it like an Uncharted mostly on-rails kinda thing

Chuck_Tatum, Saturday, 12 November 2022 14:22 (four months ago) link

Hmm, there's a lot more to (the last) God of War than there is to Uncharted. There's some degree of freedom, in that you can determine the order you do stuff, there's exploration, discovery, travel between different realms, etc. Not nearly as linear as Uncharteds, in that you can pick the order of things, hop around do side quests and stuff. Also cool that it essentially plays out without a cut (cut-scenes aside). It's still linked to a plot/story, though, so all that stuff is ultimately in service of a set goal. And it is very heavy on character/writing/brooding as much as combat. So yeah, the combat is really cool and fun, but if you're not into the relationship between Dad and Boy it could be annoying. Personally I loved it and loved the writing. Can't wait to play the new one.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 12 November 2022 15:02 (four months ago) link

I like this game but I'm not in love with it yet, simply because so far it's exactly as I expected - a pretty-looking follow-up to the 2018 game with some very similar gameplay and challenges. It's still early days yet though, so hoping some curveballs and nice ideas come through.

I wish games like this would stop with the ",Wow look at that, maybe you can climb up there" handholding that happens before you've even properly looked at an area yet

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Sunday, 13 November 2022 23:41 (four months ago) link


— alright 🍊 (@ecnadolep) November 13, 2022

chihuahuau, Monday, 14 November 2022 12:08 (four months ago) link

So annoying. Especially after having immersed myself in Elden Ring for the last several months.
It doesn't do anything to dispel the fact these games are very much on rails a lot of the time - the illusion of choice is hard to maintain when Mimir is constantly prodding you to stick to the path.
And that's a shame, because so much about this game is exceedingly well executed. I love how Atreus and Mimir will just start chatting to fill-out quiet stretches of the game. Sometimes I'm concentrating on getting my boat to steer the right way, so I miss what they're saying but it's a lovely touch.

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Monday, 14 November 2022 12:22 (four months ago) link

The illusion of choice is one of my favorite things about games. I understand this one specifically has a million accessibility settings. Is there a way to make it harder/less hand-holdy?

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 14 November 2022 13:03 (four months ago) link

People seem to be calling for an option to switch off the hints. I don't remember them being quite so frequent in the original game.

(Minor spoilers)
Another thing I'd like to see in a game like this (and Elden Ring maybe?) is a more populated world that isn't simply enemies + the odd NPC. When I heard we were going to a dwarven city, I got really excited. But as soon as you turn up, it goes into lockdown and you just end up wandering all-but empty streets. Don't know if that will change (I've only played a few hours), but I feel we're at a stage in gaming where we should be able to see a world that is truly lived-in, not just apocalypstic landscapes where anything that moves is programmed to attack you on sight. Witcher 3 and RDR2 did this very well of course. It would be really strange to see this in a Souls game, and I'm not sure FromSoft would ever do it, but it would have been a bold move to do this in, say, Leyndell. They hinted at it with the Radahn Festival.

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Monday, 14 November 2022 13:12 (four months ago) link

That's one advantage to waiting to play a game, I guess. Heck, they're still tweaking Elden Ring. I've stayed spoiler free on this one, but googling your issue shows that people had the same problem with Forbidden West (which I also need to catch up on).

Uncharted 4 seems to be handling hints OK. Just vague enough, and then after a while it gives you the option of accepting a more overt hint. RDR2 didn't really offer hints at all, did it? I can't remember. I think games like God of War et al. the problem solving is really secondary to the combat, which is where the sliding difficulty kicks in.

Josh in Chicago, Monday, 14 November 2022 13:31 (four months ago) link

xp Skyrim managed that "living world" thing, as did BOTW, IMO

Critique of the Goth Programme (Neil S), Monday, 14 November 2022 13:34 (four months ago) link

I'm hearing myself say "SHUT THE FUCK UP" way too often while playing this game. There is absolutely no need for Atreus to say "Looks like the main entrance to the mine is blocked, but maybe this enormous cave right next to it which is really obviously there and definitely the only feasible way forward". He tells you about stuff before you've even clapped eyes on it yourself. Maybe this is what like having a kid and visiting the zoo is like? I just want a minute to explore please.

Meanwhile, a lot of the bosses are really tough and once you're in the fight, you're locked in - you can't evade and go spend some hacksilver on power ups, no. You HAVE to fight the boss until you beat him.

And while the boss fights have been really tough and challenging so far, I'm quite bored of having to stop my exploration every few minutes to basically have the same kind of fight with the same kinds of grunts over and over again. They're not especially challenging, they're just inconvenient and take a lot of time to wear down because there are often loads of them.

I am enjoying the story so far though, and the audiovisual experience.

Speaking of haptics, anyone on PS5 find that your L2 makes a quite loud rattling buzz sound when you're aiming the axe? I'm don't think it was doing this yesterday, so I'm wondering if my controller is faulty

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Monday, 14 November 2022 22:50 (four months ago) link

Maybe this is what like having a kid and visiting the zoo is like? I just want a minute to explore please.

― Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Monday, November 14, 2022 5:50 PM (two hours ago) bookmarkflaglink

dad of war

lag∞n, Tuesday, 15 November 2022 01:46 (four months ago) link

i haven't played the new one yet but i'm hopeful because i've heard a rumor that it's the one in which Kratos finally murders his son

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 15 November 2022 02:30 (four months ago) link

Atreus knows the narrator that tells everyone what to do as they hit the 10 second mark in trying to figure out what to do. they are best friends, and they are conspiring against you, protagonist Kratos

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 15 November 2022 02:31 (four months ago) link

until they turn the hint system off, i'll pass

god of war VI: Kratos is very angry

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 15 November 2022 04:20 (four months ago) link

Yeah they need to do something about it. The trouble is, the hints are rarely helpful because Atreus is usually telling you about something you haven't even come to yet.

I was in a network of mines yesterday, and naturally I like to have a good poke around before I progress down the main path. But Boy has already raced ahead and is telling me about how to open a specific door. Then 5 seconds later, Mimir is "brothering" me into doing what Atreus just said.
But by the time I've got to the bit they're talking about, they're both completely schtum

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Tuesday, 15 November 2022 08:39 (four months ago) link

It's testament to this game's storytelling that almost every review I read focuses almost exclusively on the narrative and characters as opposed to the gameplay.

I think if I'd got this game earlier on in my gaming career, I would have absolutely loved it - all I wanted back then was a fun, playable movie. And that's what it is.

It's not that the gameplay is bad in any way, but there is a distinct feeling of repetition that sets in after a while. You follow the path, the characters fill in with some exposition, you come across a puzzle which usually involves aiming your axe in the right way, then you have to defend yourself from a wave of about 10 similar looking enemies, lather rinse repeat.

I don't know why I'm finding this a little tedious, as it's standard for games. Maybe if the enemies and combat were a bit more interesting? Or if the stakes were higher? Maybe I've just played too many Souls games recently but I tend to find the standard battles more prohibitive of my fun than actually fun because they can generally be won through brute force and a few easy dodges. And if you die, you just start again. There are loads of special moves to jujj things up but most of the time I'm just doing heavy melee attacks and doing the odd jump-dodge.

Perhaps I've also missed a plotpoint but the ultimate goal of Kratos and Atreus feels indistinct. Yes, Ragnarok is coming, which is about as apocalyptic as it gets, and yet there's little sense of agency, reason or imperative to this adventure so far - it's just "let's go check some stuff out and see what the craic is".

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Monday, 21 November 2022 18:34 (four months ago) link

four weeks pass...

Update: I've all but given up on this. Life's too short. What eventually made me rage-quit was actually a story/pacing problem where an event in the story harked back to a piece of seemingly idle expository conversation that apparently I'd been having while negotiating a tricky bit of parkour about ten hours previously.

One of the problems with this game is that the characters insist on chattering away while I'm concentrating on steering a boat the right direction, or working out where to climb next. And it's not like this is taxing stuff, but these conversations go on a fair while and it's hard to know exactly how important they are: i.e. whether they're important to the story, or if it's just a bit of background flavour dialogue to pass the time. In this case, a major plotpoint just went totally over my head because I'd mentally skipped a conversation between two characters about another character during a mission about a fourth character.

My friend, who was playing at the same time as me, ended up putting it into story mode to get the endless ambushes out the way. That's the other issue: The fights and ambushes happen on the beat. You know exactly when to expect them, and they all turn out more or less the same. Thye end up bcoming a hindrance. You know like random encounters in old turn-based JRPGs - you're trying to get somewhere but everything stops to have a battle. And usually that's fine, because you know that fighting baddies is part of it, and there's usually a tangible reward at the end (like levelling up).

With Kratos, even though there are loads of different weapon and ability upgrades, I don't feel like they're exciting enough. A new axe rond? Why would I swap it for the one I've spent hours upgrading? It makes little difference - I'm still invariably hammering R1 with the odd shield block or dodge to spice things up. In short, I don't really feel the difference when I upgrade - it's the same thing.

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Tuesday, 20 December 2022 15:52 (three months ago) link

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