old and retro video games and how you play them (emulation, fpga, vintage hardware, remasters, analogue, whatever)

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i couldn't find a thread as kind of a catch all for this stuff so i figured why not make one?

my buddy bought two fpga misters and is sending one my way and im very excited to tool around with these things!

i have a working snes (i think?) with a bunch of games and a crt, but nowhere to really plug it in so i guess i'll be re-enjoying those games on this weird little stack of pcbs! really tempted to see if i can find a home for the crt though, playing these games on the boob tube might just be the best.

talk to me about your expensive analogue machines, your mame projects, uh whatever!

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Tuesday, 22 March 2022 16:56 (one year ago) link

I got hooked on acquiring emulators and curating a collection of games for a couple of years, so I have:

-NES Mini (hacked to have more games. A friend helped me do this)
-SNES Mini (hacked to have more games. A friend helped me do this)
-SEGA Genesis MINI
-Neo Geo Mini (International version; different versions come with different libraries of games)
-Anbernic RG350, a little handheld emulator device that runs retro systems, MAME, PS1 & a handful older computer game ports
-OpenEmu for Mac on various computers

Evan, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 18:44 (one year ago) link

Just OpenEmu for me, and SCUMMV for adventure games, and whatever's on Switch

I'd love to try building a RetroPie or a Mister something like that, but it really is *so* easy to just connect an HDMI from my laptop to my TV, even though it feels like cheating

I'm so reliant on save states to finish games (mostly just love playing old platformers like SM3 and G&G and Shinobi) but I'm always thinking, how the ***fuck*** did anyone ever complete these without them? They're *so* difficult

Chuck_Tatum, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 19:30 (one year ago) link

This reminds me, I had this weird sticklebrick-sized device with a little red button that plugged into the back of my Amstrad, that was apparently a way of hacking games and getting infinite lives. It never worked! Always crashed the game. Can't remember what it was called though

Chuck_Tatum, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 19:33 (one year ago) link

but I'm always thinking, how the ***fuck*** did anyone ever complete these without them? They're *so* difficult

― Chuck_Tatum, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 19:30 (thirty-five minutes ago) link

Same! I'm pretty bad at retro games myself.

Evan, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:07 (one year ago) link

ooh i think i saw a video about that anbernic thing, evan! is it good?

re: the mister i wasnt even planning on getting one, but de10 boards went on sale when my friend was buying, he said i have 10 mins to close out this shopping cart you want one, and i was like uhhh yeah lets do it! ive never been much for plugging a laptop into the tv - not enough room, and i also like the idea of a device specifically for playing old games vs an entire computer which i could just end up watching youtube instead on.

i wanna know more about this amstrad cheat device now haha

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:09 (one year ago) link

xp when I was home a little while ago I found some very old stuff of mine that included a whole sheet with Road Rash II passwords. I know Desert Strike and other games used this as well, but like you’re saying, not universal by a long shot.

mardheamac (gyac), Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:12 (one year ago) link

Yeah the RG350 is very cool! Some horror stories about units bricking for various reasons, but if you treat it nicely and charge it correctly and don't recklessly mess with the software it is that much more likely to be OK. It's fun to have Simpsons arcade game and Mother 3 and Marathon 2 and Metal Slug and Tony Hawk 3 all on a handheld device. Living the dream!

Evan, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:18 (one year ago) link

I use OpenEmu. There are some pretty comprehensive ROM collections on archive.org.

I've been trying to play Actraiser 2 this week because it looks so beautiful but it's really hard!!

aegis philbin (crüt), Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:28 (one year ago) link

I do have my old SNES and NES in storage but I would be really surprised if they still powered on.

aegis philbin (crüt), Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:28 (one year ago) link

Also my retro gaming is pretty basic - I have a snes & nes mini, stuff on switch like outrun, emulators like Zsnes & Kega (lol) for other stuff. I rarely play any of them much and then do like ten hours of Desert Strike or something I’ve played a million times before. Really only play a few of the older games through emulators cos I’m lazy af.

mardheamac (gyac), Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:31 (one year ago) link

retropie with torrented game bundles (deleted most of the sports ones though)

haven't used it in months but I like to do 'game roulette' using the 'select a random game' option. worst case you spend five minutes trying to play something that's laughably bad, best case you discover something that's actually pretty good

salsa shark, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 22:30 (one year ago) link

I have never managed to complete Out Run even with saves

Chuck_Tatum, Wednesday, 23 March 2022 10:36 (one year ago) link

Unrelatedly, I went on a coastal driving trip in the South of France a couple years ago, and drove along with the Out Run themes on the stereo. It was amazing, a proper "small child in adult's body" fun experience

Chuck_Tatum, Wednesday, 23 March 2022 10:39 (one year ago) link

i have a retropie with some old faves on it but the cheap controller i bought for it isn't great. i have ps2 controller and n64 controller and probably just need x-to-usb converters for them.

koogs, Wednesday, 23 March 2022 11:11 (one year ago) link

aw geez now i am wishing this thing i just bought could handle outrun 2. playing that again would rule. i have it on my pc but last time i tried to play it, i tried modding it to have a better framerate and accidentally somehow made it 4x speed? rendering my install unplayable!!

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 20:26 (one year ago) link

outrun2006 is awesome. There's a mod program that lets you turn off the clock so you could just cruise around

xxp You are my hero

maf you one two (maffew12), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 20:34 (one year ago) link

had a candy cabinet rig ages ago. Now the living room "tv" is a 24" monitor on a swivel mount (for vertical arcade games or pinball)... 2 old Wii fightsticks hooked up to an old Linux laptop running Retroarch. How's that different from openemu again?

i was leery to get back into all this, knowing the time it takes to config. Retroarch is impressive though.

maf you one two (maffew12), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 20:38 (one year ago) link

oooh i would definitely love to play outrun 2006 without the clock, on that marathon mode where you go through every single level. but goddamn if ever there were a game that NEEDS a remaster where it's just the same game but running in 120 fps, that is it

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 21:48 (one year ago) link

the amount of Outrun games is the most amazing show of restraint in gaming

maf you one two (maffew12), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 22:31 (one year ago) link

(yes i keep an analog controller handy with my setup)

maf you one two (maffew12), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 22:32 (one year ago) link

i think the weird licensing deal with ferrari is the only reason they showed that much restraint! you cant even buy it on steam anymore iirc

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Wednesday, 23 March 2022 23:04 (one year ago) link

omg what a thread, this is so up my alley!!! okay, so

I used to have a Raspberry Pi 3 w/ RetroPie and it served me v v well for everything up to PlayStation 1, then a few years ago a friend gave me an Intel NUC mini PC for my bday and it has changed everything, now I can do N64 (which I had as a kid) and PS2 (which I did not). So my current setup is this mini PC connected to my TV, it has Windows 10 and it boots automatically into Steam Big Picture Mode. In addition to all of my Steam games, I also have a ton of PS2 games added as individual games that are configured to launch with PCSX2, and then I have RetroArch added as a "game" and that launches RetroArch in full screen mode where I have all of my pre-PS2 games organized into playlists. All of this is controlled with a DualShock 4 but I have an app called DS4Windows that tricks the OS into thinking it's an Xbox controller instead (much better compatibility, rumble support, etc). I don't do ROM sets, I only download the specific games I want.

I've also got a jailbroken first-gen Wii w/ a hard drive attached that has a ton of Wii and GameCube games (which I play w an original Wavebird controller)

Stevie D(eux), Thursday, 24 March 2022 00:05 (one year ago) link

xp They all use a Ferrari? i wonder if there'd be anything stopping them just using fictional fast cars. No idea. I like Outrun a lot more than i like cars.

maf you one two (maffew12), Thursday, 24 March 2022 01:04 (one year ago) link

Nice Stevie

a couple of key points in there for anyone thinking to dive into these things:

- Pi seems really convenient as a standard machine than you could download readymade setups for

- if you go with huge romsets or not, have a tight, go-to list of your favorites, or else it's a mess

maf you one two (maffew12), Thursday, 24 March 2022 01:10 (one year ago) link

ya Pi is honestly perfect. I had RetroPie installed I it but apparently there’s something newer and better people are using instead now.

Are we allowed to post our fav spots for ROMs?

Stevie D(eux), Thursday, 24 March 2022 01:42 (one year ago) link

Used to use SCUMMVM and DOSBOX a bit, but the games would so often look blocky to the point of unintelligable on the screen. I really wanted to replay Dungeon Keeper but it looked shite!

Now, occasionally I'll play old Dreamcast/megadrive and SNES games on the Switch, but again, it feels clunky, really disapointed with the Occarina port for eg.

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Thursday, 24 March 2022 01:55 (one year ago) link

ya I read an article abt how bad the Ocarina release was. Apparently they’ve released an update that fixed a lot of the issues but damn, how embarrassing that Nintendo’s own rereleases are worse than something you could emulate yourself

Stevie D(eux), Thursday, 24 March 2022 12:41 (one year ago) link

Oh another thing I want to say, emulation has made me realize that I’m not a purist and that I actually love the improvements and quality of life hacks that emulators can do. I don’t fuck w CRT shaders or anything but I love that you can set the internal resolution of stuff to like 2-4x and it renders everything so smoothly and makes it look like an HD remaster

Stevie D(eux), Thursday, 24 March 2022 12:44 (one year ago) link

I got Ocarina after the recent fixes, it seems fine? I haven't got that far yet.

Excuse my lack of knowledge, but can you get the Pi to emulate PS2 and WiiU games? I've got a WiiU & WindWaker stashed in the basement but I never get them out because it's such a ugly big piece of crap to have lying around (the PS2 also)

Chuck_Tatum, Thursday, 24 March 2022 12:57 (one year ago) link

i haven't done much with Pi but my laptop from 2012 is not much better. I've read that N64 and PS1 is about the limit for the current Pis.

I'm doing in-home streaming from a better system (to wherever in the house... ethernet wired) for anything PS2 and up. Been playing San Andreas with a friend, upscaled. I don't know how well they've fixed up the remasters for GTA3 but I don't think I'd have the patience for it without savestates.

Per upthread, old games might've been harder (which you wanted if you only had a few to play per year or whatever) but they also "respected" your time a lot less. Things was different 🤷‍♂️

maf you one two (maffew12), Thursday, 24 March 2022 13:26 (one year ago) link

Oh another thing I want to say, emulation has made me realize that I’m not a purist and that I actually love the improvements and quality of life hacks that emulators can do. I don’t fuck w CRT shaders or anything but I love that you can set the internal resolution of stuff to like 2-4x and it renders everything so smoothly and makes it look like an HD remaster

― Stevie D(eux), Thursday, March 24, 2022 8:44 AM (three hours ago) bookmarkflaglink

interesting! i have to see how this stuff has come. i used to use zsnes a bunch way back in the day -- like maybe even 20 years ago, or lets say 15 -- and all of the smoothing effects made the games look awful to me. like the weird curviness of the anti aliasing made everything look like it was made of weird candies in a bad way. i should look into the newer ones to see how that has come along!

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Thursday, 24 March 2022 16:41 (one year ago) link

Outrun fans, I recommend that you check out Cannonball, a game engine that outputs an Outrun rom in widescreen, 60 fps, and other stuff.

I've got an Atari 2600 Jr with broken/missing cables in the garage, so I've been using old hardware to create emulator machines, to various levels of success. A hacked Wii, a Toshiba laptop running Batocera, and currently a Fire HD 8 with Lemuroid side-loaded. The latter two work great with an 8BitDo controller.

Vernon Locke, Friday, 25 March 2022 02:20 (one year ago) link

Wow, thanks for that Cannonball link - looks great! I've been waiting for a time trial mode my whole life.

Eyeball Kicks, Friday, 25 March 2022 10:54 (one year ago) link

that thing rules. I see there's a Linux version too.. getting that. Are there other single game emulators around these days?

Sat down with Outrun2006 and realized I don't have all the cars available. Fixed that with this savefile and while i'm at it this is the page for the mod program i mentioned. Also adds rumble and enables lens flare (which the other versions have and was just... left turned off in the PC version?)

maf you one two (maffew12), Saturday, 26 March 2022 14:02 (one year ago) link

someone else reading might also appreciate that this exists. 23 variations of Magical Sound Shower.

maf you one two (maffew12), Saturday, 26 March 2022 14:05 (one year ago) link

Excuse my lack of knowledge, but can you get the Pi to emulate PS2 and WiiU games? I've got a WiiU & WindWaker stashed in the basement but I never get them out because it's such a ugly big piece of crap to have lying around (the PS2 also)

― Chuck_Tatum, Thursday, March 24, 2022 7:57 AM (two days ago) bookmarkflaglink

So I'm maybe 3-4 years out of date on this but in my exp the Pi taps out at around N64. The Pi 3 I had choked on N64 games frequently enough that I just never really bothered with it, but I think the Pi 4 fares better with it. I know Wii/GC emulation is a lot less demanding than PS2 so you MIGHT be able to get some of that working, but for PS2 and WiiU you prob need an actual PC

interesting! i have to see how this stuff has come. i used to use zsnes a bunch way back in the day -- like maybe even 20 years ago, or lets say 15 -- and all of the smoothing effects made the games look awful to me. like the weird curviness of the anti aliasing made everything look like it was made of weird candies in a bad way. i should look into the newer ones to see how that has come along!

― Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Thursday, March 24, 2022 11:41 AM (two days ago) bookmarkflaglink

so the 3D upscaling is mostly for PS1/N64 stuff, and only 3D content and notv2D sprites, BUT a few years ago someone figured out how to render SNES Mode7 stuff at super high resolutions and it looks WILD (and it's included in SNES emulators now!)


Stevie D(eux), Saturday, 26 March 2022 16:41 (one year ago) link

Yeah pretty sure Pi can't do anything generally N64 or beyond but I'm also 3-4 years out of date! Also N64 itself is a tricky system for people to emulate for its own reasons, but that's a side note.

Evan, Saturday, 26 March 2022 18:22 (one year ago) link

Bought and built one of these with a pi:


Bit overpriced maybe but a joyful thing to have and muck around with.

Runs retropie and I mostly just have some basic mame and snes stuff on it - that keeps me happy.

woof, Saturday, 26 March 2022 18:46 (one year ago) link

more playing than configuring you're ahead of the, er, game!

maf you one two (maffew12), Saturday, 26 March 2022 19:49 (one year ago) link

I did an expensive and convoluted thing for N64 play. N64 systems were wired to transmit RGB video, but in the US, we only got S-Video out (a single video channel instead of three). In EU, the 90s-era SCART output contained all three channels of video; I got the cabling so my N64 outputs SCART.

I had purchased some budget x-to-HDMI converters over the years for gaming but was always appalled at how weird and bad the results were. After shopping around online I decided to "fuck it" and I got a Framemaster, which converts many kinds of input into HDMI and allows a number of scaling and colouring options, as well as emulation of tube TVs with scanlines and so forth. I run SCART into it and It looks fantastic.

I sold all my N64 cartridges (except one, which I kept for dumb sentimental reasons), and got an Everdrive (a N64 cartridge loaded up with an SD card containing every game ever made for the system in every region and lots of home-brews and hacks).

Aside from that I have a SNES that I hacked myself, I've hacked SNESes for the children of friends three times now, I have a folder of age-appropriate ROMs on hand in case I'm asked to do it again

flow, my crimson tears (flamboyant goon tie included), Saturday, 26 March 2022 20:30 (one year ago) link

consider changing the name of your product to avoid any legal trouble

maf you one two (maffew12), Sunday, 27 March 2022 21:47 (one year ago) link

fgti that’s incredible!!!

Tracer Hand, Sunday, 27 March 2022 21:51 (one year ago) link

someone else reading might also appreciate that this exists. 23 variations of Magical Sound Shower.

― maf you one two (maffew12), Saturday, March 26, 2022 10:05 AM (three days ago) bookmarkflaglink

haha ive got this on the ol hard drive :) im more of a splash wave guy, but the arranged version of passing breeze on disc 9 is all time

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Tuesday, 29 March 2022 15:11 (one year ago) link

just bought a 3ds to install custom firmware on and become my goto all generation handheld device. keen to try some gba titles I never got round to. Apparently it emulates a fair proportion of psx games too, very keen to play silent hill while getting my tan on at the local beach this weekend

hrep (H.P), Wednesday, 30 March 2022 01:15 (one year ago) link

I generally just use whatever emulators exist on pc for retro gaming. DosBox for old pc games, Project 64 for N64 stuff, Vice for C64, WinUAE for Amiga, Spectaculator for Spectrum, also a souped up Spectrum app which the name escapes me right now (not at my home pc)

and Mame for arcade games of course, generally only ever play 1942 really though.

I like retro games that have been re-developed for modern hardware as well. Cannonball for Outrun is a great example.

I still own actual hardware like an Amiga, Spectrum +2 (a few of these) but setting up to use is barely worth it when I can play everything on my desktop.

As much as i love the older games from my childhood, playing them is becoming less and less these days.

Ste, Wednesday, 30 March 2022 12:34 (one year ago) link

ugh i wish i still had my old amiga! i think i sold it for 50 bucks to buy a single game boy game in 1997

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Wednesday, 30 March 2022 19:38 (one year ago) link

they stuck a spectrum emulator on a raspberry pi zero into a cassette shell...


top picture not the best - it's the back side and mostly heatsink. but lol at the choice of cassette - a boots c15 - cheap and useful for only one thing.

koogs, Friday, 8 April 2022 15:36 (one year ago) link

5000-series "fat" PS2 (thus also a ps1) w modified network adapter + HDD for roms: SCART video out to open source scan converter, for flawless upscaling of 240/480p and smeary-but-instant passthru of 480i; optical audio out to DAC+amp

nintendo wii (thus also a gamecube) w basic library of n64 downloads actually purchased from the now discontinued and service-ized "virtual console": component video out to OSSC; rca audio out also to OSSC, to hitch ride on HDMI to TV and then back out again to DAC+amp, this is p dumb but mostly about where things are on the shelf

pc (snes9x, fusion, scummvm, dosbox etc) w wireless 8bitdo snes replica / wired hyperkin genesis replica controllers

still maintaining constant vigilance against geckos seeking to lay eggs in the warm innards of these apparata-- something early-gibson about the texture of this problem

difficult listening hour, Friday, 8 April 2022 17:03 (one year ago) link

nine months pass...

wow i ahven't posted in this thread for a while eh. i have lots of updates with pretty pictures

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Friday, 27 January 2023 21:56 (ten months ago) link

march 2022:

FPGA mister, digital IO, hdmi to composite on a very aged hitachi tube. it has a weird digital rgb input on the back (i forget the name of it, but it was common with msx computers?) but i couldn't find a way to use it so i was stuck using composite.

august 2022 i think:

i was putting out my garbage and look what i found on my damn street... a dell ultrascan p991? so i lugged it home (and maybe dropped it on the stairs oops) just in case it worked, because free is a pretty unheard of price for these bad boys.


unfortunately it had this awful red image which i learned eventaully was fixable with an option in the service menu that "refreshes" the power supply or something? i would look it up but the dell has since stopped giving me an image. i think i found a place that'll service it though, so i am planning to bring it in at some point.


once i got the picture working nice with that fix, good lord it looked nice (at this point i have a hdmi to vga adapter situation)


close up on that beautiful menu

september 2022 i think:

not long later i find this 27" panasonic tube w/ component and s-video at the same address on garbage day. needless to say i walk past this house every week on garbage day now.

time to get yet another HDMI->something adapter, this time component! but it doesn't work because i am stupid and did not get an adapter capable of 480i -- they all only go to 480p. so i got another one, hdmi->s-video. for those keeping score at home i now have 4 hdmi to other thing adapters (spoiler this will go to 5 when i eventually find a component one that does 480i)


lookin cute, panasonic

december 2022:

i now have a reputation amnong my friends as that guy, which becomes worth it in december when someone sends me this


i could not find gloves so i braved it. idiot mistake. took me a half hour to get it home about 500m because i had to keep putting it down to warm up my hands. never have they felt simultaneously so painful and numb. i was vividly imagining a finger breaking off. also this 20" fucker was way heavier than the 27"


you can't really tell because pictures don't have sound but my god. i don't know if sony was just putting an entire boombox in these things. but. best sounding tv i have maybe ever heard.

i did eventually find that hdmi component i wanted. it looks good. real good. it's 480i, i eventually want to get a 240p signal to this thing but i think i need ot give my brain and wallet a break for a bit. tiem to just play some shit

ANYWAY MEANWHILE, my friend orders an alaogue pocket, raves about it, turns out he bought 2. he offers it to the group chat at cost, nobody bites for a month until i give in. this thing is a nice piece of kit

i wasn't gonna bother because fpga for game boy/gba/snes/etc... why? i have a phone that emulates them fine. and a razer kishi that is satisfactory for game input. but that pretty 4:3 led screen + the buttons under the screen profile, i was like that bilbo meme, why shouldn't i ahve more stuff

AND THERE IS MORE. did you know how easy it is to crack a 3ds now. it takes like 45 mins and all you need is the ability to put an SD into your computer (and format it to fat32). you don't even need any programs, as the heavy lifting is done by a website. crazy. so i had to do that too with the 3ds store coming to a permanent end in march.

so the stuff i can run now without software emulation (either real hardware or fpga) is like...

on a tv: anything under the stun, up to the PS1, and eventually the saturn as well
on a game boy type thing: anything up to snes or so. vitally, GBA so i can finally play mother 3
on the 3ds: nds and 3ds (i haven't fucked w/ nds yet, it is extra steps but it is very doable)
i also ended up picking up an Xbox series X in the meantime, which i have recently learned can EMULATE GAMECUBE lol. how the fuck did they get away with this

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Friday, 27 January 2023 22:19 (ten months ago) link

oh i somehow didn't post the last 3 pics




they're not as exciting but i made a whole album and i am gonna use it

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Friday, 27 January 2023 22:21 (ten months ago) link

next things on my list to figure out:

1. can i crack the ps vita and play psp/vita to my hearts content
2. dreamcast w the hard drive mod if i can stomach the price
3. i might try to pick up a wii? i feel like everyone's still trying to get rid of these things and i THINK the mod is fairly easy for this

then i will basically have the game library of alexandria

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Friday, 27 January 2023 22:27 (ten months ago) link


POLIZISTEN VERSINKEN IM SCHLAMM (forksclovetofu), Friday, 27 January 2023 22:47 (ten months ago) link

wii is pretty easy to mod, most might consider a wii-u cuz of hdmi output but looks like you're good with analog output. as for the dreamcast, personally i'm against any mods that gut the CD drive. just buy a stack of taiyo-yuden CDRs and burn to your heart's content

as for me, i'm waiting to see if the birthday fairy brings me an OG xbox to mod

diamonddave85 (diamonddave85), Friday, 27 January 2023 22:49 (ten months ago) link

Will this blog is fire! I love it!

Tracer Hand, Friday, 27 January 2023 23:20 (ten months ago) link

haha i haven't even had a cd burner in years! but good to know, i also do like the idea of keeping the cd drive intact. anyway it's not something i am really planning on doing soon, i gotta do some research that i can't be arsed to do right now. i have PLENTY to play in the meantime, not the least of which is about 6 smt games on the 3ds and like 20 nintendo games. plus mother 3. plus a bunch of ps1 one stuff i wanted to get around to! and maybe by then the saturn core will be good and i can decide what i wanna do with that

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Saturday, 28 January 2023 00:30 (ten months ago) link

Ok I decided to answer question 1 from above tonight and the answer is yes, it is extremely easy to the vita
Maybe evne easier than the 3ds and that was easy as long as u can read

I remember the old days of getting a guy to install a literal chip in your ps1. Vita I didn't even need to eject the memcard you do all the heavy lifting in the vitas own web browser!

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Saturday, 28 January 2023 03:03 (ten months ago) link

Wii is super easy, great to run gamecube/wii natively.
series s/x is a beast, really the only reason i haven't gone raspberry pi route but still so attractive
vita is easy yet also a bit janky re: getting non-propriety storage to work. I'm normally pretty good at these things but it's the only console I had to go back and try to do something again lol (you basically have to delete the hack you just put on to get storage working or something iirc).

very jealous of your crt pick ups. Can't find them anywhere.

hrep (H.P), Saturday, 28 January 2023 06:33 (ten months ago) link

lol didn't read the rest of the post.
My vita hack was different to yours then? But I have the newer non-oled version.
Saturn core was alright on series s when I briefly tried it. Not perfect, but definitely playable.

hrep (H.P), Saturday, 28 January 2023 06:35 (ten months ago) link

on the 3ds: nds and 3ds (i haven't fucked w/ nds yet, it is extra steps but it is very doable)

the 3DS can also play GBA games if you have the roms


chihuahuau, Saturday, 28 January 2023 12:15 (ten months ago) link

Nice good to know re 3ds. Since I have the analogue pocket tho I am using the gba on that! I now have... 4 handhelds in active use (if you count the phone)? It's an embarrassment of riches! And a frustration of things plugged in on my nightstand.

Setting up the "other" storage was a little weird and unintuitive but I didn't need to uninstall anything to do so! And then I went overboard and almost filled a 128gb card with all of the weird games I ever thought "hm, I'd look at that if it weren't 40 dollars" or whatever. I have a folder called "landfill tactics" now, which I feel is really a genre on handhelds. If I ever make a trpg I am definitely calling it landfill tactics

Also yeah the vita I have is the old fat vita, maybe that made it easier? But also like... I think they made it even easier to hack this January somehow.

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Sunday, 29 January 2023 21:09 (ten months ago) link

Someone ported Super Mario 64 to be playable on a browser

Philip Nunez, Tuesday, 7 February 2023 00:34 (nine months ago) link

hm, never played it!

POLIZISTEN VERSINKEN IM SCHLAMM (forksclovetofu), Tuesday, 7 February 2023 04:04 (nine months ago) link

Def do the Wii mod but make sure to get one of the earlier models that supported GC bc the later ones don’t.

music for A★TEENS’ musicians (Stevie D(eux)), Sunday, 12 February 2023 03:39 (nine months ago) link

anybody got any experience of those anbernic handhelds for retro games?

have narrowed it down, mainly based on prices and availability, to the RG351P or a RG353VS - the former is £95, the better horizontal form factor but 2 years old now, the latter is £115, vertical with a better processor

(the horizontal 353 is £150 and the 2GB version of the VS is similar, but i'm not sure i want to go that high)

it'll be for mame, pico8, ps1, maybe n64 (i think the 351 might struggle with n64), that kind of vintage

(i have nothing newer than a PS2. actually, does a PS2 do emulation? i've seen the FMCB and play-from-sd card mods)

koogs, Wednesday, 15 February 2023 08:49 (nine months ago) link

PS2 has always been a bit wonky for emulation with MegaDrive/Genesis working the best, but relatively recently, retroarch was ported to PS2, and after decades there is finally a "just burn a CD/DVD" exploit that can load arbitrary programs on a PS2 without having a haxxor l33t friend copy over the necessary exploit files onto a spare memcard. There used to be a chicken/egg problem where you couldn't get the exploit files onto a memcard without an already exploited memcard. No longer.

Probably you will want to end up just using the DVD once to copy the exploit over to a memcard yourself, so you can save wear and tear on the drive.

Philip Nunez, Wednesday, 15 February 2023 16:29 (nine months ago) link


I've spent most of the last twenty years ogling Sega Saturns and wondering when I'll ever buy one just for the purpose of finally playing Radiant Silvergun (the only Treasure game I haven't played to completion)

And just today learned it's been ported to Switch! amazing

Blessed Bloated Burdened (flamboyant goon tie included), Wednesday, 15 February 2023 16:39 (nine months ago) link

Whoa thanks for the tip on Radiant Silvergun.

circa1916, Wednesday, 15 February 2023 17:19 (nine months ago) link

the saturn is such a fascinating console as a westerner. i'd definitely recommend getting one if you're into that sort of thing but you'll need some sort of way to play burned discs due to the obscene prices of games. a pseudo saturn cart is probably the cheapest and easiest, but the phantom mod chip is very easy to install (just need to solder 1 wire and connect some ribbon cables) and you wouldn't need to "boot" the game from the pseudo saturn launcher. then there's the satiator if you're looking for the luxury option

diamonddave85 (diamonddave85), Wednesday, 15 February 2023 19:33 (nine months ago) link

my rg353vs turned up yesterday and I've been trying things out on it. MAME is hit and miss and seemingly no diagnostics if something just fails to play. i only got robotron working through the megadrive williams games cart (which I'd forgotten i'd owned until i found the box).

SNES games seem to work fine, n64 even. and they are tiny because they were cart based and memory was expensive.

ripped a couple of my ps1 games and they are larger, 100s of mb, but worked fine

thing seems ideally suited for gb and nds games but neither me nor my brother had one so that's a bit of a hole. i might post on the retro recommendations thread.

koogs, Saturday, 25 February 2023 11:47 (nine months ago) link

oh and things I've written for pico-8 which i was keen to try, don't quite work because they are multi-cart - which let's me do the map in something a bit more capable than pico8's map editor. might just be a case of copying the map cart over too, or squashing then together.

koogs, Saturday, 25 February 2023 11:49 (nine months ago) link

two months pass...

for those who are interested, the analogue duo (turbografx/pc engine/etc) machine goes on pre-order tomorrow at 8am pacific. i have a pocket and a mister and i am not a NEC-head so i don't think there's a use case for me, but if you are interested in open FPGA, it's an option! (that is possibly technically cheaper than a mister? but no idea how powerful or supported it'll be. a lot of question marks. and also you're waiting for an analogue to ship. and also it's HDMI out so if you were thinking of combining with a CRT, not ideal, mister's the play.)

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 15:12 (six months ago) link

fwiw i don't get the impression that ps1/saturn will ever be on the analogue pocket, and i don't see any evidence that the duo will be more powerful than the pocket, but uhh idk maybe someone out there knows better than me? another point for the mister, in that case -- ps1 is perfect on there, and saturn is getting there from what i've tried. can't wait until more stuff is added to the saturn core, namely uhh saving so i can play some saturn rpgs

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 15:14 (six months ago) link

correction: FPGA, not open FPGA

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 17:29 (six months ago) link

How do you like the pocket in terms of feel/durability compared to original handhelds?

Philip Nunez, Thursday, 18 May 2023 18:03 (six months ago) link

the screen looks great, i've heard people complain that it's not an OLED but honestly it feels comparable to other OLED screens I've looked at (vita, phones, etc). just beautiful to look at.

not in love with the form -- it's about the size of a game boy color, but maybe a hair deeper, i'd prefer something a little wider like a DMG gameboy but absolutely not a dealbreaker. just gotta get used to that form factor again after decades of the ds/psp wide form factor.

the build quality seems fine but the plastic feels a little... cheap? like it kinda reminds me of that 3d printer plastic. the buttons are squishy in a way i don't love either, like they don't snap back as fast as i'd hope (for a/b/x/y). again not a deal breaker, just a little more... mid than i expected. dpad is very DMG/NES-like (minus the little grippy cut-ins), doesn't feel too wobbly like i'm gonna accidentally press DR when i wanna press D. It's no saturn dpad but what is? i'd still rate the d-pad as "good." and L/R/power/volume/select/start/menu are all good and clicky, as they should be. L/R in particular feel as good as the GBA ones did, and better than the PSP/vita/DS/3DS ones did.

i've mostly been using it for the fpga cores (vs the game slot) as i can only find one GB game in my house (and no GBA games dammit--i have tactics ogre somewhere!!). when you're using a cartridge it's luxurious-- the multiple display modes all look incredible. these are not available yet in the cores (aka with r0mz) though, which is kinda putting me off playing until they allow that. people have said this will be available in the future but who knows when, it doesn't seem like it should be hard to do? like it has the ability there? but i guess there's issues with analogue actually supporting the core scene here. and updates are slooooow (from analogue). the cores, of course, are done by nerds on the internet, so they're updating and popping up all the time.

if you want hardware-accurate playing it's hard not to recommend it because literally what other options are there lol. if you just want something that'll play games and don't care about the fpga aspect though, i dunno if the extra cost really makes it worth it vs like the miyoo mini or whatever (have not played but heard good things) using software emulation. i did expect it to feel a little... fancier. but it does what i want it to do, so i'm happy.

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 18:40 (six months ago) link


apologies for the amateur photography, but here's a side-by-side of a bunch of the visual modes for the pocket, with the core used for roms included. this thing has exactly 10x the resolution of the DMG, which lets them do cool stuff like draw in the lines in between pixels, and someone has done an amazing job recreating the old machines-- dmg looks just like a real dmg but better, pocket looks like a pocket but better, pocket light looks like how i imagined the pocket light looking -- but even without that extra mask, in the default "analogue gb", no-extra-frills mode looks solid here. compare to the last one, and see why it bugs me? look at the color of the shadow under the P - it's not even the same color! it's like some weird hybrid of the DMG and GBPL palettes, but more washed out, it doesn't really commit to anything and you lose the "intent" of those shadings that blurred into something pretty back in the day.

i can't compare the GBC and GBA cores to real carts yet, i might try to get a cheap one of each on ebay just to compare, but i imagine it'll just make me similarly frustrated.

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 19:16 (six months ago) link

oh and one last minor gripe: the cart slot is completely, like, exposed, which makes it feel very weird to not have a cart in? like it'd be too easy to bump and screw up the slot? so i just permanently keep the only game i could find plugged in, which happens to be pokemon red, which i am self conscious about because i am fine with being seen in public as a nerd who plays game boy but not a nerd who plays pokemon red on game boy

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 19:21 (six months ago) link

Thanks for the detailed review! I'd always been tempted by the idea of a "luxury" handheld, so less than stellar buttons and dpad would definitely have been a disappointment after a multi-year waitlist.

Philip Nunez, Thursday, 18 May 2023 19:42 (six months ago) link

i would still say -- unless fpga emulation is important to you, the most luxurious handheld one can get is like, a ps vita 1000 (jailbroken, which is dead easy to do at home), or an android phone with a good wraparound controller. i might change my tune a few firmwares (or cores) down the line tho! i mean my dang phone can almost handle dreamcast and it's a pixel 4a. the pocket currently tops out at like snes

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Thursday, 18 May 2023 20:56 (six months ago) link

I should figure out where I stashed my psp. I lost it for nearly a decade having thought it was gone after I moved, and then found it only to not have the right charger but jury-rigged something that would only get it up to like 10%

It was hackable to play emulators and I have to agree even on the mere PSP, Sony hardware + emulator is kind of amazing

mh, Friday, 19 May 2023 00:56 (six months ago) link

psp is great too! sadly the battery on mine turfed out, and then i bought a replacement online which proceeded to grow very big and scary...

but the vita screen... my god. it's insane that that thing is as old as it is and still looks better than most things on the market. just a gorgeous screen. (the original vita specifically -- as i understand it, they cut the OLED from the slim vita!)

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Friday, 19 May 2023 16:15 (six months ago) link

Ok I had had a digital io board on my mister and was running hdmi thru a series of different hdmi converters/scalers for crt... Finally caved and bought an analog io board. If you plan on using this thing on a crt even occasionally, JUST GET THE ANALOG IO BOARD. You can still use hdmi (afaict the only advantage of the Digi board is it lets you slot two ram cards, which is... Unnecessary for all stable core releases?) and the difference between a pure analog signal and an hdmi to converter... My god, THIS IS WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Saturday, 27 May 2023 05:39 (six months ago) link

Also, the 8bitdo m30 controller is so damn nice

I'd use it for everything if the 6 button layout didn't feel weird for... Anything non-sega. I have an sn30 for everything else, which is... Fine? But not as good

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Saturday, 27 May 2023 05:41 (six months ago) link

How do you find the latency on bluetooth?
How are the various clone portables in terms of controller feel/responsiveness?

Philip Nunez, Saturday, 27 May 2023 15:14 (six months ago) link

i don't use the BT much, i've just got them plugged by USB. i'm sitting right beside this little 20" trinitron so no need for it. i'll try it later today though

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Monday, 29 May 2023 15:00 (six months ago) link


chihuahuau, Monday, 29 May 2023 15:36 (six months ago) link

from that list it looks like the worst case is about 30ms lag, which is a frame i think? seems within tolerable limits, much better than the brutal experience i had with trying a 3rd party switch controller on BT with my phone that one time (that was like 3 second lag. brutal)

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Monday, 29 May 2023 15:49 (six months ago) link

30ms is closer to 2 frames, a 60hz frame is about 16.7ms

2 frames total lag (from button press to onscreen result) would be very good indeed but game, console, and monitor-specific lag all need to be taken into account and that list has latency figures *only* for the controllers and *only* when used with the mister

chihuahuau, Monday, 29 May 2023 17:37 (six months ago) link

one month passes...

ok last spam of the day 6th gen poll (ps2 era)

Ryan seaQuest (Will M.), Tuesday, 4 July 2023 20:25 (four months ago) link

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