Valheim - co-op viking survival

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This seems like it might be a thing. 1-10 player co-op PvE survival/Minecraft town-building with optional PvP, private world hosting options (?procedurally generated), £15/$20, 500mb install, 2 million copies sold on word of mouth in a week before any of the big outlets realised they might need to review it

The survival elements aren't super hardcore (I don't think you starve to death or freeze, but it debuffs you) but you can be killed by a tree you just felled or die of smoke inhalation if you start a campfire in your poorly-ventilated shed. Haven't got to any new areas or made any kind of start on the mythological boss-hunting aspect yet, just hunting deer and boar and sheltering from thunderstorms in my appallingly uneven, bolted-together dwelling. From the later gameplay elements the Steam reviews describe it seems incredibly full-featured and polished for an Early Access game. It's very pretty in a blurry PS2-on-steroids kind of way, beautiful lighting

Anyway yeah I fired it up to figure it out real quick and it's three hours later

hiroyoshi tins in (Sgt. Biscuits), Tuesday, 16 February 2021 01:34 (two weeks ago) link

Tell me more about your time with it because I noticed this the other day and my fellow Ark partner and I are interesting in it so far.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Tuesday, 16 February 2021 11:30 (two weeks ago) link

I have only played solo.

It's probably one of those games best experienced going in blind, but having someone around to clarify mechanics for you.

I am delighted by how the mechanics of your home base evokes a feeling of sanctuary from the wild:

1) You reach a "rested" state by having roof over head and floor under foot
2) Your workbench unlocks more actions within a large radius; as long as you're near home, you can actually do more than you can out in the wild
3) The outdoors can apply debuffs to you that being inside prevents and removes (e.g., getting wet in the rain)
4) Relatively small inventory, so having storage at home is necessary

These things together evoke a satisfying comfort. It good.

unashamed and trash (Unctious), Tuesday, 16 February 2021 15:08 (two weeks ago) link

The last thing I did before I wrenched myself away and went to bed was shelter from a long, intense thunderstorm in my hut, it went on for ages

hiroyoshi tins in (Sgt. Biscuits), Tuesday, 16 February 2021 15:18 (two weeks ago) link

This is dope.

circa1916, Monday, 22 February 2021 01:45 (two weeks ago) link

Seems to have really nailed the difficulty level and learning curve. Things are unfurled at just the right pace. Some of the more tedious aspects of the survival genre are streamlined. Gets tough enough to make you sweat from time to time but it’s not grueling. Haven’t tried multiplayer yet, but I can see it being really fun.

circa1916, Monday, 22 February 2021 01:51 (two weeks ago) link

i have spent so, so much of my weekend in this in a server w some friends and it is really great. circa1916 nailed it, the difficulty curve is just right. i actually tried ark a week ago and bounced off hard, playing with a friend trying to even FIND each other was impossible after an hour or two so we gave up and ended up getting into this. we have a little village with a big wood effigy and i died taking barnacles off of something scary 10/10

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Monday, 22 February 2021 07:11 (two weeks ago) link

Yeah admittedly I don't like Ark all that much but my friend sometimes insists we play it. Kinda why I want to find something similar but heaps better. This is looking promising, I've watched a bit of play on yt and other than the building looking a bit clunky everything else seems to look smart.

Two Meter Peter (Ste), Monday, 22 February 2021 09:15 (two weeks ago) link

we are two bosses down, third to go, and it is spawning veeeeery far away in a big swamp (the level 3 biome) pretty much surrounded by plains (the level 4 biome) which is not gonna make our lives easy. we have a local swamp we have yet to exploit the hell out of for iron tho, hopefully when we all get that gear upgraded we'll be less screwed by all of those damn deathsquitos and goblins. the plains are so PRETTY though!!

Kompakt Total Landscaping (Will M.), Thursday, 25 February 2021 19:21 (one week ago) link

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