thread of tim rogers content (do not read if you hate tim rogers)

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the incomparable tim rogers has been a full-time contributor to kotaku since last year. I have loved tim rogers' writing, but it's possible that talking-fast-over-a-video is him at his finest. here's a thread for tim rogers content past present and future!

valorous wokelord (silby), Thursday, 17 May 2018 04:41 (six months ago) Permalink

this week he did a video review of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition which makes me…kinda want this bugfuck game…

valorous wokelord (silby), Thursday, 17 May 2018 04:41 (six months ago) Permalink

mostly for my own future reference, here's a wayback machine link to action button dot net, which is currently missing with a message that says "relax, it's coming back", featuring his 18,000 word review of Final Fantasy XIII which I think is a high point.

valorous wokelord (silby), Thursday, 17 May 2018 04:48 (six months ago) Permalink

I'm guessing you dont mean this guy!

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Thursday, 17 May 2018 10:37 (six months ago) Permalink

I don’t.

valorous wokelord (silby), Thursday, 17 May 2018 12:48 (six months ago) Permalink

no, that's him

Roberto Spiralli, Thursday, 17 May 2018 12:52 (six months ago) Permalink

i fondly remember his long, digressive "reviews" of earthbound, chrono trigger and super mario bros 3 being really important to my own writing at a certain time in my life, and i'm sad to find out the website is down now so i can't spend 2 hours reading all three again!

challops trap house (Will M.), Thursday, 17 May 2018 15:59 (six months ago) Permalink

i like his videos way more than his written stuff

ciderpress, Thursday, 17 May 2018 16:01 (six months ago) Permalink

the part of the hyrule warriors video starting around 13:30 where he tries to explain the appeal of musuo games is wonderful

ciderpress, Thursday, 17 May 2018 16:08 (six months ago) Permalink

I have a mixed opinion of Rogers as writer. He has some annoying tendencies for sure, but his perspective and his style feel so unique and inimitable. I like his absurdist wordplay. I like his overall design philosophy. I could do without about half of his loopy digressions on his travels and the same time, a large part of his appeal (for me) is the way his writing is always crammed-to-bursting with vivid and unnecessary detail. I'd be lying if I said his stuff didn't influence me, though if you asked me to define said influence, I'm not sure I could. Anyway, his God Hand review is pretty funny.

a film with a little more emotional balls (zchyrs), Thursday, 17 May 2018 19:59 (six months ago) Permalink

rereading the FFXII review last night, there was a lot of 2010 bro-type/edgelordy language and imagery that he's mercifully moved on from.

valorous wokelord (silby), Thursday, 17 May 2018 20:02 (six months ago) Permalink

I've met him irl a few times. he's relatively nice but does not stop talking

reggae mike love (polyphonic), Thursday, 17 May 2018 20:04 (six months ago) Permalink

xp yeah, I was reading that and "blade raped" made me cringe. Glad he has matured a bit.

a film with a little more emotional balls (zchyrs), Thursday, 17 May 2018 20:05 (six months ago) Permalink

yeah i've met him at pax a couple times since my friend did the music for his game - he's basically the same person you see in his videos, it's not a put-on

ciderpress, Thursday, 17 May 2018 20:18 (six months ago) Permalink

recently ive been listening to the Violence Island podcast:

it's a battle royal of random characters. interestingly the one they taped in October 2014 "Must See Killing Spree" begins with a fight between Dick Solomon and Dr. Huxtable himself, and Tim Rogers wastes no time saying that there are some deep, dark "grandmother terrifying" things about Cosby. he never comes out and says what he was accused of but it's clear he saw/heard the Hannibal act from the same month and he took that stuff seriously. just kind of interesting, i was listening to that and had to look up that it was 4 years ago. an entirely different world.

as for his personality, he doesn't seem all that different from music hipsters i've talked with. then again hipsters hate nothing more than their own kind.

Hazy Maze Cave (Adam Bruneau), Friday, 18 May 2018 17:33 (six months ago) Permalink

this is the best and worst of tim rogers, al in 5 minutes

obviously DLC (Karl Malone), Friday, 18 May 2018 18:34 (six months ago) Permalink

imwo honks are the only non-violent way to communicate to other cars. someone needs to invent smart honks that figure out if you are trying to merge lanes or whatever and produces a tone the other car understands and can communicate to the driver.

Hazy Maze Cave (Adam Bruneau), Sunday, 20 May 2018 15:57 (six months ago) Permalink

four weeks pass...

Tim Rogers reported from E3. Videos are up from the booths of the major publishers. There's also this video.

valorous wokelord (silby), Tuesday, 19 June 2018 02:47 (five months ago) Permalink

two months pass...

Good stuff from Tim recently: Judge Eyes demo

Eyebrow-raisey Shadow of the Tomb Raider preview

Affectionate DQXI review

faculty w1fe (silby), Thursday, 13 September 2018 19:54 (three months ago) Permalink

Oops forgot to remove the m on that last one, here’s the embed for those who prefer

faculty w1fe (silby), Thursday, 13 September 2018 19:54 (three months ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

let's see if tim can sell me on forza horizon 4, a candidate for my biannual Fancy Graphics Game Impulse Purchase

ciderpress, Thursday, 27 September 2018 21:34 (two months ago) Permalink

I like his series about translating Final Fantasy VII, funny and informative.

Brainless Addlepated Timid Muddleheaded Awful No-Account (Pheeel), Thursday, 27 September 2018 21:55 (two months ago) Permalink

Tim made me want Forza Horizon and it’s not a thing I should want.

I have measured out my life in coffee shop loyalty cards (silby), Friday, 28 September 2018 00:54 (two months ago) Permalink

Tim plays, screams at Mega Man 11

I have measured out my life in coffee shop loyalty cards (silby), Wednesday, 10 October 2018 18:43 (two months ago) Permalink

I can't tell if I prefer exasperated Tim or chill Tim

a film with a little more emotional balls (zchyrs), Wednesday, 10 October 2018 20:24 (two months ago) Permalink

the two types of tim rogers content i love are his scripted review vids that all take poetic turns in the 2nd half (e.g. hyrule warriors, forza horizon 4) and his on-site vids from E3/conventions

ciderpress, Thursday, 11 October 2018 03:59 (two months ago) Permalink

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