salt & sanctuary is too hard!

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i'm really good at video games but salt & sanctuary keeps kicking my ass. i can beat the first boss and i keep getting murdered by those big axe wielding guys and their dogs after the peasant patch right before the fortress. how do i get good enough at this game for it not just be ceaseless frustration?

Mordy, Saturday, 22 October 2016 16:46 (seven years ago) link

only just saw this. that section is hard, it is just about timing, baiting individual mobs out, and patience. mostly tho i wanted to say that those really hard spots are mostly a feature earlier in the game and overall it is 100% worth sticking with. it's a really great game.

Roberto Spiralli, Thursday, 27 October 2016 13:35 (seven years ago) link

otm. have you played the Souls games? same strategies apply.

also it's been long enough that i don't remember the details, but some builds are more challenging to use in the early game and stronger later on. also similar to Souls, light weapons can get multiple hits in but don't stun enemies, heavier weapons have slower windups but are less likely to be interrupted and can stun, etc.

sam jax sax jam (Jordan), Thursday, 27 October 2016 17:10 (seven years ago) link

four years pass...

This looks fun, I ended up really enjoying Salt & Sanctuary (and actually finished it, unlike Hollow Knight or any of the other 2-D Soulslikes):

Although the first one really benefited from coming out a few weeks (?) before Dark Souls 3, and it doesn't look like this one will make it out before Elden Ring.

change display name (Jordan), Friday, 11 June 2021 16:04 (three years ago) link

sweet! really enjoyed the first one, despite not beating it

Karl Malone, Friday, 11 June 2021 16:32 (three years ago) link

i got distracted but yes it was good

ten months pass...

You can pet the cat in Salt & Sacrifice:

change display name (Jordan), Tuesday, 10 May 2022 16:17 (two years ago) link

It has antlers, lol.

change display name (Jordan), Tuesday, 10 May 2022 16:17 (two years ago) link

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