100 delicious and healthy sauces

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which means no cream, butter based sauces

high sodium is okay because just drink more water

high sugar is semi-okay as long as you are not swimming your food in it

dayo, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:26 (thirteen years ago) link

get the obvious out of the way

1. sriracha

dayo, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:27 (thirteen years ago) link

2. prik nam pla

it's just fish sauce with chilis in it. and it goes surprisingly well with eggs.

just woke up (lukas), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:32 (thirteen years ago) link

oh yeah! I think the inspiration for this thread was

3. nuoc cham

although apparently that's just a generic name.


pro tip, make this sauce and mix it up with rice. you will inhale that bowl. #fishboss

dayo, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:37 (thirteen years ago) link

4. chop some fruit, like a berry or a stonefruit or something, chop up some fresh bird's eye chilis, add some sugar, a little vinegar, and you simmer that for like 25 minutes

just woke up (lukas), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:48 (thirteen years ago) link

tamarind chutney

honkin' on joey kramer (underrated aerosmith bootlegs I have owned), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:53 (thirteen years ago) link

that was 5. btw, sorry

honkin' on joey kramer (underrated aerosmith bootlegs I have owned), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:53 (thirteen years ago) link

what is a stonefruit!!

dayo, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 00:57 (thirteen years ago) link

like peaches, etc

The Great Jumanji, (La Lechera), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 01:09 (thirteen years ago) link

mint - lime - chilis - oil - salt

put on fish/rice/whatever you want

The Great Jumanji, (La Lechera), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 01:10 (thirteen years ago) link

7 (?) Pesto/pistou: fresh basil/olive oil/salt/pignolias/parmesan

8 (?) Aioli: pulverize peeled garlic cloves w/coarse salt in a mortar, then work in a thin stream of olive oil to emulsify

9 (?) Tonno: heat a can of light tuna in oil in a skillet, breaking up fine. Add 1 lb finely diced roma tomatoes + juice and 1/4 c. capers preserved in salt (rinsed). Cook until the tomato breaks down, serve over pasta/veal/chicken.

Jaq, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 03:10 (thirteen years ago) link

four years pass...

10. Tkhemali - quick homemade version with unripe plums, treacle, garlic and smoked paprika reduced to a thick sauce on the hob and left to cool. Unbelievably good.

Petite Lamela (ShariVari), Saturday, 6 June 2015 21:43 (eight years ago) link

That sounds amazing!

11. Guacamole

Jaq, Sunday, 7 June 2015 00:09 (eight years ago) link

a dressing is akin to a sauce, yeah? still trying to incorporate fresh turmeric now and then so i don't forget about it. this recipe looks like it'd be nice on about anything, from salads to steamed veg to grains

Tom Waits for no one (outdoor_miner), Tuesday, 9 June 2015 22:22 (eight years ago) link

I support this revive

13. harissa


sleeve, Tuesday, 9 June 2015 22:28 (eight years ago) link

14. That mix of soy sauce with sesame oil and chili oil for dipping gyoza in

Jaq, Tuesday, 9 June 2015 22:33 (eight years ago) link

was just thinking about that, don't know what it's called (if anything)

sleeve, Tuesday, 9 June 2015 22:39 (eight years ago) link

Well there's ponzu sauce, but thats a lil different (I think it also has citrus in?)

I checked Snoops , and it is for real (Trayce), Wednesday, 10 June 2015 05:28 (eight years ago) link


brimstead, Wednesday, 10 June 2015 05:55 (eight years ago) link

17. mae ploy (sweet chili sauce) is pretty multi-purposeful (a little in a stir-fry, or on its own to dip egg rolls, etc) - not unhealthy

18. don't know the name of it but it's used as an Indian dipping sauce (for samosas/pakoras) and has cilantro and mint and chiles. i see it described as mint chutney but i think of chutney as more of the consistency of a relish and this stuff is more watery than that. either way, i could drink it by the quart

19. Romesco is one of the best sauces of all-time imho i think it's healthy as far as not much fat (no saturated)/sodium

Tom Waits for no one (outdoor_miner), Wednesday, 10 June 2015 14:08 (eight years ago) link

20. raw tomatillo salsa - 7 or 8 large tomatillos, cleaned and 1/4'd, 3-4 Tbsp onion, 1 habanero (or serrano), 9 springs cilantro, tsp salt - grind coarsely or puree, add lime juice. taco it up

Tom Waits for no one (outdoor_miner), Saturday, 13 June 2015 18:08 (eight years ago) link

21. mustard sauce [made it to go with seitan cutlets (both from veganomicon) and people really liked it]
(sauteed garlic & thyme, add sherry - reduce, add dijon, soy sauce, capers and finish w/ cornstarch/veg broth slurry)

Tom Waits for no one (outdoor_miner), Friday, 19 June 2015 13:42 (eight years ago) link

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