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I didn't think I liked avocado, but then I've been eating guacamole lately and I had a burrito with avocado in it, and now I'm thinking maybe I DO like avocado.
List your suggested avocado preparations here.

n/a (Nick A.), Wednesday, 13 April 2005 18:49 (seventeen years ago) link

just dice one up and eat it, its like buttah

green fat, Wednesday, 13 April 2005 19:18 (seventeen years ago) link

oh i get it. you want something to do w/ cooking. in that case chop one up, mash it a bit, zap it in a nuker/oven and spread it on toast - like buttah

salt on the top, Wednesday, 13 April 2005 20:03 (seventeen years ago) link

The further west you go, the better the avocados.

Casuistry (Chris P), Wednesday, 13 April 2005 20:47 (seventeen years ago) link

Dice into a salad of diced cucumber, pear, tomato, with some juliened fresh ginger root. A touch of vinegar, a sprinkle of sugar and salt to taste.

MSW (MSW), Wednesday, 13 April 2005 21:08 (seventeen years ago) link

it's really nice if you chop it in half, skin it, put camembert cheese in the hole (or insert your favourite soft cheese) get some puff pastry, smearing it with mustard, and wrap the halves up and bake them in the oven til the cheese will be all gooey.

Vicky (Vicky), Wednesday, 13 April 2005 21:32 (seventeen years ago) link

Just spread it on toast. And they are excellent sprinkled with some lime juice and eaten with a spoon. Those dark skinned Haas ones are the best I think.

Jaq (Jaq), Wednesday, 13 April 2005 22:24 (seventeen years ago) link

I had a lovely recipe for avocado and sweetcorn and chilli soup, but I can't remember where it is. It was really nice though.

So, er, make soup with it.

Vicky's idea sounds fantastic.

ailsa (ailsa), Thursday, 14 April 2005 05:55 (seventeen years ago) link

Vicky's DOES sound delicious. Unfortunately I am mildly allergic to avos - they make my tongue go all thick and sore :(

Archel (Archel), Thursday, 14 April 2005 09:53 (seventeen years ago) link

avocados are so rich that doing very much to them seems like gilding the lily, but they're nice diced and added into black bean soup and spread on toast as recommended above. and if your'e making guac with them, it should be as simple as possible - avocados, lime juice, salt, pepper, white onion, cilantro.. that's it.

xpost - i get that with aubergines unless they're pureed.

lauren (laurenp), Thursday, 14 April 2005 10:02 (seventeen years ago) link

I like it simple: halve the avocado, take out the stone and pour vinaigrette into the hole. Eat with a teaspoon.

Madchen (Madchen), Thursday, 14 April 2005 11:44 (seventeen years ago) link

I got some at the grocery store yesterday. I brought one to work today to eat with some salt. Will report back after lunch.

n/a (Nick A.), Thursday, 14 April 2005 14:01 (seventeen years ago) link

Be warned that they are insanely fatty. You might as well eat a stick of butter!

Casuistry (Chris P), Thursday, 14 April 2005 16:01 (seventeen years ago) link

But it's "good fat," right? Right?

n/a (Nick A.), Thursday, 14 April 2005 16:20 (seventeen years ago) link

Mmm that was tasty. I conducted an experiment due to not having any salt in the kitchen here at work but having a wide variety of other spices and condiments: diced up avocado and put Hot Salt (salt + spiciness) on 1/4, green Tabasco on 1/4, wine vinegar on 1/4, and Vegetable Seasoned Salt on 1/4. All were pretty good but vinegar was best followed closely by Hot Salt. Now feeling full but kind of gross from too much rich avocado.

n/a (Nick A.), Thursday, 14 April 2005 17:15 (seventeen years ago) link

i'd add garlic and substitute cumin for cilantro in that guac

()ops (()()ps), Thursday, 14 April 2005 21:12 (seventeen years ago) link

All fat is good, what are you talking about?

Casuistry (Chris P), Friday, 15 April 2005 03:12 (seventeen years ago) link

Avocado is an essential part of my favourite salsa for fish (the other parts being cherry tomatoes, mango, red chilli and king prawn).

Matt (Matt), Friday, 15 April 2005 08:40 (seventeen years ago) link

I was going to say what Vicky said.. although the recipe I use (good old Rose Elliot) has some sort of nuts (Brazil, I think) and Gruyere in it. Insanely fattening. Oh, and sherry - but I don't ever have any sherry in the house so I use brandy..

hobart paving (hobart paving), Friday, 15 April 2005 10:17 (seventeen years ago) link

I like it simple: halve the avocado, take out the stone and pour vinaigrette into the hole. Eat with a teaspoon.

Especially good with a salty lemon juice based vinaigrette. Also radishes.

dan. (dan.), Friday, 15 April 2005 19:12 (seventeen years ago) link

I made some guacamole. I haven't eaten any yet but it smells reeeaalllyyy good.

n/a (Nick A.), Saturday, 16 April 2005 02:10 (seventeen years ago) link

It is true, all fat is good fat, but avocado is superior fat!

I like to use it in place of mayo in tuna salad.

One avocado
2 cans of tuna
diced celery
dice onion
diced grapes, walnuts, whatever you want
salt and pepper
lemon juice

Just mash it all up together, and put it on a sourdough roll. That's really good.

jozi, Tuesday, 19 April 2005 15:36 (seventeen years ago) link

This is where I mention that I bought a book of vegetarian recipes once and I guess they decided that "vegetarian" meant, strictly, "healthy eating", because instead of a recipe for guacamole they had one called "broccomole" made with broccoli instead of avocado. It sounded nasty and I never got around to making it (or much else from that book).

Casuistry (Chris P), Tuesday, 19 April 2005 16:54 (seventeen years ago) link

That is disgusting and insane! Chris, you should post the recipe for this, I have a morbid curiosity about what broccomole would be like.

Leon Future Coffee (Ex Leon), Tuesday, 19 April 2005 17:10 (seventeen years ago) link

ive made mockamole from the moosewood new classics iirc.

block silken tofu
two avocados
juice of a lemon
olive oil
salt & tabasco

blend them together and eat.


same initials (initials), Tuesday, 19 April 2005 23:37 (seventeen years ago) link

How is that 'mock'? I mean, it has avocados in. Can't see the point of the tofu.

Liz :x (Liz :x), Wednesday, 20 April 2005 08:41 (seventeen years ago) link

it sounds like healthified version of 1970s california-style guac, which has mayonnaise and a shitload of white onion as primary ingredients.

lauren (laurenp), Wednesday, 20 April 2005 09:18 (seventeen years ago) link

less fat and more spreadable

same initials (initials), Wednesday, 20 April 2005 13:26 (seventeen years ago) link

Isn't tofu really fatty too, though? Isn't it the fat wot makes it spreadable?

Casuistry (Chris P), Wednesday, 20 April 2005 15:33 (seventeen years ago) link

two years pass...

I have some nice avocados in my fridge at the moment, just begging for me to do something creative with them. Seeing as I'm not in the mood for collage, some cooking might be nice instead.

This was nice the other day. Avocado on toast, but a bit posher. Grill one side of the toast, mash up the avocado with a good, liberal splash of lime juice and some fresh basil (cut the basil up small) and a bit of black pepper (think I might have used olive oil too, but you prob don't need to) spread on toast, and stick under grill again. For some reason it looks posher if you cut it up into little squares. Nice as a sort of side thing, if you're having pasta or something.

But what would you make? REVIVE THREAD!

hobart paving, Saturday, 19 May 2007 10:21 (fifteen years ago) link

avocados are so rich that doing very much to them seems like gilding the lily, but they're nice diced and added into black bean soup and spread on toast as recommended above.

Adding avocado to things >>>> adding things to avocado.

E.g., BLT+avocado is mouth-watering, but adding much more than salt and lime and maybe some cayenne yields less of a return.

Jesse, Sunday, 20 May 2007 05:32 (fifteen years ago) link

Take the avocados out of the fridge, quick! They don't like it in there. Put them in a bowl with some bananas instead.

Adding avocado to things >>>> adding things to avocado.

I'm not sure I agree with this, as my favourite thing to do with an avocado is halve it, take out the stone and fill the holes with vinaigrette, then spoon into mouth. Yumski.

Madchen, Monday, 21 May 2007 13:44 (fifteen years ago) link

Oh, I already said that upthread.

Madchen, Monday, 21 May 2007 13:44 (fifteen years ago) link

six years pass...

just wanna thank giant ground sloths for going extinct and leaving more avocados for me. but:

One avocado
2 cans of tuna


you didnt say brian may i? (Hunt3r), Thursday, 19 December 2013 18:55 (eight years ago) link

roll all the tuna in the world back into the sea

mustread guy (schlump), Thursday, 19 December 2013 23:05 (eight years ago) link

ha i saw that giant sloth thing, it was excellent and i share the gratitude

the five people you meet in Hedon (Noodle Vague), Thursday, 19 December 2013 23:22 (eight years ago) link

one month passes...

I discovered a superb taste-combination earlier, although I'm unconvinced that it isn't already a going concern in some corner of Central or South America:

avocado and coffee

Know Scot! Free Getaway: Glen, Handa Island, Rua Reidh (imago), Thursday, 13 February 2014 02:34 (eight years ago) link

that sounds . . . wait, waht?

Daniel, Esq 2, Thursday, 13 February 2014 02:35 (eight years ago) link



Daniel, Esq 2, Thursday, 13 February 2014 02:36 (eight years ago) link

Discovered by eating an avocado with a spoon that still had some coffee beans stuck to it. Went from o_O to ^_^ in mere moments, Esquire

Know Scot! Free Getaway: Glen, Handa Island, Rua Reidh (imago), Thursday, 13 February 2014 02:40 (eight years ago) link

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