nWo 4 life or D-X SUCK IT

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Tell me which faction was better?

georgie, Saturday, 8 April 2006 10:20 (sixteen years ago) link

nWo (the original) were unpredictable at that point and you had a feeling that Bischoff would let things run loose more, whereas I don't care how much Attitude they showed, Vince likes to keep a leash on things so the Triple H-led D-X didn't feel that "dangerous". It was different with the Shawn Michaels version, because hot off the Montreal incident, you could almost believe that MacMahon had lost control of his own company in a way.

alex in montreal (alex in montreal), Saturday, 8 April 2006 15:19 (sixteen years ago) link

After they turned face in 1998 (shades of grey my ass), DX were more like immature goofballs instead of dangerous rebels. I didn't see Nitro until it was dominated by the watered down, splintered version of the nWo, but it's tough to dispute that the original faction had a much larger impact on the wrestling business, so I'd have to say they were better.

I was also never a big fan of the New Age Outlaws. I honestly can't remember the details of a single match they ever had, just the entrances.

NoTimeBeforeTime (Barry Bruner), Saturday, 8 April 2006 16:09 (sixteen years ago) link

Those early NWO days on Nitro were fucking nuts. They could have ran that angle for years (or better than they did for years) if the bookers ever decided to let the WCW faces get one over on Nash et al ONE FUCKING TIME. It was always brutal beating after brutal beating with none of the WCW guys coming out to help the other guys or they'd just have the NWO turn on itself (wolfpack, etc).

Stuh-du-du-du-du-du-du-denka (jingleberries), Saturday, 8 April 2006 21:58 (sixteen years ago) link

five years pass...

lol scott hall od rumours

popular gay automobile (a hoy hoy), Friday, 8 April 2011 20:15 (eleven years ago) link

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