the Virtual Boy was able to create a more accurate illusion of depth through an effect known as parallax.

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rofl, these things suck! they give you a headache!

HPSTRKRFT (haitch), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 02:21 (fourteen years ago) link

Lmaoborghini (eman), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 02:22 (fourteen years ago) link

the d00d who invented the game boy also invented this, and he left nintendo in shame after it was such a flop!

HPSTRKRFT (haitch), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 02:29 (fourteen years ago) link

heads weren't ready

Lmaoborghini (eman), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 02:31 (fourteen years ago) link


Lmaoborghini (eman), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 02:34 (fourteen years ago) link

i remember being excited about virtual boy and renting a system from blockbuster right when it came out.

quickest dropoff in novelty ever. i don't remember getting a headache from it, but it was really fucking annoying to keep having to bend over or sit at a table to play it.

de latebloomer (latebloomer), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 02:46 (fourteen years ago) link

i remember these commercials

a name means a lot just by itself (lfam), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 03:38 (fourteen years ago) link

it didn't help that all the games for it SUCKED

Lmaoborghini (eman), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 11:40 (fourteen years ago) link

My brother got on of these as a present LAST Christmas.

Songbirds of Darker Florida (cprek), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 14:12 (fourteen years ago) link

It totally sucks.

Songbirds of Darker Florida (cprek), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 14:12 (fourteen years ago) link

ha ha your family is poor

heavyweight grebt (sanskrit), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 14:14 (fourteen years ago) link

gunpei yokoi is one of the great tragic stories in game history.

M@tt He1geson: Real Name, No Gimmicks (Matt Helgeson), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 14:18 (fourteen years ago) link


Lmaoborghini (eman), Wednesday, 2 August 2006 21:38 (fourteen years ago) link

This is weird. I was just thinking about the Virtual Boy the other day! I was asking my brother if he remembered it and how it totally went nowhere.
Of course he didn't remember.

xgurggleglgllg (xgurggleglgllg), Thursday, 3 August 2006 08:13 (fourteen years ago) link

with some repainting and creative rederessing, the virtual boy can make a fine prop for a direct-to-video sci-fi movie

de latebloomer's 2015 youth crew revival (latebloomer), Thursday, 3 August 2006 08:46 (fourteen years ago) link

Videodrome 2: The Eye of Braxus!

de latebloomer's 2015 youth crew revival (latebloomer), Thursday, 3 August 2006 08:47 (fourteen years ago) link

Hackers 2: The Legend of Matrix Jones

de latebloomer's 2015 youth crew revival (latebloomer), Thursday, 3 August 2006 08:48 (fourteen years ago) link

Lmaoborghini (eman), Thursday, 3 August 2006 11:32 (fourteen years ago) link

I wanted this system so bad and used to play Wario Land for 20 minutes straight at the demo booth at Toys 'R' Us.

Curt1s St3ph3ns, Friday, 4 August 2006 01:24 (fourteen years ago) link

same here, except without the "wanted this system so bad" part

what I really wanted was Kid Icarus for my gameboy, but I could never find it anywhere :(

bernard snow (sixteen sergeants), Friday, 4 August 2006 18:27 (fourteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

sleep (sleep), Thursday, 24 August 2006 14:46 (fourteen years ago) link

lol posture

=[[ (eman), Thursday, 24 August 2006 21:55 (fourteen years ago) link

thirteen years pass...

ilx has a virtual boy thread?! what? yes!

as part of my ongoing efforts to turn my living space into an aging millennial nerd museum, i picked up one of these things on ebay. it looks cool as fuccc

it came with a few games which are very red. i got red robot boxing, and red alert which is kinda like descent or star fox i guess but red, and wario land which is extra-red mario land. got pinball coming in the mail too. i doubt i'll be playing this thing all that much but it is crazy that when you stick yr face in it there's a video game going on in there.

there's also this website i found that offers unreleased/prototype/homebrew/rare+expensive games for sale on reproduction carts (for vb + n64). very cool browsing this! there is apparently a yume nikki inspired fan game that someone hacked together for virtual boy? who knew!

anyway this thing is dope, and this is pure speculation but i think the value of these are gonna skyrocket in the next couple years. what an odd slice of nintendo history. thank you for reading my post.

lumen (esby), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 15:16 (eight months ago) link

i think i only played this at target in the kiosk they built to try it. wouldn't mind giving it a go again.

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 19:19 (eight months ago) link

some fun little doodles in the manual:

'Please do not force feed Virtual Boy the game cartridge'

'Please do not unnecessarily malign Virtual Boy with household tools'

lumen (esby), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 19:54 (eight months ago) link

if virtual boy begins sweating or presents anthropomorphic tendencies, consult your local gamestop

Fuck the NRA (ulysses), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 19:55 (eight months ago) link

one of those kiosks are for sale right now too! p reasonable:

lumen (esby), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 19:56 (eight months ago) link

Has anyone tried playing emulated virtue boy games with 3D glasses (either red/blue or strobing) -- how is it?

Philip Nunez, Wednesday, 29 July 2020 20:11 (eight months ago) link

I tried an emulator many years ago and while I don't think I had any 3d glasses at the handy then, iirc the emulation worked fine and had options for a couple different types of glasses or even just doing the 2 windows + cross yr eyes thing. what I did see recently in vids when I was looking up weird games was someone running an emulator over a new school VR headset, which has to be the way to go if yr gonna do it

lumen (esby), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 20:51 (eight months ago) link

I only ever played Virtual Boy in a kiosk at a Toys R Us. Are any of the games good besides Wario Land?

trapped out the barndo (crüt), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 20:56 (eight months ago) link

I was frustrated that the game I was playing allowed me to see my own character. how is it virtual if I'm outside my own body?!

XVI Pedicabo eam (Neanderthal), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 21:05 (eight months ago) link

and no, I wasn't playing a Timothy Leary RPG

XVI Pedicabo eam (Neanderthal), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 21:05 (eight months ago) link

yeah the game library is by and large bad (and, yes, mostly designed in 3rd person which is a weird choice that totally works against the immersion the system is capable of) but there are some interesting quirks to it!

there were only 22 games made available for the system before nintendo discontinued it, and a few are japan only. wario land is definitely a great game that is on par with any of the mario games made at the time, it doesn't really do anything interesting with the 3d though. i've played the pinball before, and tetris 3d, and they were both legit fun, nothing mind blowing. teleroboxing does put you in the first person and is a cool demo of what the system can do but gets old pretty quick.

there's this game called jack bros that is supposed to be one of the best for the console. it's super rare and a cart is like $300+ (i folded and just ordered a bo0tleg from the website i mentioned above!) it's a top down adventure game that has multiple levels/planes that you can jump between... it looks good!

there's another rare cart, japan only Innsmouth no Yakata, which is a fps horror game. the game play looks awful tbh but some of the screenshots look really cool

also there's a game based on the movie waterworld that's apparently terrible?

weird system! less than a million of these things made. it shouldn't exist.. but it does! what a curio!

lumen (esby), Wednesday, 29 July 2020 23:53 (eight months ago) link

How much are these things going for these days?

calstars, Thursday, 30 July 2020 00:17 (eight months ago) link

looking at about $300 usd for one in good working condition at the moment... I had quite an adventure buying mine, had 3 other different transactions and returns before I found one in decent shape which (anecdotally) leads me to believe that these are rarer than listings make them appear.

lumen (esby), Thursday, 30 July 2020 00:26 (eight months ago) link

in the end I ordered one w/ box, manual, power adapter, battery pack and several games from Japan, and contacted the seller before pulling the trigger. a little under 400 shipped. these things are pretty faulty and there are lots of inaccurate listings or junk machines, def research + message before buying if you end up shopping for one.

lumen (esby), Thursday, 30 July 2020 00:30 (eight months ago) link

the first and last time i played virtual boy was the first (and not last time) i saw softcore porn. both were at my uncle's house, and he definitely egged me on to do both things

The GOAT Harold Land (Karl Malone), Thursday, 30 July 2020 01:02 (eight months ago) link

what i'm trying to say is yes, i've seen mario's bare red ass in 3D

The GOAT Harold Land (Karl Malone), Thursday, 30 July 2020 01:03 (eight months ago) link

only time i ever saw one was at epcot. also rigged to play softcore porn

℺ ☽ ⋠ ⏎ (✖), Thursday, 30 July 2020 01:19 (eight months ago) link

"be the dick!"

XVI Pedicabo eam (Neanderthal), Thursday, 30 July 2020 01:26 (eight months ago) link

wow, what a cool video game thing! of course esby's rich

Give me a Chad Smith-type feel (map), Thursday, 30 July 2020 02:28 (eight months ago) link

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