Shawn Poirier -creator of Festival of the Dead

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A long time ago I asked if Shawn Poirier was a relation to Denise Poirier (Aeon Flux). Of course no one knew, because I'm guessing only Denise would, and she only posted to the other forum, and rarely.

However, there are so few Poirier's I wonder if he's not a distant relative. The reason I bring this all up is because he died on Sunday night.

He was a very colorful character, an actor in some ways and had a flair for the flamboyant and I thought you might like to see who he was


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It seems to me a gothic romatic sort of age is dying along with this guy in our time. Not many candle and incense stores around anymore, a time of a more dreamish look at life., even if it be fantasy to some. However I'm sure it will be back, as all trends seem to repeat at a later time. These days a sort of harshness and crudeness seem to have replaced it, and I find myself continually wondering why.

Michael Peter Blatty, son of William Peter Blatty, writer of The Exorcist, lives in Salem Ma, had this to say about Shawn Poirier:

Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - 9:48 pm:

"I was very sad to read the news about Mr. Poirier on this site today. Although we never met, I often saw him about town and thought him a very clever and bright and colorful personality. His departure is a loss to this city as a whole, not just to his friends and loved ones, and a reminder - lest we require one - that we must never take one another for granted. He was, I could see, a tender soul. I trust that he will find kindred spirits in the hereafter".

I find the culture of the underworld gothic types to be wonderful in creative nature, not that I would at all fit in with them, I do admire them for their love of drama. I do think writers perpetuate some of the more creative side of us and it's nice to see that people awaken to it. Even as writers of a Breen landscapes evoke scenes of harsh repression, people recognize that for their own inner creative winter, imposed on them by others or perhaps themselves. Death takes and robs us all.

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