Anybody else reading "Wednesday Comics"?

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I go on comics-buying binges about four times a year, and most of the time the comic-collector kid I was never fully wakes up after the binge, but jeez do I f'in' love Wednesday Comics. Especially the Kamandi strip. Wednesday Comics is an awesome idea that I am really enjoying! That's all I got really

Man Is Nairf! (J0hn D.), Monday, 31 August 2009 16:56 (eight years ago) Permalink

someone recently leant me the first six WEDNESDAY COMICS, lotsa nice stuff but overall a curiously unsatisfying reading experience - even one big page once a week just seems a bit too 'bitty', and i missed the pleasure of turning the pages of a story.

don't quite share yr enthusiasm for the 'Kamandi' strip - ok pictures but v. plodding script (perfect hommage to Prince Valiant, then!) and kinda the most literal-minded take on a 'Sunday Page'. The Deadman strip has some great overall page design and nice pics; the Garcia Lopez/Kevin Nowlan hook-up is every bit as lush as i was hoping for (shame the script is so crappy); and i think best of all, Paul Pope's take on Adam Strange is funny, exotic, beautifully coloured and with great storytelling and design. Have never rated Pope before, always thought he was a gothick poseur w/out real 'chops', but this had made me a total convert so hurrah

i like the fact that everyone has a diff favourite, it seems.

Ward Fowler, Monday, 31 August 2009 18:21 (eight years ago) Permalink

Fell way behind and still need to pick up #5 onward (due to external circumstances, not dissatisfaction). Am finding Kerschl's FLASH to be a blast, though that might be cuz I'm overly fond of time-travel.

R Baez, Monday, 31 August 2009 19:53 (eight years ago) Permalink

I said this a month ago, like R haven't read the last FOUR yet. Main change between #1 and 2-4 was that Metamorpho started being disappointing/not including lurid sexual puns.

miss pamela and the gtfo's (sic), Tuesday, 1 September 2009 08:14 (eight years ago) Permalink

I quit buying it after the fourth issue. It's fun, but it's samey, and post-depression belt-tightening, etc.

I will, however, rudely install myself in a comic shop to finish reading the Flash strip. The rest I'm kinda indifferent to, although most of them are pretty good.

Chuck_Tatum, Tuesday, 1 September 2009 14:23 (eight years ago) Permalink

I've fallen a few weeks behind too, but I'm mostly enjoying it thus far. The art on Deadman is fantastic; it looks like Kirby figures dropped in Ditko's Dr. Strange backgrounds. I'd never heard of the artist before, Heuck or Neuck, or something. The Pope and Baker strips are as great as everybody else says, and the Flash's split-strip gag hasn't gotten old yet. I'm most surprised at how much I've come to like the Wonder Woman strip; it was such a mess at first, but the last two I've read have been far easier to understand without sacrificing the ridiculously busy layouts. It's not quite getting me to the shop every week like I hoped it would, but it's still a success.

GM, Wednesday, 2 September 2009 18:15 (eight years ago) Permalink

I'm feeling the Adam Strange, Hawkman, Metamorpho, Batman, Superman, Flash, Kamandi, Deadman, Sgt. Rock, Supergirl; not necessarily in that order.
Metal Men, Wonder Woman and Teen Titans are particularly unreadable.

write about this significant and fascinating and comlex artist (forksclovetofu), Wednesday, 2 September 2009 18:38 (eight years ago) Permalink

CHEERS: adam strange, hawkman, flash, kamandi, sgt. rock
JEERS: supergirl, metal men, wonder woman, teen titans
EH: metapmorpho, deadman, batman, superman

strongohulkingtonsghost, Thursday, 3 September 2009 17:41 (eight years ago) Permalink

i would totally spend $15-20 on a single issue for 24 pages on decent paper at the same size of any of the strips in the "cheers" column. except maybe "kamandi."

strongohulkingtonsghost, Thursday, 3 September 2009 17:43 (eight years ago) Permalink

the first sgt. rock strip is maybe my fave page of comics in '09 so far.

strongohulkingtonsghost, Thursday, 3 September 2009 17:43 (eight years ago) Permalink

i kinda like the supergirl art
i've long hated paul pope, but this is the best work I've seen him do.

write about this significant and fascinating and comlex artist (forksclovetofu), Thursday, 3 September 2009 17:44 (eight years ago) Permalink

I hated the Wonder Woman stuff at first too, but something clicked in weeks 4 and 5. I haven't read the last two issues, so maybe it's incomprehensible again.

GM, Thursday, 3 September 2009 20:05 (eight years ago) Permalink

Okay, I've finally got around to reading one of the four I picked up last week, since I realised another one has come out since - #5 reactions:

Batman is still painfully tedious and monocolour.

Kamandi has exploded into non-Valiant-style colour and action!

Five weeks in and we’re still on Superman’s origin! Have these cunts not read All-Star? The whole John Byrne post-Crisis retcon of not having the Kents die seems to have led to a really horrible dead-end for the grown-up fanboy children that have become the majority of superhero comics writers these days – oh my mummy and daddy didn’t understand my love of staying indoors of writing comics! How wonderful that Superman is able to go home four times a week and have a big sook to his dad about how hard it is to get by in the world as the most famous and powerful person alive, instead of growing up and getting on with flying about and being awesome. I mean, I don’t read any of these things, but I get the impression.

Deadman still visually wonderful but using Boston Brand to have action-packed physical-injury-receiving fight scenes isn’t so inspiring. I find him interesting Quantum Leaping into dudes to sort their shit out, not moping on the astral plane about Rama Kushna.

Metamorpho back to being lolleriffic, hurrah! Great thing even when I didn’t dig is that they try and do something different with the pagespace each week.

Teen Titans – Jebus Christ more lonely fanboy crying about how daddy didn’t pick you up from school! Why not have Kid Flash run fast or Changeling turn into a lion to pull underage tail, you useless bastards?

Strange Adventures is basically a THB page this week! Is Villarubia colourising that for the :01 vaporware editions? That could be non-horrible.

The topper on Supergirl sums up my disappointment with the strip: Amanda Conner drawing of Supergirl looking cranky with a dangling Streaky? FUNNY! Streaky almost killing hundreds of parents and children for no discernible reason? Not too hilarious. Love the post-super-activity exhausted-Supergirl/Krypto licking plane window panel though (and many of the other visual touches).

Has DiDio ever heard actual people talk? Or watched any movie that had a cinema release?

God, I’d love to try and enjoy Little Wonder Woman In Slumberland but the repro still doesn’t work on paper and the lettering is illegible. :(

Baker’s Hawkman is starting to show the signs of having been belted out in two weeks. The insets of 80s-style Baker faces are a tiny nostalgic sweetener though.

Young Scott Young (sic), Thursday, 10 September 2009 11:20 (eight years ago) Permalink

Gotta say, I did kind of love the table-of-the-elements joke in Metamorpho in #8 and 9. But the Flash is the real dark-horse winner here.

Douglas, Thursday, 10 September 2009 23:41 (eight years ago) Permalink

Have read three of the four I bought last time - went back to the shop today and there's another three of the things out!

Young Scott Young (sic), Thursday, 17 September 2009 11:39 (eight years ago) Permalink

It's like they come out every week!

EZ Snappin, Thursday, 17 September 2009 12:53 (eight years ago) Permalink

there are ppl in the uk who have to build new homes just to house their 2000ad collection, just sayin

Ward Fowler, Thursday, 17 September 2009 12:55 (eight years ago) Permalink

thing is, they don't put out another comic worth going to the shop for EVERY week

so the fuckers build up

who has the time to read this many (okay only a problem cos they're too big to read in bed)

Young Scott Young (sic), Thursday, 17 September 2009 13:26 (eight years ago) Permalink

The thing about issue 11 is that everybody's hitting the brakes at the same time and seeking to quickly resolve the story AT THE SAME TIME. It's like eating a big denouement sandwich. I don't even want to think about the next issue. They need to do this as a regular weekly thing and stagger the storylines, like Marvel Comics Presents was (I used to have the first 75 issues of that damn thing!)

EVERYBODY WANNA BOOOOO ME BUT I’M A FAN OF REAL POP CULTURE! (forksclovetofu), Monday, 21 September 2009 05:23 (eight years ago) Permalink

I thought some things about #6

:-/ at FM swipe in last Batpanel

Kamandi has now really broken away from the Val homages! Great to see the shift Gibbons and Sook have pulled off here.

Insanely bad storytelling in the Superman – three Mohawk-Sontarans are shown flying in formation, but without panel backgrounds it looks like the og one very slowly approaching Superman, who despite his super-speed just crouches watching for several minutes. Not bothering to see if his parents have been killed by their house blowing up. Some devoted son you are, prick.

Really missing the snappy diner action with big skirts from the first Green Lantern now.

YAY at the activity page Metamorpho (though BOOOOOOO at no counters to cut out! Especially after they are announced!). You can tell that Gaiman (at least – hopefully Allred too) actually grew up reading comics in different forms, not just American superhero pamphlets – his delight at squeezing in so many different aspects of a Sunday supplement is transferable to this reader.

Still no backgrounds on Teen Titans, and now this blue dude is spouting the kind of bullshit racist pidgin English that I found moronically offensive in Marvel books when I was 11, let alone two decades later.

Awesome “TWIST!” in the Adam Strange! Compare with how nothingly predictable the Batman, Superman and Titans strips are – those dudes should all retire in shame. (Then again, Pope should actually put out half the stuff he promises…)

Really like the cartooning in Supergirl this week, love the clam-phone gag, but Aquaman talking like a goombah shat me from the first panel, and then BLATANTLY MADE NO SENSE when they explained it. Can Conner write? Does she really need her boyfriend?

After my disapproval of the first week of Sgt Rock, I’m now kinda loving that it’s almost halfway through and Rock is STILL in the chair getting smacked.

Enjoy the shift from Iris Allen bottomer to Gorilla Grodd bottomer, but would actually rather read about career woman romance struggles than punching, so hope it doesn’t go too far that way.

Still wishing Baker would treat the words in Hawkman with the lack of seriousness he actually brings to the material, instead of DC-sadface-pofacing it up.

Young Scott Young (sic), Monday, 21 September 2009 11:06 (eight years ago) Permalink

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