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Just so you all know...

As you are probably all aware, the server that ILX is hosted on is
located in Australia, and it uses bandwidth donated by Eftel/Keypoint.

Earlier this year, Andrew received notice from the hosts that this was under review, as detailed in this thread:

ADMIN: ILX may have to find somewhere else to live.

At which point a sum of money was raised by ILX people, via Stet, to
assist in a move, should it be necessary. Since this time, Andrew
appears to have been kept waiting for a decision as to wether the free hosting/bandwidth would be continued or not. On top of this, we have had an ongoing situation with the code the board runs on - as you've all seen, it has a habit of crapping out at seemingly random times, the search function consumes way more resources than it should, and so on.

We now have a solution to all this pending.

The board server is to be hosted, and the board's bandwidth provided by Paper Thin Walls:


Which is an independent music-based community. The server will be
located in Alberta, Canada. PTW's facility is secure, reliable, and
has plenty of bandwidth to spare for ILX's needs. In return for
hosting the site, we will be providing links to PTW on the front page, replacing the "Sponsored by Keypoint" .gif, and the "hosted by wh3rd.net" text link. In addition, there'll be a text link to PTW at the top right of the other forum pages.

Stet is speccing and obtaining a server, using the funds raised to
help in the move. Raising a little bit more would be useful, for reasons Stet can explain, I'm crap w/tech-related stuff.

Since Andrew's announcement, there has been a group of ILX people working on a new forum code, this coding affort stalled a bit when Andrew fixed it last time, so Keith, one of the coding group went ahead and wrote new forum code, which we'll be using.

The move looks likely to be happening very soon - in the next 2 weeks, by the look of things.

The following people have all worked to keep the board going:

Stet has been the main mover in keeping this thing on the go.

Keith has written the code.

Ned has kept things moving by prodding us when progress has stalled.

Tombot was "cat-herder"/co-ordinator for the coder's group, and the coder's group themselves put together a schema for the new code.

Gerry, Al and Chris W from PTW set us up with a new home.

Andrew has been a great host and admin.

Alan T, Andrew & Zack have kept the thing going when it's crapped out in the past.

ILX people have all made it worth keeping this thing going.

I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!

There is a thread here:

[ADMIN] Future hosting of ILXor.com

..on ILE for talking about it

Pashmina (Pashmina), Wednesday, 1 November 2006 23:45 (fifteen years ago) link

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