Nu-ILB: What books have you purchased lately?

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This Nu-ILB thread is the direct descendant of <a href="">this Old Stylee ILB thread</a>. It is where we post the titles of books we have purchased recently.

As for me, this is a partial list of my book purchases of the past couple of months while ILX was undergoing its recent transgender surgery:

The Apes of God, by Wyndham Lewis, in a Penguin Modern Classics paper edition, for US$0.50. I amy not read this, but for the price I couldn't refuse to buy it.
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Another Penguin paperback, for US$1.29.
The Olive Tree and Other Essays by Aldous Huxley, in a hardbound 1936 edition from Chatto and Windus. I have enjoyed many os Huxley's essays in the past so this one may also satisfy me.
A Steele Rudd Selection from University of Queensland Press, paperbound, for US$0.50. An aussie writer from the old school. Short stories. Who knows?
The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles, Vintage paperbound, for US$1.00. Never read him, but he has an interesting reputation and seems worth a buck to have a look-see.
The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers by George MacDonald Fraser; a history by author of the Flashman novels, paperbound, US $1.00.
The Pursuit of Power by William H. McNeill. A history of weaponry, tactics and who gets the upper hand and why, as compiled by a rather brilliant historian. Paperbound, US$3.00.
The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton, hardcover, US$1.00. A recent read from the library I decided to add to my permanent collection.

I'm sure I've overlooked a few, since ILX has been out of commision a great deal since Dec. 1, 2006 and I haven't kept strict track of what I bought in the interval.

What have you shelled out for lately?

Aimless, Saturday, 3 March 2007 02:52 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Let me try that link once more, but nu-ilx stylee: [Removed Illegal Link]

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Surely, links back to its own threads aren't illegal -
[Removed Illegal Link]

I've been adhering to my self-instantiated edict of "Don't Buy Any More Books, What Are You Thinking, You Have to Move AGAIN In September". The library has been filling the gap, in a way. I put all the interesting titles I come across on Hold, and twice a week I check to see how many of the 6,573 other patrons who are also intent on these books have given up.

Jaq, Saturday, 3 March 2007 04:14 (eleven years ago) Permalink

HAHAHAHAHA! Nu-ILX can't link to itself????!!!! What hath Keef wrought?

Jaq, Saturday, 3 March 2007 04:15 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Move again? What?

Casuistry, Saturday, 3 March 2007 08:41 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I know, it completely sucks. When I leased this place, I was assured it would remain a rental, so I thought we'd be here for at least 2 years. But, they put it on the market the first week of Feb. and we will have to move at the end of Sept. Another giant book clear-out, whoohoo. We are thinking of going to a much much much smaller space for a year, then hopefully buying something. So, it will be a case of thinning down the library dramatically.

All of the art is in a closet. I can't see the point in hanging anything. Why even bother unpacking?

Jaq, Saturday, 3 March 2007 15:04 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Jaq, do they let you bring a hand truck full of cartons of books onto Amtrak? Or two hand trucks, maybe? If so, you should bring down a few hundred of your culls and sell them at Powell's.

Aimless, Saturday, 3 March 2007 18:42 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Not bought, but Bookmooched:

Laclos-Les liasons dangereuses
Jim Thompson-The Getaway
Evan Wright-Generation Kill

C0L1N B..., Saturday, 3 March 2007 20:20 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Gerard Woodward's 'A Curious Earth' and Jim Crace's 'The Pesthouse' are winging their way from the Book Depository to me at the moment. Yesterday I bought a couple of tatty old SF classics, Wilson Tucker's 'The Lincoln Hunters' and Edgar Pangborn's 'Davy'.

James Morrison, Sunday, 4 March 2007 22:23 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Adolfo Bioy Casares Asleep in the Sun
Yuri Olesha Envy
William Faulkner Collected Stories
Orhan Pamuk The White Castle
William H. Gass The World Within the Word
Daniil Kharms Incidences
Tadeusz Konwicki A Dreambook for Our Time
Felipe Alfau Chromos

wmlynch, Monday, 5 March 2007 19:03 (eleven years ago) Permalink


Casuistry, Monday, 5 March 2007 19:05 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Aimless, I'm considering the Powell's possibility. If we truly felt strong enough to show some restraint once we were there...

Jaq, Monday, 5 March 2007 19:20 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I have to try this link again. I think I left the quote marks in. this Old Stylee ILB thread

Jaq, Monday, 5 March 2007 20:24 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Yes, that was it. Shouldn't post while drinking; don't want to impugn Keef at all.

Jaq, Monday, 5 March 2007 20:25 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Perfect restraint would be inhuman. Since it would be quite doubtful you could leave with even half as many as you sold, the net result would still be in your favor. I counsel you to do it.

Aimless, Monday, 5 March 2007 21:10 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Well, we'd have to have something to read on the train.....

Jaq, Monday, 5 March 2007 21:46 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Lace Villages
The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz
Fashion Babylon
Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker (Stich 'n Bitch Crochet)

First one is for my mum. The rest is junk, really, except the Happy Hooker one which focuses, not on prostitution, but on crochet.

nathalie, Tuesday, 6 March 2007 12:45 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I've been Bookmooching instead of purchasing books lately. Just recently mooched:

The Nurture Assumption - Judith Harris
Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom and the Making of History - John Diggins

o. nate, Tuesday, 6 March 2007 16:06 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Diderot on Art Vol. 1: The Salon of 1765

C0L1N B..., Wednesday, 7 March 2007 05:18 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Land of Spices Kate O'Brien
The Echoing Grove - Rosamond Lehmann
House of Mirth - Edith Wharton
The Plausibility of Life - Marc W. Kirschner, John C. Gerhart, and John Norton
Collected Poems - Philip Larkin
Goldberg: Variations - Gabriel Josipovici
Captain Blood - Raphael Sabatini

Arethusa, Friday, 9 March 2007 01:35 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Geoffrey Chaucer - The Canterbury Tales (original-spelling edition)
Robert Musil - The Man Without Qualities
J. M. Coetzee - Inner Workings: Literary Essays 2000-2005
Ngugi wa Thiong'o - Wizard of the Crow (Huh, I only just realized that he's the guy that wrote "A Grain of Wheat." I feel slightly silly for buying this, as I haven't read the copy of "The Devil on the Cross" that I got a couple of years ago. Guess the hype got the better of me.)

Øystein, Friday, 9 March 2007 12:37 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Got a couple things in the mail, an advance of Palahniuk's new one ("Rant", not that excited but it was free) and Jonathan Lethem's "How We Got Insipid" (old short stories).

Jordan, Friday, 9 March 2007 19:23 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Okay, due to birthdays, gift certificates, and Valentine's Day, we've had a decent infusion of books lately.

Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn
Field Guide to Cocktails by Rob Chirico
Knitting Loves Crochet by Candi Jensen
Bare Bones and Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach
Final Exam: A Surgeon's Reflections on Mortality by Pauline W. Chen
Best Food Writing 2006 edited by Holly Hughes
Doing It Right by Maryjanice Davidson (the author is a long time friend and is constantly giving me copies of her latest stuff - I'm sure this will be fluffy and fun)
Poster Child: A Memoir by Emily Rapp (another writer friend - I read the manuscript for this one last summer and it is excellent)

I also bought a physiology text book, which I'm spending the most time with book-wise.

Sara R-C, Friday, 9 March 2007 22:27 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach - that's excellent. Fascinating all the way through.

James Morrison, Saturday, 10 March 2007 03:47 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I asked for that one after seeing it mentioned at ILE somewhere! My SIL gave it to me for my birthday and said I could never make fun of her husband's wish lists again (his list is always entirely made up of obscure books about the Holocaust because he's a German history prof). I've only made it to chapter four or so in Stiff, but so far it is really great.

Sara R-C, Saturday, 10 March 2007 19:38 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Voltaire: Letters from England
Greg Bear: Darwin's Radio
E M Forster: The Hill of Devi

James Morrison, Sunday, 11 March 2007 07:42 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Greg Tate-Flyboy in the Buttermilk
Amos Tutuola-The Palm-Wine Drunkard
Raymond Queneau-Excercises in Style
Gregory Wolff-Black Sun: the Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby

C0L1N B..., Monday, 12 March 2007 01:49 (eleven years ago) Permalink

narcissus and goldmund – herman hesse
drop city – t.c. boyle
omensetter's luck – william gass
divine invasion – pkd
survival, evasion, and escape – FM21-76, department of the army field manual

冷明, Tuesday, 13 March 2007 06:51 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I unexpectedly found a copy of Jackson Mac Low's Stanzas for Iris Lezak in Vancouver yesterday for an excellent price (and in Canadian moneys)!

Casuistry, Monday, 19 March 2007 21:23 (eleven years ago) Permalink

In Seattle and from Bookmooch:
Kobo Abe-Woman in the Dunes
Douglas Hofstadter-Le ton beau de Marot: In Praise of the music of language
Paul Goodman-Empire City
Warren F. Motte-Oulipo: A Primer of Potential Literature
Michel Houllebecq-Lanzarote

C0L1N B..., Monday, 19 March 2007 22:55 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Norman Rush - Mating (not sure I actually want this, but it was a rather cheap used copy, and I got drawn in by that "National book award" chocolate coin that's glued to the cover)
Jean Baudrillard - Amerika (Danish translation)
Baruch De Spinoza - Ethica (Norwegian tr.)
Terry Pratchett - Soul Music
Terry Pratchett - Men At Arms
Terry Pratchett - Witches Abroad (I'm starting to think I might build a complete Pratchett collections by frequenting the used books store down the street)
Jon Jakob Tønseth - Von Aschenbachs Fristelse
Ludwig Wittgenstein - Philosophical Investigations (German original + English tr. side-by-side)
David Hume - A Treatise of Human Nature
Cormac McCarthy - Blood Meridian

Phew. Off to the couch with me!

Øystein, Saturday, 24 March 2007 17:34 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Just ordered...
* The new Ian McEwan
* 'It Rhymes With Lust' by Arnold Drake, allegedly the first proper graphic novel, a noir muystery from the 1950s
* 'Missing' by Walter de la Mare

James Morrison, Monday, 26 March 2007 03:35 (eleven years ago) Permalink

So there was a sale on theory this week at my school's book store and I went hog wild:

Jaques Derrida - Dissemination, Acts of Religion, Margins of Philosophy, Writing and Difference, Spectres of Marx
Slavov Zizek - The Sublime Object of Ideology
Michel Foucault - Society Must Be Defended, Madness & Civilization
Gilles Deleuze - Anti-Oedipus, What is Philosophy (with Felix Guattari); Nietzsche & Philosophy
Guy Debord - The Society of Spectacle
Georges Bataille - The Tears of Eros, The Accursed Share (Vols. II & III)
Judith Butler - Gender Trouble
Jaques Lacan - Ecrits
Walter Benjamin - Illuminations, Reflections
Jean-Luc Nancy - Being Singular Plural
Giorgio Agamben - The State of Exception, The Coming Community
Roland Barthes - Image - Music - Text
Jean Baudrillard - Simulacra & Simulation

So far I've read a lot of the Benjamin essays and most of Dissemination, plus paged through The Tears of Eros. I have so much more to read, though!

max, Monday, 26 March 2007 15:29 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Now do that twice a week, and you'll be Josh before you know it.

Casuistry, Monday, 26 March 2007 17:09 (eleven years ago) Permalink

also homeless

max, Monday, 26 March 2007 17:31 (eleven years ago) Permalink

it's always a little difficult in a foreign country, but i think i did alright:

mr. muo's travelling couch - dai sijie
lovesick blues: the life of hank williams - paul hemphill

jergïns, Monday, 2 April 2007 14:25 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Dead Souls (Penguin Classics) - Nikolai Gogol; Paperback

The Pursuit of Oblivion: A History of Narcotics, 1500-2000 - Richard Davenport-Hines; Paperback

Criminal History of Mankind - Colin Wilson; Hardcover

These are in my basket awaiting to be ordered. HURRAH!

nathalie, Monday, 2 April 2007 14:55 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Good haul this weekend, all used except for the Harry Matthews:

George Saunders-Pastoralia
George Saunders-Civilwarland in Bad Decline
Clifford Geertz-The Interpretation of Cultures
Balzac-Histoire de la Treize
Mitchell Duneier-Sidewalk
Warren Lehrer and Judith Sloan-Crossing the BLVD
Marguerite Duras-The Ravishing of Lol Stein
William Vollmann-The Rainbow Stories
Harry Matthews-Cigarettes

C0L1N B..., Monday, 2 April 2007 15:30 (eleven years ago) Permalink

From the Country of Eight Islands: An Anthology of japanese Poetry, edited and translated by Hiroaki Sato and Burton Watson, used hardcover with a nice dust jacket, U. of Washington Press, 1981, US$15.00.

Letters From My Windmill, Alphonse Daudet, used Penguin paperback, US$1.29.
Eyeless in Gaza, Aldous Huxley, used paperback with a eye-gougingly hideous cover, US$1.29.
The Sons, Franz Kafka, used paperback collection of four short stories, US$0.50.
Pragmatism and other Essays, William James, used paperback, US$0.50.

Aimless, Monday, 2 April 2007 17:15 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Letters From My Windmill, Alphonse Daudet, used Penguin paperback, US$1.29.

That's ace. Also read his 'In the Land of Pain', which is absorbing stuff about his suffering from syphilis, translated by Julian Barnes.

James Morrison, Tuesday, 3 April 2007 01:10 (eleven years ago) Permalink

catherine bush, claire's head

derrrick, Tuesday, 3 April 2007 08:34 (eleven years ago) Permalink

On the weekend I bought a teeny little 100-page book of WH Auden poems selected by John Fuller. And the latest issue of 'Descant', which is good for before bed.

franny glass, Wednesday, 4 April 2007 00:37 (eleven years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...
I have been buying books, even as other ILBers have been cutting back on the habit. Luckily for me, I also sell them.

The True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen's Three Hundred Koans, with commentary and verse by John Daido Loori, new hardbound, $40(!). Also known as the Mana Shobogenzo. I so rarely buy new expensive books that this is a radical departure for me. I've been eyeing this for months. This is quite simply the best collection of Zen stories and commentary I have ever seen. Better than The Blue Cliff Record. Highly recommended if you are interested in Zen.

Life With Father by Clarence Day, used hardcover, $1. An old warhorse from a much different world than today.

Aimless, Sunday, 22 April 2007 17:24 (eleven years ago) Permalink

This was the weekend of the Seattle library booksale. The withdrawal pains were severe, and early morning attendance at the EMP pop conference did not offer much relief.

Jaq, Sunday, 22 April 2007 23:13 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I can't remember'em all. But I do remember buying:

martin amis' money
adventures of sherlock holmes
ballard's crash
paluhniak's haunted
fowles' the collector

and a few others. shit, i can't remember!

nathalie, Thursday, 26 April 2007 11:58 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Also, Max is where I was a few years ago. :-)

nathalie, Thursday, 26 April 2007 11:59 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Uh, another post, sorry:

drop city – t.c. boyle

any good? i noticed this at the store.

nathalie, Thursday, 26 April 2007 11:59 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Peter S. Beagle - The Last Unicorn (huh, the back cover of this has NO text. No blurbs, no brief summery, no "by the author of"... nothing! The unicorn on the cover has a goatee. The tree on the cover looks like it's made of potatoes)
Terry Pratchett - The Light Fantastic
Terry Pratchett - The Colour of Magic (I suspected earlier that I should be able to build a complete Discworld collection through used books stores. Looks like I was right. I've yet to find any of the recent books though)
James Knowlson - Damned To Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett (I tend to steer clear of biographies, but the blog [Removed Illegal Link] made me want to read this)
Thukydides - The Peloponnesian War (I'm not going to go look up how that's spelled in English)

Øystein, Saturday, 5 May 2007 13:19 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Bloody hell. The link was supposed to be to the blog Anecdotal Evidence:

Øystein, Saturday, 5 May 2007 13:20 (eleven years ago) Permalink

oh right, mine has what could be construed as an obnoxious blurb from steiner (out-joycing joyce! closer to the realities of the age than kafka!) but with an arendt intro extracted from a circa 1945 essay from partisan review.

2 x gass: omensetter's luck + life sentences: literary judgments and accounts

no lime tangier, Sunday, 8 April 2018 02:11 (three months ago) Permalink

Dizzy Gillespie To Be Or Not To Bop
Autobiography of teh great jazz trumpeter. I read a version of this back in the mid 80s. Only realised on looking at when thsi copy came from yesterday that it was only a few years after it was published. thought it was older.
Has some interesting insight into some things including the Islamic renaming of various jazz players in the 40s to get around Jim crow laws.

Will Carruthers playing The Bass with 3 Left Hands
THe memoir of Spacemen 3/Spiritualised bassist's time in those bands. Quite good so far. Seems to be intent to get himself messed up on drugs though i think he does keep the audience sympathetic.
I think I need to pick up physical copies of the Spacemen 3 studio lps.

Brix Smith Start The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise
Mark E Smith's ex autobiography I heard the bits about somebody from californian privilege getting used to Manchester getting by hood are quite amusing. Saw it cheapish when i was in a rush to get through a cheap booksp so finally took the p0lunge. been meaning to read it for a while.

Conran cookbook
Looks very interesting,So far I've been going through the ingredients sections which are pretty good. Seen some bad reviews of the recipes having been of their time which I think was mid 80s. But looks like a good find for a couple of €.

Tim Jeal Stanley
biography of Victorian explorer.

Stevolende, Sunday, 8 April 2018 12:45 (three months ago) Permalink

oh right, mine has what could be construed as an obnoxious blurb from steiner (out-joycing joyce! closer to the realities of the age than kafka!) but with an arendt intro extracted from a circa 1945 essay from partisan review.

the quote in the back of mine: "The Death of Virgil represents the only genuine technical advance that fiction has made since Ulysses." Which is really alienating (a lot of Steiner can read like obnoxious grandstanding; he can be lazy, seldom shows his workings and is never asked to because no one challenges him). Its a bit weird Steiner doesn't like Peter Weiss' Aesthetics of Resistance, which has a bit in common with this particular Broch, style-wise.

xyzzzz__, Sunday, 8 April 2018 13:19 (three months ago) Permalink

Never got past initial impression of Steiner as off-putting snob. Trying to remember his beef with Anthony Burgess now.

Rudy’s Mood For Dub (James Redd and the Blecchs), Sunday, 8 April 2018 14:48 (three months ago) Permalink

tolstoy - war and peace
thomas mann - the magic mountain
dave fanning - the thing is...
michael calvin - Living on the Volcano: The Secrets of Surviving as a Football Manager
ta-nehisi coates - between the world and me

well bissogled trotters (Michael B), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 10:26 (three months ago) Permalink

An Exorcist Explains The Demonic Fr Gabriele Amorth
turned up in a local charity shop and i thought it might be interesting to see what the other half thinks as it were.

Sotheby's Wine Encyclopaedia
another charity shop find. Has some articles on sources of flavour and differentiation etc etc that I want to read. Also thorough listings of wines per region which I might get to a point of knowing a thing about if i start drinking now.

ring Koji Suzuki
the horror novel that the films were based on . turned up for 25c in a local charity shop. Hadn't known it was a book first.

Illustrated Directory of Native Americans edited by ray Bonds
looked interesting.

I Am Ozzy
Ozzy Osbourne's autobiography.

The Who The Illustrated history
Partially to see the clothing they were wearing to see if anything was worth copying.
& I do like the Who up to about Quadrophenia.

Hunter S Thompson The Rum Diary
don't think I've read this, charity shop again. Wasn't sure to what extent it was completed. Know it wasn't published when written so not sure how far into the editing process it went.

The Interrogation JMG Le Clozio
looked interesting for 25c,

Stevolende, Thursday, 12 April 2018 10:11 (three months ago) Permalink

The author of that exorcism book is the subject of the new William Friedkin film

scotti pruitti (wins), Thursday, 12 April 2018 12:11 (three months ago) Permalink

OK, wonder if that was a pure coincidence that that turned up at this time, or somebody working there being tuned into what's being released.
Anyway looked pretty interesting for €1 so glad i grabbed it. Now to get around to reading it.

Stevolende, Thursday, 12 April 2018 15:08 (three months ago) Permalink

Just never know how much of a surplus of books one is likely to get if you're a donations based charity shop and how good a job certain staff members have to do to put things that sell on the shelves. Presumably not everything that is of sellable quality will ever make it out.
PIcking up some very interesting stuff for 25c from another charity shop on the same backstreet. Included most of Margaret Atwood i think.

Stevolende, Thursday, 12 April 2018 15:11 (three months ago) Permalink

The Interrogation JMG Le Clozio

Hope you enjoy extended scenes of animal torture

Mince Pramthwart (James Morrison), Friday, 13 April 2018 00:44 (three months ago) Permalink

Becky Albertalli - Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (because I'm writing on it)
Stephen Leacock - Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (because I keep stubbornly insisting that I'll get into him)

Dangleballs and the Ballerina (cryptosicko), Friday, 13 April 2018 00:47 (three months ago) Permalink

"Soul Mountain," Gao Xingjian
"Winter Mythologies and Abbots," Pierre Michon
"Alchemy & Mysticism," Alexander Roob
"In Bluebeard's Castle," George Steiner
"A Legacy," Sybille Bedford
"Care Crosses the River," Hans Blumenberg
"Other Men's Daughters," Richard Stern
"Daido Tokyo," Daido Moriyama

cakelou, Sunday, 15 April 2018 07:03 (three months ago) Permalink

I bought a used copy of Charles Portis' Masters of Atlantis for $1. I would have preferred Dog of the South, since ILBers have said good things about it, but I'll take what I can find.

At the same time (and for the same price) I bought a used copy of John Keegan's The Price of Admiralty. I would have preferred his The Face of War, for the same reason, but again will settle for what I can get.

A is for (Aimless), Saturday, 28 April 2018 00:39 (two months ago) Permalink

anna kavan - my soul in china
pessoa - the (complete) book of disquiet
david markson - wittgenstein's mistress

no lime tangier, Monday, 30 April 2018 13:25 (two months ago) Permalink

Anadolu Psych by Daniel Spicer.
An expansion of a Wire Primer by an author who apparently just got into the music because he had won himself an assignment that happened to be on the subject.
So reads a bit like one of the Julian Cope music books but with less of Cope's idiosy7ncratic style.
Quite enjoying it so far.
JUst got through the section on Mogollar whiuch is the first band covered in the book.

There was a Cafe Oto reading tied in with it which may have been last week.

Next thing i consciously want to buy right now is the Rob Young Can book and teh latest edition of Ugly Things which came out at the beginning of this month.
& the copy of Seasons May Change that I have put aside to replace the copy I got soaked at Xmastime . & the BUrn Jones book that's with it.

Stevolende, Monday, 30 April 2018 14:23 (two months ago) Permalink

2nd hand:

Cervantes - Don Quixote (this is the famous translation by Tobias Smolett, so look forward to re-reading it in that)

Finally broken down and ordered a few items on Amazon:

Ingeborg Bachmann - Malina (such a classic, re-reading it just now)
Hilda Hilst - Letters from a Seducer
Juan Benet - Return to Region (although I haven't got it yet)

1st hand (from an actual shop and everything):

François-René de Chateaubriand - Memoirs from Beyond the Grave 1768–1800

xyzzzz__, Friday, 4 May 2018 14:54 (two months ago) Permalink

Emily Mackay, Homogenic
Thomas Tryon, Night of the Moonbow

incel elgort (cryptosicko), Saturday, 5 May 2018 01:17 (two months ago) Permalink

Raul Ruiz : Diario. Notas, recuerdos y secuencias de cosas vistas (Diaries 1993-2011)

Brassai: Images of Culture And The Surrealist Observer

Brassai: The Monograph

Acid Hose (Capitaine Jay Vee), Saturday, 5 May 2018 01:57 (two months ago) Permalink

christine brooke-rose - xorandor
william gerhardie - of mortal love

no lime tangier, Wednesday, 16 May 2018 07:21 (two months ago) Permalink

Rob Young All Gates Open arrived a couple of days ago and i've had a quick look in it. Read his description of Ege Bam yasi and been busy with other stuff.
Also got latest Ugly Things in same delivery which is also great.

Stevolende, Wednesday, 16 May 2018 07:33 (two months ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

Years ago I read a borrowed copy of “Havoc” by Tom Kristensen, and loved it (as documented on the Scandinavian lit thread). I’ve been looking for a copy since then - the only available edition was a university of Wisconsin edition. It’s been varying between £120 and £1000 on Amazon this whole time

Yesterday I was in a bookshop in Madison, WI and there was a copy for $7.50! I was so excited.

I looked it up on Amazon to show my wife what a score I’d made and how rare it was and noticed that it’s about to be issued by NYRB this month. Oh, and another paperback edition had been available since 2016. Oh well, it’s still GREAT.

I also bought a copy of “Encires for a Dilettante” by Ursule Molinaro, I remember loving her “Positions With White Roses” twenty-odd years ago.

Tim, Wednesday, 30 May 2018 17:03 (one month ago) Permalink

I bought that 2016 edition and still haven't read it. Need to rectify this.

Mince Pramthwart (James Morrison), Wednesday, 30 May 2018 23:53 (one month ago) Permalink

Broke down (again) and purchased a few items off Amazon:

Sergio Pitol - The Magician of Vienna
Josef Wrinkler - The Garden of Bitter Oranges
Wolfgang Hilbig - I

(I love all three writers dearly - sadly published by obscure-ish ppl, however these are some of the most successful writers to be rendered into English these last few years)

xyzzzz__, Saturday, 2 June 2018 18:22 (one month ago) Permalink

2nd hand:

John Keats - So Bright and Delicate. Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Browne.
Anne Carson - Red Doc >
Joao Gilberto Noll - Quiet Creature in the Corner
Durs Grunbein - Ashes for Breakfast

xyzzzz__, Saturday, 2 June 2018 18:27 (one month ago) Permalink

a dollar a piece:

the penguin complete saki
ew hornung - raffles: the amateur cracksman
elizabeth bowen - eva trout
elizabeth taylor - hester lily
elizabeth taylor - the soul of kindness
dorothy carrington - granite island
malcolm lowry - hear us o lord/lunar caustic
dh lawrence - letters to thomas & adele seltzer
louise desalvo - conceived with malice: literature as revenge
the concise oxford dictionary of french literature
francis james child - the english & scottish popular ballads vol. iv

no lime tangier, Saturday, 9 June 2018 01:07 (one month ago) Permalink


And Nobody POLLS Like Me (James Redd and the Blecchs), Saturday, 9 June 2018 01:09 (one month ago) Permalink

The Philosophical Dictionary, Voltaire, unabridged, translated by Peter Gay, in two used hardcover volumes, slip-cased, for $10. In the bookshop I randomly opened to several different passages and read them, and decided it looked like some pretty awesome stuff in there.

A is for (Aimless), Saturday, 9 June 2018 01:13 (one month ago) Permalink

oh, and wow, no lime tangier! that's some ace used book nabbing.

A is for (Aimless), Saturday, 9 June 2018 01:14 (one month ago) Permalink

not bad for thirty minutes attendance at a book sale. sort of regretting not picking up some of the countless henry james titles that were lying around.

no lime tangier, Saturday, 9 June 2018 01:17 (one month ago) Permalink

That's a great haul. Raffles is fun and very, very gay. The Bowen and the Taylors are excellent.

Mince Pramthwart (James Morrison), Saturday, 9 June 2018 12:38 (one month ago) Permalink

I was at a wedding recently and the place where they held the reception had a giant library, clearly used for decoration. At my girlfriend's instigation I stole Joy In The Morning, following the logic that books are to be read, not displayed.

Daniel_Rf, Monday, 11 June 2018 09:16 (one month ago) Permalink

All IN THe Downs
Shirley Collins memoir. America Over The Water was a fantastic read so hope this is as good

Hippie Hippie Shake Richard Neville
Oz editor's memoir of the 60s

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I was at a wedding recently and the place where they held the reception had a giant library, clearly used for decoration. At my girlfriend's instigation I stole Joy In The Morning, following the logic that books are to be read, not displayed.

This is wise. Once stayed in a hotel that had a library where the books had obviously been bought by the metre based on spine colours. But managed to make off with a couple of St Expurys and a Molly Keane.

Mince Pramthwart (James Morrison), Tuesday, 12 June 2018 06:36 (one month ago) Permalink

Tom Stoppard - Arcadia (loved it and already ordered The Coast of Utopia trilogy to follow up)
Arthur C Clarke - Rendezvous with Rama (basically new and £1!)
Antonio di Benedetto - Zama (had to pick it up after seeing the film)
Clark Gable, Laurence Olivier and Humphrey Bogart biographies (I've forgotten the authors but they were £2 each and I presume they were all donated by the same enthusiast to Oxfam)

And in advance of September jaunt:
Paul B. Henze - Layers of Time: History of Ethiopia
Ryszard Kapuściński - The Emperor (this was absolutely fascinating)

I'm Finn thanks, don't mention it (fionnland), Monday, 18 June 2018 12:06 (one month ago) Permalink

Paul Celan - Complete Prose
Holderlin - Hymns and Fragments

2nd hand:
Gyula Krudy - Knight of the Cordon Bleu
Kenzaburo Oe - A Personal Matter

1st hand: Georg Buchner - Lenz (This is a birthday present for a friend)

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 13:08 (one month ago) Permalink

Bloody hell, that Oe. It's very good but, oh god.

Tim, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 13:15 (one month ago) Permalink

Its in a really pretty tuttle edition too. Looking fwd to it :-)

Really happy about the Krudy as well, that's as good a find as I'll have all year (quite a few Krudy books on Corvina, but I don't think the publisher exists anymore)

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 13:25 (one month ago) Permalink

(I've probably banged on a bit about The Fifth Seal by Ferenc Santa, also on Corvina? Amazing book. Corvina was a Hungarian state publisher, I always assumed, but now I realise I have no particular basis for that assumption.)

Tim, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 13:31 (one month ago) Permalink

Yeah, that was my impression too - maybe Soros need to get on top of that

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 13:40 (one month ago) Permalink

I bought a couple of Zsigmond Móricz titles on Corvina last year, and found the first boring enough that I haven't troubled the second yet.

Tim, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 14:15 (one month ago) Permalink

needed to pick up some Henry James:

What Maisie Knew
The Wings of the Dove
The Aspern Papers & The Spoils of Poynton

a couple Roald Dahl books for our kid:

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

omar little, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 14:57 (one month ago) Permalink

john cowper powys - a glastonbury romance

no lime tangier, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 17:56 (one month ago) Permalink

Bof. ^That's extraordinary. Read it in Fiji of all places.

The shard-borne beetle with his drowsy hums (Chinaski), Tuesday, 19 June 2018 19:29 (one month ago) Permalink

have to admit the size of it is somewhat intimidating, though once i got stuck into wolf solent i sped through that so here's hoping (will also be reading it in the south pacific, if not in quite so warm climes)

All IN THe Downs Shirley Collins memoir. America Over The Water was a fantastic read so hope this is as good

need to read! just got hold of a copy of the documentary.

no lime tangier, Tuesday, 19 June 2018 20:36 (one month ago) Permalink

Gyula Krudy - Knight of the Cordon Bleu
How much did you pay? That goes for crazy money, sometimes

Mince Pramthwart (James Morrison), Wednesday, 20 June 2018 00:41 (one month ago) Permalink

lol, really. I paid 3 quid for it.

xyzzzz__, Wednesday, 20 June 2018 05:28 (one month ago) Permalink

"The End of the Novel of Love," Vivian Gornick

cakelou, Wednesday, 20 June 2018 23:24 (one month ago) Permalink

A couple of thrift store buys:

The Sicilian Vespers, Steven Runciman, Cambridge U. Press. It's a hardcover in good condition w/ dust jacket, a Book Club edition. $2.

Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Thomas Merton, New Directions paperback in good condition, $2. A small collection of his essays.

A is for (Aimless), Tuesday, 3 July 2018 01:47 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Some great 2nd hand finds:

Pavese - This Business of Living
Strindberg - Inferno/From an Occult Diary
Rilke - Selected Letters

xyzzzz__, Thursday, 12 July 2018 23:15 (one week ago) Permalink

^that strindberg is something i have to revisit

thomas bernhard - extinction
alfred döblin - a people betrayed
adolfo bioy casares - asleep in the sun

no lime tangier, Thursday, 19 July 2018 05:46 (three days ago) Permalink

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