Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1919

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hooray I have wifi again!

Poll Results

In The Shadow Of Young Girls In Flower by Marcel Proust 5
The Moon And Sixpence by W. Sommerset Maugham 1
Consequences by E.M. Delafield 1
The Moon Pool by Abraham Merritt 1
Rainbow Valley by Lucy Maud Montgomerey 1
When The World Shook by H. Rider Haggard 0
Valmouth by Ronald Firbank 0
The Undying Fire by H.G. Wells 0
Sylvia & Michael by Compton Mackenzie 0
Sunny Ducrow by Henry St.John Cooper 0
The Street Of Adventure by Philip Gibbs 0
The Sheik by Edith Maude Hull 0
The Secret Battle by A.P. Herbert 0
The Blind Man by Olav Duun 0
The Young Physician by Francis Brett Young 0
A Certain Woman by Arishima Takeo 0
Seva Sadan by Munshi Premchand 0
Klingsor's Last Summer by Herman Hesse 0
Demian by Herman Hesse 0
The Island Of Thirty Coffins by Maurice Leblanc 0
William - An Englishman by Cicely Hamilton 0
The Barsac Mission by Michel Verne 0
Atlantida by Pierre Benoit 0
The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford 0
Poor Relations by Compton Mackenzie 0
Night And Day by Virgina Woolf 0
Mr.Standfast by John Buchan 0
The Magic Of Oz by L. Frank Baum 0
Linda Condon by Joseph Hergesheimer 0
Jurgen, A Comedy Of Justice by James Branch Cabell 0
The Heads Of Cerebrus by Francis Stevens 0
The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley 0
Free Air by Sinclair Lewis 0
A Damsel In Distress by P.G. Wodehouse 0
The Curse Of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley 0
Bertram Cope's Year by Henry Blake Fuller 0
The Mouthpiece Of Zitu by John Ulrich Giesy 0
The River's End by James Oliver Curwood 0
The Green Rust by Edgar Wallace 0
Dope by Sax Rohmer 0
The Coming Of Bill by P.G. Wodehouse 0
The Arrows Of Gold by Joseph Conrad 0
All Roads Lead To Calvary by Jerome K. Jerome 0
The Outlaw's Daughter by Arthur Wright 0
The Mount Marunga Mystery by Harrison Owen 0
Yellow Men Sleep by Jeremy Lane 0
Shasta Of The Wolves by Olaf Baker 0
All The Brothers Were Valiant by Ben Ames Williams 0

Daniel_Rf, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:08 (one month ago) link

L. Frank Baum really did write a lot of books.

好 now 烧烤 (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:10 (one month ago) link

Lots of interesting, curious stuff in here - "Bertram Cope's Year" apparently the first US gay novel, "The Haunted Bookshop" an example of what wikipedia tells me is the "bibliomystery", Young Visiters written by a nine year old. Sci-fi pulp really starting to barge its way in, too.

I'm voting for "Consequences", one of the most devastating books about the patriarchy I've ever read. An unpleasant surprise for me, expecting something along the lines of Delafield's comical "Diary Of A Provincial Lady", but in retrospect I have to admire the gutsiness.

Daniel_Rf, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:12 (one month ago) link

No Symphonie pastorale?

Regardless, Proust ftw.

pomenitul, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:17 (one month ago) link

Wikipedia sez it's a novella.

Daniel_Rf, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:18 (one month ago) link

Fair enough, but that didn't stop Heart of Darkness from making it.

pomenitul, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:30 (one month ago) link

fucking firbank. has anyone got on with him? he’s sometimes cited as providing a crucial comic conduit for the fin de siecle into the 20th C and in his own way providing meaningful innovations in speech cadences and comic style. but i’ve always struggled.

Fizzles, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 17:13 (one month ago) link

The Moon and Sixpence is the only one I've read but I couldn't say I remember enough about it to meaningfully vote for it.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Tuesday, 24 November 2020 17:14 (one month ago) link

The Firbank is a novella as well, 80 or so pages. I have it but have not read it.

Gerneten-flüken cake (jed_), Tuesday, 24 November 2020 17:21 (one month ago) link

The first part of The Moon Pool is more effective weird SF than Lovecraft, who was a huge fan ... the second part is generic lost-race pulp but maintains a mood of cosmic horror. Merritt is oddly underrated compared to his imitators/rivals from the Weird Tales coterie; he's a more fluent and atmospheric writer than any of them.

I haven't read The Heads of Cerberus yet, but Francis Stevens (pseudonym of Gertrude Barrows Bennett) was a major early SF/fantasy/horror writer who finally seems to be getting some recognition. For a while it was thought that "Francis Stevens" might be Merritt.

The Arrow of Gold has its moments but there are about a dozen better Conrad novels.

Brad C., Tuesday, 24 November 2020 18:19 (one month ago) link

The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford is very very funny.

Tsar Bombadil (James Morrison), Wednesday, 25 November 2020 04:14 (one month ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

System, Thursday, 26 November 2020 00:01 (one month ago) link

Another blank here. All these poll winners might make a good reading project (to go with the five I already have)

koogs, Thursday, 26 November 2020 06:23 (one month ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

System, Friday, 27 November 2020 00:01 (one month ago) link

In The Shadow Of Young Girls In Flower not the best Belle & Sebastian album.

Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1920

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 27 November 2020 14:07 (one month ago) link

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