Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1905

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The House Of Mirth by Edith Wharton 7
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett 2
Where Angels Fear To Tread by E.M. Forster 1
The Game by Jack London 1
Kairo-ko by Natsume Soseki 1
Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by Elizabeth von Arnim 0
The Morals Of Marcus Ordeyne by William John Locke 0
The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy 0
A Modern Utopia by H.G. Wells 0
Stingaree by E.W. Hornung 0
The Sunless City by J.E. Preston Muddock 0
Meg The Lady by Tom Gallon 0
Will Warburton by George Gissing 0
Professor Unrat by Heinrich Mann 0
Tagebuch Einer Verlorenen by Margarete Bohme 0
Yolanda, The Black Corsair's Daughter by Emillio Salgari 0
The Song Of The Blood Red Flower by Johannes Linnankoski 0
The Long Day by Dorothy Richardson 0
The Duel by Aleksandr Kuprin 0
Ang Singsing ng Dalagang Marmol by Isabelo Florentino de los Reyes 0
Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Soderberg 0
Il Santo by Antonio Fogazzaro 0
Captain Tempesta by Emillio Salgari 0
The Marriage Of William Ashe by Mary Augusta Ward 0
The Man by Bram Stoker 0
Queen Zizi Of Ix by L. Frank Baum 0
Partners Of The Tide by Joseph C. Lincoln 0
The Orchid by Robert Grant 0
Johnny Reb & Billy Yank by Alexander Hunter 0
The Seething Pot by George A. Birmingham 0
The Fate Of A Crown by L. Frank Baum 0
The Colonel's Dream by Charles W. Chesnutt 0
The Lighthouse At The End Of The World by Jules Verne 0
Sandy by Alice Hegan Rice 0
The Story Of The Champions Of The Roundtable by Howard Pyle 0
The Little Black Princess by Jeannie Gunn 0
Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation by Edwin Lester Arnold 0
Kipps by H.G. Wells 0
It Beats The Shakers by Anna D. Evans 0
The Head Of Kay's by P.G. Wodehouse 0
The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace 0
By The Gods Beloved by Baroness Orczy 0
Ayesha by H. Rider Haggard 0
Rigby's Romance by Tom Collins 0
Invasion Of The Sea by Jules Verne 0

Daniel_Rf, Monday, 14 September 2020 13:04 (ten months ago) link

Kinda fascinating to see authors like Bram Stoker and Rider Haggard plugging away with work that is largely forgotten now. I had to go with my man E.M. Forster here, tho curious to read Natsume Soseki's take on the Arthurian mythos and all these Salgari pirate stories.

Daniel_Rf, Monday, 14 September 2020 13:10 (ten months ago) link

another 0 here. lots of authors i've read, but 0 of these.

koogs, Monday, 14 September 2020 13:27 (ten months ago) link

Wharton vs Soderberg for me, with Wells (Kipps) vs Forster vs Mann for 3rd place.
The Haggard and Wallace books are superior fun tosh.

Tsar Bombadil (James Morrison), Monday, 14 September 2020 13:28 (ten months ago) link

Soderberg is the only one I've read. Can't vote unless I've read more than three.

xyzzzz__, Monday, 14 September 2020 14:18 (ten months ago) link

Wharton is the only one I've read on this list.

healthy cocaine off perfect butts (the table is the table), Monday, 14 September 2020 15:04 (ten months ago) link

Big fat 0 for me.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Monday, 14 September 2020 16:42 (ten months ago) link

xp same here, will happily vote for it.

neith moon (ledge), Monday, 14 September 2020 16:48 (ten months ago) link

Wharton's the only one I read as an adult -- Little Princess and the L Frank Baum one I read as a kid.

sarahell, Monday, 14 September 2020 20:23 (ten months ago) link

The House of Mirth is one of my favourite books, so that. It's a masterpiece.

Gerneten-fl├╝ken cake (jed_), Monday, 14 September 2020 20:25 (ten months ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

System, Wednesday, 16 September 2020 00:01 (ten months ago) link

Btw, people might know Professor Unraut better as THE BLUE ANGEL, under which title it is sometimes published and was filmed.

Tsar Bombadil (James Morrison), Wednesday, 16 September 2020 10:50 (ten months ago) link

The House Of Mirth is my favourite Wharton!

abcfsk, Wednesday, 16 September 2020 12:33 (ten months ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

System, Thursday, 17 September 2020 00:01 (ten months ago) link

A worthy winner, but now I wish I'd given Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Soderberg my vote to show it some love :(

Tsar Bombadil (James Morrison), Thursday, 17 September 2020 03:32 (ten months ago) link

i've read a couple of others by EW, but not that one (ethan frome, age of innocence, some ghost stories)

koogs, Thursday, 17 September 2020 12:14 (ten months ago) link

I've been put off The Age of Innocence since reading that it was something of an attempt to make amends for the harsh treatment of NY high society in The House of Mirth. Because wtf, HoM is the best and they deserved it.

neith moon (ledge), Thursday, 17 September 2020 13:00 (ten months ago) link

Age of Innocence is also brutal towards NY high society tho...

abcfsk, Friday, 18 September 2020 06:36 (ten months ago) link

maybe i was misinformed!

neith moon (ledge), Friday, 18 September 2020 06:49 (ten months ago) link

Wherein We Elect Our Favourite Novels of 1906

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 18 September 2020 10:16 (ten months ago) link

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