Slav Lit: Search and Destroy

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Apart from Russians, Poles and Czechs I don't know what I'm doing w/this corner of Europe.

xyzzzz__, Friday, 8 June 2018 12:11 (six months ago) Permalink

Prompted by this:

I have read Dubravka Ugresic's The Ministry of Pain and that was quite good at times.

xyzzzz__, Friday, 8 June 2018 12:13 (six months ago) Permalink

Feel like I should have more ideas but excluding the countries you've already mentioned the only person I can think of for a vehement SEARCH is Milorad Pavić (Serbian).

emil.y, Friday, 8 June 2018 12:18 (six months ago) Permalink

The list (according to wiki):


xyzzzz__, Friday, 8 June 2018 12:29 (six months ago) Permalink

Thanks though, I'll look into Pavić.

In Sergio Pitol's great book The Magician of Vienna, he at one points talks about his discovery of Slav literature and says he could list about two pages worth of authors but he won't and I'm like nooo..

xyzzzz__, Friday, 8 June 2018 12:37 (six months ago) Permalink

four months pass...

an ok rev of Ivo Andric's last novel:

And I was looking at Michael Henry Heim's page on wiki, he might be a good guide:

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 23 October 2018 21:42 (one month ago) Permalink

Michael Henry Heim translated a ridiculous amount of stuff from a ridiculous number of languages. I wish my brain worked like that.
Plus he looked like James Bond's Jaws with a beard:

Mince Pramthwart (James Morrison), Tuesday, 23 October 2018 23:35 (one month ago) Permalink

A class act all the way!

xyzzzz__, Wednesday, 24 October 2018 06:01 (one month ago) Permalink

Poor-ish piece, doesn't build any enthusiasm - there is a theme of a connection to the East and Islam through some of these books. Maybe I could thread something around this.

xyzzzz__, Thursday, 1 November 2018 17:04 (one month ago) Permalink

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