do you think mordy might one day make aliyah to a settlement?

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not really whether you think i will or not - i probably wouldn't. but is it a possibility? i like to threaten my wife w/ it but friends have recently said that the threat rings really hollow bc i'm "too much of a pacifist" (direct quote) and you pretty much have to carry a gun if you're going to live 10 miles south of Ramallah (aka where a good friend of mine now lives). i don't really know - life seems really unpredictable.

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yes how the fuck should i know who the fuck is mordy / who are any of us? 6
no you seem too soft to move to the frontier 4
yes you fascist you would just love it 3
no bc i'm going to convince you not to right now 0

Mordy /s.png, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:48 (nine years ago) link

also thread for me to talk about eternal jewish presence in hebron

Genesis 23:16 ¶ And Abraham hearkened unto Ephron; and Abraham weighed to Ephron the silver, which he had named in the audience of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, current money with the merchant. [17] And the field of Ephron, which was in Machpelah, which was before Mamre, the field, and the cave which was therein, and all the trees that were in the field, that were in all the borders round about, were made sure [18] Unto Abraham for a possession in the presence of the children of Heth, before all that went in at the gate of his city.

such like the jews to be like - look, i paid good fucking money for this place

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:49 (nine years ago) link

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:50 (nine years ago) link

nakhchivan, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:53 (nine years ago) link

אין דבר, טוב למות בעד ארצנו

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:54 (nine years ago) link

what do ppl do once they get there?

call all destroyer, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:55 (nine years ago) link

have a TON of babies

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:56 (nine years ago) link

Live there

Treeship, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:56 (nine years ago) link

for further reading:

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:56 (nine years ago) link

you've already got a couple, right? what's 6 more?

call all destroyer, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:58 (nine years ago) link

nakhchivan, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:58 (nine years ago) link

interesting read thx mordy

kaputtinabox (imago), Tuesday, 5 November 2013 02:59 (nine years ago) link

lol @ that choose your own adventure

call all destroyer, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:01 (nine years ago) link

wdyll on yr birthright trip

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:04 (nine years ago) link

yes that's an aeropostle sweatshirt

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:04 (nine years ago) link

i want u guys to have the full compliment of evidence

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:05 (nine years ago) link

what are the theological implications of aliyah

kaputtinabox (imago), Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:06 (nine years ago) link

it's a really big mitzvah. it's such a big deal moving to israel that the lubavitcher rebbe had to explain why he didn't move there (bc his chossidim were still in diaspora). there are laws about when you're allowed to move away from israel (acc to the torah). in fact, there's a discussion of this fact in the Ruth narrative bc it begins with the family moving away from Israel bc of a famine and there's a question of whether even a famine is sufficient cause to leave the country. (the biblical isaac is notable for having never left israel in his lifetime - bc he was sanctified as a sacrifice during the akeidak narrative he was too holy to leave the land.)

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:09 (nine years ago) link

a cute side note - the babylonian diaspora was so productive for the jewish ppl that they said that just like it's forbidden to leave israel, it's forbidden to leave babylon - unless you're moving back to israel (cue Cyrus the Great). when i was in yeshiva they used to make a similar joek about brooklyn

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:10 (nine years ago) link

'hallelujah' denied status as new blink-182 'i miss you' youtube still du jour by being a fairly catchy ditty in its own right

ok so theological demands are for strong & unified heartland. do you think this exists in microcosms around the world as well as in israel? obviously with less imperative but with a similar urge to thrive?

kaputtinabox (imago), Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:16 (nine years ago) link

it's not just about strong & unified heartland. the land is central to jewish faith. it's ubiquitous in the foundational documents (torah, prophets + writings almost entirely about the land of israel), liturgical texts, etc. i know the concept of returning home is not unique to the jews (i was kinda surprised to learn that diaspora studies in academia has nothing to do w/ jews), but it's probably unique in terms of its extreme historical persistence.

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 03:18 (nine years ago) link

the land is central to jewish faith

This land is my land.
That land is your land.
You stay on your land.
I'll stay on my land.
There's this here border
I drew between them.
This land was made for me, not you.

Aimless, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 04:22 (nine years ago) link

that's beautiful, aimless. where is it from? samuel 2?

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 04:23 (nine years ago) link

robert frost

Aimless, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 04:29 (nine years ago) link

good news, thread. my friend in the settlements is sending me some photos of settler-life to share.

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 16:55 (nine years ago) link

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 18:21 (nine years ago) link

weird thread. Fake Mordy?

#fomo that's the motto (Hurting 2), Tuesday, 5 November 2013 18:22 (nine years ago) link

false flag mordy

nakhchivan, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 18:24 (nine years ago) link

all that glitters

nakhchivan, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 18:24 (nine years ago) link

isn't this the ilidf board?

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 18:26 (nine years ago) link

hurting, do u like my birthright pic?

Mordy , Tuesday, 5 November 2013 18:28 (nine years ago) link

is it true that there are religious jews in the settlements? would it therefore be boring to be surrounded by religious jews all the time, especially at weekends?

Nilmar Honorato da Silva, Sunday, 10 November 2013 22:00 (nine years ago) link

just thinking through the logistics before you buy a tract of land

Nilmar Honorato da Silva, Sunday, 10 November 2013 22:00 (nine years ago) link

JNF has planted more than 240 million trees and developed more than 250,000 acres of land since 1901, greening the landscape of Israel and preserving vital ecosystems. JNF’s forestry expertise and commitment to environmental protection makes it one of only two countries to end the 20th century with more trees than it had at the start.

Mordy , Sunday, 17 November 2013 23:50 (nine years ago) link

one month passes...

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

System, Thursday, 9 January 2014 00:01 (nine years ago) link

are you still on about this

lj. 'hoover' egads (darraghmac), Thursday, 9 January 2014 00:03 (nine years ago) link

i'm thinking about making a trip in april - not permanent tho

Mordy , Thursday, 9 January 2014 00:04 (nine years ago) link

yeah im sure thats what you all say at the border

lj. 'hoover' egads (darraghmac), Thursday, 9 January 2014 00:06 (nine years ago) link

lol as if - who do u think is running the border?

Mordy , Thursday, 9 January 2014 00:09 (nine years ago) link

if you can tell me without googling who ran the border at ballyshannon i'll let you have that point otherwise meh we all have our little local battles i guess

lj. 'hoover' egads (darraghmac), Thursday, 9 January 2014 00:11 (nine years ago) link

i could've sworn she died like a decade ago

Panaïs Pnin (The Yellow Kid), Thursday, 9 January 2014 05:35 (nine years ago) link

Naturally, I googled. Wtf?!

Le passé, non seulement n'est pas fugace, il reste sur place (Michael White), Thursday, 9 January 2014 16:17 (nine years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

System, Friday, 10 January 2014 00:01 (nine years ago) link

if ariel sharon dies within the next 48 hours then YES [X]

if he outlives it then that is a sign that NO [X] the fierce old testament g-d has enough emissaries in israel for the time being

that settles it

Pedro Mba Obiang Avomo est un joueur de football hispano-ganéen (nakhchivan), Saturday, 11 January 2014 16:31 (nine years ago) link

lol punz

Mordy , Saturday, 11 January 2014 16:39 (nine years ago) link

whats an aliyah to a setetlement... please dont use any fancy jew words when explaining to me

Hungry4Ass, Saturday, 11 January 2014 17:12 (nine years ago) link

a shtetlment

Flame Out at Jagbans (imago), Saturday, 11 January 2014 17:16 (nine years ago) link

mookieproof, Saturday, 11 January 2014 17:25 (nine years ago) link

two weeks pass...

The Baron was born in 1869 to one of the best known family in the Prussian nobility. At the age of 21 he came to Wirtsburg to join the military. As a talented musician he served in a military band. At that time he got in touch with the Jewish community and developed close relationship with Torah and Talmudic scholars. He studied Torah in the Talmudic College (yeshiva), and expressed desire to convert to Judaism. His requests were repeatedly denied, but he persisted and eventually his sincerity won......

“In 1942 the Nazis ordered all the Jews of the Wirtsburg area to go to the city’s main square and from there marched them to the railroad station. Baron von Manstein came to the square covered with his prayer shawl (talit) and wearing phylacteries (tefilin) on his forehead and arm. The Nazis tried to turn him back saying, you are not a Jew, repeatedly, but he adamantly said, where the Jews go, I go too.”

“He was transferred with the rest of the Jews to the Terezinstadt concentration camp and died there two years later. Members of my family have said that most victims died in Terezinstadt from starvation. On his nephew, the General’s initiative his body was transferred to Wirtsburg and was buried in Christian cemetery with full Nazi honors.”

look the settlements are a left-wing project!

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 December 2015 16:41 (seven years ago) link

two weeks pass...

Czech parliament refused labeling Israeli settlement products by a large majority

Mordy, Thursday, 17 December 2015 16:42 (seven years ago) link

Mordy, Saturday, 19 December 2015 15:41 (seven years ago) link

The prime minister seems to have formed a bond with the large, aging white dog. When his family adopted her, he called on Israelis to help rescue dogs and to look for a dog in a shelter before considering buying a purebred.

A photo taken during a recent meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, shows the prime minister smiling fondly as he looks down at the family’s newest member.

According to reports, Netanyahu himself was bitten by the rescue pooch earlier this year.

Kaia’s victims were MK Sharren Haskel and attorney Or Alon, the husband of Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

Capybara (big rat) @ Sea World, San Diego, California, USA (nakhchivan), Thursday, 31 December 2015 20:28 (seven years ago) link

one month passes...

i admit this made me tear up a little near the end

Mordy, Tuesday, 23 February 2016 20:15 (seven years ago) link

As someone with a pretty substantial, errrr, relationships with the Glasgow Jewish community, I don't recognize any of that, Mordy, but obv. it's that person's experience, so fair enough. Doesn't sound much like Glasgow though.

Thomas of Britain (Tom D.), Wednesday, 24 February 2016 01:11 (seven years ago) link

he sounds like he was very uninvolved in the glasgow jewish community and more heavily involved in the college activist leftist community? iirc he says something like his birthright trip was the first time he was in a majority jewish group? that would be v unusual for participants in the community

Mordy, Wednesday, 24 February 2016 01:14 (seven years ago) link

i'm like so full of shit btw i have zero intention of leaving the US. luckily yearning to move to israel w no actual plans or intentions to do so has a long tradition i can tap into.

Mordy, Wednesday, 24 February 2016 01:18 (seven years ago) link

his birthright trip was the first time he was in a majority jewish group?

lol wtf

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 22:27 (seven years ago) link

i just checked bc it is lol so tbf he says: "I went to Israel first on Taglit-Birthright. Just meeting the group I would be travelling with at Heathrow Airport was the most young Jews I had ever been around." "most young Jews I had ever been around" birthright iirc my trip had like... maybe 25-30? so not totally insane, but still probably means not a huge amount of participation in glasgow jewish life.

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 22:33 (seven years ago) link

i won't hold my breadth for BDS advocates to address the new gallup numbers. for those guys the big revolution is always imminent if not sooner

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 22:49 (seven years ago) link

personally I don't really know what to make of Americans' continued love affair w Israel - pro-Israeli Jews make up such a tiny portion of the overall American population it isn't too hard for me to imagine that the bulk of support is rooted in either a) general anti-Muslim sentiment and b) eschatological evangelicals, cuz really why else would yr average American give a shit about (or even remotely understand) Israel.

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 22:52 (seven years ago) link

maybe 25-30? so not totally insane, but still probably means not a huge amount of participation in glasgow jewish life

yeah I don't think my kid has ever been around more than 25-30 young jews; e.g. the whole student population of his talmud torah is maybe about that much, so I guess there are times when there are that many young jews together in a building with him, but I'm not sure he's "around" the much younger or much older kids. There are no more than 10 Jewish kids in his entire school I'd say. That's just how it is when you don't live in a Jewish town!

Guayaquil (eephus!), Tuesday, 1 March 2016 22:55 (seven years ago) link

25-30 is kind of a lot if you narrow it down to a particular age range, although there were various points in my life when I was definitely in a bunch of Jews of my age group (primarily summer camp sorta situations). But yeah my daughter's never been in a group of 25-30 Jewish kids her age. She's definitely been around more than 25-30 Jews tho!

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 22:58 (seven years ago) link

ok so i've spent a lot of time thinking about this and my best answer is that americans identify very strongly with the jewish people. i'm not sure exactly why (something maybe related to self-identification as exceptional) but once you start looking for it you see it everywhere. the puritans saw themselves as enacting a certain kind of exodus and i've read that they heavily identified with the old testament and used it as a basis for their legal code (and that thanksgiving was originally thought of as a yom kippur analogue). you def hear it in the expression judeo-christian which obv was not invented by jews, and in hebrew roots phenomena. i've considered that black communities might have their own version of this re identification w/ the exodus narrative, and of course u have black israelites groups. i think that support for israel is related to this, and its refounding as a kind of seismic religious moment that is not exclusively eschatological. and then you have obv answers that for christians it is probably nice to have access to so many of their holy sites and there's a lot of american religious tourism. xxp

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:00 (seven years ago) link

ok so i've spent a lot of time thinking about this

lol u don't say

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:01 (seven years ago) link

I think a lot of it is as simple as "all those countries over there hate us - except for Israel!" and from there it's just a circle-the-wagons mentality + sure religious tourism

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:03 (seven years ago) link

like the way i see it the eschatological stuff and anti-muslim stuff was grafted onto this original identification which is the real story (and i think has v interesting implications if you're interested in speculating about the future of religion in america). mormons have heavy philosemitic identifications too. (btw this isn't too uncommon and there's a thing where a royal english family identified as being scions of david or something? but i think totally ahistorical on a national level like we see today.)

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:04 (seven years ago) link

mormons have heavy philosemitic identifications too

yeah I find this really annoying personally. But they were looking for a biblical analogue to their own experience and the OT was a better source (duh) than the NT. Same goes for the Puritans I suppose.

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:05 (seven years ago) link

the puritans overlaid the entire narrative. they crossed a sea to enter a promised land. i feel like the US is indisputably the most philosemitic country in history.

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:07 (seven years ago) link

Mordy, Tuesday, 1 March 2016 23:19 (seven years ago) link

It's because the OT is a core text, surely?

Soon all logins will look like this (darraghmac), Wednesday, 2 March 2016 12:43 (seven years ago) link

which part? i think obv christianity's lineage has a lot to do w/ it but some of these things - like the ten lost tribes of israel - are post-OT

Mordy, Wednesday, 2 March 2016 15:04 (seven years ago) link

two weeks pass...

JERUSALEM — They landed in Israel late at night — a man in a dark suit and traditional headdress, wheeling a suitcase; a mother, veiled, in a long black robe and holding a sleeping toddler; and a rabbi carrying a Torah scroll believed to be more than 500 years old.

They were among a final group of 19 Yemeni Jews who were spirited out of their war-torn country in recent days, the Jewish Agency announced on Monday, bringing a monthslong clandestine rescue operation to a close.

Photographs taken at Ben-Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv by a representative of the Jewish Agency, a quasi-governmental body that deals with Jewish immigration, documented the arrival late Sunday of the last of the Yemeni Jews who wanted to go to Israel.

They are remnants of an ancient and once-vibrant group that became increasingly imperiled by violence and anti-Semitism as Yemen descended into civil war.

Mordy, Monday, 21 March 2016 14:21 (seven years ago) link

one month passes...

can someone with photoshop superimpose this on an irl map of the united states

сверх (nakhchivan), Wednesday, 27 April 2016 18:43 (seven years ago) link

daydreaming antisemites should probably transfer their planned new israel to an area of the united states that is less likely to contain native americans and other groups they might purport to care about

сверх (nakhchivan), Wednesday, 27 April 2016 18:55 (seven years ago) link

Mordy, Saturday, 30 April 2016 20:27 (seven years ago) link

one month passes...
three weeks pass...

no word on whether he's moving to judea & samaria

Mordy, Tuesday, 2 August 2016 03:52 (seven years ago) link

Israeli judoka Yarden Gerbi overcame an early loss to win the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday, becoming the first Israeli athlete to win a medal at the 2016 games, and the first Israeli Olympic medalist since windsurfer Shahar Tzuberi took home the bronze in the 2008 games in Beijing.

Gerbi defeated Japan’s Miku Tashiru in the repechage to claim the third place spot in the under-73 kg competition.

Gerbi, 27, and the 2013 world champion in her class, thus became the seventh Israeli athlete in history to be honored on the Olympic podium. She was also only the second woman to do so — the first being judoka Yael Arad, Israel’s first-ever medal winner, who took home the silver in Barcelona 1992.

Mordy, Wednesday, 10 August 2016 00:21 (seven years ago) link

Didn't see the medal match but she was impressive against the Chinese opponent I saw her beat.

Guayaquil (eephus!), Wednesday, 10 August 2016 00:34 (seven years ago) link

i don't know the story behind it but Sae Miyakaya's floor routine was 100% using Kol haolam kulo as music.

Mordy, Wednesday, 10 August 2016 01:11 (seven years ago) link

seven months pass...

I will try to illustrate the contradiction in the lessons of the war through a discussion regarding who is our enemy.

The Lebanon War was waged against a religious enemy Nasrallah, the Radical Islamic fundamentalist. In this regard, at least externally, we would agree that religious extremism endangers us, being that the secular Arab governments of Jordan and Egypt have signed peace treaties with us.

Yet, conceptualizing the enemy in this way presents a challenge for us, because, as we’ve mentioned above, in the eyes of many secular people, our religious community, at the very least, parts of it, suffers from the same religious extremism. They hold that the resolution to the conflict lies in a movement of secularization that may allow for tolerance and openness, two prerequisites for peace. In truth, those secular pockets of the Arab world are perceived as more moderate and open to the concept of peace.

From this perspective, the connection between the Disengagement and the Lebanon War is the open and inner struggle against secular Israel, which enjoys the support of the secular west in their perceptions of religious extremism.

Yet, it is not so simple to get the full picture here. To wit, for Nasrallah, the state of Israel does not represent a rival religion, but rather the supremely hated secular, colonialist West. As religious people, where do we locate ourselves in all this?

Do we not identify somewhat with Nasrallah’s critiques?

If true, perhaps our enemy is actually secularism? If this is so, the connection between the Disengagement and the war is different. The war is the punishment for the Disengagement. We may rightly ask here if it was not a kind of secular extremism that employed its systems of power against the settlers of Gush Katif and their faith? We may relate to the perpetrators of the Disengagement as agents of a foreign culture ourselves. For many of us, they evince the feeling of “…and we have been exiled from our land and distanced from its [holy] ground”[4] – whether from a practical (the Disengagement) or metaphysical perspective (secularism).

Surely these mixed feelings are quite confusing, and a crucial question that stands before us now is whether the real battle is external – Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, or internal – the struggle against the secular left, and those on the right who have been ensnared in its positions. It is possible that this question stands behind the dispute between the statists (mamlachti’im), who say that we should continue to draft without question and are opposed to disobeying military orders, and those objectors (=sarvanim) who refuse to forget what has happened and for whom joining the army in defense of the state is not automatic.[5]

I think that specifically from this great paradox that a tremendous religious blooming may sprout forth. This contradictory situation is such that on one side Nasrallah depicts a negative, cruel, and perverted religious vision, and yet on the other we stand before a totalizing globalization lacking roots and identity (this too yields tragic results, even if they are generally hidden, and in many ways no less cruel than the fruits of radical religious extremism)

This situation must lead us to a third way, a combination of both messages. We must understand both the failings of secular Israeli culture and the failings of one-dimensional religious fundamentalism that has flourished in our world as well. This will bring us to the ability to transmit a new religious message.

In order to cultivate this message, it is incumbent upon us to break down the dichotomy of choice between warmongering religious extremism and westernizing peace-seeking which is built upon forfeiture of identity and roots. Religious must redeem the message of peace. A new kind of religiosity must develop. On the one hand, rooted in values and on the other hand, prepared to achieve real peace.

To me, it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that at the end we will indeed achieve a ‘religious peace’. This is because the left does not found peace upon deep respect for the religious other, but rather upon a total discount of religion, with the claim that it is the source of the war. The paradox here is that in doing so, the left actually intensifies the conflict. It is specifically here that the Muslim feels threatened, because the peaceniks approach him from the perspective of liberalism and globalization. [The Muslim] senses in this a sophisticated attempt to subjugate his values with western values, including the hegemony of their representative in the region – the State of Israel.

Mordy, Wednesday, 5 April 2017 01:52 (six years ago) link

three months pass...

(senegal and guinea)

Mordy, Friday, 4 August 2017 20:13 (six years ago) link

Seeding Controversy: Did Israel Invent the Cherry Tomato?

Mordy, Monday, 7 August 2017 21:58 (six years ago) link

five months pass...

Meanwhile, some of the ideas that the American team looked into are starting to leak out, explaining why Abbas beat such a hasty exit from the scene. Although they have no formal confirmation, reports about them have started to appear on Al Jazeera's English-language website and various other places. These reports refer mainly to an old plan, already raised a decade ago. Now it seems as if most of the main players in the region, including the US team, are giving this plan another look. This would involve an exchange of territories by three or more parties (perhaps even four or five). What makes it different from prior efforts is that this time, the Egyptians and Saudis are in on it.

At the core of the idea is the creation of a major Sunni-Israel alliance, which would serve as a counterbalance to the victorious Shiite axis, which poses a threat in the north. The basic idea includes an extensive territorial exchange, in which Egypt would cede a piece of the Sinai Peninsula to the Gaza Strip. With this, Gaza's territory would extend southward along the seashore, making it three or four times larger than it currently is. This would make it possible to relieve some of the pressure in Gaza, but it would also shift the balance of power between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

According to this plan, the center of power in the future Palestinian state would be in Gaza, expanded toward the north of Sinai, rather than the West Bank. In exchange for the expanded territories that they would receive in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians would give up territories in the West Bank, allowing Israel to annex the settlement blocs along with a generous amount of land around them, thereby maintaining some degree of territorial integrity between the various blocs. At the same time, Israel would give Egypt a narrow strip of territory along the lengthy southern border between the two countries. There is also the possibility that Saudi Arabia and Jordan would also participate in these territorial exchanges, with various ideas proposed.

Mordy, Wednesday, 10 January 2018 17:40 (five years ago) link

one year passes...

Maybe there's a better thread for Israel travel talk? couldn't find one...

Aside from reading Catch the Jew, is there anything else I should think about in preparing for my first Israel trip later this year? I'll go for a couple of weeks, mostly in Jerusalem with probably a couple of days in Tel Aviv and in Haifa. It's an academic trip rather than tourism, but there'll be time for sightseeing and obviously eating. Does anyone here have advice on what are good neighborhoods to stay in Jerusalem? I'll want relatively simple access to the Hebrew University, that's my only constraint.

L'assie (Euler), Wednesday, 29 May 2019 13:58 (four years ago) link

ok I see now that this is on a sub board I've never heard of, so I'll make an ile thread instead

L'assie (Euler), Thursday, 30 May 2019 14:31 (four years ago) link

ten months pass...

Just wait till the conspiracy theory crew hear about this.

The Corbynite Maneuver (Tom D.), Friday, 17 April 2020 18:13 (three years ago) link

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