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this article is a tour-de-force. Need the opinions of me ilxor chums!

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topping up her Oyster card with her baby strapped to her chest in a sling 2
former rapper Wiltshire, who claimed to have fathered 25 children, insisted: 'I'm not a life taker, I'm a baby maker.' 1
one of the texts she sent, to her sister, said: 'Imani is dead sis x'. 1
The former rapper, who sometimes went by the name Pepper Head 0
Wiltshire denied hurting his 'tiny and beautiful' daughter either intentionally or unintentionally 0
the condition of her cold stiff body suggested she had been dead for some time. 0
Wiltshire and Baker, who lived on benefits 0
Imani's life must have been painful, distressing and bewildering 0
speaking on her mobile phone for 20 minutes before looking at her daughter for the first time 0
Rosalin then claims daughter fell ill and passengers try to give dead baby CPR 0
her lifeless body was carried onto a crowded London bus 0

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