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I have finally decided which MLB team to support - please step forward, the Colorado Rockies. Would you use this thread to tell me all about my team?

Mark C, Monday, 28 May 2007 20:58 (fourteen years ago) link

(background - I love baseball, and have done for a decade since late-night baseball on UK TV helped me through a tough patch in my life and, pavlov-style, it makes me really happy to this day. However, I haven't been able to pick a team to support until this year, when the mlb.com and their handy gameday graphic thing enabled me to follow the games. Since then, I've been watching most days, and letting instinct pick a team for me. And ta da, it picked the Rockies. Though my heart lies with the New Britain Rock Cats, the only team I've ever seen play (and had a fantastic time, in no small part thanks to the delicious David R4pos4 - Hi Dave!))

Mark C, Monday, 28 May 2007 21:05 (fourteen years ago) link


CHAPTER ONE: Neifi Perez

Neifi Neftali Perez holds the single season team records in games played (162), plate appearances (732), at-bats (690), and highest AB/GIDP ratio (172.5).

Andy K, Monday, 28 May 2007 23:14 (fourteen years ago) link

The beginning of a fairy-tail career that was.
At what point did the team have their mass conversion to devout christianity?

The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall, Monday, 28 May 2007 23:33 (fourteen years ago) link

three months pass...

Wish asking this team to make up 4.5 games in the next two weeks wasn't too much to ask. Totally fun team to watch, even if it wouldn't surprise me if they dragged out Pruss1an Blu3 to sing the national anthem some day; my secret fundie guilty pleasure of 2007 for sure.

govern yourself accordingly, Monday, 17 September 2007 20:28 (fourteen years ago) link


The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall, Monday, 17 September 2007 21:02 (fourteen years ago) link

Can we please contract the Colorado Rockies (and maybe also the Arizona Diamondbacks)? Ugh.

polyphonic, Sunday, 23 September 2007 18:45 (thirteen years ago) link

How many non-Col fans know that Brad Hawpe has 111 RBI?

Dr Morbius, Friday, 28 September 2007 16:01 (thirteen years ago) link

Looks like I made a fun choice, huh.

Last night I stayed up to watch the first three innings on MLB TV (which was free? That's not usual, right?), and went from happiness to despair after Gonzalez's grand slam. I actually had nightmares all night about the final score coming through, always with the Padres winning, and when I got up this morning I put off checking the result until I was mentally strong enough to accept defeat. But fuck me, what an ending to the season. I love baseball.

Mark C, Tuesday, 2 October 2007 10:15 (thirteen years ago) link

Well done, Mark.

Andy K, Tuesday, 2 October 2007 12:16 (thirteen years ago) link

Wish asking this team to make up 4.5 games in the next two weeks wasn't too much to ask.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Andy K, Tuesday, 2 October 2007 12:17 (thirteen years ago) link

But fuck me, what an ending to the season

I think I was a little bit previous.

Sarah calls the Rockies my special unicorn because it gives me such pure happiness.

Mark C, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 09:47 (thirteen years ago) link

It's hard not to like this team at this point!

The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 13:53 (thirteen years ago) link

Thom (Wisconsin): Are the Rockies the most underrated team in baseball history?

Keith Law: (7:23 PM ET ) I think they're fast becoming the most overrated team in baseball history.

Craig (Seattle): How are the Rockies becoming over-rated?

Keith Law: (7:25 PM ET ) Look at the media's treatment of them - bordering on canonization. They're a good team, but they won 90 games in the lesser league, and they've got some big flaws. I think the coverage around them has gone from completely ignoring them a month ago to fawning all over them like they're the '39 Yankees.

Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 14:52 (thirteen years ago) link

I've yet read, hear, or see anything about the Rockies during the last month that HAS NOT been 100% based on the run they've made.

"THE LESSER LEAGUE..." dun-dun-dun.

Andy K, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:22 (thirteen years ago) link

(OK OK just remembered that I haven't been doing much listening to the broadcasts, but...)

Andy K, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:24 (thirteen years ago) link

yeah, the TV guys are gee-whizzing them. ie, it's a good HOT team ("miracle," if you will) on a roll, not a great one.

Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:29 (thirteen years ago) link

I don't think they're overperforming that much. They absolutely should beat those mediocre Diamondbacks/Phillies teams. They've won a bunch of games in a row, but I like their talent overall more than anyone in the NL other than the Mets. And they might get Aaron Cook back, which should help matters.

Meanwhile, they should be able to afford a few free agents this winter. Maybe a veteran starting pitcher (Schilling?)?

polyphonic, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:46 (thirteen years ago) link

Isn't a team that goes 20-1 overperforming by definition?!? Unless you think they should've won 150 this year?

Neyer pointed out that most teams that improve greatly in one year should be expected to fall back a bit the following season, ie, the smart bet wd be 85-88 wins in '08.

I don't see the current Schilling being much help...

Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:56 (thirteen years ago) link

no aidsy posts non-schocker

sanskrit, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 18:02 (thirteen years ago) link

Isn't a team that goes 20-1 overperforming by definition?!? Unless you think they should've won 150 this year?

I mean that I don't think they're overperforming in terms of the baseball they're playing. Nobody on the team has taken a 2006 Jeff Weaver-ish leap from their regular production (except maybe Torrealba and Seth Smith, I guess). I think they're a legitimate 90+ win team, and the fact that they got 12 of those wins when they did is mostly irrelevant.

I would have liked to see them play a healthy Mets/Phillies team in the NLCS as a truer test of their abilities.

polyphonic, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 18:34 (thirteen years ago) link

3 out of 5 not much of a 'true test' compared to 162

Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 19:05 (thirteen years ago) link

Since 1900, only three other teams have won 20 of 21 games after Sept. 1, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The last NL team to do it at any point of the season was the 1936 New York Giants.

...The Rockies joined Cincinnati's Big Red Machine of 1976 as the only teams to open the playoffs with seven consecutive victories. The Reds swept their seven postseason games en route to their second consecutive World Series title.

"Nobody in here is comparing us with that," said Rockies first baseman Todd Helton, with a laugh that sounds a little nervous. "I think that's taking it a little far right there."


Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 19:37 (thirteen years ago) link

3 out of 5 not much of a 'true test' compared to 162

I meant that a healthy Mets/Phillies team is a truer test than the Diamondbacks, not a truer test than the regular season. Also, the NLCS is 7 games.

polyphonic, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 20:28 (thirteen years ago) link

no aidsy posts non-schocker

-- sanskrit, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 18:02 (Yesterday) Link

i didnt notice the thread, DOUCHESKRIT~

Notice how Morbz never quotes BP shit that doesn't support his already-existing opinions? HMMMM

cankles, Wednesday, 17 October 2007 02:28 (thirteen years ago) link

lol, you mean never noticed the team

sanskrit, Wednesday, 17 October 2007 12:40 (thirteen years ago) link

why the hell wd I quote anything else?

Dr Morbius, Wednesday, 17 October 2007 13:16 (thirteen years ago) link

11th in the NL in attendance this year, the computers were understandably rusty.

mattbot, Tuesday, 23 October 2007 13:57 (thirteen years ago) link

Really, what they showed in the postseason is that you can "make a run" at the trophy with a tactically clueless manager.

Dr Morbius, Wednesday, 31 October 2007 16:49 (thirteen years ago) link

one month passes...

"Humid baseball theory a bit wet

Physicists show humidors fail to alter ball aerodynamics."


NoTimeBeforeTime, Sunday, 9 December 2007 10:25 (thirteen years ago) link

I don't want to hear anymore about that fucking humidor until March.

Pleasant Plains, Sunday, 9 December 2007 16:29 (thirteen years ago) link

three months pass...

How about that fucking humidor?

Mark C, Tuesday, 25 March 2008 13:45 (thirteen years ago) link

Not much of a start. Matt Holliday can't actually hit a ball right now and it feels like everyone else has lost confidence because of it (old stagers like Helton excepted). Come on lads.

Mark C, Saturday, 5 April 2008 16:30 (thirteen years ago) link

still waiting for holliday to touch first base /fantasytears

bnw, Saturday, 5 April 2008 16:45 (thirteen years ago) link

Tony Pena is in a JAM

felicity, Sunday, 6 April 2008 02:39 (thirteen years ago) link

From joy to misery to joy....

Mark C, Sunday, 6 April 2008 22:00 (thirteen years ago) link

...to misery :(

Mark C, Sunday, 6 April 2008 22:08 (thirteen years ago) link

c'mon c'mon c'mon.......

Mark C, Sunday, 13 April 2008 23:17 (thirteen years ago) link

Pop Roxx quiz for Mark C:

What is the nickname for the baseball team that current Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Trevor Tulowitzki played on in college?

(No helping)

felicity, Monday, 14 April 2008 00:45 (thirteen years ago) link

UNofficial nickname that is

felicity, Monday, 14 April 2008 00:47 (thirteen years ago) link

Haha is this to prove I'm not a real fan? I could tell you that without having to answer a quiz :)

(I have no idea. Though technically he's not the current Rockies shortstop as he was dropped for last night's thrashing of the despicable Diamondbacks)

Mark C, Monday, 14 April 2008 11:41 (thirteen years ago) link

It is to encourage independent study and research.

felicity, Monday, 14 April 2008 16:24 (thirteen years ago) link

does everyone else hear this thread title as 'we love rap music' from that chris brown jam??

johnny crunch, Monday, 14 April 2008 16:35 (thirteen years ago) link

I have to listen to that. It would have been fun if Mark C had written in this lettering

felicity, Monday, 14 April 2008 16:39 (thirteen years ago) link


Mark C, Tuesday, 15 April 2008 13:30 (thirteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

tulowitzki out for at least 6 weeks, maybe 5 months, who knows?


omar little, Thursday, 1 May 2008 23:38 (thirteen years ago) link

Was he carrying a big carcass down a flight of stairs or something?

polyphonic, Thursday, 1 May 2008 23:39 (thirteen years ago) link

And the Rockies could be paying him a service time adjusted league minimum, but they chose not too. Ohwell!

mayor jingleberries, Friday, 2 May 2008 07:25 (thirteen years ago) link

the dude is a total coors mirage anyway imo, probably closer to adam everett at sea level than cal ripken jr

omar little, Friday, 2 May 2008 14:52 (thirteen years ago) link

^^^ give him more than a year and a month before tainting him as nu-Barmes

David R., Friday, 2 May 2008 14:57 (thirteen years ago) link

easy y'all, i believe TT led MLB in defensive win shares in 2007.

Steve Shasta, Friday, 2 May 2008 17:34 (thirteen years ago) link

Not a single Rockies hata on the hata thread but everyone's got it in for Tulo? I'm gutted BUT he had been having a mare so far this season. What can you do.

Mark C, Friday, 2 May 2008 20:12 (thirteen years ago) link

He can be kind of a jerk.

Tulo from the NLCS last year at Justin Upton upon being hit by Jeff Francis:

"Why would we hit you?" Tulowitzki barked. "You're a .200 hitter! We want you in the box! Shut up and go to the bag!"

Poetically, Tulo got plunked in the April 2008 series in AZ, to similar effect.

felicity, Friday, 2 May 2008 20:32 (thirteen years ago) link

Dear Rockies,

Last year was brilliant, I'm really grateful, but would you mind getting your shit together and make something of this season?

Thanks and lots of love,

Mark C, Tuesday, 6 May 2008 23:49 (thirteen years ago) link

Uh thanks - two wins in a row! Let's not wait another 19 games for the next two, eh.

Mark C, Thursday, 8 May 2008 23:05 (thirteen years ago) link


Thought it was ironic until I was pointed to the source/shop.

Andy K, Thursday, 8 May 2008 23:22 (thirteen years ago) link

Some dude called Reynolds is pitching for us on the weekend. Anyone know anything?

Mark C, Friday, 9 May 2008 15:58 (thirteen years ago) link

from BP:

"...2006 overall #2 draft pick Greg Reynolds, who's put up a 4.86 ERA with none-too-stellar peripherals at Colorado Springs"

j.q higgins, Friday, 9 May 2008 18:30 (thirteen years ago) link

Thanks - that doesn't seem too encouraging. #2 overall pick and he's crap.

Mark C, Friday, 9 May 2008 20:46 (thirteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

Jeff Francis runs like a girl.

mattbot, Saturday, 24 May 2008 21:32 (thirteen years ago) link

Are out ENTIRE first team injured right now? Jeez :/

Mark C, Monday, 26 May 2008 21:45 (thirteen years ago) link

Tell me all about these Colorado Rockists?

Mordy, Monday, 26 May 2008 22:02 (thirteen years ago) link

Where's your Messiah now? Nyaaah!


Leee, Monday, 26 May 2008 22:56 (thirteen years ago) link

I only managed to watch the first inning of last night's game and even a complete clueless noob like me knew that De La Rosa was going to get thumped. How embarrassing for all concerned (apart from Ryan Spilborghs).

Mark C, Tuesday, 27 May 2008 10:07 (thirteen years ago) link

Wow we're bad. Is this how it used to be before last, uh, September?

Mark C, Wednesday, 28 May 2008 12:39 (thirteen years ago) link

On this day last year, the Rockies were 23-27.

Andy K, Wednesday, 28 May 2008 13:25 (thirteen years ago) link

four weeks pass...


Andy K, Friday, 27 June 2008 23:40 (thirteen years ago) link

Man we're bad. I couldn't sleep between 3am and 6am last night and watched the game, and we went from leading 8-3 at the top of the 6th (I think?) to losing 15-8. Hopeless.

Mark C, Tuesday, 1 July 2008 17:02 (thirteen years ago) link

Man we're amazing. 13-4 down and we manage to win 18-17. Wonderful.

Mark C, Saturday, 5 July 2008 08:08 (thirteen years ago) link


Dr Morbius, Thursday, 10 July 2008 16:43 (thirteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...

As Dr M mentioned elsewhere, they are six games back.

At this point last year, they were 4.5 games back, behind two teams that were 10 games over .500 and one that was seven games over.

Andy K, Monday, 28 July 2008 14:24 (thirteen years ago) link

8 out of the last 10 won - shame we couldn't do it last night vs them Pirates. Holliday doesn't seem too unsettled by the speculation as to his future. I'm just nervous that the rotation is going to spazz out again - I'd never even heard of the dude who pitched for us last night.

Mark C, Tuesday, 29 July 2008 13:52 (thirteen years ago) link

BP claims Rox not moving Holliday or Fuentes, maybe the likes of Torrealba.

Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 29 July 2008 13:53 (thirteen years ago) link

four weeks pass...

The Rockies are 5.5 games out of first place.

polyphonic, Wednesday, 27 August 2008 22:36 (thirteen years ago) link

At this point last year, they were 6.5 games out.

polyphonic, Wednesday, 27 August 2008 22:39 (thirteen years ago) link

five years pass...
one month passes...

23-16 in first 39 games
23-55 in next 78 games

Andy K, Monday, 11 August 2014 14:59 (seven years ago) link

three years pass...


a welcome examination of jon gray, who seems to strike out 11 guys and give up 8 runs in every game he has pitched this season

na (NA), Monday, 2 July 2018 14:32 (three years ago) link

two articles about him on fangraphs today too. he got sent down to aaa despite being the rockies' opening day starter and probably their best pitcher

na (NA), Monday, 2 July 2018 19:28 (three years ago) link

one month passes...

Kyle Freeland's home/road split defies logic:

Home: 2.27 ERA, 1.155 WHIP
Away: 3.44 ERA, 1.303 WHIP

clemenza, Thursday, 30 August 2018 14:26 (three years ago) link

first place!

a Mets fan who gave up on everything in the mid '80s (Dr Morbius), Tuesday, 4 September 2018 19:33 (three years ago) link

three weeks pass...

Have passed StL for WC2, and back to half a game behind the Dodgers.

a Mets fan who gave up on everything in the mid '80s (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 26 September 2018 11:12 (two years ago) link

Back in first with an extra game to play, last series vs the Nats.

Dodgers are playing the Giants.

I want a game 163.

Van Horn Street, Thursday, 27 September 2018 15:48 (two years ago) link

maybe holliday will touch the plate this time

mookieproof, Thursday, 27 September 2018 16:23 (two years ago) link

and they're in

a Mets fan who gave up on everything in the mid '80s (Dr Morbius), Saturday, 29 September 2018 05:53 (two years ago) link

eight months pass...

Jeff Bridich's MLB contract signings in free agency have been almost unfathomably incompetent. They make Battlefield: Earth and Pluto Nash look like investment triumphs by comparison. pic.twitter.com/1PtIJivocp

— Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski) May 30, 2019

mookieproof, Thursday, 30 May 2019 20:30 (two years ago) link

one year passes...

A case in point occurred last season, when the team used baseball operations personnel to replace furloughed part-time clubhouse attendants, striking an unsettling chord with a number of those who were required to perform double duty…The use of front-office staffers as “clubbies,” part of the organization-wide effort to maximize an operation team officials already consider lean by major-league standards, lasted for the 30 home games during the 2020 regular season. Members of the analytics and player-development staffs might work their normal jobs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., then assist in the clubhouse from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“I’d be holding a pile of dirty jerseys and a coach would come up to me, ‘Can I get this data for this pitcher?’ (or) something like that,” one former member of the baseball operations department said. “I’d be just like, ‘I can’t do that right now.’”



(both paywalled)

mookieproof, Tuesday, 23 March 2021 20:41 (five months ago) link

Having a GM whose only qualification is having graduated from Harvard is the new market inefficiency.

Van Horn Street, Tuesday, 23 March 2021 20:54 (five months ago) link

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