Caribbean World Series

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See any of that 18-inning game Friday night? or yesterday's during the Stupidbowl? They were really long and slow like Yankees-Orioles contests.

Dr Morbius (Dr Morbius), Monday, 5 February 2007 21:15 (thirteen years ago) link

I think you're needed on some thread about mediaeval arbitration hearings.

Thermo Thinwall (Thermo Thinwall), Monday, 5 February 2007 21:32 (thirteen years ago) link

I tried to watch a bit of this yesterday during the superbowl, but yeah it was slow and boring. Not knowing spanish doesn't help either. And those PR pitchers were ridiculously bad. It seems like every time I flipped over a pitcher was giving up two hits and followed by a walk.

Stuh-du-du-du-du-du-du-denka (jingleberries), Tuesday, 6 February 2007 00:14 (thirteen years ago) link

I watched a couple innings of DR/Venezuela after work tonight with a bunch of Dominican guys in the bodega across the street. Julian Tavarez looked really good! I'm not sure what the Red Sox are going to do with him this year, exactly, but his late 2006-early 2007 form is promising.

govern yourself accordingly (dayan), Tuesday, 6 February 2007 03:47 (thirteen years ago) link

Not knowing spanish doesn't help either.

It's better than listening to Orestes Destrade in English.

Dr Morbius (Dr Morbius), Tuesday, 6 February 2007 14:15 (thirteen years ago) link

"Julian Tavarez looked really good!"

Was he sucker punching someone? Julian Tavarez...honestly. The Red Sox are going to trot him out to the mound and watch him get the snot kicked out of his "tailing" fastball and garbage change up.

PodFlixWilly (PodFlixWilly), Wednesday, 7 February 2007 19:05 (thirteen years ago) link

Tavarez looked great at the end of last season! I could definitely see him winning the closer spot this year. (Willy?!!)

g00blar (gooblar), Wednesday, 7 February 2007 21:15 (thirteen years ago) link

Hope he does... I'd love to see him get knocked around...then beat up. Hi g00blar. I promise I'll mix your song tonight.

PodFlixWilly (PodFlixWilly), Wednesday, 7 February 2007 21:45 (thirteen years ago) link


g00blar (gooblar), Wednesday, 7 February 2007 23:26 (thirteen years ago) link

one year passes...

watching? does Tejada take vitamins for this Series or not?

Dr Morbius, Thursday, 7 February 2008 20:41 (twelve years ago) link

eleven months pass...

Bill Pulsipher pitching for PR gave me "Generation K" nightmare

Dr Morbius, Friday, 6 February 2009 14:49 (eleven years ago) link

three years pass...
nine months pass...

Dan Evans in BP:

"One of the best ways to get your off-season baseball fix is by attending the week-long Caribbean Series, featuring the champions of winter ball in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Held in the first week of February, the annual series is a great sporting event, highlighted by numerous major-league players on the rosters of the four participants. The contagious atmosphere is surprisingly equivalent to college basketball's Final Four, as the ballpark rocks an hour before the first pitch and continues through each day's final pitch. The games have intensities similar to MLB playoff games, laden with strategy and suspense. The Dominican Republic's Escogido team is the defending champion.

The 2013 Caribbean Series will be played in Hermosillo, Mexico, and the plan is to play at a new facility named Sonara Estadio, which is scheduled for completion in time for the event. Famed Hector Espino Stadium would be the fallback option. Venezuela's Margarita Island will host the event in 2014, which is already on my calendar."

Oh maaaan, I wd love to go to Venezuela in '14.

saltwater incursion (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 14 November 2012 21:56 (seven years ago) link

seven years pass...

If you're looking for a reason to watch baseball at work, the Caribbean Series is live on YouTube & @doddie011 has the ball for Mexico:

— Kyle Bandujo (@kylebandujo) February 6, 2020

mookieproof, Thursday, 6 February 2020 18:33 (five months ago) link

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