a thread for albums i downlaod based on cover art

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ciderpress, Wednesday, 12 January 2011 15:16 (thirteen years ago) link


ciderpress, Wednesday, 12 January 2011 15:18 (thirteen years ago) link


ciderpress, Wednesday, 12 January 2011 15:44 (thirteen years ago) link

good start. can you tell us how they are?

peacocks, Wednesday, 12 January 2011 22:44 (thirteen years ago) link

gatekeeper is an EP is from this year, it's claustrophobic electronic/disco-ey stuff. there's probably a better term for what it is but i'm not down on my dance music subgenre names. kinda sounds like some nightmarish reinterpretation of video game music at times.

woolfey vs projections is from a couple years ago. new-age disco. very lush & slick production. it's good.

ramases album seems to be early 70s psych and i haven't given it a good listen yet

ciderpress, Thursday, 13 January 2011 00:48 (thirteen years ago) link

i'm sure other dudes on ilx know more about anything i post here, i just want to chronicle what seems to be an increasingly rare experience for me, that of wanting to buy an album with no context other than the sleeve art

ciderpress, Thursday, 13 January 2011 00:52 (thirteen years ago) link

I like your descriptions.

peacocks, Thursday, 13 January 2011 02:29 (thirteen years ago) link

gothic spaceship!

=(^ • ‿‿ • ^)= (corey), Thursday, 13 January 2011 02:35 (thirteen years ago) link

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