Sylvia and Christianity

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As with most religiions, Christianity promotes treating others as you would have them treat you, but I have not seen one iota of that trait in Sylvia.

Thou shalt not steal - She doesn't see a problem with stealing

I could go on with examples about what a poor example of a Christian she is.

Why is it that when on launch night some people describe themselves as being of a particular religion and then do everything they can whilst in the house to make us question that?

I can't remember Rachel declaring herself a Christian, yet she constantly displays a concern for others.

Free Peace Sweet!, Monday, 23 June 2008 11:28 (fifteen years ago) link

Sylvia? Rachel? context?

I am using your worlds, Monday, 23 June 2008 12:07 (fifteen years ago) link

Could someone be using this sacred forum for their own petty and vindictive purposes?

The Real Dirty Vicar, Monday, 23 June 2008 14:11 (fifteen years ago) link

it's kind of private, FPS. i dunno if this is really the place? email me offboard.

banriquit, Monday, 23 June 2008 14:13 (fifteen years ago) link

Oh, I get it now (I think). You were talking about the new series of Big Brother?

I am using your worlds, Monday, 23 June 2008 16:17 (fifteen years ago) link

She is a pretty poor example of a Christian, all turning the oven gas on after locking her two kids in the bedroom.

Abbott, Monday, 23 June 2008 16:22 (fifteen years ago) link

Sylvia - a Christian? Would not be able to deduce that from the way she acts.. Don't remember the 10 commandments by heart, but I'm pretty sure none of them said: 1) Steal from your fellow housemates, 2) Tell them blatand lies about it (among other things) 3) Take care to belittle and bully disabled people the most 4) Scheme and whisper sh*te about people behing their backs, 5) Seduce and be seduced by a guy while supposedly togerther with some other guy, 6) Be disrespectful and angry when asked to do something reasonable and respectful (e.g. let others sleep in the bedroom after !bloody! 2 AM). 7) Loudly state: "Wha-evaa, I do what I want!!!!", to any form of cricism. 8) Care about your personal appearance on telly x more than kinds of monsters jump out of my mouth every day. 9) ... (write own commandment here) Hmmm, I'm sure God would be happy indeed... And while were in the subject of religious housemates: In the case of Alexandra (muslim): Drinking, smoking, swearing, regularly behaving disrespectfully, rudely & aggressively, even threateningly to people... A real model muslim, I'm sure! And abt her slagging Mo off for having a bit off cross-dressing fun. What can I say, pot calling kettle black. A load of b*lloks!

Free Peace Sweet!, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 15:33 (fifteen years ago) link

i still keep reading "salvia and christianity"

Surmounter, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 15:33 (fifteen years ago) link

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