Ken Jacobs' "Star Spangled to Death"

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Must I see it this holiday weekend -- two 3+ hour stints in one of Anthology Film Archives' punishing seats?

Dr Morbius (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 30 June 2005 20:21 (fourteen years ago) link

That's a tough one, Morbius. They say that J4ck 4ngstr3!ch had perfect posture before he started attending screenings at the Anthology.

k/l (Ken L), Friday, 1 July 2005 00:31 (fourteen years ago) link

Aieee! Don't be invokin' the C!n3maniaX! (even the most normal one)

I did make it through "Paris Commune" there, tho.

Dr Morbius (Dr Morbius), Friday, 1 July 2005 12:22 (fourteen years ago) link

Dr, did you go to see it?

jay blanchard (jay blanchard), Thursday, 7 July 2005 15:45 (fourteen years ago) link

Nah, I was too busy eating grilled meat and blacking out. The next time it screens in NY I'll bring a seat cushion.

Dr Morbius (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 7 July 2005 16:17 (fourteen years ago) link

three years pass...

anyone seen his son's film?

Dr Morbius, Tuesday, 26 August 2008 19:14 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

'star spangled to death' looks incredible. $80 4 dvd set. who's seen it?

Milton Parker, Tuesday, 22 December 2009 21:37 (nine years ago) link

Milton Parker, Tuesday, 22 December 2009 21:45 (nine years ago) link

eight years pass...

July 4 screening in NYC w/ free hot dogs and popcorn at each intermission

the ignatius rock of ignorance (Dr Morbius), Sunday, 1 July 2018 01:20 (one year ago) link

This was pretty good but def has some sequences/inclusions that felt arbitrary (the clip from the Eddie Cantor film), plus some boilerplate Old Lefty ranting. Maybe the best Jack Smith "performance" on film?

the ignatius rock of ignorance (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 5 July 2018 02:58 (one year ago) link

good Rosenbaum assessment of its strengths and flaws

the ignatius rock of ignorance (Dr Morbius), Friday, 6 July 2018 00:30 (one year ago) link

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