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Triumph of the Will is rather boring if marching bands are not your thing. All the shots of Nazi leaders ranting are a bit bizarre - they're so like comedians pretending to be Nazis you have to keep reminding yourself you're not watching The Great Dictator.

but anyway, what do you make of Hitler's favourite film-maker?

DV (dirtyvicar), Tuesday, 9 September 2003 14:06 (nineteen years ago) link

"Olympia" had images of cool beauty and visceral energy to spare. I found the documentary, "The Wonderful, Horrible Leni Riefenstahl"
interesting in that her explanation as to why she didn't see herself as a propagandist (she's a pure formalist) seemed completely believable from her point of view as an artist.
It's interesting that "Triumph" seemed like a parody to you since portions of it were used in the context of the "Why We Fight" series to demonize the Nazis and drum up support for the war.

theodore fogelsanger, Tuesday, 9 September 2003 15:34 (nineteen years ago) link

how far apart are riefenstahl and capra anyway?

actually capra was far more ideological than riefenstahl. "olympia" really is beautiful.

amateurist (amateurist), Wednesday, 10 September 2003 00:05 (nineteen years ago) link

Has anyone seen any of her films made about her diving experiences (she learned to scuba in her 70s and went on 200+ subsequent dives)? Opinions?

Ryan McKay (Ryan McKay), Thursday, 11 September 2003 09:38 (nineteen years ago) link

i was actually meaning to start a thread to see what everyone thought of capra. i haven't seen any riefenstahl aside from about 20 minutes of "olympia" but i'm about to watch the documentary about her in my german class.

Justyn Dillingham (Justyn Dillingham), Thursday, 11 September 2003 14:56 (nineteen years ago) link

seventeen years pass...

I watched this Riefenstahl doc a few years back and in interviews from her latter years she was saying Goebbels despised her because she wasn't ever really a proper nazi. But in Goebbels dairies he slags the fuck out of everybody - even Hitler at times - but doesn't have bad word to say about her iirc. His entries on her were sort of like: "what an honour it is to have dinner with such a hugely talented and spectacular specimen of Aryan womanhood ... phwoar .. cor blimey she's quite fit as well etc.."

MoMsnet (calzino), Saturday, 3 July 2021 19:10 (one year ago) link

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