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softening the trumpet’s stabbing attack and muting its military peal 1
The term avant-garde came from the military originally and still retains an aura of ruthlessness 1
a kindergarten flooded with iridescent bubble bath foam 1
these were direct responses to her surroundings, what she could see out of her window 1
Most people on Orcas are agrarians or artists 1
She relied on barter for a full year. 1
"I want for you to feel your best, the best in [this] mess." It's easy to imagine it as a gently radical call 0
the terrifying leaps into the abstract unknown proposed by other forms of experimental music 0
while voicing zen and the sub-conscience through a vocal processor 0
one of its lasting koans: "An artisan knows what it takes / I feel everything at the same time." 0
serious critical acclaim, profuse with imagery of flora and foliage 0
she decamped for Boston's Berklee College of Music 0
Now, that synthesizer feels like a key to the world. 0
for those who believe in the human body's inherent powers amidst universal energies 0
And electricity, she points out, is a natural phenomenon 0
a re-up in the diminishing reservoir of faith 0

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