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alomar lines, Friday, 10 July 2015 05:24 (five years ago) link

Well we're the freaks of the industry.
My man Money B Oh my mellow Shock G
The freaks of the industry
And when you see us back stage be prepared to G
Well they say that birds do it bees do it. [do it]
Time to freak Money B gets to it
Not a heavyweight but I go twelve rounds
With a jab and a stick I'm goin' lick for lick so
Give me the helmet I'll be the stunt man.
Just relax, and I won't front.
Like Anita, I'm givin' you the best that I've got,
And I'll be takin' it slow, never missin' a spot
Yes, caressing your back we're chest to chest she's kissing on my
I nibbled around your ears before I suck upon your neck.
'Oh Money B,' yeah, that's what you'll be screamin' and creamin'
But it's not a wet dream, it's the real
The freaky dog, dark nasty, never lettin' a kitty-cat get past me,
Without picking it up, pettin' it, teasin' it,
Takin' it on home and pleasin' it
Cause we're the freaks of the industry,
You's a freak Money B. You got that Shock G
The freaks of the industry,
And when you see us back stage, be prepared to G.
Say you're G'in' [G'in'?]
Nobody else is seein'
And the freak that you're wit' is in front of you,
Bendin' over naked, and she's leanin' on the dresser [Ooh yeah]
You're lookin' at her from the rear [Yeah]
She looks just like Vanessa [The right stuff]
Uh uh, not Vanessa with the singer career,
But the X-rated video queen,
Know what I mean? [Uh huh] A'ight, here's the scene:
You're lying on you're back with your head on the edge of the bed,
The booty's two feet from your head:
Should you: A, take the time to find a condom,
B, you walk right over and you pound 'em,
C, tell her that you want her love,
Well the answer is D, [D], all of the above.
So you're freakin' [freakin'], the furniture's squeakin' [squeakin']
She's tweakin', sayin' that she's weak in the knees.
Cheek to cheek, and pound for pound,
You're taxin' it and waxin' it and workin' it around,
'Til the booty starts makin' that clappin' sound,
Which is cool, but your friends are chillin' in the other room.
The clappin's getting louder, you don't want them to clown you,
In this situation, what do you do: [What?]
A, you, plain and simply, back up off her
B, you hit it just a little bit softer,
C, you take it out and put it in het butt,
Well, D is what I do, so, yo, listen up:
I put a towel on the floor by the two inch gap under the door
Now they can't see me any more.
Check the locks so they can't clock, but they can listen.
There'll be no bargin' in and there'll be no dissin' [Dissin']
Gettin' back to my mission, break out the whipped cream and the
Then I go through all the fly positions:
My head under her leg under my arm under her toe.
She says, 'I like it when you scream, baby let yourself go.'
I hit it and split it, lick it and quit it.
After the ride, put my clothes on and walk outside,
And before anybody gets a chance to speak,
I say, 'Yo, don't say nuttin', I guess I'm just a freak!'
Cause we're the freaks of the industry.
Aw, you's a freak, G. Yo, you worse Money B.
The freaks of the industry,
And when you see us backstage, be prepared to G.
[You know what man, you's a freak.
I seen you with that girl at the hotel after
that show last week.
And what about that time out there in the park?
Shhh, don't tell nobody]
It's like this:
Now if there's a cure for this,
We don't want it, we'll run from it
And if there's a remedy,
We don't need it, we just eat it.
[This is to the ladies: I'm a freak
Hey, yo, piano man: take us out of here, man]

astor van groot (alomar lines), Thursday, 23 July 2015 05:54 (five years ago) link

Okay, first of all we gave him more than enough chances. right off the bat this kid was making insulting, ignorant/ arrogant comments about us. He was saying how "we don't know how to ride trains properly, " while he just started riding..AND IT"S OBVIOUS AS FUCK. seeing how the dumb ass ooogle almost got Cheetah and himself pulled off in B-ham b/c he was too much of a dumb ass oogle to lay low and duck down on the grainer and got his ass spotted by the bull so him and Cheetah had to bail. Also this fucker is trying to lie about his glasses. we never took his glasses he lost them when we all bailed off the train on the fly (about 10 mph) we all jumped off w/ our dogs and we were all fine, but he totally almost got himself killed trying to hop off. He some how fell upside down and got pretty injured in the process (but luckily didn't get killed) we were doubting if he had ever even rode trains at all. So he lost his glasses in the process and we all spent 30 mins to an hour helping him look for them but they were never recovered. they most likely fell of on the train. Spencer even offered him his glasses but Mr yuppie didn't want anything but his Dolche and Gabanna glasses back (d&g glasses are HUNDREDS of dollars btw. we took his wallet and other shit back but we dont know if someone else picked his stuff up..? noticed that he had 3 bank cards but we didn't fuck with any of his yuppie ass credit cards. We also left him with well over a hundred bucks he had been Bogarding from the group and his road dog. Funny how he left that stuff out, and how he had all this money and bank cards (not to mention they were probably loaded with his dead dads money) and was using his road dogs food stamps. Also we didnt steal all his shit, yes we took his phone wallet and scanner just for precaution, we weren't about to let him call the cops and shit. and yeah we took the scanner but lost it on the run back to MY HOUSE that i can afford to keep up and pay rent at because its cheap as fuck while i'm on the rails.

My only goal in jumping this kid was to show him that he does not need to be emersed in our community because he simply is built for it. he almost got us pulled off a train, almost died on one and was an asshole while i was taking him into my house and shit. I truly hope he goes back home to florida and gets a desk job and goes to dubstep shows and just eats acid and molly for his adventures because thats where he belong.
He is not the first and definitely not the last oogle I will show they need to go home. I'm not here to kill anyone or steal their shit i just want to clean up the rails. I quit riding for a year this past year solely because of how over the past two years riding i've seen a oogle explosion and all the cool cats are housing up and dying. These are my rails and your rails, keep them safe and dumbfucks blowing up our scene out!

-Spencer, Flow, and the kids former road dog Cheetah

PS get off the internet and quit talking shit and ride some trains and if you want to have words just meet me, i'm heading to the northeast after i dick around tennesee and shit for a minute. then hi line bound and south down the west coast and back to the southeast so come on lets hang out or beat down. I, planet caravan, have not even used this site in over a year i can't even remember my password.

sir astor van groot (alomar lines), Wednesday, 29 July 2015 07:10 (five years ago) link

two weeks pass...


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I am almost a plastic surgeon. I feel like making people happy with their looks is the best reward for me as a professional!

But, I am a passionate woman, who wants to be happy and loved.

I want to give love and care IN RESPONSE! I am NOT JUST A TAKER!!!

I am a kind of woman, who will leave her man breathless from desire and emotions..

I am ready to conquer him not just with woman's secrets, but with understanding, taking care of him, and keeping the flame on the top no matter what!

I want to find him, my one and only!

And he will never regret, because he will become a mentor for me!

Ideal match description:

I want my man to just grab me tight and never let go!

It does not matter what kind of appearence he has, or how old is he. It matters what kind of attitude he has, and what he has in his heart and soul...

I want him to be my only passion and desire, my support and my leader, my inspiration and the one who makes me a graceful tender jewel who is in love with a king....

I want our chemistry to burn all the bridges in front of new life!

My languages skills:

Russian: I am advanced in every skill
Ukrainian: I am advanced in every skill
English: I can read and write with a dictionary but can't speak

drash, Thursday, 20 August 2015 09:37 (four years ago) link

one month passes...

when peep goes deep

the only man (alomar lines), Thursday, 1 October 2015 03:16 (four years ago) link

im in estatic graceness

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am0n, Tuesday, 13 October 2015 22:46 (four years ago) link

As we got out of our car and started walking to the restaurant, 2 men got out of their car and started walking behind us and I would swear that I heard the distinct sound of camera shutter going off and when we came to the front door I saw in the reflection of the glass that one man was putting his cell phone in his pocket and the other guy was looking straight and my wife’s legs! They even held the door open for us! Probably to get another look!

Later at home as I was fucking her, with her still wearing her stockings and high heels, I told her that those two men were wishing they were me right now fucking you and she said “that was what I was thinking too!”

So, next date night maybe I’ll have some company!!!

Steve says:
Well it happened Saturday night!! I had my wife dress up in her sexiest dress, which is red clingy extremely low cut and short (hits at mid thigh) a pair of gold strappy high heels with a 5 3/4 inch heel, no bra and her nipples on full display. She did up her makeup like a porn star and her hair was blonde and full. I took her out dancing at a local club that has live talent. We settled in and had about 3 drinks apiece and she was starting to get a little frisky. This fellow came up to her while I was at the bar getting another round, when I came back he was sitting next to her talking, nothing going on but I could tell the wife was getting a little interested. He asked me if he could dance with her and I said by all means. So they hit the dance floor and after they danced for 3 songs they came back to the table and I saw his hand was on her ass, they sat down and he went to get another round of drinks and my wife leaned over and told me that she could feel is cock rubbing on her while they were dancing! He came back and I told him to dance with her again! And this time I joined them and we had her in sandwich, he was behind her and she was grinding her ass on his cock and I had a hold of her hips and I could she her nipples clearly through her dress and those nips were hard as rocks!! After the song my cock was hard and I know his was hard, so we went outside to get some air. My wife was hanging on to him as I followed. We got outside by our car and lit up a smoke and that’s when my wife reached out and grab his cock and said “I want some of that!” and turned and looked at me and I said go for it! He unzipped his pants and OMG what a dick he had and my wife went down on that pole and sucked him off right in front of me. He lost his load in a matter of 2 minutes and she took every drop except for some she let drip onto her dress!! And then it was my turn, she sucked my rock hard cock and he pulled up her dress and slid her thong panties to one side and fingered her. We both tag team fucking her right there in the parking lot and then went back in danced some more and left! Together!! My dick is still sore!!! Just like her pussy! Now that’s why I love having her dress that way!

- See more at:

the coroner's armpit (alomar lines), Thursday, 22 October 2015 06:31 (four years ago) link

three months pass...

let's get real

bowery carmine (alomar lines), Tuesday, 26 January 2016 05:02 (four years ago) link

two months pass...

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