La Fin/Finis/la Fina/das Ende/конец/το τέλος/端

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And in the end

Uncle Muncle (Michael White), Friday, 21 November 2008 17:54 (fifteen years ago) link


Uncle Muncle (Michael White), Friday, 21 November 2008 18:26 (fifteen years ago) link

Curiously, we have never discussed the teleology of AAD. OK, maybe this is not such a curious observation. If we had, I imagine the thread would just have drifted very quickly to nose hairs and tweezers.

Aimless, Friday, 21 November 2008 19:16 (fifteen years ago) link

Clever one, that Aimless, to read that word up there. It's all Greek to me.

Btw, what do you think of our redo of the nursery?

Uncle Muncle (Michael White), Friday, 21 November 2008 19:30 (fifteen years ago) link

Aimless with a name like yours you can't really have a teleology, anyway.

Uncle Muncle (Michael White), Friday, 21 November 2008 19:35 (fifteen years ago) link

xpost It reminds me of the floor of my kitchen.

Aimless, Friday, 21 November 2008 19:35 (fifteen years ago) link

The floor of your kichen is on the ceiling? Yeah, I've had nights like that.

Uncle Muncle (Michael White), Friday, 21 November 2008 19:37 (fifteen years ago) link

Perhaps you have inadvertently explained why, when I tried to purchase a slightly used teleology and offered the seller a cheque for the full amount, he tore it to shreds, spat on it, and ground it under his heel while sneering and making dersisve noises in his throat. It was either that he saw the name Aimless, or else he had been talking to my local publican who told him about the state of my bar tab.

Aimless, Friday, 21 November 2008 19:45 (fifteen years ago) link


Ruudside Picnic (James Redd and the Blecchs), Friday, 21 November 2008 19:55 (fifteen years ago) link

Precisely what I told him at the time. He did not seem impressed.

Aimless, Saturday, 22 November 2008 01:45 (fifteen years ago) link

You ever notice that the words "SLUT" and "LUST" have the exact same number of letters......


I think not!

Master of Sherbet Evangelism Dude Steel Esquire OMGWTFBBQEIEIO (еdë §téè£), Saturday, 22 November 2008 23:06 (fifteen years ago) link

The exact same thing could be said of "GOOT" and "OTOG" and yet we scarcely, if ever, see this pointed out in public.


I do not think!

Aimless, Sunday, 23 November 2008 00:38 (fifteen years ago) link

So what you are saying that even facing glaring fact that.....


all fit the exact same scenario and that we are to ignore the obvious?

There IS a connection here.

Knowing that I am naturally suspicious of your actions Aimless, I'll try to give your flippant response the benefit of doubt BUT it IS being brought to the attention of others here and abroad that YOU are trying to cover this up.

Maybe it is an attempt to obfuscate the obvious with a diaphanous veil for the subjugation of our thoughts?

I think coincidence!



Coincidence? It strains my credulity. So much so that I think I will be walking with a hitch for a week. Hah! For my next trick I shall be doing double-flippants. Master Dude shall not, as he has such abroad "other" as to defy covering up, let alone permitting him double-flippancy.

Aimless, Monday, 24 November 2008 05:33 (fifteen years ago) link

GOAT, TOGA, GATO... Coincidence? Hmmm?

If Dude's not permitted double flippancy perhaps he could just get management to lend him a cot or at least a sofa and some blankets.

afin d’y être sublime sans interruption (Michael White), Monday, 24 November 2008 17:57 (fifteen years ago) link

I feel a apology is in order.......

In my haphazard haste I errantly omitted a comma AND a space.

"..... here and abroad....." should have read "..... here, and a broad....."

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. The doorman will be passing out expired coupons as a token of my gratitude.

Now, as for your double-flippants..... If we don't see it on youtube then it never really happened!

Snopes confirms that the only know successful double-flippancy ended in misery and a slow painful death for the performer.

Not calling you an outright liar though...... I understand that freaky things can happen..... like the odd stains on the bedsheets that developed while I was gone to work...... she was in the shower when I got home so it wasn't her..... but I digress.

Start to stop video with NO camera tricks or editing cuts.

Master of Sherbet Evangelism Dude Steel Esquire OMGWTFBBQEIEIO (еdë §téè£), Tuesday, 25 November 2008 00:39 (fifteen years ago) link

Wait, the doorman's passing out again?

Vaya con queso, man.

afin d’y être sublime sans interruption (Michael White), Wednesday, 26 November 2008 20:09 (fifteen years ago) link

Oh for the love of Benji.

People were passed out. That is all.

Matt, Friday, 5 December 2008 00:19 (fifteen years ago) link

In this day and age?!

Was it one per person or could you get a few?

a serviceable substitute for wit (Michael White), Wednesday, 10 December 2008 15:41 (fifteen years ago) link

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