Is there a conspiracy regarding Geoff Travis looking at websites selling dirty pics of kids and has it spread to "Ask A Drunk"?

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ESTEBAN BUTTEZ~!!, Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:12 (fourteen years ago) link

No. it is simply that speculation about an issue so sensitive is destructive and without point. You might find it entertaining to swamp forums with unpleasant conjecture about a truly horrific subject, maybe you think Ask a Drunk is a fertile ground for debate on said subject, goodness only knows what has lead you to draw that conclusion. I don't, and consider it mkoe likely that this is tedious trolling. If you have a serious issue as to whether or not I am impeding your right to free speech you are more than welcome to speak to me off board, the mail address below is genuine. Plus, you're an imbecile. The matter is now closed.

Matt (Matt), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:21 (fourteen years ago) link

what if it is the truth

how can you be so sure

unless you are holding it down

or you might be ignorant

i cant help being so open minded!!

ESTEBAN BUTTEZ~!!, Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:22 (fourteen years ago) link

As I said, mail me if you have a genuine problem If you don't, then shut the fuck up.

Matt (Matt), Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:28 (fourteen years ago) link

I do apologise to you, Matt, and everyone else on this fine forum. I really messed up there, didn't I? I mean, something like that is just not to be joked about. For although the Glitters, Townshends and Catholic Churches of this world may appear in a comic light when associated with child rape and its exploitation to people of a simple humour, such as myself, there is for every story at least one life, possibly more, utterly destroyed. But extreme measures are called for. People are getting as used to this BUTTEZ shtick as that blue t-shirt they've had for six years. I've even managed to raise a few smirks and posted some things that have made the Excelsior thread on ILE. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. Frankly, it sickened me seeing the Stevem's and Archel's of this world getting on there with throwaway one-liners that don't even seem funny to me - I mean, I AM A FUNNY GUY. There I am in my idle moments throughout the day and night trying to think of another piece of BUTTEZ to enthrall the masses, I post it, and the thread carries on like its not there. It's stupid. I adopted this moniker and style after years of getting ignored in the hope of causing a stir, you know like Jon Williams or Burmakitty did, and its just not working. Is everyone thick? I don't know but there's one hell of a wall here that I'm just going to have to keep on chip chip chipping away at. Randy gets quoted left right and centre, "HI DERE", I mean WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT IT? That's not funny that's just rubbish. Smedley - "AWWWOOOOO!!!" - it's bollocks. I am putting in the fucking hours here. I think about this stuff. And for what? I guess people like their trolling plain and simple. One note, one phrase. Fully formed trolling characters are too much for people. And when you're starting to bring in the ultimate internet dodgy subject, the rape of children, into the field just to get a bit of attention then it's gone too far. Once more I apologise, I won't do it again.

ESTEBAN BUTTEZ~!!, Tuesday, 22 November 2005 11:08 (fourteen years ago) link

I vote for the expulsion of this troll.

Perhaps we should all share the blame for encouraging him.

I have no objection to this thread being wiped or locked.

Zen Clown, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 00:45 (fourteen years ago) link

To be honest, I wouldn't mind this thread being deleted either. What I did was out of order and I can't apologise enough.

ESTEBAN BUTTEZ~!!, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 01:00 (fourteen years ago) link

What say all?

Is this silly bloke deserving of forgiveness?

If I discover, BUTTEZ, that you are not sincere, if you continue to put forth your childish, inane, asinine posts, I will set you on a stump, nail down your balls, and push you over backwards.

(You know, Zen, you can't do that.)

Hush, Ego, I'm trying to convey a message here.

(Can't you just forgive the fellow and let him go forth and sin no more?)

Who the fuck do you think I am... Jesus?

Zen Clown, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 03:18 (fourteen years ago) link

are people here becoming sober

what a shame holmes :-(

ESTEBAN BUTTEZ~!!, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 03:39 (fourteen years ago) link

Who are you NOW, BUTTEZ? An illiterate Watson?

Zen Clown, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 04:29 (fourteen years ago) link

word life

ESTEBAN BUTTEZ~!!, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 04:35 (fourteen years ago) link

Now THAT'S the stuff, BUTTEZ, a proper comeback.

Zen Clown, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 05:30 (fourteen years ago) link

Esteban is no more in need of forgiveness than my furniture is when it jumps in my way, or the lampposts, when they veer into me, or the pissoir when it slides off to the side and then up the wall. I don't bother to curse at them, because this is in their nature and they shall always be so.

It's much the same with Esteban. I hold him no more responsible for his erratic pissing-on-our-shoes adventures than I do the pissoir for its erratic being-pissed-at ramblings along the wall. Can't we all just get along and get pissed as farts in the process?

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 23 November 2005 06:38 (fourteen years ago) link

if only more politicians thought that way. Aimless. We could all be much happier and merry. Peace, love and mung beans I say.

StrangeDays (StrangeDays), Wednesday, 23 November 2005 09:05 (fourteen years ago) link

Mung beans...a staple during the Mung Dynasty in ancient China...

(Shut up, you fucking idiot!)

I saw a Mung vase once, where they kept their beans.

(Oh, lord...)

No kidding! China didn't have many mung plants until this guy named Johnny Mungseed went about, wearing a pan on his head, planting mung seeds throughout the land.

'Tis a pity that mung beans, like chicken eggs, are eaten before they reach their full potential.

Zen Clown, Wednesday, 23 November 2005 10:01 (fourteen years ago) link

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