Mindless Prattle gone???

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This page was called with a topic variable of "Mindless Prattle". There is no bboard in the database with that topic name. Either you have been manually adjusting the URL (perhaps by cutting and pasting) or something is seriously wrong with the LUSENET system.

You can probably find the page that you need by starting from the LUSENET home page.

Heave Ho, Wednesday, 16 March 2005 17:16 (nineteen years ago) link

Yikes! You're right.

Michael White (Hereward), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 17:19 (nineteen years ago) link

This alarum has rung before. See: Announcing the Demise of Mindless Prattle. It is best to wait for LUSENET to pick itself up and dust itself off before the damage can be assessed.

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 17:25 (nineteen years ago) link

I see. LUSENET seems to be functioning in all other respects. This looks bad for MP. When the old AAD was shoveled under the signs were similar. MP may possibly have become one of The Disappeared.

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 17:54 (nineteen years ago) link

It had become very unruly and puerile as of late, and i do not mean that as high praise.

Michael White (Hereward), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 19:43 (nineteen years ago) link

What's wrong with Unruly?

C J (C J), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 19:52 (nineteen years ago) link

Nothing, milady, provided it is as pulchritudinous as you.

Michael White (Hereward), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 21:02 (nineteen years ago) link

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.

Newly posted on the front page of LUSENET:

"Note: the database on this ancient unmaintained Linux machine suffered some sort of ugly failure in early March 2005. Consequently postings have been disabled and moderators are encouraged to move their forums to groups.yahoo.com or some other similar advertising-supported service. The greenspun.com forums were easy to build ten years ago but became difficult to maintain in a world full of spammers, etc."

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 16 March 2005 22:43 (nineteen years ago) link

Damn, how could this happen.

Informer X (Informer X), Thursday, 17 March 2005 06:49 (nineteen years ago) link


this is all that is archived. none of my posts will be there (i am (Censored)) no one who came after january 21, 2004 will be there and there is no way to post new questions or answeres but its ther for memories sake. i have email Mr. Greenspun concerning the issue. now all we can do is wait.

Informer X (Informer X), Thursday, 17 March 2005 07:10 (nineteen years ago) link

worry not Censored, google has most of you post archived in it's cache, just be quick and save them all before google updates its cache or all you'll find there will be "Message with ID XXXX not found in Database probably it has been deleted by the moderator"

wassup, Thursday, 17 March 2005 09:21 (nineteen years ago) link




wassup, Thursday, 17 March 2005 09:22 (nineteen years ago) link

no its not, i saw the frontpage from archive dot org and got all excited, silly me

wassup, Thursday, 17 March 2005 09:24 (nineteen years ago) link

Hey guys I got the news, this is terrible. I'm glad i got troutstretchers note I was really starting to panic. Who else has been contacted?

Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Thursday, 17 March 2005 14:11 (nineteen years ago) link

How dare Greenspun! Is (Censored) alive or has he been submerged with the ship?

theinin nail, Thursday, 17 March 2005 21:47 (nineteen years ago) link

oh forgive me (Censored) i did not see you there

theinin nail, Thursday, 17 March 2005 21:54 (nineteen years ago) link

we should all take a moment in quiet remembrance and decide what to do tomorrow...

theinin nail, Thursday, 17 March 2005 21:56 (nineteen years ago) link

Greenspun said the server fried and melted down. what i am wondering is, how come Mindless Prattle is the only thing that is gone.

Informer X (Informer X), Friday, 18 March 2005 01:43 (nineteen years ago) link

It is a conspiracy of silence, designed to cover up (stone wall) the fact that Phil found Mindless Prattle to be inane, jejune, pointless and fruitless, besides giving his samoyed inexplicable howling fits. So he pulled the plug on us and gave us a lame excuse.

However, since he was so kind as to make MP possible in the first place, carrying our worthless hypersolipsistic carcasses on his shoulders through fat and lean times, fixing our server when it caught cold and basically acting like a beestie boy for a bunch of pasty-faced gin-wallahs, I think we ought to forgive him. Maybe bake him a rum cake.

Aimless (Aimless), Friday, 18 March 2005 05:54 (nineteen years ago) link

And maybe slip a little something in it.

Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Friday, 18 March 2005 13:12 (nineteen years ago) link

I believe it is a feeble attempt to let other forums such as; Ask Jesus and Anarchy 2, to take over Greenspun.

theinin nail, Friday, 18 March 2005 13:22 (nineteen years ago) link

I have decided to make a flash to chronical the events that have taken place since that fateful day, I need though a list of people that should be in it and an idea as to how Aimless should be represented. If you guys could be serious about this I could end up creating the greatest flash ever.
P.S. It could very possibly, or I should say will take a long time and in the meantime I will create several prologue comics. (Censored) I do believe this will answer your question of the fate of Mindless Prattle. We will be needing a dictator soon.

Theinin Nail, Friday, 18 March 2005 16:39 (nineteen years ago) link

did anyone start saving the posts in the google cache?

Heave Ho, Friday, 18 March 2005 22:13 (nineteen years ago) link

Greenspun claims he needs a professional team to bring back certain features to his server (ex. star new topic). if you ask me hes fuckin with us. he started the server, he took the features off. god knows he can out them back on.

my belief is he doesn't care about the server anymore and he is trying to get rid of it. but he is doing it slowly so as not to alarm antone. we must alert the others!

((Censored)) ((Censored)), Saturday, 19 March 2005 07:06 (nineteen years ago) link

Heave Ho, et. al.

Troutstretcher commisioned me to mention that he has a fairly full and complete archive of Mindless Prattle, with only a few lacunae. If you know how to reach him, he will no doubt be willing to part with some or all of his stash -- for a hefty consideration and your slavish admiration for the remainder of your days on earth. He collects souls, as you may know, as you or I collect lint in our trouser pockets. Make an offer.

Aimless (Aimless), Sunday, 20 March 2005 21:08 (nineteen years ago) link

Yes, Troutstrecher has told me the same.

((Censored)) ((Censored)), Monday, 21 March 2005 00:58 (nineteen years ago) link

I offered troutstretcher a freshly caught Sea Bass in trade for a collection of my best posts.

He snickered a little then burst forth in uncontrolable gales of laughter to the point that he was gasping for air. Interspersed between the laughter and gasping a few intelligible words managed to escape his mouth. Words like "you" and "best" and "inconceivable" and "sod off" and wanker" and gibberish". I couldn't make heads nor tails of what he was trying to say..... he may have been in his cups.

After several long minutes of this reaction to my request he manages to recompose himself and walked away chuckling to himself under his breath.

еdë §téè£, Tuesday, 22 March 2005 03:30 (nineteen years ago) link


Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Tuesday, 22 March 2005 13:56 (nineteen years ago) link

I guess not..

Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Tuesday, 22 March 2005 13:57 (nineteen years ago) link

he's still here. i just zipped up.

hurley (hurley), Tuesday, 22 March 2005 19:26 (nineteen years ago) link

gad I miss you guys.

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Friday, 25 March 2005 23:02 (nineteen years ago) link

Yes, but you do fug-all about it, don't you? Huh? Don't you? 'Fess up!

Aimless (Aimless), Saturday, 26 March 2005 01:34 (nineteen years ago) link

He's been stuck under a cat for the last eight months. It's not his fault.

Matt (Matt), Saturday, 26 March 2005 22:38 (nineteen years ago) link

Of course why should it be?

Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Monday, 28 March 2005 12:13 (nineteen years ago) link

Because coating yourself in Whiskas Meaty Chunks is just asking for trouble.

C J (C J), Monday, 28 March 2005 16:04 (nineteen years ago) link

Some of us are meaty chunks; no extra coating required.

MSW, Tuesday, 29 March 2005 13:41 (nineteen years ago) link

CJ, that sounds dangerously like a chapter title from your memoirs.

M. White (Miguelito), Tuesday, 29 March 2005 16:25 (nineteen years ago) link

No, it was just some wistful daydreaming.

C J (C J), Wednesday, 30 March 2005 08:54 (nineteen years ago) link

'whiskafull daydreaming'... Bad kitty!

M. White (Miguelito), Wednesday, 30 March 2005 16:45 (nineteen years ago) link

what r u people talking about?

theinin nail, Thursday, 31 March 2005 12:10 (nineteen years ago) link

The hideous realisation that what with these horrible glossary contractions and a silent faceless international enemy that Orwell's monde-horrible-de-la-pression is now humanitys seau-aliéné-de-porc-de-maintenant.

A / F#m / Bm / D (Lynskey), Thursday, 31 March 2005 12:49 (nineteen years ago) link

Alienated Bucket of Now-Pork???

M. White (Miguelito), Thursday, 31 March 2005 15:22 (nineteen years ago) link


A / F#m / Bm / D (Lynskey), Thursday, 31 March 2005 17:15 (nineteen years ago) link

Oh, yes. Quite.

M. White (Miguelito), Thursday, 31 March 2005 17:48 (nineteen years ago) link

Surely I am not included in this general look around, but just in case, I have sucked in my tummy and have turned sideways so no one can see me. I might be turning blue.

MSW, Thursday, 31 March 2005 21:23 (nineteen years ago) link

Amazing, to think this started out as a conversation of the impending via the collapse of mindless prattle. now god only knows what the hell we are talking about. my opinon on the matter is that this thread is yet another contribution to the endless buillshit that "Ask a Drunk" is centered around.

((Censored)) ((Censored)), Monday, 4 April 2005 03:42 (nineteen years ago) link

Are you making a point or simply making a contribution to the endless bullshit?

MSW, Monday, 4 April 2005 19:10 (nineteen years ago) link

It's not polite to make a point.

Aimless (Aimless), Monday, 4 April 2005 20:04 (nineteen years ago) link

Unless you're dousing for whisky.

M. White (Miguelito), Monday, 4 April 2005 20:10 (nineteen years ago) link

its not polite to pint. making a point has nothing to do with your politness. making a point isnt good either, but it isnt rude. in truth making a point is pointless. for it doesnt matter how many times you make it there will always be someone who disagrees with you. either way i am merely contributing to the endless bullshit.

((Censored)) ((Censored)), Monday, 4 April 2005 21:57 (nineteen years ago) link

Wherever does one get the idea that AAD is 'centered'?

M. White (Miguelito), Tuesday, 5 April 2005 14:44 (nineteen years ago) link

In some places you can be arrested for showing your point, and if a point is all you have, then really what is the point of showing your point?

MSW, Tuesday, 5 April 2005 18:42 (nineteen years ago) link


C J (C J), Tuesday, 5 April 2005 19:51 (nineteen years ago) link

It's like a broken pencil...

M. White (Miguelito), Tuesday, 5 April 2005 20:28 (nineteen years ago) link

...or a pencil that's rather blunted.

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 6 April 2005 04:58 (nineteen years ago) link

Or the wrong end of a pencil.

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 6 April 2005 05:06 (nineteen years ago) link

Or either end of a new pencil right out of the box.

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 6 April 2005 05:07 (nineteen years ago) link

Or like this pencil I'm showing you.

Aimless (Aimless), Wednesday, 6 April 2005 05:08 (nineteen years ago) link

Ok, ok. I know who all of you people are.

I want you all to get completely undressed and stand against the wall.

This is not sexual in any way. I repeat... This is NOT sexual...

CJ? Could you stimulate those nipples somewhat?

Yes, yes,CJ now that you're standing there naked...You probably feel embarrested because you haven't "trimmed" lately.

It's OK. Look at Matt...Red face and a raging erection...naughty boy.

Ok, ok. Get dressed.

Naked humans bore me. Dude Steel and I are shaving a moose. I hope it's a female. I'm not perverse, you know. Shaving a moose is a time consuming process. Bics...Hah! Try one on a moose!

We keep bantering: "Is it male or female?" "Reach down there and see."
"I'm not reaching down there, I wanted a llama. Damn...That Dude Steel person is weird.

Well... the moose got away. If you see a half naked moose...

Dude took my advice and turned from moose to llamas.

The last I heard from him, he was in Peru, looking for love.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Wednesday, 6 April 2005 06:17 (nineteen years ago) link

Nah that's Mackenzie

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Wednesday, 6 April 2005 14:14 (nineteen years ago) link

Peru..... PERU?????

You told me that llamas came from Perdue!

I have spent the last two days trying to convince some Proffessor of animal husbandry that he legally could marry a human and a llama.

еdë §téè£, Wednesday, 6 April 2005 21:28 (nineteen years ago) link

Couldn't you just have your way with an Angora goat in a Welsh heath and be done with it?

MSW (MSW), Thursday, 7 April 2005 12:41 (nineteen years ago) link

That may be sufficient for your you, MSW, but Dude beats to the march of a different camelid.

M. White (Miguelito), Thursday, 7 April 2005 21:58 (nineteen years ago) link

Hey guys, I've been in a cryogenic sleep for a while. I was hoping to wake up in a better time but it turns out I just woke up to an even more chaotic world. It's nice to be back.

Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Tuesday, 12 April 2005 11:19 (nineteen years ago) link

o.k. did anyone besides me notice zen clown posted?

theinin nail, Tuesday, 19 April 2005 11:21 (nineteen years ago) link

Sssshhhhhh!!! They might notice.

M. White (Miguelito), Tuesday, 19 April 2005 14:49 (nineteen years ago) link

sorry I was just uh..resting my eyes, yah that's it, resting my eyes. Anyway what's all this about Zen Clown posting?

Ivellinosius M. Nailo, Monday, 25 April 2005 11:19 (nineteen years ago) link

Go back to sleep man and leap-frog yourself into the future. When you awake again, you will find us quite long in the tooth, and some even completely toothless. Don't worry; Zen will be back again, like Elvis.

MSW (MSW), Monday, 25 April 2005 18:22 (nineteen years ago) link

four months pass...

Calimaty, Monday, 12 September 2005 07:05 (eighteen years ago) link

We get signal...
Main screen turn on...
It's you!...
How are you gentlemen?
All your base are belong to us.

Calimaty, Monday, 12 September 2005 07:15 (eighteen years ago) link

eight months pass...
Results 1 - 1 of 1 for hypersolipsistic. (0.17 seconds)

Yet, here it is, appearing twice in a single thread. Coincidence? Hah! Credulity doesn't stretch that far.

Aimless (Aimless), Tuesday, 23 May 2006 15:50 (eighteen years ago) link

Intestines do, though.

Matt (Matt), Tuesday, 23 May 2006 21:13 (eighteen years ago) link

It doesn't any guts to say that.

M. White (Miguelito), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 13:45 (eighteen years ago) link

'take', that is.

M. White (Miguelito), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 13:47 (eighteen years ago) link

one year passes...

Heave Ho, et. al.

Troutstretcher commisioned me to mention that he has a fairly full and complete archive of Mindless Prattle, with only a few lacunae.

Anyone in contact with him? Does he answer mails? (Is the waitrose address even real?)

Heave Ho, Saturday, 11 August 2007 12:03 (sixteen years ago) link

Everyone would lose by association, I suspect.

Matt, Wednesday, 15 August 2007 14:58 (sixteen years ago) link


Heave Ho, Thursday, 16 August 2007 02:09 (sixteen years ago) link

two years pass...


am0n, Thursday, 3 September 2009 05:01 (fourteen years ago) link

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