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I was surfing the web and I came across this absolutely wonderful website: "Naked Big Breasted Girls With Machine Guns!".
Well, needless to say, I was enthralled by it and was just getting to the "lock and load" section when I passed out.
When I finally came to, my Cinderella screen saver was running and I could find no trace of that marvelous site. I suppose my "maybe you can stay out of prison for a few more months" evidence eliminator took over and wiped it. Anyway, does anyone know of this site or even "Girls Fully Clothed With Flyswatters"? I find that I'm really infatuated with this sort of thing now and any assistance anyone would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Saturday, 15 November 2003 02:25 (eighteen years ago) link

OK, nevermind.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Monday, 17 November 2003 02:08 (eighteen years ago) link

Zoi..... pi.... must resist urges.

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Monday, 17 November 2003 21:21 (eighteen years ago) link

Oh, poo.

EMBRACE those urges. ACT upon them!

(Just hope they don't press charges.)

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 05:01 (eighteen years ago) link

four months pass...
Where did my life go?

Dorien Thomas (Dorien Thomas), Monday, 5 April 2004 12:50 (eighteen years ago) link

Over there.

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Monday, 5 April 2004 14:02 (eighteen years ago) link

Next to the heavily-rouged woman drinking Tuborgs.

Aimless (Aimless), Monday, 5 April 2004 23:29 (eighteen years ago) link

I was about to suggest looking behind the refridgerator.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Monday, 5 April 2004 23:36 (eighteen years ago) link

I don't have the balls to look behind the refrigerator.

Dorien Thomas (Dorien Thomas), Tuesday, 6 April 2004 14:30 (eighteen years ago) link

No-one's suggested the back of the sofa yet?

Matt (Matt), Tuesday, 6 April 2004 15:37 (eighteen years ago) link

On second thought, DO NOT look behind the refridgerator. You may then feel compelled to clean back there and will have to rush to the pub and imbibe until that horrible notion goes away.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Tuesday, 6 April 2004 16:05 (eighteen years ago) link

If your life ends up behind a refrigerator, what kind of job do you have?

Michael White (Hereward), Tuesday, 6 April 2004 18:29 (eighteen years ago) link

Plumber. It's where my master-tap-faucet-control-thingummy is. I shudder to think of a boiler-burst scenario.

Plumber: Where's your stopcock, sir?

Me: Umm.....Back there somewhere. Mind if I leave you to it?

Dorien Thomas (Dorien Thomas), Saturday, 10 April 2004 16:52 (eighteen years ago) link

Even a stopcock tells the right time, err, twice a day,....errr no fuggit.

Taki, Saturday, 10 April 2004 17:46 (eighteen years ago) link

four years pass...

What about a pipecock?

Shot on 8mm Video, Sunday, 11 May 2008 00:07 (fourteen years ago) link

Pipecocks notoriously have no sense of time.

Aimless, Sunday, 11 May 2008 02:38 (fourteen years ago) link

nine years pass...

Sinister imo

passé aggresif (darraghmac), Friday, 25 August 2017 00:08 (four years ago) link

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