Grebes: Classic or Dud?

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Matt (Matt), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 01:37 (twenty years ago) link

The answer to that is so obvious it hardly deserves consideration.

Podicipediae are above vulgar discussion.

Let ye among you... without lobed, fleshy membranes along each toe and a pointed bill... cast the first stone.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 04:25 (twenty years ago) link

it all depends on how you prepare them, same as pocket lint, nephews, or snippy salesclerks. yes, peppered and panseared they are classic. but whip them into a merengue or a la tartare, they are decidedly dud. smoked splits the difference, assuming that is even possible. the most embarrassing thing of course is how salty their eyes get. yum, nasty, yum!!

hurley (hurley), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 18:16 (twenty years ago) link

He's not wrong you know.

Matt (Matt), Thursday, 13 March 2003 14:42 (twenty years ago) link

I have a grebe perched upon my bust of Pallas, just above my chamber door. I THINK it's Pallas. It's so covered with grebe shit, it could be Plato.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Thursday, 13 March 2003 20:47 (twenty years ago) link

I confess I misread this as classic or dude- thought you were talking about the esteemed Rex

Weebleman (StillSimon), Saturday, 15 March 2003 12:46 (twenty years ago) link

Too kind, my dear Weeble.

And here are just some of the people who esteem me…

Rex (Rex), Sunday, 16 March 2003 23:40 (twenty years ago) link

I feel it's time for other fish to inspire hairstyles, the mullet has had it it's own way for far too long now. Anyone for the hake? I myself sport a luxuriant Tench whilst Lynskey has recently unwound the bandages to reveal a startling Halibut in electric blue.

Matt (Matt), Monday, 17 March 2003 11:37 (twenty years ago) link

It can see through walls.

Lynskey (Lynskey), Monday, 17 March 2003 13:07 (twenty years ago) link

But sadly not into mirrors.

Matt (Matt), Wednesday, 19 March 2003 01:20 (twenty years ago) link

...never trusted mirrors. I know, they APPEAR to be a true reflection but I wonder...

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Wednesday, 19 March 2003 03:44 (twenty years ago) link


Lynskey (Lynskey), Wednesday, 19 March 2003 23:45 (twenty years ago) link

Solution, go outside.

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Thursday, 20 March 2003 13:26 (twenty years ago) link

Says the man who didn't even leave his house after being offered the sharings of a when offered a whole roast chicken nice bread and salad.

celeste (Celeste), Saturday, 22 March 2003 15:46 (twenty years ago) link

I was busy watching adverts for "The Core."

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Sunday, 23 March 2003 02:16 (twenty years ago) link

"I have a grebe perched upon my bust of Pallas, just above my chamber door. I THINK it's Pallas. It's so covered with grebe shit, it could be Plato."


But, Zen, as a colonial, don't you think that the LOON, the LOON, yes, the LOON, should be the star of the show here, not its hairdo'd cousin the grebe???!!! The Loon is the pinnacle of Nature ... for its call, its beauty ... and the fact that it is so heavy-boned and so badly put together that it takes half an hour to get airborne... makes it just so ... magical. It's nature's version of the Sinclair ZX81.

Mmmm ... loon

Pooster (pooster), Sunday, 23 March 2003 19:31 (twenty years ago) link

Loons scare me.

They ain't fit ta eat, neither.
They taste like bald eagles.

Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Monday, 24 March 2003 02:41 (twenty years ago) link

And they taste like Quorn.

Matt (Matt), Thursday, 27 March 2003 03:13 (twenty years ago) link

And Quorn tastes like egg

Lynskey (Lynskey), Thursday, 27 March 2003 13:10 (twenty years ago) link

No wonder they taste funny ... the SOUND funny! That's part of their charm! I have always loved them ... ever since that once-cool track by 808 State.

Pooster (pooster), Friday, 28 March 2003 00:38 (twenty years ago) link

Pacific State?

Lynskey (Lynskey), Friday, 28 March 2003 02:47 (twenty years ago) link

There are no Pacific States. The most pacific state is perhaps Minnesota, and that has an ex-WWF wrestler for a governor. Sorry!

Pooster (pooster), Saturday, 29 March 2003 19:39 (twenty years ago) link

But they do a damn fine LOON.

Pooster (pooster), Sunday, 30 March 2003 01:42 (twenty years ago) link

I'm more of a Widgeon kinda guy.

Matt (Matt), Sunday, 30 March 2003 22:13 (twenty years ago) link


Zen Clown (Zen Clown), Monday, 31 March 2003 00:33 (twenty years ago) link

Steamed Surf Scoter for me. Mmm beaky.

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Monday, 31 March 2003 07:27 (twenty years ago) link

Wasn't that a single by Hanson?

Lynskey (Lynskey), Monday, 31 March 2003 10:48 (twenty years ago) link

"Single" being the operative word. I used to fancy them rotten ... specially the 9-yr-old. But where the hell did they go to? I suppose it might be more than tricky to find out ... because if you went: "Are you Hanson?", they'd probably say: "Are you askin'?"

AR(dry retching)GGGH! Can't get it out of my head now! Doo-wap, doobedee-do-wap (doo-eey-oo-wap), doo-wap, doobedee-do-wap (doo-eey-oo-wap). You are all sods. Why can't the whole world just go back to the Bonzos and have done with it?

Pooster (pooster), Monday, 31 March 2003 21:18 (twenty years ago) link

ten years pass...

These pertinacious folk knew what's what

imago, Tuesday, 12 November 2013 12:28 (ten years ago) link

i'm not sure if the homophony with "greeb" as short-form for "grebo" is a positive or not tbh

a strident purist when it comes to band-related shirts (Noodle Vague), Tuesday, 12 November 2013 12:29 (ten years ago) link

"greeb" mutated into "greb" eventually tho

a strident purist when it comes to band-related shirts (Noodle Vague), Tuesday, 12 November 2013 12:30 (ten years ago) link

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