Pedal geeks i need u (help jjjusten make decisions about awesome pedals for his store)

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so I am about to add this dudes stuff to the mix, super reasonable and imo super fucking cool low rent handbuilt fuzz box/overdrive/feedback loop stuff. but i am audio fatigued/overwhelmed having listened to fuzz samples all day, so if i could enlist yer advice that would be cool.

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 01:17 (eight years ago) link

mod is dumb w/html

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 01:18 (eight years ago) link

also on the futurity list hopefully

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 01:21 (eight years ago) link

consider vfe pedals. great, extremely well priced

upset and upsetting (electricsound), Thursday, 20 September 2012 01:21 (eight years ago) link

this is high on the list of why subdecay is on the list btw

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 01:30 (eight years ago) link

Vfe looks interesting for sure - what I really need is mod stuff more than distortion/od/fuzz at the moment, so idk if they would be down with me cherry picking all the mod stuff or not. I will contact them tho

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 01:56 (eight years ago) link

Ok this dude is also going on the list - idiotbox effects.

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 02:10 (eight years ago) link

oh shit just ordered 11 noisemaker pedals.

back and forth emails/phone calls made me pretty sure this is the kind of dude i want to support - he's definitely in it for the love of making pedals, and pretty committed to the idea that his stuff shouldn't cost more than reasonable labor + parts. the pedal community could use more people like this, and i wish more independent stores could make the leap from understanding what it's like to do what we do to supporting the manufacturing equivalent of that.

order for the curious:
crush fuzz
donner party
noise invaders (this is so so awesome)
four horsemen
a-ok boost
infinity loop

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 05:50 (eight years ago) link

really wished i could buy the "dead hipster" based on name and graphics alone, but i wasn't that crazy abt how it sounded

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 05:51 (eight years ago) link

no dead hipsters?

lol xpost

upset and upsetting (electricsound), Thursday, 20 September 2012 05:52 (eight years ago) link

I heart these guys a lot:

Elvis Telecom, Thursday, 20 September 2012 05:52 (eight years ago) link

also why the fuck aren't more pedal dudes dumping youtube and doing the soundcloud clip idea? makes so much sense, sounds better, and i need another clip of some dude visually rocking out in front of an amp like i need a hole in the head.

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 05:54 (eight years ago) link

i know this isnt a measure of pedal, and i hate the handpainted artisinal blah blah blah collectors market, but dammmmn those walrus pedals look good.

speaking of which, apparently the noisemaker dude does all his own graphics and according to one guy i know who did some snooping is all of 23 years old.

goddamn kids.

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 05:57 (eight years ago) link

fyi if peeps know local peeps that do good stuff and want to start spreading their wings, this is my goal for the next few years. well that and not starving. and finding a location that doesn't still have the patented mr. movies carpet that we inherited when we moved into the shithole where we currently reside (this is also in the works. i have said too much.)

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Thursday, 20 September 2012 06:01 (eight years ago) link

Those Subdecay pedals are really wild. Thing about things like that they look really fun to mess with but trying to get them into tunes and use them live isn't quite as easy to do.

It's definitely not a total unknown company but the pedal I am currently all geeked on is a Keeley Nova Wah I got used a few months back off the Bay. You can make some cool nasty guitar tones with that box.

earlnash, Thursday, 20 September 2012 06:49 (eight years ago) link

Really geeked out over this guy:

Elvis Telecom, Thursday, 20 September 2012 18:21 (eight years ago) link

that skreddy dude is a really good upstanding guy too, he knows his stuff.

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Friday, 21 September 2012 00:21 (eight years ago) link

also i just ordered every pedal that earthquaker makes why because i am insane

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Friday, 21 September 2012 00:21 (eight years ago) link

O_o-O_O-o_O (jjjusten), Friday, 21 September 2012 00:22 (eight years ago) link

Earthquaker! Local Akron boys make good. I have their Ghost Echo reverb. thumbsup.gif

hail dayton (brownie), Friday, 21 September 2012 16:00 (eight years ago) link

Earthquaker Grand Orbiter will be my next purchase once paychecks start rolling in again

Elvis Telecom, Friday, 21 September 2012 16:14 (eight years ago) link

I'd really like to get my mitts on an Organizer. That is a crazy goddamn pedal.

WHY THEY HIDE THEIR BOOBIES UNDER MY GARAGE? (how's life), Friday, 21 September 2012 16:49 (eight years ago) link

Those Earthquaker pedals sound and look really cool.

I want the Hoof fuzz pedal and the Tone Job pedal looks like could be really handy. That guy gets a cool Tony Iommi tone with the two together in the one demo.

earlnash, Saturday, 22 September 2012 03:22 (eight years ago) link


i guess i wont be getting much done this morning.

Therion - Beyond Santorum (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 16:14 (eight years ago) link

guys, the organizer. holy shit.

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 16:49 (eight years ago) link

I've been wanting an Organizer so bad. I'm going to probably have to sock away money every week to do it. What do you like best about it? What are your impressions?

how's life, Wednesday, 3 October 2012 16:51 (eight years ago) link

that thing is crayzee

arby's, Wednesday, 3 October 2012 16:59 (eight years ago) link

the lag control is kind of where the magic happens, seems to delay the effected signal while passing the direct signal through untouched. also, they managed to pull off the magic POG thing where chords roll through it with no glitching whatsoever, but its a very different beast than the micropog. one thing to note is that even with the choir control all the way down, there is still some swirliness to the up and down octaves.

i might take another go at the rainbow machine here in a bit, the first time i tried one i was more baffled than anything, and i like weird stuff!

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 17:06 (eight years ago) link

ha was going to ask about that one. it's called rainbow machine!

i saw a vid of it one time and my first thought with it was what it could to do non-guitar stuff

arby's, Wednesday, 3 October 2012 17:11 (eight years ago) link

i think i am a little closer to decoding it but man, that thing is crazy. non-guitar use might be kind of interesting actually, too bad i turn stupid the minute i touch anything w/o strings on it.

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 17:40 (eight years ago) link

haha wow, a crate of new pedals pretty much = me not getting a damn thing done at work apparently. feel pretty solid abt all of these now that ive had some time with them. speaker cranker is one of the best dirt boost/od one knobs ive heard in a long long time.

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 22:18 (eight years ago) link

and in a few days, we get to do the whole thing over again with a box full of noisemaker pedals.

also protip for other manufacturers: if you include a pound of your brands locally roasted coffee blend with your orders, you can probably have all of my money forever.

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 22:19 (eight years ago) link

like seriously "earthquaker blend coffee" stamped right on the damn bag. someone up there was from ohio, its from a coffee shop named bent tree i guess?

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 3 October 2012 22:21 (eight years ago) link

the coffee roaster is in Kent, Ohio. Never had it! Let me know how it is.

ticks up my sleeve (brownie), Thursday, 4 October 2012 12:50 (eight years ago) link


Elvis Telecom, Monday, 8 October 2012 05:46 (eight years ago) link

earthquaker blend seemed like pretty decent coffee until my wife said "this is good but theres a weird taste of hot dogs to it" and now i cant untaste that idea.

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 10 October 2012 18:55 (eight years ago) link


another thursday down the drain

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Thursday, 11 October 2012 18:45 (eight years ago) link

ok so right off the bat, the 3.14 is one of the best muff-style fuzzes i have ever heard, the noise invader is awesome, and the donner party is batshit fucking crazy.

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Thursday, 11 October 2012 19:08 (eight years ago) link

ok arbiter is also killer

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Thursday, 11 October 2012 19:13 (eight years ago) link

and...i apparently cant stop myself, so I am working up an idiotbox order over the next week.

want them all

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:03 (eight years ago) link


The Owls of Ja Rule (DJP), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:04 (eight years ago) link

sold out of the rainbow machine and the disaster transport already, sold the chimera from noisemaker the day i got it in, perhaps i am not insane only time will tell

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:06 (eight years ago) link

xpost is that cool person code i do not understand

costly pussy riot (jjjusten), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:07 (eight years ago) link

um okay I want the Pac-Man one just because it has Pac-Man on it, I don't even know how to play well enough to even consider introducing pedals into my guitar universe

xp: it was a bad reddit joek

The Owls of Ja Rule (DJP), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:08 (eight years ago) link

see this is my level of ignorance wrt reddit! which i am happy about. and yeah the pacman graphic is awesome, also dig all the star wars references and the fact that the guy is not wandering down the old bullshit path of pedal buzzwords.

The -D4 is a straight-up distortion pedal. Muthafucka say wha? That ain’t cool and booteek! It should be a non-coloring transparent overdrive or some other bullshit internet forum descriptor. Well, this is exactly what it says.

my kind of guy

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:11 (eight years ago) link

look I only learned about subreddit designations in the wake of the outing of the dude who was moderating the ones where ppl were posting pics of random teen girls for others to put in their wank bank, I'm not very deep into this particular rabbit hole

The Owls of Ja Rule (DJP), Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:12 (eight years ago) link

just bought one of everything from idiotbox effects.

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Saturday, 20 October 2012 05:27 (eight years ago) link

i swear that after this i will be done

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Saturday, 20 October 2012 05:30 (eight years ago) link

although these dudes:

I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Saturday, 20 October 2012 05:31 (eight years ago) link


I'M THE ONLY ON (jjjusten), Saturday, 20 October 2012 05:31 (eight years ago) link

Yardbox! I used it in place of amp distortion for a while, and it worked equally great for leads and chords.

Montgomery Burns' Jazz (Tarfumes The Escape Goat), Wednesday, 4 July 2018 00:36 (two years ago) link

agree RAT is the gold standard. also despite my current mixed feelings if you like fuzz but want something closer to distortion, Catalinbread Katzenkönig is fantastic.

Larry Elleison (rogermexico.), Wednesday, 4 July 2018 01:38 (two years ago) link

I think what you think you know about categories of effects is messing you up. Don't read, try stuff out and buy what you like. Dunno how to help you if you can't try stuff out!

Three Word Username, Wednesday, 4 July 2018 08:10 (two years ago) link

Try running the fuzz into the BD-2 set on mild breakup. This will smooth out the harsh tones from the fuzz.

29 facepalms, Wednesday, 4 July 2018 09:29 (two years ago) link

And +1 on the Rat, they can sound halfway between a fuzz and an OD. But still try the stacking option above, you’ve already got drives and you can get a muff for like 50 €/$.

29 facepalms, Wednesday, 4 July 2018 09:32 (two years ago) link

So, what I did was went to Guitar Center first thing after work yesterday, because GAS, and found a used MXR Custom Modified Overdrive. Wow, that thing can get LOUD. But anyway, I liked how it colored my tone just being used as a boost, so I put that first in my chain after my tuner. Then I switched the Full-Drive to stack on top of the MXR, but what I did is just dime the Drive and Boost knobs and keep the boost always engaged. So, when that gets fired up, it's a decent-to-good faux fuzz. It sounds kind of like this.

(V) (°,,,,°) (V) (Austin), Thursday, 5 July 2018 01:03 (two years ago) link

The MXR Modified OD had some sort of damage to the power input to where any of the smallest little jostling would disconnect the power and the pedal would go out. So when I would step on it, sometimes it would stay on, sometimes not. I returned it. Too bad, as it's a solid drive pedal.

Anyway, as is abundantly clear by now, I will lay down and spread my legs for just about any delay pedal ever. I was very excited to see that the Guitar Center I was returning the MXR to had one of the newer-ish TC Electronic budget delays in the case. The one I was eyeing was the Gauss Tape Echo, so I went for it. And, let me tell you, for a $70 tape echo emulator, it's fucking sweet. I like it even more than the tape emulator modes on the Flashback. It can go fully wet, has up to like three seconds maximum delay time, and gets into self-oscillation. I've been looking around for a good delay where I can set the repeats just on the verge of self-oscillation, just drifting off slowly and dissipating in fidelity along the way. The Gauss is definitely capable of that. It does have a bit of a volume drop when you engage it, but other delays I've played on tended to do that too (Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy, Malekko 616 LoFi, Wampler Ethereal, and some others), so I'm used to it. Overall, it's a pretty great sound and hard to believe the price.

(V) (°,,,,°) (V) (Austin), Monday, 16 July 2018 16:04 (two years ago) link

Matt at idiotbox has finally finished up mystery effect #6. #5 was a blast of a light ring mod so can't wait to see what this one does.

Bimlo Horsewagon became Wheelbarrow Horseflesh (aldo), Saturday, 21 July 2018 10:09 (two years ago) link

two weeks pass...

In my constant dealings rotating and trading in pedals, I ended with the TC Flashback 2. It was cool! The Mash function was hard to deal with. It did something different with every different mode and / or TonePrint, so it was really difficult to pin down just exactly how it worked. In addition, it treated the (standard size) footswitch essentially as an expression pedal, so it had a learning curve, to say the least. The more of these newer delays that I play on, the more I realize how much the Carbon Copy Deluxe really is ideal for me.

So, I took the Flashback 2 back and got a Rat. It sounds really good! I was surprised, honestly. Definitely a more high gain distortion than I would normally play on, but the Filter knob can really cut out the fizziness that I don't like.

I stopped into the Guitar Center by my work down in Lake Forest the other day and they had a TC Mojomojo Overdrive in the used case for $30, so I decided to get that to go after the Gauss Tape Echo and make up for the volume drop. Just using it as a utility clean boost and it works well to get the Gauss back to unity.

Unless somebody does a cheap bit crusher or lofi delay anytime soon, I actually feel like my pedal chain is pretty solid at this point.

(V) (°,,,,°) (V) (Austin), Sunday, 5 August 2018 00:44 (two years ago) link

Rat is good on low-gain too.

how's life, Sunday, 5 August 2018 01:08 (two years ago) link

It really is! I am very pleasantly surprised. It sounds good on my Telecaster, which I have really heavy flatwound chrome strings on. I also have pretty thick flatwound chromes on my Duo-Sonic, but I have a package of NYXL 11-56s sitting around that I may put on it tomorrow, just to do something different. I've been playing flatwounds on both of my guitars for months, so perhaps I should switch things up.

(V) (°,,,,°) (V) (Austin), Sunday, 5 August 2018 03:13 (two years ago) link

Downsized again yesterday and traded a bunch of pedals for a Catalinbread Bicycle Delay. I literally have no idea what I'm doing. Still, that thing is rad. It's like a seriously weird delay and ring modulator in one. I actually kind of love it.

Back down to about twelve pedals now. A few months ago, I was running three maxed out VooDoo Lab Pedal Power Plus units in excess of twenty pedals. That was just out of control. I'm not sure what I was trying to do.

(V) (°,,,,°) (V) (Austin), Monday, 6 August 2018 15:24 (two years ago) link

So, wow. I got curious about getting a Boss Slow Gear type auto-swell pedal. I looked into the new TC Electronic Crescendo thing, but some of the reviews indicate that it has a volume drop (which seems to be a common occurrence in a lot of TC's newer budget line, unfortunately). Also considered the Malekko Sneak Attack, but it's kind of beyond my budget for that sort of thing and does a lot of other stuff that I'm not necessarily wanting. So, I finally just looked at a proper passive volume control pedal and ended up going with the Jim Dunlop Volume (X) pedal. Why didn't I get a volume pedal years ago!?? It is so useful for my style of playing! Really a ton of fun to play on. It's been a long time that I've had a new pedal that just makes me want to sit down and noodle around with. I've been so focused lately on creating really structured songs that revolve around my looper that I've not just played around with sketches and let my mind wander. It's been really refreshing. And it's such a simple thing. I've convinced myself that I'm not coordinated enough to manipulate something with my feet while I'm also manipulating my guitar with my hands that I have been afraid of getting something like a volume pedal. And, thankfully, I was wrong. It's come to me a thousand times more easily than I had envisioned. Really been having fun doing slow major seventh swells into the Bicycle Delay. After first getting the Bicycle Delay set up and messing around with it, I was kind of worried about practical application of it. But after getting that Volume (X) pedal dialed in, I've found something that is inspiring and sounds very cool and different.

Good times.

outside, you're never alone. (Austin), Monday, 13 August 2018 16:14 (two years ago) link

I think my GAS is slowing down, but I got a BOSS MD-500, and it's cool, but pretty overwhelming! So many options and routing options...

DJI, Wednesday, 22 August 2018 23:49 (two years ago) link

I don't even remember now the chain of events that lead to me having about $100 in store credit at Guitar Center, which they put onto a gift card for me so I could use it online if I wanted. I've reverted back to MXR and Boss' multi-mode reverbs, the M300 and the RV-6. I dabbled into all sorts of weird reverbs and delays over the past year (mostly Earthquakers and Catalinbreads), only to discover that I just prefer the variety offered on the multi-mode boxes, without diving too deep into something all-consuming, like an RV-500 or a Strymon. I love my MXR and Boss reverbs and I've officially bought each of those pedals twice now. Still, even though they are multi-mode, I can only use one at a time on each pedal, so I considered using my store credit to pick up another solid reverb. Really scoured the used listings on the Guitar Center website and finally came across an older version one of the Tech 21 Boost R.V.B. pedal. It's technically only a single "mode" reverb, but with six knobs covering some very unique parameters, it can go from a faux spring sound to a huge cathedral drone. I've hit a really sweet spot with it where, depending on how much modulation and delay I run into it, it almost sounds like I've got an orchestra backing me. I posted about this song elsewhere on here early today, but that aspect really comes to fruition on a recent recording I did here. I've always really revered the early David Axelrod albums on Capitol and the affiliated stuff he did work on (mostly thinking of the Electric Prunes album Release of an Oath). Other music nerds I've crossed paths with over the years —many of whom I've tried to get into Axe— would often tell me that the big string and horn charts playing those huge, yearning melodies was a bit cheesy and over the top to them. I never understood that, as it always seemed to me like such intentionally beautiful music; very much of a genuine origin with the committed effort of just trying to create something gorgeous and resonating. I never ever considered myself to be anywhere near understanding or even attempting to do something similar to Axe's music, but nonetheless it's always been a source of a lot of inspiration in making my own music. Mostly just inspiring me to not be afraid of making something that may be considered corny or sappy sounding; especially if I have a strong personal connection to the music. Getting the Boost R.V.B. pedal and recording that new version of that song has really opened my eyes and ears in a way I've not really ever experienced before. It's like I was searching for a pedal that would do what the Boost R.V.B. is now doing, but I didn't know that's what I was searching for until I got the pedal dialed in. Again, I'm not saying that music I'm making now is even anywhere near as competent —not to mention, as good— as the David Axelrod stuff I hold so dear; but I do feel like I'm taking steps towards that. I also recently finally stopped messing with autowahs and envelope filters and got a proper wah pedal. It's the Dunlop Crybaby 535Q in the mini housing. Still a lot to learn on that one, but I'm already glad I made the switch.

outside, you're never alone. (Austin), Thursday, 23 August 2018 20:22 (two years ago) link

The Malekko swell pedal I had was pretty bad. The best thing for that sound was actually a preset on the Pod 2.0, so I assume that sound is included in the line 6 echo park which you can probably find cheap and in strymon and other mega delays.

29 facepalms, Thursday, 23 August 2018 20:31 (two years ago) link

Pretty happy with my volume pedal and, I have to admit, now that I've played on one, I can't imagine leaving that function up to an "auto pilot" of sorts. I like being completely in control of that.

outside, you're never alone. (Austin), Friday, 24 August 2018 17:07 (two years ago) link

Goddamnit, Moog discontinues the Moogerfooger pedals -

Elvis Telecom, Tuesday, 28 August 2018 05:47 (two years ago) link

Idiotbox Mystery #6 seems to be a bit crusher with a frequency divider and maybe a detuner? If that's what Matt was going for the MWFX Glitch and Judder are both better, and there's a couple of wavetables on the Geiger Counter that achieve similar things.

Bimlo Horsewagon became Wheelbarrow Horseflesh (aldo), Wednesday, 29 August 2018 11:37 (two years ago) link

Did a bunch of trading this weekend. Down one guitar (traded in my Duo-Sonic) and four pedals (MXR Tap, MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe, ProCo RAT2, TC Electronic MojoMojo) and got two new pedals (MXR Custom Badass Variac Fuzz and Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run). Both the Variac Fuzz and Avalanche Run are great pedals that I've had in the back of my mind for a while. I was a little apprehensive about going fully digital with the Avalanche Run, but the features it offers really outweigh any potential cons in that regard. It's a really powerful pedal and I have had a great time with it so far, but I do feel like I've not even scratched the surface of what it's completely capable of.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Tuesday, 11 September 2018 17:48 (two years ago) link

three weeks pass...

Didn't keep the Avalanche Run. Talked about it in the other thread, but when I had the Flashback X4, I was kind of settling, as the one I really wanted was the Triple Flashback. Things changed, so I was able to get a used Triple Flashback and it rules so fucking hard. I talked above about not feeling like I'd unlocked a lot of the capabilities of the Avalanche Run and that feeling is magnified on the Triple Flashback. I seriously don't understand how generally under-mentioned the Triple Flashback is; it's suck a powerful pedal. It's an instrument unto itself, really. A quick listen to my recent recordings will pretty much confirm that.

Also, I took a chance on a used (now out-of-production) Fulltone Choralflange. I traded in my old Boss CE-3 to get it and I'm really glad I did. As much as I love the CE-3 and respect it as a classic effect, it is not the most unique chorus tone. The Choralflange is a little less. . . I don't know, "sterile" sounding? Like, it just sounds a bit less shrill. I don't really care for the flanger side of the pedal, but I'm keeping my old BF-2 for now. I probably should have kept the MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe, as it had a pretty great flanger side in it. Oh well. Do love the Choralflange, though. It's just reminiscent enough of the classic chorus sounds from the 80s that I'm going for, with enough of its own sort of timbre that I'm really loving it. Not a very well-known pedal, I have to say. Especially considering how well-known Fulltone is otherwise.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Monday, 8 October 2018 17:33 (two years ago) link

two months pass...

Borrowing a pedal that replicates the preamp of a Sunn Beta Lead from a company in Russia. Sounds gnarly when on, but there's a huge drop in volume when it's off - the pictures online show 'bypass' but this one just has 'on/off' in its place, so I'm guessing I need a buffer in front of it?

louise ck (milo z), Friday, 14 December 2018 05:10 (one year ago) link

three weeks pass...

Immediately bought a Earthquaker Swiss Things today. It's finally come to this.

Elvis Telecom, Thursday, 10 January 2019 01:30 (one year ago) link

I like that but it's too much for me to splurge on something just to make things tidier when I'm a knob twiddler anyway.

In other pedal news, Matt at Idiot box has launched what I can only describe as a pedal patreon with an experimental small batch/prototype pedal every month.

Bimlo Horsewagon became Wheelbarrow Horseflesh (aldo), Thursday, 10 January 2019 08:25 (one year ago) link

Pedals have gotten a lot smaller since I was last in the pedal-buying game.

I’ve been sorting my (guitar) pedal board after buying a new board at Christmas. It’s mostly populated with my old pedals (the Electroharmonix Pulsar tremolo is HUGE) but have added a couple of new things: the EHX Russian Big Muff re-issue (it’s small and sounds a hell of a lot better than the Double Muff I’ve had for years) and the EHX Grand Canyon delay/looper. The Grand Canyon is a lot smaller (and therefore fiddlier) than I expected it to be.

michaellambert, Thursday, 10 January 2019 12:25 (one year ago) link


DJI, Thursday, 10 January 2019 21:44 (one year ago) link

two months pass...

i think my rat pedal, which i've had for ... 25ish years, finally broke

na (NA), Friday, 22 March 2019 21:00 (one year ago) link

rip big man

i'm w/ tato, super hot AND weird!! (bizarro gazzara), Friday, 22 March 2019 21:21 (one year ago) link

thank you for your service.✌🏻

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Saturday, 23 March 2019 20:43 (one year ago) link

probably an easy fix. symptoms?

Larry Elleison (rogermexico.), Saturday, 23 March 2019 21:11 (one year ago) link

Mostly likely an easy fix unless an IC melted or something.

Elvis Telecom, Monday, 25 March 2019 18:27 (one year ago) link

the jacks seems loose/wobbly? that's the only thing i noticed. i can pop it open and see if any wires have disconnected, but sound comes through in bypass mode which doesn't seem like it would happen if that was the case

na (NA), Monday, 25 March 2019 18:31 (one year ago) link

four months pass...

Changed some things up Feel like I promoted myself from starship commander to admiral. I use two amps so the Swiss Things was a natural. Had a breakthrough with the Moog Drive and suddenly everything came together.

Elvis Telecom, Tuesday, 20 August 2019 06:30 (one year ago) link

four months pass...

DJI, Saturday, 18 January 2020 01:09 (nine months ago) link

Wasn't sure where else to put this, because he's obviously been the bass player for Mars Volta and other bands, but I figure he's probably best know among the guitar pedal community. Juan Alderete is in a coma following a bicycle accident. He's always seemed like an immensely positive guy, so I hope he pulls through.

Hi everyone - this is Anne, Juan's wife. While I generally hesitate to share personal details on social media, it felt right to include all of you who've supported Juan over the years as friends, fans, fellow music (and food, cat, bike, Japan) lovers and musicians.

Juan was in a solo (no cars, other people) and very serious bicycle accident on 1/13/20 not far from our home. He - as always - was wearing a helmet and protective clothing but sustained serious head trauma in the form of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); his form of TBI is Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) and as of today, he remains in a coma.

The only prognosis is to wait and see, as the brain is a complicated organ and the outcomes for DAI patients has a range as wide as the sea. While frustrating, it also allows for a world of positive outcomes so we can only hope for the best.
We know you have questions, concerns, thoughts to share, so please feel free to leave them in the comments (not DM please, sorry) here. We're also very eager to hear from neurologists, medical professionals with experience in DAI and TBI, first-person accounts of similar trauma and outcomes - essentially any useful, factual and accurate resources that relate to Juan's injury. If you have any of these, please DM me (Anne) @tunatoast.

We will post updates here from time to time. Thank you all and please keep Juan in your thoughts. - xo, Anne

☮️ (peace, man), Tuesday, 28 January 2020 14:36 (eight months ago) link

two months pass...

attn pedalheads: is running 20% off all standard versions of their entire stock right now. don't know how long it's going to run for.

i picked up a vibrophase after coveting it from afar for over a year. i was trying to maybe catch one in one of the used cases around my neck of the woods, but that ain't happenin`, 'specially not now. it's a rad pedal. more of a wacky filter thing that can do a variation on vibrato than a more traditional phase 90 type effect. if i had to compare it to something else, i'd say it's kind of reminiscent of earthquaker's interstellar orbiter, with fewer parameters to control. i bought it thinking it would replace my phase 95, but it's unique enough to merit keeping both the phase 95 and the vibrophase. i'd love to get a lofi junky, but the vibrophase was my one quarantine splurge, so unless i'm able to go back to work and start getting paychecks again soon, that also ain't happenin`.

anyway, good deals to be had i reckon.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Tuesday, 7 April 2020 06:07 (six months ago) link

nice. i have the mastotron and love it.

na (NA), Tuesday, 7 April 2020 14:44 (six months ago) link

one month passes...

Is anyone on here into building pedals? I've built a few FuzzDog kits in recent weeks and enjoyed it, even if it's a bit like doing an Airfix kit. I did study electronics and circuit design, but that was quite a few years ago, I'm building up to building from scratch.

michaellambert, Friday, 29 May 2020 17:48 (four months ago) link

Fulltone guy is a chud

fulltone pedals made by garbage human. do not support them 👎

— Andy Molholt (@laserbackground) June 3, 2020

Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Sunday, 7 June 2020 14:15 (four months ago) link

he’s been posting apologies that are weirdly kind of much better than most apologies... but too little too late GC is taking Fulltone off the shelves.

Larry Elleison (rogermexico.), Sunday, 7 June 2020 21:03 (four months ago) link

Wow - GC is woke?

I was working as a waitress in an oxygen bar (Ye Mad Puffin), Sunday, 7 June 2020 21:21 (four months ago) link

GC knows which way the wind is blowing at the very least

We are no longer doing business with Fulltone and are moving quickly to remove all Fulltone products from our stores and websites.

— Guitar Center (@guitarcenter) June 5, 2020

Larry Elleison (rogermexico.), Sunday, 7 June 2020 22:57 (four months ago) link

Fulltone has always been an enormous dick to people who write in for customer service, his ranting was unsurprising and so is the fact that no one appears ready to give him a second chance.

Donald Trump Also Sucks, Of Course (milo z), Monday, 8 June 2020 05:39 (four months ago) link

Pro Audio Star was/is blowing out DOD Rubbernecks for $120 and damn that was a good investment

Donald Trump Also Sucks, Of Course (milo z), Thursday, 11 June 2020 04:17 (four months ago) link

one month passes...

A co-worker got this thing and loves it:

DJI, Friday, 31 July 2020 18:16 (two months ago) link

two weeks pass...

i hit up f*lltone on ig several weeks back

they blocked me lol

i bought their supa trem jr last year before all the shit went down and i was always really happy with it. still have it and use it. feels kinda wrong, but i'm poor so it's all i've got and i use trem a lot. some dudes on reddit were just repainting their f*lltones or scraping off the logos. i'd love to repaint it a beautiful cerulean blue, but would not have the slightest clue on how to actually do that efficiently and correctly.

right at the beginning of quarantine times (like march-ish?) i traded a bunch of pedals for a fender acoustic guitar. didn't keep my mxr carbon copy and am now regretting it. i got the boss dd-8 when it was first released, which has the dm-2 mode in it, but it's just not the same. i also considered jumping on the rubberneck train when i saw they were being blown out, but again: am v poor, can't really justify it.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Monday, 17 August 2020 00:34 (two months ago) link

two months pass...

Mrs. Telecom picked up a Dreadbox Komorebi flanger/chorus for her bass rig last week... great sound! I never really got into chorus at all, but this feels like something musical on it's own. Dreadbox comes out of the boutique eurorack market so they're coming from a unique direction on this.

Elvis Telecom, Wednesday, 21 October 2020 04:54 (two days ago) link

Austin, you are right to regret the loss of the Carbon Copy. I could not live without mine. And no, there is not a Boss delay that sounds as good. Trade back.

I don't have any F*lltone gear. But wouldn't a piece of duct tape be easier than repainting?

do as thou wilt, as long as thou dost punctuate it correctly (Ye Mad Puffin), Wednesday, 21 October 2020 10:47 (two days ago) link

That Komorebi sounds pretty amazing. I wish I still played enough to justify buying pedals. I sold everything I had except for two fuzzes.

peace, man, Wednesday, 21 October 2020 12:34 (two days ago) link

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