i rate yoghurt

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especially yoplait! it is gelatine free and comes in such wondrous flavours as "blueberry" (8/10) and "apricot and feijoa" (9/10). and lets not forget plain unsweetened acidophilus, which functions for zee ladeez as a cheap cure for THRUSH. i love food with multiple purposes!

The Lady Ms Lurex (lucylurex), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 21:05 (twenty years ago) link

if this was ILE, i would talk more about thrush just to creep the creeps out. but i'm assuming people here aren't afraid of womens' bodies. anyway this is a thread about yoghurt, ain't it swell on weetbix in the a-m?

The Lady Ms Lurex (lucylurex), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 21:10 (twenty years ago) link

feijoa? i'm lucky if i can find one with mango in

i get ones with passionfruit and apricot and stuff. it's a lunch staple.

the surface noise (electricsound), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 21:56 (twenty years ago) link

Remember that ad where a woman was talking about thrush and they had a racing car in the corner to distract the guys? Genius. Then they took away the car - I was this close to writing a strongly-worded letter to the TV Guide.

Minty (Minty), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 22:25 (twenty years ago) link

Yoplait is the greatest. The best thing to do with yoghurt is to pour a bowl of cereal and then instead of putting milk in it pour in the yoghurt. Mmmm.

Elisabeth (Elisabeth), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 22:26 (twenty years ago) link

That woman was Fenella Bathfield, who used to host 3:45 Live, if you can cast your memory back to 1989 or so.

Fresh N Fruity all the way. Fruit of the motherfreakin' forest! Apricot is also good. I miss the way Swiss Maid dairy food yoghurt used to be, though.

Schwingung (Damian), Tuesday, 18 November 2003 23:06 (twenty years ago) link

i like the way you foreigners spell it, americans always have these lame shortened spellings for everything. like 'honor' instead of 'honour.' sheesh!

Justyn Dillingham (Justyn Dillingham), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 06:32 (twenty years ago) link

Have you guys tried the whipped yoplaits? Very good, but a lil TOO intense. The blueberry is especially tasty.
I just picked up 6 at the store: 2 whipped, 4 custard style. They never have any fancy-dancy flavors like apricot, but I love me some raspberry.

oops (Oops), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 06:43 (twenty years ago) link

My friend is such a yogurt freak that he brings them over to people's houses if he's gonna be there awhile. We went to this guys house and there were a bunch of manly, Budweiser-drinkin, Pro Football-betting-on, frat-type guys and he was careful not to let them see his bag of yogurt he brought for fear they'd accuse him of being gay.

oops (Oops), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 06:46 (twenty years ago) link

i wouldn't worry about him being gay, i'd worry about him having thrush. whipped vs custard style? i do not understand!

The Lady Ms Lurex (lucylurex), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 09:37 (twenty years ago) link

Has anyone else ever tried coffee yoghurt? The one time I did it was so delicious.

Livvie (Livvie), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 10:53 (twenty years ago) link

what don't you understand, di?

whipped is really light and airy, and gives a more intense flavor.
custard style is smooth and creamy, ie there are no lil bits of fruit as they have been mashed into yogurted submission

oops (Oops), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 22:00 (twenty years ago) link

oh right like the difference between yoghurt and dairy food?

The Lady Ms Lurex (lucylurex), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 22:37 (twenty years ago) link

We have custard style in NZ, it's not like dairy food more like fruit flavoured custard. It's pretty nice, I had it a couple of times in Orewa.

Elisabeth (Elisabeth), Wednesday, 19 November 2003 23:30 (twenty years ago) link

I presently have my second bout ever of thrush. The first was a few months ago. Ouch it's all itchy sore. I like yoghurt, more for my mouth than my cunt. I like the blue "yoplus" I buy it in the 1kg. I like plain, sour yoghurts, also creamy ones. Soy yoghurt has either gone up in price by heaps or is more expensive in the north island (?) so I really miss it.

cuspidorian (cuspidorian), Thursday, 20 November 2003 22:49 (twenty years ago) link

Wait... yogurt in your cunt?
Yogurt... uh... good god
what is it good for?
Cuspidorian's cunt...

The Man they call Dan (The Man they call Dan), Friday, 21 November 2003 01:52 (twenty years ago) link

aww...is that an "uuh" of disgust or delight?

cuspidorian (cuspidorian), Friday, 21 November 2003 01:53 (twenty years ago) link

I think it might be a funky "uuh!"

Andrew Thames (Andrew Thames), Friday, 21 November 2003 04:42 (twenty years ago) link

Andrew definately has the funk. Gotta have that funk.

The Man they call Dan (The Man they call Dan), Friday, 21 November 2003 20:39 (twenty years ago) link

four years pass...

I like yoghurt, more for my mouth than my cunt.

-- cuspidorian (cuspidorian), Thursday, November 20, 2003 5:49 PM (4 years ago)

Ol Bertie Dastard, Monday, 7 January 2008 18:42 (sixteen years ago) link

eleven years pass...

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