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during sex my boyfriends penus "popped"

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 04:59 (thirteen years ago) link

well the cytrifical force of the thrust curved at a 90 degree angle circulating a forceful pop of the scrotum

libcrypt, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:03 (thirteen years ago) link

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:03 (thirteen years ago) link

well it may be weird but I am a psychologists and Ive had many couples come to me about problems while having sex and this can result from intensity or he may be to anctious or he does not no how to have sex in an angle that would not hurt you neither him.

libcrypt, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:04 (thirteen years ago) link

I am a psychologists

libcrypt, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:04 (thirteen years ago) link

My penus' head is sensitve..& some forskin problems

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:04 (thirteen years ago) link

P.S. & some forskin problems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:05 (thirteen years ago) link

well guess what ? this is no joke the penis has no bone but it does have 3 compartments that fill whith blood that cause an errection i awoke at 6 am with morning wood went to go pee taking a step back and pushing my erection down it popped ruptured the blood compartment my penis swelled to the size of a coke can in seconds i rushed to the er where i was rushed into surgery this is no joke do not over bend your tool when hard

libcrypt, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:06 (thirteen years ago) link

lolwse (lol while shielding eyes)

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:07 (thirteen years ago) link

meanwhile the wait for surgery was unusually refreshing

libcrypt, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:09 (thirteen years ago) link

Clarifying point: This thread was meant to celebrate one of the great misspellings of the English-speaking world, "penus." It just so happens that many men who utilize this spelling also have health issues about their "penus." Coincidence? We doubt it highly.

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:20 (thirteen years ago) link

WikiAnswers - Largest human penus

Confounded, Friday, 18 July 2008 05:22 (thirteen years ago) link

gr8080, Friday, 18 July 2008 08:55 (thirteen years ago) link

(don't get me wrong , i was just curios)

J0rdan S., Friday, 18 July 2008 08:56 (thirteen years ago) link

LOL photobucket

gr8080, Friday, 18 July 2008 17:41 (thirteen years ago) link

John Money is regarded by many of his contemporaries as the most original theoretical voice in sexology today. In part, this is due to the scope of his three decades' work as a theoretician, researcher, applied clinician, and academic and public educator.

The various chapters of Venuses Penuses bring the reader up to date on a wide range of topics of contemporary interest, including childhood sexuality, male/female erotosexual differences, premenstrual tension, sexuality and aging, treatment of sex offenders, and teenage pregnancy. Several chapters, such as "The Development of Sexuality and Eroticism in Humankind," are already used as texts by sex educators, therapists, and counselors across the country.

Gathered together in Venuses Penuses (pronounced Venoos'es Penoos'es) are early papers on the psychology of hermaphroditism, in which the concept of gender first entered modern psychology and social-science usage; the genesis of gender transposition as manifest in homosexuality, bisexuality, gynemimesis, and transexualism; the theory of paraphilic (unusual, often socially unacceptable) sex; and Money's original concepts of lovemaps, the mental templates of the love object and the love process.

Ol Bertie Dastard, Friday, 18 July 2008 18:58 (thirteen years ago) link

In Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penus, you will learn these critical survival skills: How to get a man to do what you want; How to flatter the pants off a woman. How to motivate a man by becoming a dominatrix. How men go up and down like yo-yos. The best and worst times to talk to a man; How to talk to a woman without listening. How women go round and round in circles; How to tell a woman is getting her period. Why arguments are good; How to tell if you are arguing. How to dress for an argument; How to blame your partner for practically everything. How you think you are scoring points with the opposite sex; How to wage war.

Ol Bertie Dastard, Friday, 18 July 2008 19:01 (thirteen years ago) link

ask penus

jergins, Friday, 18 July 2008 19:29 (thirteen years ago) link



PappaWheelie V, Saturday, 19 July 2008 01:21 (thirteen years ago) link

two years pass...

hk phooey (crüt), Tuesday, 14 September 2010 05:23 (eleven years ago) link

Mylene Gay Penus

tickle me lmao (unregistered), Wednesday, 15 September 2010 13:11 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

Penus is a village in the Stip municipality of Macedonia. Penus original name (with diacritics) is Penuš. Penus distance is 8.05 km / 5 mi away from the center of the municipality.

Euler, Monday, 19 March 2012 21:48 (nine years ago) link

seven years pass...


juntos pedemos (Euler), Monday, 10 February 2020 22:32 (one year ago) link

great revive

Homegrown Georgia speedster Ladd McConkey (bizarro gazzara), Monday, 10 February 2020 22:33 (one year ago) link


Sammo Hazuki's Tago Mago Cantina (Old Lunch), Monday, 10 February 2020 22:50 (one year ago) link

two weeks pass...

Make my dream come true

sorry for butt rockin (Neanderthal), Friday, 28 February 2020 05:57 (one year ago) link


pet friendly (Euler), Friday, 28 February 2020 08:41 (one year ago) link


romanesque architect (pomenitul), Friday, 28 February 2020 08:42 (one year ago) link


median punt (gyac), Friday, 28 February 2020 08:46 (one year ago) link

je penus
tu penus
il elle on penut
nous penûmes
vous penûtes
ils elles penurent

pet friendly (Euler), Friday, 28 February 2020 08:58 (one year ago) link

que nous pénussions

romanesque architect (pomenitul), Friday, 28 February 2020 09:05 (one year ago) link

six months pass...

But as for the Discovery of the more internal Texture and Constitution, as also for Motion, Energy, and operating Principle of Concret Bodies, together with the Method and Course of Nature’s proceeding in them: These will require much deeper Researches and Ratiocinations, and very many Vicissitudes of Proceedings from Axiomes to Experiments, and from Experiments to Axiomes; and are indeed the Business of the Philosopher, and not the Historian, the Method of which I intend, God willing, to handle in the second part of this Philosophical Algebra; which explains the way of making use of the Penus Analytica, or raising Axiomes, and more general Deductions from a sufficient Stock of Materials collected according to the Method of this first part, with Integrity, Judgment, and Care.

Joey Corona (Euler), Sunday, 30 August 2020 13:50 (one year ago) link

pop that penus

life is beauitul (rip van wanko), Sunday, 30 August 2020 14:11 (one year ago) link

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